Sberbank Krasnaya Polyana Hotel – First Boutique Hotel

The only hotelin the entire resort area, which was built not on network receptions of hotel monotony, but for an individual approach to the client. This became possible thanks to a small number of rooms – only 47 pieces. The main advantages of the hotel: VIP-standard service, wonderful rooms, which did not save during construction, free spa, food and proximity to the lift. Here people go, first of all, to ski and snowboard. Therefore, I am pleased with the opportunity to purchase a “ski pass” (a subscription to all ski trails) at the reception and even at a discount.

About everything in order: room service and reception service solves any issue politely and quickly. With attention and delicacy, employees treat a simple guest as a VIP person. Each new member of the teamof the “Corporate Center”passes a strict stress test for philanthropy. As a result, only the friendliest and most responsible people are hired, after all, this is the face of the corporation.


The place can be reached by train, bus or taxi. Recommended option: taxi from 1100 to 1500 rubles, where the tourist can choose the level of comfort and price by phone. It is better not to take a taxi at the airport or through intermediaries, but to pre-order by phone. Another tip is not to order a taxi with a “meter payment”, but to negotiate a fixed price so as not to overpay twice due to traffic jams or someone’s greed.

The second most convenience option: a bus from the airport to “Gorka Gorod” for 175 rubles. When you get to the funicular, show your hotel reservation and climb free of charge tothe Sberbank Corporate Center.

Train “Swallow” (350 rubles) is a more comfortable option for movement, but goes infrequently. You will have to wait until departure, then drive to the station “Rosa Khutor” (1h 20min) and on something to get to the funicular (1.7 km). A taxi from the railway station to the level of 960 will cost around 500 rubles.

Room stock

The first thing I would like to note when talking about the number of rooms is the “smart home” system. To clean or notify about the desire to “do not disturb” just press the button on the sensor. I was impressed by the presence of a music station, a remote control of lighting, air conditioning, ventilation. Not that all this is very necessary, but it is interesting to play. Especially amused curtains of dense fabric on the touch control.

Orthopedic mattresses, pillows of two types of rigidity. All this in combination with the mountain air allows you to sleep well. You can wear a comfortable bathrobe, towels in the room counted 10 pieces. There is also a telephone, docking station, wi-fi, iron with board, jacuzzi with shower. I was pleased with the presence of a safe, where you can remove everything valuable and not worry about the loss, since such stories happen even in the “five-star” and famous resorts.

The entire volume of the room creates the impression of home comfort: high ceilings, designer finishes of expensive materials of pastel colors, but without flashy pomposity with gold toilets. Quiet family room for respected people.

There are plasma and satellite channels, although hardly anyone will watch TV in a place where there are so many interesting things. Cosmetics: soap and gel “L’Occitane”, washcloth, toothbrush and paste. In the room min. water, tea, capsule coffee machine will cook you a good coffee bean, and in the mini-bar you can splash and what is stronger. The balcony is only shared, someone often smokes on it, although this is officially prohibited throughout the hotel. Cleaning is very high quality, once a day.

Meals and restaurants

In the morning, guests go down for breakfast. The buffet is rich in choice and evokes warm memories. Fish cuts (red, white, smoked eel), meat, vegetable, abundance of fruits are especially highlighted. Cheese platter for five points, olives and fitness flakes, eclairs, muffins and other cakes for coffee, a variety of sauces for every taste. Freshies, desserts, smoothies, custard teas (which is not in other hotels) and several types of coffee. Hot dishes for the week were not repeated even once, you can order from the chef any porridge or omelet with filling.

But don’t expect frills like “sturgeal soup in champagne” or “shark fin soup.” The food is unpretentious, but fresh and tastier than Moscow analogues. The chefs here pay close attention to the layout and design of breakfast – this is a plus. One kind of aesthetically designed food already increases mood and appetite. Separately, it is necessary to say about the terrace of the restaurant, where breakfast takes place. Panoramic windows offer breathtaking views of the mountains and the ski lift.

Important information: before booking and making a prepayment, be sure to check with the hotel manager for up-to-date information on the availability, cost, and other details of the services and offers of the hotel.

Restaurant “Gatsby” works around the clock, so arriving at a later time you can taste delicious dishes from the chef. Everything is prepared here “with a knife”, the prices are average for institutions of this level. Large wine cellar, beautiful panoramic view, cozy furniture, aristocratic design in the style of the novel by Scott Fitzgerald. The quality of the products used in the kitchen feels like a pleasant aftertaste and lightness in the body.

Breakfast, which is so famous for this place, is prepared from the same quality gastronomy. The service of food delivery from the restaurant is popular, because it is very popular. after skiing in the mountains, as a rule, there is no longer the strength to sit in the restaurant “with a full parade”, when you can eat in the room smelling of a bathrobe.

The lobby bar offers a large selection of strong drinks and cocktails, which can also be enjoyed in your room. The bar does not work around the clock, unlike the restaurant.

Importantly! Do not forget about the excess humidity in this area. Of the clothes recommended warm jackets without fur, thermal underwear and membrane ski suits.

Leisure and entertainment

Inside the hotel

All year round, the center of attraction for vacationers is the spa center of the Rixos Hotel, which is also usedby the Sberbank Corporate Center. You can go to it along a long warm corridor right in a bathrobe, having previously issued a pass to the reception. Visiting the main part (swimming pool, baths, gym) is free of charge.

For an additional fee, you can visit the beauty salon, massages, spa treatments. The pool is simply huge (345 m2), with two large jacuzzis. Steam rooms of different types: Russian, Finnish, hammam, there is even a steam room. Children under 7 years old are not allowed (for them their own swimming pool and recreation area), which is a big plus: it is quiet all around, no one screams. Water with a temperature of +30 degrees.

There is a gym in both the spa andthe Corporate Center. After skiing or swimming in the sea, as a rule, there is no strength for simulators. But for the particularly resistant, the hall in the hotel itself is recommended, because it is not recommended. there is an instructor who will advise something useful and tell you how to manage the simulators.

One of the undoubted advantages of this place, especially in winter, is an underground parking with an elevator. On the second floor there is a changing room for skis and equipment (you can not walk around the hotel in ski boots). There is also an inexpensive rental of equipment, and just 30 meters is already a lift to the mountains. There is a dryer for ski clothes, boots, equipment.

Outside the hotel

The“Corporate Center”itself is located at a level of 960 meters in a place called“Krasnaya Polyana 960″. Guests, upon presentation of the key to the room, the funicular will take free of charge down to the “Gorka Gorod” (540 m), where there is an abundance of shops, restaurants and other institutions. Up the ski lift only ski slopes.

At your level, you can visit with a paid excursion “husky center”, where there is a mini-zoo, in winter dog sledding.

After talking with the dogs, you can visit the observation deck to view the surroundings and take a selfie as a souvenir. In summer, it offers a transfer to the best beaches of the coast, mountain bike rental, a bike park (a complex of mountain bike trails), a “rope adventure park”.

Importantly! The ability to pre-order and reserve ski equipment is a big plus. Be sure to take advantage of this with a seasonal influx of those who want to ski.

Of the unusual entertainment, you can distinguish mini-golf in holographic 3d glasses, which you can play with the whole family going down to the sky park at an altitude of 540. In the hotel itself, those who wish to try themselves in a golf simulator and billiards.

In winter, there are several skating rinks that differ in prices and convenience: expensive from Gazprom, medium “Penguin” (Rosa Khutor), free in “Gorki Gorod”. In each of them there is a rental of skates, locker rooms, a paid instructor.

Fans of extreme sports are advised to visit the suspension “extreme bridge” at around 2200. It is necessary to put on special safety equipment, not to drop the phone from your hands and dress warmly, because. the wind at this altitude is cold. A rush of adrenaline is provided, as well as really spectacular photos. The price of pleasure is 500 rubles.

Recreational opportunities for children

For children under 7 years of age, the spa has a special pool with a shallow depth and a children’s playroom. Access to saunas and baths is open to children from 5 years old. At breakfast you can please them with an abundance of yogurts, smoothies, desserts. For lunch and dinner, Gatsby has developed a special children’s menu.

Cable TV in the room has several channels for preschool children with cartoons and educational programs. In summer, they will be delighted with the rest on a landscaped closed beach only for guests of the “Gorki Gorod”. In winter, it is recommended to bring them to the husky center to communicate with well-groomed and kind animals.

And, perhaps, the main thing: there is a children’s ski school (from 3 to 14 years). Where they will be taught to ski by certified children’s instructors. The training program includes riding on the training slope under the supervision of an instructor, discussing the theory in the recreation room. And at this time, adults can ride on the selected trails without worrying about what the younger members of the family are doing. Then pick them up from school for lunch and go back to the slopes. It is important to book a place in advance and get a discount on the education of children in this school.

In Krasnaya Polyana for children also built 2 water parks, a private kindergarten, there is even a circle for drawing. So if the younger generation does not react to skiing, then you can always find a suitable replacement.

The hotel offers high-quality dry cleaning, ironing, shoe shine. There is also a children’s playroom where the child can spend time.

Help! According to the local health authority, in the season up to a hundred people with injuries of varying severity go to the hospital for medical help. The“Corporate Center”has its own medical office with a large number of drugs and first aid items.

Conference halls, organization of weddings

For a corporate evening, important negotiations, business seminars in the “Corporate Center” there are conference rooms, a meeting room in a classic style and an entourage made of expensive materials. You can add here a banquet on the terrace of the restaurant with the author’s menu and exciting views of the mountains. Large spacious halls can accommodate up to 240 people, a meeting room for up to 10 people.

Representatives of respected surnames play weddings here, because they play weddings. the abundance of entertainment, banquet, spa and mountain air is a rather rare combination and makes an unforgettable impression on guests. Special service packages have been created for newlyweds, thanks to which you can significantly save.


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