Sights of Voronezh: photos of 10 most interesting tourist sites of the city

Photos of the sights of Voronezh love to make tourists. This is not surprising because it is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful and well-groomed Russian cities. Many tourists visiting it do not even realize that during the war years all the streets were almost completely destroyed. Residents of Voronezh restored everything that could survive, and many architectural and cultural monuments were added to the city’s attractions.

Ship-Museum “Goto Predestination”

Known throughout Russia, the ship-museum of Goto Predestination is located near the pier of Admiralty Square. In translation, it means God’s foresight. This ship exactly reproduces the unique historical vessel that was created two centuries ago. It is noteworthy that such a design was reproduced according to ancient drawings of the era of Peter the Great and fully corresponds to it.


Both the exterior and interior decoration of the monument is made in the spirit of that ancient era. Local residents and guests of Voronezh are especially amazed by the stern part, which depicts figures of people and mythological creatures. At the bottom below them is an Old Russian inscription, which tells about the first launch of this ship on the water, as well as the time of its construction.

On the entire surface of the upper deck there are ship guns, the volleys of which were heard several centuries ago. In the inner part of the Voronezh ship is the main museum exposition, which presents traditional marine attributes, galley, desk, captain’s cabin and marching altar.

“We arrived in Voronezh and immediately visited this famous ship, which stands on Admiralty Square. I think it’s the most beautiful attraction in town. You can book a tour, which will tell about the history of the flotilla. “

Monument to White Beam

The monument to White Beam is located on Revolution Avenue. In Russia, this is the second monument erected in honor of the dog. White Bim Black Ear is the well-known hero of the book by G. Troepolsky, a famous writer who lived in Voronezh. The statue is located near the puppet theater “Jester”.

It was erected not so long ago, in the early autumn of 1998. It is interesting that the monument in Voronezh was created and put on their own funds by talented Voronezh sculptors E. Pak and I. Dikunov, who are laureates of the State Prize of Russia.

The very idea of creating a monument originated in them in the 80s. Voronezh sculptors were consulted by the writer himself. But unfortunately, the built landmark G. Troepolsky was not destined to see, as he died in 1995.

“It seems to me that this monument is a wind of loneliness. More than once I watched how children (and even some of the adults) passing by Beam regret the sculpture, hug, or just take pictures with him. “

Voronezh Oceanarium

The oceanarium in Voronezh is built in the form of a large entertainment and educational complex, which introduces children and adults to underwater residents. This attraction of the city is a great place to spend time with the whole family.

The Voronezh Oceanarium is more than 4 km away. Aquaterrariums, aquariums and enclosures are located throughout the territory. In total, there are almost 180 species of fish, about 60 species of different mammals, as well as invertebrates, rare animals, birds and reptiles.

On the site of this entertainment and educational complex there are a total of 3760 species of individuals. The oceanarium was opened in autumn 2011. Interestingly, its construction took more than $ 20 million. This Voronezh project is recognized as one of the most expensive among the buildings in the Central part of Russia. For the convenience of visitors, this oceanarium is divided into several zones. Each of them has its own name: “Oceans and Seas”, “Polar Waters”, “Steppes and Forests”, as well as “Jungle”.

“We visit this place with children several times a year. And each time interest in the inhabitants of the oceanarium we do not lose. The fish here are just huge, a lot of animals. Sometimes, if we get to the performance or feeding of animals, then the emotions of children and beat over the edge. “

Model of the ship Mercury

This sailing frigate rises among the waves, on a pedestal of concrete. The model of the Mercury ship was created in order to perpetuate the memory of the beginning of the appearance of the Russian fleet. The vessel, which became a monument, took part in the famous Kerch campaign. Then, when all the other ships returned, mercury suffered a different fate.

Under the influence of strong winds, he was thrown aground. The ship went to the bottom because of a huge hole that appeared. But this vessel was not abandoned. It was raised, restored, and for a long time the sea frigate served for the benefit of Russia.

“Those who want to see this attraction in Voronezh, it will not be so easy to get to it. In summer, you can drive to the frigate on something that moves on the water. For example, on a boat or boat. In winter, you can walk to the monument and on foot, along the frozen Voronezh reservoir. “

Annunciation Cathedral

Voronezh landmark Annunciation Cathedral is a temple belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church. This building is recognized as one of the tallest in the world among Orthodox churches. In addition, in its size it is second only to two other cathedrals in Russia. In height, such a Voronezh architectural monument reaches almost 90 meters, and the distance to its top is almost 100 meters.

The time of construction of this cathedral began not so long ago, in 1998. The building is located on the territory of the Pervomaisky Garden. The structure is divided into upper and lower temples. The basis for the construction was taken Vladimir Voronezh Cathedral, which was wiped off the face of the earth in the 30s of the last century.

“Very beautiful cathedral building. The size of the temple is amazing. Inside the cathedral there is a special peace and tranquility. On the patio you can sit on a bench, enjoying the silence. Throughout the temple there are several church shops. I advise you to visit.”


Memorial Square “Admiralty” was opened in the early autumn of 1996. It is located on the famous Petrovskaya embankment in Voronezh. Voronezh Square was created in the form of a semicircle.

Architectural compositions are designed to glorify Russia as a great power. In this place, in memory of the day of the beginning of the construction of the flotilla, a rostral column was installed. Today it is one of the most favorite places among the residents of Voronezh. On Admiralty Square, you can ride on roller skates, a bicycle, or take a leisurely walk around the architectural monuments.

The newlyweds this place in Voronezh is considered happy. It is here that they come after the registry office, in order to hang a small castle on a fence of stone. It is said that compliance with such a tradition will help make the relationship of the newlyweds stronger. In addition, there is a building of the Assumption Admiralty Church, which is a temple built in the XVII century and fully preserved to our times.

“I love to visit this place in Voronezh. Various concerts and holidays are constantly held here. Lots of monuments. From this embankment the first fleet was launched. Now it’s just nice to walk here in any weather. Of course, I would like the area to be more well-groomed. Although the temple and the ship are clean.”

Theatre Doll Museum

The building of this museum was opened recently – in the middle of the summer of 2001. Director and playwright A. Veselov had a hand in the creation of this institution. He always dreamed of such a museum in Voronezh, but, unfortunately, did not live to see the opening time. In memory of the great artist, the museum was named after him.

Currently, there are more than 4 thousand various exhibits on the territory of the building. Among them are things belonging to A. Veselov, as well as his own collection of cassettes with recordings of performances of various puppet theaters of Voronezh and a large puppet collection.

Dolls from the playwright’s collection are of particular value – for example, a toy brought from Bolivia or a doll in the form of a prince from Indonesia. There is also a puppet created by the hands of Sicilian masters. The Museum of Theatrical Puppets is located in the building of the famous puppet theater “Jester” in Voronezh on the top floor. The institution is open every day, from morning to evening.

“Great place that my daughter loves so much! The museum is located in the Jester Puppet Theatre (on the third floor). It is a large hall with puppets from Sicily at the entrance and showcases with dolls. “

Monument to kitten from Lizyukova street

Kitten Vasya from Lizyukova Street is the very first cartoon hero who was awarded a monument in his honor. The cartoon, which was created by the writer V. Zlotnikov and director V. Kotenochkin, fell in love not only with children, but also with adults in our country.


It was decided to put a monument to kitten from Lizyukov Street in Voronezh not only because this city was mentioned in the animated picture, but also because the creator of the character is a native of these places. It is for this reason that the story takes place on a really existing Voronezh street – the name of General Lizukov. The idea to put such a monument came to mind the editor of the publication “Young Communard”.

This decided to support the newspaper “KP”, and after them and I. Obraztsov is a man who led the administration in the Kominternovsky district. All Voronezh held a competition for the best drawing of the monument, as a result of which the drawing of the student of the 11th grade won.

“I believe that this attraction should be seen by everyone who comes to Voronezh. Near the monument kitten like to be photographed and adults and children. But the street on which this monument stands is not very interesting.”

Monument “Medical chair No0001”

This unusual monument is made in the form of a chair made of bronze, which, according to the idea of its authors, will help citizens and tourists to recover from zhlobstvo. Such a monument appeared not very long ago, at the end of September 2011. The idea to create it came to the mind of a group of artists: Yu. Astapchenko, S. Gorshkov and A. Nozhkin.

A. Nozhkin came up with such a chair in the early 90s, and even came up with a sketch according to which the original sample of the monument in Voronezh was made. But soon the artist died unexpectedly, and it was decided to implement this idea to the end. Therefore, in the park, not far from the Government House, in memory of the deceased artist, a monumental composition in the form of a chair was erected. The height of such a structure is 1.5 m, and the weight is 220 kg. Visitors to Voronezh can see the monument “Medical chair No. 0001” for free.

“It was a good idea to make a chair that charges with kindness and positivity, and heals from gloob. This monument does not carry any negativity and makes you think.”

Petrovsky Square in Voronezh

This square is located in the historical part of Voronezh. The park is considered one of the most beautiful in the city. Petrovsky Square like to visit not only locals, but also tourists. The key monument in this place is the monument to Peter the Great. The Tsar came to Voronezh in order to realize his old dream – to create the first Russian flotilla. A few years ago, the area of this park in Voronezh was transformed.


On the territory of the square built a shopping center “Petrovsky Passage”. In addition, the city authorities were able to preserve the building, created in 1787 in its original form. This building once housed the Treasury.

“Great square, we visit it in Voronezh all the time. On a hot summer day, you can hide in the shade of trees and sit on a bench. Of the minuses – not a very large area of the park, and not very many benches. “

You can come to Voronezh at any time of the year – this hospitable city will appeal to any tourist. Clean streets and unique sights will win the heart of visitors. The weather in Voronezh is the same as in the central part of Russia, so you can come to this place at any time of the year. Especially the city will appeal to families with children. They will be interested to look at the Kitten from Lizyukova Street, walk along Petrovsky Square, sit on a bronze chair, and also visit many other attractions for which Voronezh is so famous.