Talka Village Hotel Divnomorskoe

Incredibly clean refreshing air, saturated with coniferous aromatic oils and smells of southern flowers – this is the first thing you feel when you get to the territory of the talka VillageHotel. And the second is the crowds of cheerful and happy people who are everywhere.

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Hotel Description

The village of Divnomorskoye or Divnomorsk, as it is very often called among themselves by tourists and residents, is a small resort located on the Black Sea coast, near the large city of Gelendzhik. This place is known for its incredibly luxurious and large bay, which is located just 10 kilometers from Divnomorsk itself.

There are no large enterprises in the village, and local residents earn mainly from developing tourism, as well as the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and grapes. Here is a truly unique nature: a transparent sea in which you can see passing fish and other creatures; pine forests, which are impregnated with the smell of resin and needles; steep, as if descended from books, rocks. That is why tourists come here from all over the country.

The Talka Village Hotel,located in this village, opened its doors in 1978. And since then annually receives tourists. On site there is a small outdoor pool. The rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay: comfortable furniture, appliances and necessary trifles. But the most interesting thing is the furnished balcony.

Also on the territory of the hotel there is a café, the interior of which will surprise with its originality. It offers a variety of delicacies and drinks. There is a children’s playground. Guests can access the beach on a free scheduled shuttle.

Attention! The hotel is open only from the beginning of May to the end of September.

Hotel Rooms

For guests there are 97 rooms in several versions.

  1. Double euro number. The room has a bed for 2 people. But you can additionally install a clamshell. Also in the room there is a TV, a bathroom and a shower. The area is 23-25 sq. m.
  2. Double eco-standard. These rooms are located in a two-storey log house. The room has two separate beds, storage furniture, work/dining area, bathroom and necessary appliances. This is the smallest room, its area is only 16 sq. m.
  3. Family eco-standard. This is a two-room suite in a two-story log house. The room has the same content as in the previous version. The difference is only in the area, it is 40 square meters. m.

Each of the options is equipped with everything necessary to make the tourist feel comfortable. For example, the rooms have a mini fridge, iron, hygiene items, mosquito net and much more. But most of all pleased with the high ceilings and soundproofed walls and windows.


Undoubtedly, great attention is paid to the safety and quality of food. The hotel treats this issue very responsibly. All products from which dishes are prepared are only local. Fruits, berries and vegetables are grown on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory and delivered fresh every day. The menu is designed taking into account the needs of people in proteins, fats and carbohydrates: it is diverse and at the same time balanced. There are two options for the package:

  1. Breakfast only is included.
  2. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Note! All meals are held on the system “buffet”.

The owners of Talka Village also offer barbecue facilities in the hotel’s courtyard. There is a barbecue, a table and benches. Barbecue facilities are available at the hotel’s reception. Guests enjoy using this service. They throw fun parties: cook fish, meat and vegetables on the coals, swim in the pool and dance at an improvised disco.

If you want, you can get acquainted with the local gastronomy and visit the nearest catering enterprises. Next to the hotel is the most popular café “Resort”. This place works according to all the canons of the dining room: with a distribution line. The customer chooses the dish himself and pays for it at the checkout. The kitchen offers a wide selection of snacks, hot and cold dishes, as well as drinks and pastries. It is no coincidence that people from all over the village come here.

A little further away is the café “Europe”. It has a more refined design and menu, which is not inferior to elite restaurants. Europa is open from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. and is known for its fun parties. The bartender prepares milkshakes and alcoholic cocktails. Here every day they spend holidays, DJs play, and hookahs are prepared for those who wish. “Europe” is the main dance floor of Divnomorsk.

Restaurant “Kurenek” offers guests a rich selection of native Russian dishes. The interior is made in an authentic Slavic style. A professional chef prepares delicious pancakes and borscht, and can also pamper guests with barbecue or baked fish.

If you want to taste pizza, we recommend you to go to the café “for 7 minutes”. In addition to Italian dishes, hamburgers and delicious milkshakes are prepared here.

Most cafes and restaurants can be found in the center of the village, along the dam and near the beaches. With food, vacationers will not have problems.

The overall experience of staying at this hotel is excellent. This place is ideal for families with children. At the entrance, vacationers are delivered to their house, where they live, on an autorickshaw. The rooms are spacious, new renovation, everything is clean, constantly cleaned, towels are changed daily. The food is delicious and quite different from the dining room. The only wish is to see more fermented milk drinks, berries and fruits on the tables. Transport to the beach runs regularly, several times a day. But if you are free and you have no traffic restrictions (children under 2 years old, disabled), then you can walk to the main beach, where everyone rests, in 15 minutes in a leisurely pace. This beach, of course, is crowded, but it was obvious. It is small and tourists from all over the village gather here. Sun beds with umbrellas on the central beach are paid.

From excursions we took a trip to the waterfalls. But honestly, the usual trip to Gelendzhik on a regular bus we liked more. To see the waterfall, we had to shake in open-top cars on mountain roads. And in the end, we looked at the thin trickles of 150 centimeters high-rise and drove back to the hotel. But overall, the impression is good. Staff – thank you for the service! And good luck!


Sports and ball games can be enjoyed on site. To do this, there is a specialized sports ground and street simulators. Sports equipment can be rented.

Practically every evening the team of animators conduct various entertainment activities in the hotel. They are always present competitions, quizzes, dance shows with the participation of vacationers. There is also a permanent spa complex, a steam bath, a sauna and a hammam.

But most of the entertainment is presented outside the hotel. And they begin immediately behind the fence of the hotel “Talka Village” – there are numerous hiking trails.

Divnomorskoye is a large settlement, so there are a lot of entertainment places here. The most visited of them is the Poseidon water park. It is located next to the beach at the beginning of Lenin Street. Of course, it should not be compared with water parks, which are located in such large cities as Gelendzhik or Anapa. But at the same time it is well suited for a variety of leisure activities. There are areas for adult recreation and for children’s, safe.

The amusement park is open only in summer. There are carousels, attractions, trampolines and other interesting objects.

Another amusement park is located in the area of the pension “Energetik”. It has a fabulous name – “Goldfish”. For the little ones, there are some not terrible rides. Older children can ride slides, jump on trampolines and try such entertainment as zorbas. Also on the territory of the park there is a long rope city for people of different ages.

Complex “Flamingo” is entertainment for adults. Here you can work out on sports equipment, play ball games on the court and master the wall for climbing.

In Divnomorsk, bicycles and catamarans are rented everywhere, tours along mountain rivers and hiking routes are organized by jeeps and all-terrain vehicles.

More information! The hotel has parking for guests with private transport. You can easily travel around the village by car.

Beaches & Pools

Several times a day from the hotel there is a transfer that takes tourists to the nearest clean beach. It can also be reached on foot. Talka Village Hotel is just 1 kilometre away, a 15-minute walk away.

It is best to come here early in the morning, no later than 10. If you come later, there may be difficulties with free seats, even on paid sun loungers or canopies. Entrance to the hotel is absolutely free. The whole beach is covered with stones – pebbles, if you do not want to pay for a sun lounger, you can bring your beach accessories – an umbrella, a mat or a chaise longue. But for the toilet and going to the shower in any case will have to pay. The infrastructure is well developed. To services of having a rest of hotel a lot of entertainment establishments, bars, beach tents with services “Afrokosy” or “Peeling fish”.

If you do not want to go anywhere and go, then you can swim on the territory of the hotel. It features an outdoor pool and sun loungers where you can relax and sunbathe. The pool is divided into two zones: for children and adults. As entertainment there are water slides.

More information! The area near the pool is equipped with showers and changing rooms.

Children’s leisure

Hotel “Talka Village” is considered one of the best for a joint family holiday with children. People come here even with kids who are not yet three years old.

As entertainment, the hotel offers to visit the children’s equipped room and outdoor playground. Children of any age will find something to do here: there is also an opportunity to watch a movie, and frolic on slides and swings, as well as read and play various games.

Almost all institutions of Divnomorsky present children’s menu, which necessarily includes dairy products, berries, fruits and vegetables of local production. Teachers and animators working near the sea and on playgrounds offer interesting options for pastime for the child. At such events, children make many friends, learn something new and take an active part in the process.

More information! Children under 3 years without meals are free of charge.

What to see nearby

Talka Village Hotel can help arrange trips and interesting excursions to local attractions. If the tourist prefers an active holiday, then the following options will suit him:

  • off-road driving in jeeps and SUVs;
  • sightseeing trip on a sailing yacht;
  • horse trekking;
  • diving and snorkeling.

For lovers of more relaxed excursions there are such offers:

  • natural objects (reservoirs, forests, mountains, reserves);
  • therapeutic baths of mud and wine;
  • hike to children’s rooms and water park;
  • river fishing;
  • short trips to other cities of the Black Sea by bus.

Arriving on vacation in the village of Divnomorskoye, the tourist gets to a unique place that is rich in its historical and natural monuments. To visit them all, it will take 1-2 days.

The most visited place is dolmens. Mysterious buildings erected in ancient times. More recently, they were found on the territory of the Janet River. There are several dolmens at once, which stand separately from each other. On their walls you can see symbolic inscriptions and drawings. But in addition to the oldest buildings, the path to them is also interesting: it passes through a beautiful relic forest. These places can be visited as part of an extensive excursion, for example, during a horse ride or jeeping.

Jeeping is a kind of auto tours, during which the tourist receives a lot of positive emotions and an adrenaline rush. For many years in a row, professional instructors offer as a route an extreme route through mountains, trees and rivers. But you can make such a trip more calm and visit several natural monuments.

Parus Rock: this is an amazing place of nature with a length of 25 meters above the level of the Black Sea. In addition to the fact that this is an incredibly beautiful landmark, it is also surrounded by various secrets and legends.

The hotel always welcomes all guests of the resort. The staff of the hotel “Talka Village” will do everything to make the rest comfortable and memorable for many years.


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