Skypark Krasnaya Polyana Hotel

Rest in Krasnaya Polyana is an opportunity to escape from the bustle of the city, be alone with nature and spend time with your family. At this resort among the mountains lost original hotel Skypark,from the windows of which you can enjoy fantastic views. A free transfer will be able in a matter of minutes to bring to these views of Krasnaya Polyana.

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How do I find a hotel?

Skypark is located in the ski resort itself, in the village of Esto-Sadok. This area is a protected area, so a visit to the hotel is a great opportunity to enjoy untouched nature, retire and stay in silence.

Thanks to the beauty and grandeur of the mountains here, everyone feels calm and serene. And clean air gives earlier awakening and a charge of energy.

The SkyPark Hotel was designed by Vadim Grekov’s working group. The architect was able to harmoniously combine nature and innovative technologies. It is the care and preservation of the surrounding nature that became the key tasks in the creation of the project and directly during the construction of these apartments in the mountains.

The apart-hotel consists of three residential buildings that are not connected to themselves. They have 136 rooms and 16 small houses, which are placed a little higher up the slope.

Please note: The nearest international airport in Sochi is 57 kilometres away. And to the railway station to go only 5 minutes.

What rooms are available in the hotel?

The residential complex offers rooms of different price categories:

  1. Standard room for two people. It has all the minimum necessary for living: from a huge bed and shower to electrical appliances.
  2. Family room for 4 people. This is perhaps the same room as the previous one, but only enlarged a little more than 2 times and with 3 beds.
  3. Studio apartment for two people. This is a full apartment with a kitchen and sometimes a balcony. The main advantage is that all rooms have a view of the mountains.
  4. Comfortable apartment for two people. The difference from the previous option is the increased area of the room.
  5. One bedroom apartment for 4 people. There is a huge bed and a sofa bed in another room.
  6. Superior one-bedroom apartment for 4 people. Each such visit is equipped with its own balcony. A storage room for sports equipment is also available.
  7. Superior two-bedroom apartment for 5 people. In addition to the beautiful view from the window and its own balcony, this option includes two bathrooms at once. There are 2 huge double beds in different rooms and a sofa bed in the living room.
  8. 3 bedroom villa for 7 people. The price includes an equipped kitchen, a private terrace and three bathrooms. There are 2 double beds, 1 single bed and 1 sofa bed, all in different rooms.
  9. Villa with 4 bedrooms for 9 people. You can choose from 3 double beds and 1 single bed, as well as a separate sofa bed.

Attention! In high season, the hotel is visited by a large number of tourists. But thanks to the noise insulation located in each room, it does not hurt to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Creating the interior of the hotel, the designers tried to make every guest feel comfortable and desirable. Each room includes cable TV, free Wi-Fi, an attractive view and at least one private bathroom with shower. Some accommodations have a balcony, an equipped kitchen and a terrace with mountain views.

The Skypark Hotel offers a storage room for large sports equipment.

Where to eat?

All apartments and villas have their own kitchen with all necessary appliances. Barbecue facilities are also available in front of each villa.

But for those who do not want to cook on their own, there is a restaurant of Russian and European cuisine. SkyPark restaurant-bar offers a varied buffet breakfast every morning. You can also book a table in the restaurant-bar for lunch and dinner. At this time, the chefs prepare international cuisine. For example, you can order the following dishes:

  • risotto from Italy;
  • quesadilla from Mexico;
  • trout caught by local fishermen and farmers;
  • author’s burger designed by the hotel’s chef.

Drinks offer teas, coffee, lemonades, cocktails and more.

The hotel is surrounded on all sides by mountains. Beautiful views from the window can be admired both day and night. I liked that there is a separate room for drying clothes, because after skiing everything is wet, and in the room it is unlikely that everything will dry out until the next walk. The area is quiet, there is no entertainment, this should be taken into account when booking. But if you really want to, you can go down – there is the whole civilization.

What to do at the hotel and nearby?

Krasnaya Polyana is an all-season resort, which is located in the Caucasus Mountains. Every year the flow of tourists only increases. This is due to the large selection of entertainment for every taste:

  • music festivals of different genres;
  • permanent sports grounds for children and adults;
  • art exhibitions;
  • extreme and family excursions;
  • rope parks;
  • and much more.

Every tourist will be able to find something to do on the territory of Krasnaya Polyana. But of course, most often people come here to play sports.

In third place in popularity among hotel guests are entertainment at a height. They follow him to Skypark. All the wildest dreams and desires come true here. Visitors are waiting for fascinating views, a long suspension bridge, which will have to go 439 meters, the world’s highest swing, a rope park and a playground for children, a restaurant with panoramic views and much more. The cost of visiting, as of January 2021, starts from 800 rubles for children and 1500 for adults.

Additional information: There are discounted tickets.

Nordic walking ranks second among entertainment. This sport has earned its popularity by being available at any time of the year. This is a great way to relieve tension, improve health and overcome stress and bad mood. On the red glade there are a large number of free trails intended only for Nordic walking.

Well, in the first place in popularity, of course, skiing. In Krasnaya Polyana, tourists are waiting for 168 kilometers of trails and 62 lifts. The complex is equipped with modern visits and convenient infrastructure, and the long slopes and picturesque landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains make it a great place for photography. As for the skis themselves, there are plenty of trails for any level of training. Professional athletes note that Krasnaya Polyana has many off-piste zones for high-speed difficult descents.

Please note: Unequipped trails are not considered suitable for descent, so it is better to use officially allowed options.

In general, the ski resort offers a choice of 4 complexes with different levels of complexity:

  1. Rosa Khutor has a length of about 102 kilometers. The difference between the lowest and highest section is 1534 meters.
  2. Gorki city is smaller in its duration – only 30 kilometers. It is located in the foothills of the Caucasian ridge and has lighting that allows you to ski even in the dark. During the peak season, 13 cable cars are open.
  3. Laura is the slope on which there are tracks passing through firs. This complex is located in the resort of Gazprom.
  4. Alpika is also located in the ski resort of Gazprom. At the same time, the peculiarity of these tracks is the height difference, it reaches 1154 meters.

The Alpica Ski Resort is located next to the hotel. Descent equipment can be rented at Skypark.

Further information: For children there are special small slopes.

We lived in a two-room apartment located on the 4th floor. The panoramic view, of course, is gorgeous! I was pleased that when checking in, the staff showed several rooms and offered to choose. True, there was no cot in the rooms, but we asked for it and they immediately brought it to us. The rooms are clean, comfortable. Cleaning took place every day and in addition to bathroom accessories constantly replenished tablets for the dishwasher. Everything is new in the apartment, but the floor has already begun to swell and fall off in places. Also upset that there was no playground on the territory of the hotel and just a dream to walk. It was going to go down. Otherwise, everything was pleased.

Suitable for accommodation with children?

Parents in the reviews note that it is better to come to the hotel with older children. Otherwise, problems may arise, since the transfer to Rosa Khutor goes once an hour and it is very difficult to wait for him with a child in his arms. Also, a long distance does not allow you to quickly feed and change the child. That is why it is better to go to the resort already with adult children, or be prepared for difficulties.

In the same hotel note that it is suitable for family holidays. At the same time, the complex is designed for a calm relaxing holiday, so there is no entertainment on its territory.

Each of the 4 ski resorts has entertainment for children. For example, on Rosa Khutor there is a free recreation area, an ethnohutor with a goat farm and a private cheese factory. And in Gorki Gorod there is a water park and a rope park. In Gazprom there is a huge entertainment center “Galaxy” and much more.

Please note: Not suitable for pets.

Where to go?

In addition to sports entertainment, other attractions can be found near the hotel.

Museum of Archaeology

The closest is the Museum of Archaeology, just 700 meters from Skypark. This is not just an exhibition of ancient exhibits dedicated to the eras of mankind, it is a whole complex in which modern technologies are involved. The story literally comes to life before our eyes.

The museum presents exhibits found during the preparation for the 2014 Olympic Games. An audio guide will tell about each of them.

Additional information: The difference of this exhibition is that it is interactive, so for a full viewing you need to download the free application “Museum of Archaeology” to your phone.

Health Trail

It is 1.1 km from Skypark Hotel. It originates behind an artificially created beach on the territory of the Rosa Khutor ski complex. There is also a plan of the territory with the image of looped routes of different duration and complexity.

The small path is the brightest line. The length of this section is only 490 meters. You will have to go through the forest. Suitable further for the elderly and parents with young children. The average walk takes 15 minutes.

The average duration and long journey is 1700 and 2200 meters, respectively. These trails are designed for people with good physical fitness. It is possible to pass these distances with rest, but do not count on the usual natural rest – bonfires are prohibited. The health trail is an eco-friendly place, so there will be no railings and stairs. The creators tried not to change the natural appearance of the object as much as possible.

Please note: Entrance to the trail is free, but you can visit it as part of an excursion, then the price will be 700 rubles per person (actual for January 2021).

Cultural and Ethnographic Center “My Russia”

It is located 700 meters from the hotel. The center was built on the front door of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and its task was to represent the whole of Russia in miniature. That is why the attraction is of great interest to foreign tourists. KEC “My Russia” is located along the embankment of the Mzymta River, which is located on the territory of the resort Rosa Khutor. The complex represents 11 regions of Russia. Here you can find:

  • Krasnodar;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Caucasus;
  • Northern cities;
  • Suzdal;
  • Buryatia;
  • Central Russia;
  • Siberia;
  • Moscow;
  • Ural;
  • Kazan.

The project was developed by architect Maxim Atayants. And also in the development of the complex took part fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.

Skypark Hotel is suitable for people who go for sports entertainment, while wanting to be alone with nature. If you want to attend mass events, they are nearby.

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