Sights of Zhigulevsk – what to see in 1 day

A trip along the middle Volga will definitely lead to the small town of Zhigulevsk, located near Togliatti. Here you can make a stop to get acquainted with the history of the Russian hinterland, find out who the burlaks are, and feel for yourself how mysterious Russian nature is. The city has quite good hotels that provide traditional service for guests. If you want a secluded atmosphere, it is worth booking an apartment. Acquaintance with the sights will take one or two days. It is recommended to start with the natural surroundings.

Mogutová Gora

Above the city rises Mogutov Mountain. It stands separately from the Zhiguli massif. It is logical to start a tour of local attractions with it. Its height is 265 m. Along the slope and the entire crest laid a convenient path. The mountain covers an area of 7 sq. km, along the ridge to walk about 3-4 km. During the walk from a height, views of the Zhigulevskaya HPP, neighboring Togliatti, the village of Gateway, the water area of the river port open. From here you can take panoramic pictures of the city and its surroundings. Once on the mountain was painted a huge portrait of Stalin. A monumental picturesque masterpiece appeared on the rock in the late 30s, but after the death of the leader it was wiped out. And in vain. There would be another attraction reminiscent of the difficult times of repression and post-war reconstruction of the economy. It is no secret that there were several camps for political prisoners and prisoners of war in the Zhigulevsk area. Their hands built many houses and businesses of the city.

Address: Zhigulevsk, northern part of Samarskaya Luka



Church of St. John of Kronstadt

In the Soviet period, the spiritual life of Zhigulevsk suffered no less than in other cities of Russia. The Intercession Cathedral was the center of Orthodox parishioners of the city and its environs. In the 30s, it was completely destroyed. Rather, flooded during the construction of the Volga hydroelectric power plants. By some miracle, the believers managed to save three antique icons and a large cross from the dome of the Intercession Church. For more than 50 years, the relics have been waiting to return to the consecrated place. In 1990, the authorities decided to transfer part of the old kindergarten to the Orthodox community of the city. The parish was named in honor of John of Kronstadt. The number of parishioners was constantly growing, so the municipality first gave half of the building, and then the entire territory of the decommissioned kindergarten. Residents began the restoration, or rather the construction of a new temple. Today, the seven-domed church with a bell tower is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. A Sunday school has been opened at the spiritual center. There is a refectory.

Address: Zhigulevsk, Gogol str., 7-A.



Samarskaya Luka National Park

The total area of the National Park “Samarskaya Luka” is 134,000 hectares. The nature protection zone is geographically divided into several districts. One of the oldest sites is Zhigulevsky. From the church of St. John of Kronstadt to the entrance to the park area to go about 1.4 km. Near the park you can visit the church in honor of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God. It is 200 metres from the natural area. Entrance to the park is paid. The ticket price is 100/50 rubles. In the area of Zhigulevsk, the most popular object is molodetsky Kurgan with picturesque views of the Volga. There are other interesting places to which you can walk, for example, Witch Lake or Mount Strelnaya. When buying tickets, it is advisable to purchase a map of the surrounding area. It costs 100 rubles. It has several routes to significant natural sites. Guided tours can also be booked.

Address: Zhigulevsk, Tkachev str., 109a




Falcon Cliff

Walking through the natural attractions of Zhigulevsk, it is impossible to pass by Bald Mountain. This is another popular tourist destination with its own interesting places. One of them is the Falcon Cliff. It is located on the western slope, just on the way from the Zhiguli reserve “Samarskaya Luka” to the city. The name of the cliff was due to the similarity with the profile of a bird of prey. Here is the famous Petrov stone. Locals say that Peter I himself visited this mountain and from here examined the Volga expanses. From this natural observation deck really offers a fascinating panoramic view. Mount Bald is also interesting because here were found the remains of Sarmatian settlements dating back to the 4th century BC. Another local legend is associated with them. Until the 18th century, the Zhiguli Mountains were called Maiden Mountains. It is known that matriarchy reigned in the tribes of the Sarmatians. The mountains were renamed by the German scientist Pallas.

Address: Zhigulevsk, Morkvashi microdistrict, the western side of Bald Mountain.

Zhigulevskaya HPP

From all the hills of Zhigulevsk, the main attraction of the city – its hydroelectric power station – is perfectly visible. The hydroelectric power plant is one of the largest in Russia and the second largest in all of Europe. Therefore, an excursion to this industrial facility must necessarily be included in the route list of the tourist. In addition to the observation deck, the engine room, the guide will conduct an interesting excursion into the history of the enterprise in the museum of the hydroelectric power station. It was opened in 2005. The fund contains a unique exposition of documents and photographs. But most impressive is the artistic solution of the room itself. Due to the dark blue walls, mirrored ceiling and some technical tricks, visitors find themselves inside a virtual dam. The spectacle is unforgettable and memorable. Near the Zhigulevskaya HPP there are 3-star hotels.

Address: Zhigulevsk, Moskovskoe shosse 2



Molodetsky Kurgan

The most famous peak of the Zhiguli Mountains serves as not only a natural, but also a cultural and sports object. From 2008 to 2009, Molodetsky Kurgan was completely closed to the public. Work was carried out here to restore the natural landscape and environment. Today, the mountain is the center of mountaineering competitions, the place of the festival “Zakharovsky Gathering”, which gathers bards, athletes and lovers of outdoor recreation. From the top of the mound there is a view of the Kuibyshev reservoir, the ridge of the Zhiguli Mountains, Togliatti and the Usinsky Bay. Many famous travelers have visited here, but this place is still ovated with the glory of Ataman Stenka Razin. For two centuries after his execution, the mountain was a safe haven for free Cossacks and runaway serfs.



Historical and Local Lore Museum Samarskaya Luka

After a long walk through the natural attractions along the river, you can return to the city and visit its museums. All historical information is collected in the local history museum “Samarskaya Luka”. The fund is divided into four expositions: “Zhigulevsk”, “Heritage”, “Nature of Zhiguli” and “History of Samara Luke”. The museum was established in 1959, but due to the many vicissitudes, it became truly urban only in 1999, when the municipality took it for full maintenance. Today it is a unique historical and cultural complex, on the basis of which there is its own museum-theater. Actors, and at the same time researchers, acquaint visitors with local folklore, fairy tales, conduct master classes on painting stones from the Zhiguli Mountains. The museum is located in the city center, so for accommodation you can consider hotels located nearby.

Address: Zhigulevsk, Komsomolskaya str., 28


Exhibition Center People’s Gallery of Zhigulevsk

In 2006, on the occasion of the city’s birthday, the exhibition hall “People’s Gallery” was opened in the central Palace of Culture. It became a real gift for the creative intelligentsia of Zhigulevsk. Now artists, masters of DPI, photographers have received their own platform for organizing exhibitions and selling their works. Colorful events are regularly held here, the gallery is constantly updated. It is perfectly equipped with modern multimedia technology. Here you can have a good time, get acquainted with the work of people from various fields of art, as well as buy souvenirs in the author’s performance. The gallery is open from 10.00 to 18.00, the day off is Monday, for sanitization it closes on the last Friday of the month.

Address: Zhigulevsk, Pirogova str., 21


Bat Museum

You can continue your acquaintance with the museums of Zhigulevsk in its suburbs the village of Shiryaevo. Recently, it was part of the urban district. The village is located in a picturesque place between Popova and Monastyrskaya Mountains. Every 15-20 minutes there are buses from the bus station, which is a 15-minute walk from the Palace of Culture. Travel time will take an hour and a half. The road runs along the banks of the Volga, and this already makes the trip exciting. Tourists get even more impressions when visiting the Bat Museum, which has existed since 2015. This is a project of the National Park “Samarskaya Luka”, which is aimed at preserving a unique colony of bats wintering in this area. Under the pavilion was given the basement of the building of the plant management of industrialist Vanyushin. In one of the rooms recreated adits, where mice used to winter, in another room the conditions of the forest and the reservoir are created.

Address: Zhigulevsk, Shiryaevo, Lermontov str., 15


House of merchant Ivan Vdovin

There is no need to hurry to leave Shiryaevo after visiting the Bat Museum. There are several interesting museums that are worth a visit. They make up a single historical and museum complex, so the walk can be delayed until late in the evening. In order not to rush back to the city, you can call local hotels and book a room for the night. But back to the excursion route. The house of the merchant Ivan Vdovin was built in the early twentieth century (1910). The exposition is presented in the form of rooms reflecting the merchant life at the turn of the century. The white-stone building is an architectural monument of regional importance. The owner at one time successfully traded flour and had his own mill. The hall “House of merchant Vdovin” was opened in 2011. Before that, the building was used as an art gallery. Part of the house continues to serve as an exhibition hall for the works of artists.

Address: Samara region., Shiryaevo village, Sovetskaya str., 12.

House-Museum of I.E. Repin

The village of Shiryaevo is famous for the fact that in 1870 the Russian artist Ilya Repin spent all summer here. He stayed with three friends in the house of a peasant Ivan Alekseev. Here the young painter worked on his famous painting “Burlaki on the Volga”, studied the local life and natural color. According to his confession, the artist was fascinated by the beauty of Zhiguli, and located near Shiryaev Buerak transshipment base of barges “Tsarev Kurgan” gave the artist a lot of material for the future masterpiece. In the house of the peasant Alekseev is now a museum of Ilya Repin. It is also part of the historical and museum complex of the village of Shiryaeva, which in turn is a branch of the Samara Regional Art Museum. All information about the work of local permanent exhibitions can be found on the website of the

Address: Zhigulevsk, Shiryaevo village, Sovetskaya str., 14.

Museum of Alexander Shiryaevets

Part of the museum complex is dedicated to the poet and writer Alexander Shiryaevets (real name Abramov). He was born here in 1887. In his house today there is an exposition dedicated to the work, life and death of this bright representative of the “New Peasant poets”. The hut recreated the life of the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. Museum specialists have preserved the historical integrity of the situation, which in our time is an extremely rare phenomenon. All the exhibits once belonged to the poet’s family and personally to him. There is not a single item brought from another place in the fund. Such authenticity gives a more accurate picture of how peasants lived in the Russian Empire.

Address: 13 Shiryaevets Str., Shiryaevo village.

For an overnight stay in Shiryaevo, we can recommend the following hotels: “Kemper Shir” (Samarskaya Street, 2), “Shiryaevo” (Bibliothechnaya Street, 15), “Repino” (Sovetskaya Street, 3).

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