Spa Hotel Primorsky Park, Yalta, Crimea

The main resort of the Crimea – so often called Yalta – has long been the center of attraction for fans of recreation on pebble and sandy beaches. Hotel “Seaside Park” is one of the many hotels in the city, well proven. Accommodation in this stylish and cozy institution will suit both lovers of active leisure and travelers who prefer a quiet pastime.

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Description and location

The four-star spa hotel “Seaside Park”, which opened its doors in January 2012, is located very close to the center of the resort – about 450 m. This is one of the main advantages of the hotel complex. But not only this institution attracts numerous vacationers. Among the main bonuses that guests of the Spa Hotel “Primorsky Krai” receive, there are several important advantages:

  • high level of service provided by qualified personnel;
  • location in a quiet quarter near the picturesque Seaside Park;
  • a wide variety of leisure activities inside the hotel;
  • a wide range of free services;
  • excellent climatic conditions of the resort, located in the subtropical zone;
  • absence of heat, too high temperatures and strong winds, due to the close location of the sea and mountain ranges, surrounded by broad-leaved and coniferous forests;
  • the neighborhood of the protected area, rich in subtropical vegetation.

Yalta is one of the greenest cities of the peninsula. Guests of the Spa Hotel “Seaside Park” will immediately feel this advantage. Near and around the hotel grow cypresses, figs, persimmons, olives, palms, peaches, Lebanese cedars, as well as other subtropical trees and shrubs.

Additional information: The resort is located in the Mediterranean climate zone. The air in Yalta in the summer months warms up to average temperatures from + 22.3 to + 26.0. Water – from + 21.6 to + 25.1.

Officially, the spa hotel “Seaside Park” is located on the territory of the park of the same name. This is one of the south-western quarters of Yalta. To get from the spa hotel “Seaside Park” to the important objects of the city and the surrounding area, tourists have to overcome a certain distance (in km):

  • to the city bus station – 3,8;
  • sea coast – 56.8 meters;
  • central market – 2.9;
  • “Swallow’s Nest” – 11;
  • marine station – 2.2;
  • airport in Simferopol – 100 (through Pionerske, Dobroe, Alushta and Gurzuf) or 150 (through Bakhchisarai, Goncharnoye, Katsiveli and Gaspra);
  • Waterfall River – 677 meters;
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – 1.6.

Note! The nearest stop to the Seaside Park Spa Hotel is called colonnade. Shuttle buses No. 35 and 11 stop there. Passengers should walk to the embankment them. Lenin. On it turn right and walk a few meters to the hotel. The distance from the stop to the spa hotel “Seaside Park” is 220 m. A trip by taxi or car from the Simferopol airport can take from 1 hour 52 minutes to 2 hours 10 minutes, depending on the chosen route – through Alushta or Bakhchisaray.

What rooms is the hotel equipped with?

Spa hotel “Seaside Park” positions itself as a modern four-star hotel complex, consisting of four buildings: the main one, “Parus”, “Summer” and Wellness and Spa. The buildings are equipped with 51 comfortable rooms. The interior of each room is decorated in soothing light brown or green tones of different shades. Guests can choose from six rooms:


(number of guests)

total area

(sq. m.)

view from the windowscost

(in thousand rubles)

Junior suite229sea13,2–18,5
apartment253–73sea and pool23,0–39,0
lux242sea and pool18,3–24,0

Pay attention! Here are the current prices for 2021, the cost varies depending on the season. In high – prices rise (the second numbers in the table). Children under 7 years old stay free of charge at the Seaside Park Spa Hotel.

Guests can admire the Black Sea scenery by accessing the spacious balcony that is equipped with all rooms, except those located on the ground floor of the buildings. Here you can sit on comfortable chairs at small tables. In each room, guests use a set of furniture, items and equipment, with the help of which a comfortable stay is ensured:

  • plasma panel of the TV, placed on the wall;
  • spacious bathroom with shower;
  • internal telephone to communicate with the staff of the spa hotel “Seaside Park”;
  • mini-bar with a set of cocktails and alcoholic beverages;
  • air conditioning controlled by remote control;
  • upholstered furniture, including a large sofa;
  • double or twin beds.

Floor lamp, carpeting, a small coffee table, compact bedside tables, dim lights in the evenings and blackout curtains – all this creates home comfort in the rooms.

Spa Hotel Services

Service in any Crimean hotel, with rare exceptions, is at a fairly high level and is comparable to the service in the famous resorts of Croatia, Bulgaria or Turkey. Spa hotel “Seaside Park” confidently follows this trend. Guests can enjoy a wide range of different services:

  • leave the car in a well-equipped and guarded parking lot;
  • go to the Internet, access to which is possible in the rooms and other areas of the spa hotel “Seaside Park”;
  • watch cable, federal or satellite TV;
  • order a transfer*; qualified drivers working at the hotel will deliver future guests with comfort from the Simferopol airport or railway station to the doors of the “Primorsky Park”;
  • visit the spa complex once a day;
  • relax on the beach closest to the hotel, using towels issued at the reception;
  • train in “Saigon” – fitness club of the spa hotel “Seaside Park”;
  • order air tickets to any point of Russia, where air traffic from the Crimea is organized;
  • book tours or excursions from the list of those activities that are offered by companies cooperating with the spa hotel “Seaside Park”.

For business people, who often choose Yalta for events, the Spa Hotel “Seaside Park” has a spacious conference room. The room is quite suitable for trainings, meetings, negotiations, seminars, master classes or team building. The hall is equipped with modern high-tech equipment:

  • acoustic system;
  • Internet;
  • laptops;
  • microphones;
  • screen;
  • multimedia projector;
  • flipchart.

In the spacious conference hall of the Spa Hotel “Seaside Park” guests are seated on the “theater” system – several rows located under the slope to the stage. The capacity of the room is from 30 to 60 people. The total area of the conference hall is 112 sq. m.

Importantly! 214:00 a.m. Check-out – until 12:00. About another time it is necessary to agree in advance with representatives of the hotel administration. *An asterisk indicates a paid transfer service. Depending on the brand of the car, the cost is from 3.8 thousand to 11 thousand rubles When ordering a transfer, future guests of the Spa Hotel “Primorsky Park” should be informed about the flight number and the exact time of arrival. If they arrive at the railway station, it is necessary to inform about the number of the car. When booking a return transfer, it is also required to indicate the exact time of departure from the hotel.

Valeria Novikova, Volgograd. Our family of 4 – my husband, two children 7 and 9 years old and I – are used to vacationing abroad. But in early June of this 2021, Crimea was chosen. We didn’t regret it at all. Spa hotel “Seaside Park” was chosen for two reasons – near the green park and the hotel has a spa complex. Massage therapists are really professionals. I’m very pleased. My husband liked the Russian bath and hammam. The children were delighted with the pools. There are two of them in the hotel: closed and open. The staff is very attentive. We had a little trouble in the bathroom. But they were quickly resolved. Together with the children went on an excursion with a visit to the zoo “Fairy Tale”. The children not only looked at the animals and birds, but also fed the piglets and sheep. Very useful excursion. The vacation was definitely a success.

Meals in the hotel and resort

Breakfasts for guests of the spa hotel “Primorsky Park” are served in the spacious hall “Fabrikanta” – a fashionable restaurant, stylized as a typical gastronomic institution of Russia at the beginning of the XX century. Pleasant lighting, calm background music, light and music performance at the fountain – all this plunges visitors into the bygone era of southern glamour and aristocratic gloss.

On weekends in the “Fabrikant”, located on the first floor of the main building, Crimean musicians perform. In the evenings, a professional tapper plays an antique piano daily. The restaurant has its own brewery, where they produce three varieties of delicious beer: golden ale, pilsen and red ginger. With the range of prices (in rubles) guests can get acquainted in the menu “Fabrikanta”:

  • beer (0,5 l) – 550;
  • cold snacks – 430–820;
  • salads – 460–920;
  • soups – 450–780;
  • pasta and dumplings – 460–490;
  • dishes from Kamchatka crab – 980-1.5 thousand;
  • snacks for beer – 480–780;
  • seafood and fish dishes – 400–950;
  • desserts –400–550;
  • meat dishes – 300–840;
  • ice cream – 200–350;
  • tea – 300–450;
  • alcoholic cocktails – 380–650;
  • coffee – 180–250;
  • Crimean wines (0.75 l) – from 1.5 thousand to 128 thousand.

Fabrikant specializes in Czech, Russian and German dishes. The restaurant has a cozy summer veranda. From it you can look at the fountains for a long time and watch the bright light and muzykal performance. The author of the complex is V. I. Demidov, a Ukrainian architect. The project was implemented by the German company Dancing Waters. To get to know the local cuisine better, most guests of the spa hotel visit the Yalta restaurants and cafes located next door:

  • “At home”;
  • “Yummy”;
  • “Mayak”;
  • “Dream”;
  • “Yalta”;
  • Apelsin;
  • Bookman;
  • Wine story;
  • Verdi;
  • Capri del Mare.

More information. These prices are valid for the period of the season 2021 Breakfasts are served according to the popular tourist system of “buffet”, known to Russian travelers as “buffet”. Time – from 8:00 to 10:30. The restaurant welcomes guests for lunches, afternoon snacks and dinners, as well as musical evenings from 12:00 to 24:00. For young vacationers in “Fabrikant” offers delicious dishes from the children’s menu. For young visitors at the restaurant of the spa hotel “Seaside Park” there is a separate room.

Rest in the hotel

Spa hotel “Seaside Park” will surprise vacationers with a variety of offers for leisure activities. For guests there is a large spa complex, which is equipped with several halls:

  • Russian bath, which is a free-standing pine log house; inside the building there is a wood-burning stove, as well as a real fireplace; here guests can plunge into the font with cool water, the temperature of which does not exceed + 9 degrees;
  • the spa for guests is equipped with a tea area, sun beds, two swimming pools (these will be described in more detail below); on the summer terrace you can drink a mug of craft beer prepared in the brewery of the restaurant;
  • specialists of the cosmetology room will offer women a variety of face masks;
  • masters of the massage room own more than 50 varieties of massage techniques;
  • in the phytobar, guests can get acquainted with the taste of several varieties of herbal tea enriched with eucalyptus, pink and other essential oils;
  • for lovers of Turkish baths, the doors of a spacious hall are open, where you can enjoy the procedure of a traditional hammam.

Primorsky Park Hotel & Spa features a modern beauty studio. Men and women for whom the image, stylish haircut and well-groomed hair are important, you should definitely visit this institution. High-quality cosmetics guests of the spa hotel “Seaside Park” can buy in the designer store. Here are the brands of Italy, France, Switzerland and other countries:

  • Gehwol;
  • La Ric;
  • Yon-Ka;
  • World of Beauty;
  • Babor;
  • Selvert Thermal.

Fans of sports training will be satisfied with the rest in the spa hotel “Seaside Park”. The doors of “Saigon” – a well-equipped fitness club – are open for them. For visitors here are installed:

  • simulators;
  • dumbbell sets;
  • fitballs;
  • treadmills and more.

For the convenience of visitors, spacious showers, a wardrobe, as well as lockers for storing clothes are installed. In the hall “Saigon” you can do not only fitness, but also Pilates, aerobics and yoga.

Note! About the cost of services should be found out from the staff of the spa hotel “Seaside Park” immediately before visiting a particular institution. The fitness club welcomes guests from 9:00 to 21:00. The beauty studio can be visited from 10:00 to 20:00. About the working hours of other institutions must be found out on the spot.

Children’s leisure

Young guests of the Spa Hotel “Seaside Park” can have fun in the pool or games room, watch children’s programs and cartoons on TV. These entertainments are not enough for active young vacationers. Therefore, for them there are many interesting things to do in the city:

  • “Fairy Tale” is a giant zoo occupying an area of 30 thousand square meters. m, where such animals and birds as cranes, leopards, pelicans, cougars, hawks, hyenas, emu ostriches, porcupines and many others live in the enclosures;
  • Oceanarium, where you can see slow rays, fast sharks, serpentine moray eels and nimble piranhas;
  • “Aquatoria” is the Yalta theater of marine animals, where five dolphins, two polar whales, a Pacific walrus and a South American sea lioness perform in the pool as artists;
  • “Glade of Fairy Tales” is an unusual museum, where surrounded by trees there are figures of famous characters of Russian fairy tales, epics and legends.

Beach and pools of the hotel

The seaside is located very close to the spa hotel “Seaside Park”. To the nearest small-pebbled beach will have to overcome only 75 meters by stairs and path. Sun loungers and sun umbrellas are already installed on the coast. Guests of the Primorsky Park Hotel & Spa use them free of charge. Towels are provided at reception.

On the coast there are many exciting activities for guests, especially attractions on the water, jet ski and water skiing. If desired, you can also scuba dive under water or go sea fishing. On the beach there is a small café, rich in soft drinks, alcoholic cocktails and dessert.

Vacationers who even in summer prefer a comfortable swim in the pool, spa hotel “Seaside Park” offers to satisfy their desires. Almost ideal conditions have been created for them here. At the disposal of guests of the spa hotel “Seaside Park” two comfortable swimming pools – indoor and outdoor. For fans of swimming are equipped with:

  • waterfalls;
  • water massage;
  • counter current.

More information. The length of the beach is 98.4 m, the width is from 12.2 to 15 meters. The length of the beach strip going to the Rotunda is 797 m. The entire coast is equipped with the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. The opening hours of the café on the beach are from 9 am to 6 pm.

Oleg Biryukov, Ryazan. In the Crimea we rest often. In the spa hotel “Seaside Park” stayed for the first time. The service is first-class. No complaints. The hotel has a lot of advantages: the beach is very close, a spacious room, balconies from which you can see the sea, a spa complex with a Russian bath, a fitness club. In general, the spa hotel “Seaside Park” has everything you need for a good rest. My wife is very picky about food. But the dishes in the restaurant are both delicious and of high quality. We had breakfast and dinner there. We had lunch in the city. We decided to choose one excursion – in historical Yalta. Really very interesting. Opened the city from an unknown side. We recommend the spa hotel “Seaside Park” to everyone who loves Yalta and Crimea.

Interesting historical and cultural sites near the spa hotel “Seaside Park”

Picturesque Yalta is a small city occupying an area of 18.2 sq. km. This is about 9 times less than the total area of Sochi. However, here on a compact territory there are many interesting objects for tourists, located near the spa hotel “Seaside Park”:

  • “Jubilee” is a famous concert hall;
  • Primorsky Park named after Gagarin;
  • Palace of the Emir of Bukhara;
  • Ascension Church;
  • House-Museum of N. Z. Biryukov;
  • Pioneer Park;
  • Waterfall River;
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception;
  • Lesya Ukrainka Museum;
  • Theatre. Chekhov;
  • St. Mary’s Church;
  • St. TheodorovSkaya Church;
  • squares: them. M. Kalinin, them. Baturina, them. M. P. Chekhova;
  • Historical and Literary Museum;
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Excursion programs

Guests of the Spa Hotel “Seaside Park” show a sincere interest in the city and its surroundings. To get acquainted with the Big Yalta, it is worth choosing excursion programs that are offered by local travel companies. Among them, the top 5 most popular events stand out:

  • boat trip with a visit to two palaces – Vorontsov and Livadia – and Swallow’s Nest;
  • a trip to Massandra, including wine tasting in the Tsar’s basement, acquaintance with the aging shop and the head plant;
  • excursion to the heroic places of Sevastopol with a visit to the museum “Diorama”;
  • walk through the historical quarters of Yalta;
  • hiking along the trails of the reserve, located around Ai-Petri – a famous mountain; climbing to the top of “Teeth”, visiting the waterfall Uchan-Su and caves: “Geophysical”, “Three-eyed” and “Yalta”.

More information. Excursions can be booked directly at the Seaside Park Hotel & Spa with the help of staff at reception. Each event lasts from 2 to 12 hours. The cost of excursions is from 600 to 3.5 thousand rubles.


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“Seaside Park” – a spa hotel for fans of comfort, a variety of leisure and nature lovers

Crimea and yalta itself will give guests an unforgettable holiday. Spa hotel “Seaside Park” will add even more vivid impressions. The four-star hotel offers vacationers a lot of advantages: cozy modern rooms, a variety of leisure, entertainment on the beach, delicious dishes of Crimean cuisine and much more that will turn the vacation of tourists into an unforgettable holiday.