Sister City Hotel New York

The Lower East Side recently got a new four-star Sister City New York hotel. It was designed by the same creative team at Atelier Ace. They are the ones who draw inspiration from everything unusual and collect design elements from different countries in their heads. For example, they are attracted by Finnish saunas, Japanese houses of strange geometric shapes, prehistoric caves and experimental performances such as “4’33” by composer John Cage, during which the piano under the musician’s hands was silent for four minutes and 33 seconds. As a result, by gathering inspiration and engaging free flight of fancy, the team created a series of whimsical organic forms and interior elements aimed at contemplation.

About the Sister City Hotel, Atelier Ace representatives say they were inspired by the philosophy of minimalism. The idea was to have a reception space with nothing superfluous, just what the traveller needs, but with the necessary standard amenities retained. And so the Sister City Hotel was born – a place where functionality and beauty go hand in hand.

Location and infrastructure

The Sister City Hotel in New York City is renowned for its technology, as its guests have the option of self check-in. In the corridor, near the main entrance, there are special counters with plates where customers can enter their data, choose a room and get a key.

A slight romanticism can be noticed in the interior of the hotel: firstly, everything around is lit by natural sunlight, secondly, the foyer is planted with many plants, thirdly, the walls are lattice-like and there is even an arched door. All these details add poetry to the institution, space for reflection and imagination.

Room stock

The hotel offers comfortable rooms with air conditioning, free internet and a private bathroom, a restaurant with delicious European cuisine, and the Last Light Bar on the 11th floor. The bar or restaurant offers delicious food and drinks while enjoying a panoramic view of New York City. There is also 24-hour reception, an ATM and a large luggage storage room for guests.

The rooms at Sister City are small, with a maximum size of approximately 24 metres. However, they accommodate everything for a great holiday: a large cherry wood bed, built-in shelves for belongings, a folding table, a TV of the latest model, a comfortable bathroom finished in light tiles with marble crumb sinks and a snow-white washroom with a modern round luminous mirror.

If guests stop by to add personality to their room, they can order additional designer cushions or a personalized dog bowl, for example. There is also a special camera on the roof for customers to know the weather at any time of the day.



Alina Abramova

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