Soulful boarding house Friendly coast, Gelendzhik

Pension Friendly Beach is one of the most popular hotels, which are located on the first coastline. You can admire the sea from any room. The building consists of 17 floors. Near the boarding house there is a water park, a café and a cable car. The city centre can be reached in just a few minutes. The hotel has its own private beach. There is also a swimming pool. Breakfast is served as a buffet.

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Since the boarding house is located in the heart of Gelendzhik,the building stands out noticeably. It is the highest in the city. Previously, there was an arboretum. The hotel complex perfectly combines a well-groomed park area and a huge selection of cozy rooms. Near the boarding house there is a beach. Rest will be as pleasant as possible and will be remembered for a long time. Amazing nature, wide and clean beach, high quality service. Most of the guests come back to us again. The hotel has absolutely everything for a successful pastime.

Beaches & Pools

Entrance to the beach of the pension Friendly beach is carried out by means of a special guest card of the hotel. For active recreation, the hotel offers hydro-bicycles, jet skis, parachute. You can go for a boat trip or a banana. So that guests do not have to return to the hotel often, there is a special café on the beach. This is a great bar where you can order any drink. This is very convenient, because you can order everything you need right on the beach. For children there are delicious lemonades, and parents, in turn, can order something stronger.

Also for children there is a playground, which has a fairly large area. This is a kind of children’s town, which has everything you need: a large number of swings, slides and carousels. For adults there are benches and a separate seating area.

Every day on the beach and on the territory of the hotel arrange various animation events. Animators hold competitions for children and adults. In the evening, a mini-disco is arranged for children. Our staff has prepared a unique fitness program. We understand how important it is to stay in shape even on vacation, where there is a temptation to eat deliciously. That’s why we created a volleyball court. You can play badminton, use the tennis court. There is a separate fitness room, in which yoga classes are held regularly.


Room stock

The total number of rooms of the hotel is a tall building. The view from the balconies on one side overlooks the Caucasian slopes, and on the other on the sea. The distinctive pride of the hotel from competitors is the beauty of the view from the window. The building stands out among others due to its height. As the hotel is located on the first coastline, a private beach is only 50 metres away. The beach is equipped in accordance with the expectations and desires of guests.

Each room of the hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The rooms are very cozy and bright. Modern interior will make the rest as pleasant as possible. The situation will definitely arrange to come back here again. The administration offers several types of rooms: standard, family, economy. The hotel staff monitors cleanliness, so cleaning is carried out as often as possible.


The main restaurant of the boarding house is made in white and milky colors. The interior is very cozy and adjusts guests to the positive with its atmosphere. Guests are offered a huge selection of dishes from the best chefs of the hotel. There is really a lot of tasty and at the same time useful. Serving is carried out through a buffet. In the hall there are tables with garnish, main dishes, fish and meat dishes, various salads and desserts as well. Particular attention is paid to the cleanliness of cutlery.

Every guest can count on a delicious lunch. The main rule of the hotel is to feed in a saty, tasty and as balanced as possible. During the summer season, meals are served 5 times a day. This is due to the fact that the hotel staff wants to fulfill all the wishes of the guest as much as possible and nourish him. This is the only way to comply with the requirements of vacationers regarding children’s, dietary, vitaminized and vegetarian food. To implement such a menu, special tables are installed. Separately covered area for children, which is decorated with toys, carpet, small chairs and large plasma, which will not harm vision.

In the menu for adults you can find unusual snacks, real delicacies of fish, meat, poultry, unique desserts and local fruits. In the lobby of the dormitory there is a lobby bar. On the embankment there are 2 more cafes that will turn resort everyday life into a real holiday, which will be full of bright and unforgettable impressions.


The hotel “Friendly Coast” has about 250 rooms. The territory is spacious. There is a children’s playground, table tennis for adults. To fully enjoy the beauty of nature, you can rent a bicycle. You can stroll along the promenade, have a snack in the restaurant and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Water park and dolphinarium will help to find entertainment for young travelers. You can ride on the cable car and take unique photos. You can’t get bored in the city. Since a huge number of tourists come every year, the structure is developed as much as possible. There is a lot of entertainment.

So that the guests of the boarding house do not have to be bored, animators develop new and interesting activities. Each guest can visit an enchanting show, a sports competition. The productions are really bright and memorable. Children can be sent to a talent contest. They are held on the territory of the complex and on the beach. On the beach you can still use the volleyball court. There is a separate play area for children. Between a warm and cozy bed and a friendly warm sea just a few steps.

For lovers of reading, the hotel presents a library with unique collections of classics and modern literature. You can book a tour of the sights of the surrounding area. For a child, you can rent a bicycle, roller skates, tricycles or scooters. There is a children’s room on site.

Each visitor of the hotel receives a room with a unique modern interior and delicious food. The buffet will be available 5 times a day, there is a separate bar. To make it convenient for children to eat, the restaurant has allocated a special area with small tables. For young travelers, cartoons are broadcast on TV.

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Each guest is invited to undergo a course of wellness procedures. You can order a business conference. The hotel has a large conference room. The staff will do everything possible to ensure that guests receive the highest quality service. A business meeting can turn into an easy friendly conversation thanks to the excellent atmosphere.

Corporate clients and visiting groups

The friendly beach offers an excellent opportunity to hold collective events on site, namely:

  • Celebrations.
  • Organization of exhibitions.
  • Theme parties.
  • Birthdays and corporate parties.
  • Organization of team building.
  • Presentations

For corporate clients there are unique offers. You can spend a holiday right on the beach. The hotel staff goes to any experiments. They will do everything according to the requirements. Only the best is offered. For business conferences, the hotel is ready to provide the necessary equipment.

Participants of the holidays can count on the hall, which is located in the restaurant or the summer playground. You can hold a concert. An exit ceremony can be arranged at sea. Experienced chefs will prepare any exotic dishes that can be tasted in advance. They will also help with a business lunch or buffet. Coffee breaks can be arranged. If the theme of the event requires, the dishes are decorated accordingly. The hall will also be decorated in accordance with the theme of the event.

Entertainment for children

The hotel’s restaurant has a special children’s menu. For the little ones, baby feeding chairs are provided. The restaurant has a children’s area, decorated with the most incredible scenery to involve the child. Cartoons are constantly shown on TV. The hotel staff does everything possible to ensure that the baby was comfortable, and he could feel at home. There is a special children’s area with slides and a sandbox. There are also swings.

The hotel has a children’s room open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Professional animators will help to entertain children with drawing, modeling from plasticine, games in educational games. Children from 1 to 12 years old are accepted. It is also worth noting that for children from 1 to 4 years old there is a need for the presence of parents.

In addition, the hotel has a very large swimming pool, which is divided into several sections:

  • Mini-section for kids
  • Children’s section
  • Adult Department

The last section is the largest. The second is intended for middle-aged children. It has several slides. The first mini-section is the smallest. It has a large slide. In the pool, animators create real water activities. Interactive games, competitions and relay races are held. The beaches are equipped with the necessary equipment for the most active recreation.

Birthday celebrations can be ordered. This is a special program that is available to every guest. The hotel staff is ready to organize a grand celebration for you and your child. The organization includes: decoration of the celebration hall with festive balls, bright and unusual decorations, a large cake with candles. You can choose a program in advance. We will help to create a unique holiday on the beach, which will be remembered for a long time.

Transfer order

Any guest of the hotel can book a transfer to the hotel. To do this, you will need to pre-fill out a special form on the site. To clarify the rates, it is better to first clarify the information with the hotel managers. They will be able to fully answer all your questions.

On-site resort shop

Unfortunately, very often guests forget something at home. If it’s a forgotten evening dress, it’s not as scary as if it’s a forgotten swimsuit. That is why on the territory of the complex there is a shop of resort goods, which sells any part of the wardrobe. You can buy beach equipment for children, which will be interesting to use in the sandbox, and you can buy some unique magnet.

Hotel “Friendly Coast” will be able to make the rest unforgettable. This is the best option for spending a summer vacation in the best conditions and at an affordable price.

Private beach, equipped with all possible means for entertainment. Animators who are ready to work for days in order to provide you with new and unique entertainment, take care of your children and make the rest unique. The spaciousness of the territory just allows you to implement the most incredible programs, productions and creative events of any subject. You can rent a ball, roller skates or a bicycle. This will help to spend the rest as diverse as possible. For lovers of reading there is a library. And for those who love adventure, you can visit excursions. Due to its proximity to the city center, you can find everything you need within walking distance. The open park area will help to fully relax away from the bustle of the city and find inner harmony.

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