Stunning Vinpearl Nha Trang Bay Resort & Villas Vietnam, Nha Trang – Review & Prices

Before you go to the Winpurl VietnamHotel, every novice traveler wants to explore the reviews. After all, this complex is located in an unusual region for our tourist. It is surrounded by picturesque tropical nature, which is able to fall in love with even the most fastidious guest.

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Location and coastline

The complex Vinpearl Nha Trang Bay Resort & Villas is very popular with many tourists who regularly go on vacation abroad. Winperl is simply created for a peaceful holiday among the indescribably beautiful Asian nature.

Five-star hotel literally immediately conquers with its luxury, forcing even the most fastidious traveler to fall in love with these exotic and colorful places. It is quite easy to find it on the map, because it is located between the very large city of Cam Ranh and Nha Trang. The nearest airport is 23.2 km away and therefore the approximate transfer time is about 15-20 minutes. Vacationers can equally quickly get to the cities of Nha Trang and Cam Ranh.

The huge five-star complex is surrounded by picturesque nature, which causes peace. Thanks to the first line, vacationers literally in a minute reach the beach with white sand. It is also worth mentioning that this is one of the best beaches on the coast of Vietnam.

Nikolay, 32 years old: “The hotel made a very good impression. Immediately surprised that there was a Vietnamese staff at the reception. In addition, the staff is very polite and helpful at the first request. The buffet is literally full of seafood meat and tropical vegetables, and therefore you eat to the dump. And nature, warm water and white beach turn this place into a real paradise!”

Vietnam has always been famous for its beaches. Usually they are all covered with yellow or white sand. Vinpearl has its own well-maintained and clean coastline. Additionally, aesthetics adds its completeness.

Namely, the presence of:

  • Sun beds.
  • Comfortable sunbeds with soft mattresses.
  • Swimming facilities.
  • Bungalows made in eco-style.

Active guests can play volleyball, darts or other sports. If vacationers took children to the resort with them, then they can, according to the first requirement, receive special swimming facilities that will allow kids to have fun bathing in the water.

Eldar, 37 years old: “Rested in Vietnam for the first time and I want to say that Turkey and Egypt nervously smoke on the sidelines. The staff is polite and helpful, the food is at a high level (liked the abundance). The sea is warm and the climate is not very hot. The setting looks rich. We can safely say that the Winperl Hotel is deserved, has five stars. “

Description of the room stock

At the onset of the holiday season, the complex of 483 comfortable rooms and 173 villas are ready to receive guests. The area of standard apartments starts from 45 square meters.

When booking a room, the traveler can choose the following views from the window:

  • To nature.
  • To the garden and swimming pool.
  • At sea.

The villas have a fairly large area and are designed for two or more people. The interior of the rooms and personal bathrooms is very beautiful. Each living room combines notes of Asian style and European comfort.

All rooms and villas belong to the average and high level of comfort. The living quarters are equipped with modern designer furniture. In addition, all apartments have:

  • Mini-bar (extra charge).
  • Split air conditioning.
  • Telephone to contact the staff.
  • Satellite TV.
  • Plasma TV.
  • Safe deposit box (free of charge).
  • Free internet.
  • Special tea making kit (tea, electric kettle, sugar, dishes).
  • Baby cot (on request).

In addition, an individual bathroom is attached, in which:

  • Soft bamboo slippers.
  • Bath.
  • Toilet.
  • Bathrobes.
  • Towel set.
  • Washbasin.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Hygiene supplies (toilet paper, shampoo, soap, shower gel, etc.).

As for the villas themself, they have a private pool, living and dining area.

Catherine, 26 years old: “We had a family vacation. Bay Resort has excellent apartments and well-kept grounds. The staff is very welcoming, the water in the sea is very clear and warm, and the food is above all praise. However, in the rest of the fly in the ointment were Chinese tourists. Constantly smoking, the behavior is disgusting, they do not clean up after themselves. Against the background of their Gene and Vovan from the series “Our Russia” quite decent people. And so I will definitely come here again.”

Services and compliments for guests

For a fee, the guest can use special services:

  • Conference room and banquet.
  • Sending mail.
  • Receiving and sending documentation via faxes.
  • Library.
  • Order the latest press.
  • Rent a vehicle.

The apartments and throughout the Vinpearl Resort are equipped with Wi-Fi and special services. Additional service is also provided. It includes:

  • Service 24 hours a day.
  • Living quarters, accessories and equipment for vacationers with disabilities.
  • Awakening of the guest at a given time.
  • Provision of transport to the airport (for a fee).
  • Transfer (extra charge).
  • Luggage storage in a special chamber.
  • Additional room service.
  • Point of currency exchange operations.
  • Gift and souvenir shops.
  • Ironing and washing of the guest’s clothes.
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Salon of cosmetic services.
  • Parrikmaherskaya.
  • Organization of excursions to attractions.
  • Florist services.

In the event that guests come with a child and want to relax with an adult company, the hotel provides for the ingestion of a nanny.

Valery, 40 years old: “This is the best place to stay with young children. The territory is very large, and from the window there was a great panoramic view of the sea. I liked the presence of a park, several swimming pools and a good SPA-center. The buffet, though diverse, but by the 5th day I was tired, so to taste the delicious dishes of local cuisine, we had to leave the island for the city. And so basically everything is wonderful.”

Birthday boys, newlyweds upon arrival at the hotel, can count on special compliments. However, it is necessary to inform you that a solemn event (wedding) has recently taken place or there will soon be a birthday. Winperl Resort expects:


  • The apartments are specially decorated with exotic flowers and balloons.
  • Compliment in the form of a basket with various exotic fruits.
  • The opportunity to visit one of the paid restaurants free of charge (once).

In addition, through the tour operator, customers have the opportunity to order the design of the room according to individual requirements, however, for this you will have to pay extra.

For birthdays:

  • One-time decoration of the room with a basket of tropical fruits.
  • Subscription to visit a professional masseur (once).

In other cases, compliments are not provided.

Tatiana, 44 years old: “My husband and I for the first time decided to go on vacation to Vietnam instead of the usual Turkey. And you know, Vinpearl Nha Trang Bay Resort exceeded all our expectations. The room is very beautiful and most importantly, constantly cleaned, the staff at the reception are very friendly caught. The food is very tasty and the menu is varied. Pleases with a very clean sea and mild climate. Let it be a little more expensive to fly there, but much more pleasant than at the usual resorts. ”


The list of entertainment in Vinpearl is divided into paid and free. Gratuitous includes:

  • Sauna.
  • Gym.
  • Steam.
  • Beach Volleyball.
  • Jacuzzi.
  • Walk.
  • Aerobics.

Paid include:

  • A parachute flight.
  • Tennis court rental.
  • Golf.
  • SPA-center.
  • Services of professional masseuses.
  • Bicycle rental.
  • Water skiing.
  • Waterpark.
  • Diving.
  • Surfing.
  • Fishing in the open sea.
  • Organization of excursions.

For children:

  • Playgrounds.
  • Developing mini-clubs.
  • Pool.

On the territory there are animators with specially prepared programs for couples with children and young vacationers. Guests are waiting for quizzes, competitions. And after dinner, special shows are held for guests.

Ulyana, 37 years old: “I have no complaints about the hotel itself. The service is excellent, the nature is the most beautiful, and the buffet is diverse. The only thing I don’t like is to fuddle with the Chinese. There are quiet, cultured tourists, and there are those who came, so to speak, “from the trade union” from the outback. Constantly screaming, smoking, behaving like animals. In general, if they do not focus on the Chinese, then Vinpearl fully justifies its cost. “

What’s interesting nearby?

Despite the fact that the hotel is located on a small peninsula, you can find a number of attractionsnearby. Namely:

  • Vinpearl Land Amusement Park (a short walk from the hotel).
  • Cable car (40 minutes on foot or 10 minutes by golf car).
  • Nha Trang Port (about 30 minutes on foot).
  • Tram Huong Tower (About 20 minutes walk).
  • Ferry pier (15 minutes on foot).
  • Long Son Pagoda Temple (10 minutes by bus).
  • Oceanarium (25 min by shuttle bus).

In addition, anyone for a modest fee can go to the city of Nha Trang or Kamrach. In the nearby settlements there are many shops, shopping and entertainment complexes where you can buy food, clothes and souvenirs for your friends and relatives.

Oleg, 28 years old: “After we first visited Vinperl Nha Trang Bay Resort & Villas, staying in this place has become a tradition for my family. European level of service, a lot of food. Coming here immediately feel the local flavor. My family and I love it, so I highly recommend visiting here!”

Meals for guests

The cuisine of the main restaurant is focused on vacationers from China. Despite the abundance of everything, European dishes are few. Serving involves a traditional buffet. The basis of the menu consists of:

  • Meat (chicken, duck, pork beef).
  • Fruits (mangosteen, pitahaya, mango, passion fruit, citrus fruits, etc.).
  • Vegetables (tomato, cucumbers, avocados, peppers, cabbage, etc.).
  • Seafood (tuna, sea bass, crabs, shrimp, squid, shellfish, etc.).
  • First courses (mainly soups like FO BO, FO with shrimp and pineapples, etc.).
  • Asian sweets.
  • Baking.
  • Drinks and freshly squeezed juices.

The kitchen is full of its diversity, so every guest will undoubtedly find something that will be relevant for him.

In addition, the hotel has 4 more restaurants:

  • The Lagoon – Vietnamese cuisine made from fresh seafood.
  • Marina – international cuisine (French, Italian, Chinese).
  • Sandy – exclusive dishes made from seasonal products.
  • Oceania – Vietnamese cuisine.

In addition, there are bars where travelers are offered a huge selection of tropical cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

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Anna 28 years old: “The resort is comparable in beauty to the Maldives. Beautiful beach, warm water of turquoise color. The local food is delicious, especially seafood dishes. Separately, I liked the reception worker Juan. Very polite, answers all questions, helps at the first request. The only drawback is that it’s inconvenient to get to the city, and so everything is super.”

Living complexes such as Vinperl Nha Trang Bay Resort & Villas are quite few in the resort area of Vietnam. Winperl has established itself on the positive side, thanks to quality service, picturesque landscape and, of course, luxury. That is why if you want to get acquainted with the true Asia, then you should definitely visit Vinperl Resort & Villas.