Best hotels in Vietnam, Nha Trang: the best places to stay in the city

Tourist industry in Vietnam is young enough, but the best hotels in Vietnam Nha Trang is already causing a lot of interest. Over the past 16 years, visits by foreign tourists to the country have increased rapidly. Asian tourists from China, Japan and South Korea topped the list of arrivals, followed by travelers from Australia, Germany, France and the United States. Vietnam received more than eight million tourists in the first 10 months of 2016.

“Nha Trang is a city that’s hard to get tired of.”

The state of Vietnam stretches from the north to the south along the South China Sea, on the Indochina peninsula and is remarkable for its luxurious nature and rich history. The city of Nha Trang, the capital of the administrative center, is becoming more and more popular resort in Vietnam. Located 50 km from Cam Ranh International Airport.

Nha Trang lies on the banks of a beautiful bay and is popular with tourists. The weather here is warm all year round – it’s nice to move from a dreary autumn to a warm Asian paradise. Although they write about the rainy seasons in Vietnam – it’s not really true.

“Most of the best hotels in Vietnam, Nha Trang is on the popular Tran Phu Street.”

InterContinental Nha Trang

InterContinental Nha Trang, 5 stars is one of the ideal holiday options. Exquisite rooms and suites are decorated in natural tones, comfortable guest corners. The rooms have silent air conditioners.

The hotel is 20 meters away from the beach, 1 km. from the central beach area. There are rooms – studios, equipped with a full kitchen with refrigerator and crockery.

The Cookbook Café serves gourmet food all day and in the evenings you can arrange a candlelit dinner if you wish.

There is a fitness centre if you want to stretch out, and three great swimming pools, Jacuzzi.Among the additional services is a spa, where you can afford a variety of pleasant body treatments. The hotel offers parking and an airport shuttle for an additional fee.

The hotel speaks English. The staff is helpful and helpful. Just here you will be welcomed at home and make your stay as comfortable as possible. A good holiday and positive emotions are guaranteed in this place.

Starcity Nha Trang

Starcity Nha Trang is new and tidy, standing practically by the sea, with its own beach, free sun loungers, umbrellas and towels.

Rooms here vary from studios with all the cooking facilities to deluxe suites with chic king beds.

In addition to international cuisine, all sorts of delicious desserts are made here. There are children’s and adult pools, a sauna.

Gym with new fitness equipment and a great view of the sea – a pleasure to work out your own figure!

The staff, for the most part, speaks English here. The Sailing Club is not far from the hotel.

Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa

Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa is a cozy, not a big hotel, with columns, designed in the style of the 30s.

It is very quiet and peaceful to relax here. Delicious food, sushi – the chef works wonders. Polite and attentive staff.

Best value for money. The location of the hotel is very convenient. Nha Trang mall and market are very close by.

If you have a desire to explore the surrounding area, the “2/4” square is 300 metres away, where you can take an evening stroll while enjoying the songs and dances of the locals.

There’s also the Louisiana Brew House, a brewery which makes interesting recipes, passionfruit and citrus wheat beers, and there’s no shortage of visitors. It is located on the main street, right on the beach, where you can sunbathe or bathe.


Diamond Bay Hotel

Diamond Bay Hotel, five stars, built on the shore, white sand beach and clean coastal bottom. The rooms are in blue and brown tones and everything is new. Breakfast is buffet style with local chefs offering international food ranging from cakes to hot meat dishes and an abundance of fruit.

For guests who like to sing songs, there is a karaoke room. Guests arriving on holiday with children under two years old are provided with baby beds free of charge. A child under the age of sixteen can stay in a room at no charge, without a separate bed.

The hotel also has facilities for people with disabilities. In the same building there is a huge shop with expensive and cheap goods, on the ground floor, with a separate entrance.

There is an inexpensive supermarket on the 3rd floor: groceries, beer, lots of fruit, etc. The large gym is well equipped. Free car parking is available near the hotel.

For people who wish to get to know Vietnam from the spiritual side – local history museum is 200 meters away, where many rare and curious objects are on display. And 400 meters away is the Alexander Jersen Museum, a museum of virology with a reconstructed personal study of the scientist. The memory of the discoverer of the plague vaccine is highly revered and appreciated by the Vietnamese.

Thanh Luxury Nha Trang Hotel

Thanh Luxury Nha Trang Hotel – five stars is justified. The building itself and the hotel lobby are striking in their size. The designers worked out the idea: rich and expensive. The first 30 floors are occupied by a hotel, while the remaining 15 are apartments with a separate lobby and eight lifts.

The views from high storeys are equally stunning over the city and the sea. Located in the central part of the city, its own beach – opposite, clean, with helpful staff. The breakfast buffet is quite generous and varied.

It offers local and international cuisine. Free private parking (need to book in advance). Not far from the hotel, two hundred meters away, among the entertainment company operates “Sea Star”, where you can have an unforgettable underwater adventure accompanied by an instructor who speaks Russian.

Tourists have a unique opportunity to see the underwater world, coral reefs, marine reserve, the prices are affordable.

Sheraton Nha Trang

Sheraton Nha Trang is a great five-star hotel, with trendy rooms, with six restaurants. On the seventh floor is a panoramic pool overlooking the sea. Breakfast and dinner are buffet, the food is fresh and beautifully decorated. Rich choice of meat and fish dishes, soups, pastries.

Vegetarians and fans of dairy products will enjoy a variety of cheeses, yogurts, cereals and dried fruits. Breakfast can be ordered to the room. For dinner they serve seafood, Japanese sushi, according to guest reviews – it tastes delicious. A tea or coffee of your choice will be brought upon your request.

The waiters are lively, helpful and friendly. On the ground floor, an outdoor café serving freshly baked bread, pizza, pastries, cakes, you can order cocktails and shakes. There’s also a bar on the 28th floor which is a great place to meet up with friends for sunsets and cocktails.

There is a luxurious SPA – center, with massage and fitness. The hotel has some features: to go to the beach, you need to cross a busy highway, which is difficult for a visitor to cross on their own.

There is a special man for this purpose, he transfers every holidaymaker across the road. To maintain cleanliness, those entering the hotel are advised to rinse their feet under the tap on the right side before entering the hotel.

There are shops with jewellery and local clothes on the ground floor. The staff is helpful and speaks several languages very well. Free parking is available on site, no need to book in advance. The club at the hotel organizes diving and snorkeling, for an unforgettable boat trip and underwater world observation.

In the evening, if you wish, you can walk to a local landmark: Tran Phu Bridge. The bridge is just a bridge, but it is worth going over it just to see the Cai River flowing into the South China Sea and the colourful Vietnamese schooners scurrying about.

Havana Nha Trang Hotel

“Do you want to touch the sky? This way…”

Havana Nha Trang Hotel is the tallest building in town, 850 rooms, a local landmark. From the roof you can enjoy the most beautiful panorama of the whole city, the mountains, the sea, have a cocktail while watching the sun go down, go dancing in the evening.

The hotel is practically new, the interior is modern. Some rooms have kitchenettes. Bathrooms with panoramic windows have jacuzzis, delighting vacationers.

The beach is located across the road and can be safely crossed by an underground tunnel. On the 5th floor there is a SPA-center, beauty parlors, and there are 21 of them, where specialists of high level work.

The special “Havana” wellness programme (couples package), combined with the “Oriental Package” is sure to impress guests. Three restaurants are provided for holidaymakers: Spices, Artichoke and Rose.

Hotels in Nha Trang is available to suit the whims of tourists, but the rest is much more affordable than in neighboring Thailand. Seize the moment, make your reservations and start planning your vacation at one of these great hotels.

It rains here, but it’s not a three-month long drenching downpour. Higher humidity and windier than usual in late fall and winter. At this time, near lunchtime, there are strong waves on the sea.

For those tourists who do not swim well or do not respect an extreme type of bathing in waves, there is an alternative – a quiet rest on small private beaches where there are breakwaters (the charge is not great) or near pools.

During the calm, you can take a boat trip and ride to the islands, to see the best hotels in Vietnam. Faster, more fun and excitement to get acquainted with the Asian local color you can rent a motorbike, scooting hundreds of kilometers in a short time.