Санаторий Ай-Даниль Гурзуф Крым

To come to the Crimea and undergo a course of treatment of the respiratory system and cardiovascular system invites the sanatorium “Ai-Danil”. It is located in Gurzuf on the territory of a unique natural complex, a monument of landscape architecture of the 19th century. Residential buildings are surrounded by juniper grove and other relict plants. Here is the cleanest air, saturated with useful for breathing trace elements phytancides. The climatic hotel has a powerful medical and diagnostic base, residential buildings with comfortable rooms, a well-developed system of dietary nutrition.

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Location and history

Work on the construction of the sanatorium began in 1962. It received its first visitors in 1974. The place was not chosen by chance. Nearby is the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, a juniper grove with their unique plants. Within walking distance begins the coastline and the sea. Until 1990, the object was in the department of the Ministry of Health of the USSR. Members of the government and their families rested here. At that time, the sanatorium was equipped no worse than the Kremlin clinic in Moscow. It inherited its name from the previously existing ancient Greek temple of Ai-Danil. The territory was inhabited by the Hellenes long before the arrival of the Turks.

The new history of the place began in the early 19th century. Here laid the estate count Mikhail Vorontsov. On the slopes of the mountains, his peasants broke vineyards, and also built the first wine cellar in the Crimea. After the death of the owner, the estate passed to the Royal Family of the Romanovs. Since the cultivation of elite grape varieties was profitable, Prince Golitsyn was invited to the role of manager. He created here several types of elite wines, which received the main prizes at the Paris exhibition. Labels of wines made in Ai-Danila were labeled with the state emblem of the Russian Empire.

After the revolution, the wine-making state farm “Gurzuf” was created here. On the territory of the former estate, students founded a semblance of a summer camp, where they began to come on vacation, starting in 1930. Only after the war, in the early 60s, it was decided to build here the first high-rise resort hotel on the South Coast. So there was the largest on the coast medical and sanatorium complex. In 2013, reconstruction was carried out.

It is easy to determine its geographical. It rises exactly in the middle between Yalta and the children’s camp “Artek” (Mount Ayu-Dag). the distance to the sea and the beach is 100 meters. The entire infrastructure is created for peace and quiet, away from the city noise, dust, bustle. Treatment is based on unique techniques and is carried out with the help of modern equipment.

“A superb place, reminiscent of the greatness of Soviet medicine and resort recreation. Furniture, interiors, a cinema with chandeliers, mosaic walls and floors – everything was thought out to the smallest detail in the distant 70s. It would be nice to restore all this without violating the author’s idea. So far, all the reconstructions only harm the existing aesthetics. Of the pluses – nature, the sea, the path of health. Food and treatment 50 to 50, per amateur. A huge minus is prices, owners need to solve something with the cost, find ways to optimize costs, otherwise no one will go to them” Dmitry, Yekaterinburg

Room stock

For guests’ stay 2 residential buildings were built. In the 16-storey “Main” building there are rooms of the following comfort categories:

  1. Standard (24 sq. m.) – one room with balcony, bathroom with shower. The room has air conditioning, kettle and refrigerator, TV, hairdryer, internet, telephone for internal communication.
  2. Junior Suite (36 sq. m.) is a spacious one-room suite with an open balcony, a bathroom with a shower, basic appliances plus an iron and a safe. It is possible to install an extra bed in the form of a folding bed.
  3. Suite (72 sq. m.) – two-room suites for 2-4 people, located on the 14th floor. Balconies offer sea views. The bedroom has a double bed, in the living room – a soft sofa and two armchairs.

The “main building” is connected to the “Medical” covered passage. Guests of rooms of all categories can undergo basic spa treatment, visit swimming pools, use the beach with sun loungers and umbrellas, work out in the gym, bring children to the playroom, take books in the library, take part in entertainment programs. All this is included in the price.

The three-storey building “Morskoy” provides the following living conditions:

  1. Junior Suite (30 sq. m.) is a comfortable one-room suite for 2-3 people with sea views. Furnishings and furniture in dark colors, with leather upholstery, on the balcony there is a summer set of chairs and a table.
  2. Suite without balcony and with balcony (42 sq. m)- homely cozy two-room suite with a dining area, upholstered furniture, kitchen corner.
  3. Superior Suite (45 sq. m.) is a spacious two-room suite for a couple with children. There is a dining area with a kitchenette and a large table. The balcony is equipped with garden furniture, mainly sea views.
  4. Penthouse (63 sq. m)- a chic two-room suite with an exclusive design and impeccable finishes. Windows and balconies are panoramic. There is a fully equipped kitchenette.

Important! To check into the hotel, you will need certificates of absence of COVID-19 and epidemic surroundings. To undergo treatment, you will need a sanitary-resort card.

Meals and restaurants

Mandatory three meals a day, included in the cost of living, guests are provided by the main dining room, located in the building “Main”. Meals are served in full accordance with the diet prescribed by the doctor according to the custom system. Visitors are served by waiters. There are no Swedish lines. For guests who do not need dietary food, meals from the main menu are offered. These are a variety of salads, soups, hot meat, fish, vegetable dishes, casseroles, omelets, pastries, etc.

The restaurant of the building “Morskoy” also provides guests with 3 meals a day. A buffet is served here and guests choose their own meals. There is always a wide range of cold and hot dishes, drinks, pastries, fruits.

Phytobar is located on the ground floor of the SPA center. There is a large collection of varieties of black and green tea, exclusive collections of Crimean herbal teas. The price list includes oxygen and milkshakes, freshly squeezed juices, as well as sweets, ice cream and colorful cakes. Another bar counter is located near the pool. Here you can always order a light cocktail, fresh or ice cream. The beach bar serves hotel guests near the sea. The assortment includes light snacks, beer, soft drinks, sweets.

Leisure and entertainment

The sanatorium covers an area of more than 19 hectares. The main part is a garden and park area with paved routes for hiking. Here you can go Nordic walking or cycling tours. For sports fans, a basketball and volleyball court, a field for minigolf and mini-football, a tennis court with a professional coating “artificial grass” have been created. There is a rental of equipment, including for water-motor sports. Indoors are equipped with a gym and exercise therapy. Additional simulators are installed on the street. For those who like to ride the balls there is a chic billiard room.

A little away from the residential buildings built SPA center. This is a three-storey building with the latest equipment, a spacious aqua zone and a beautiful bath complex. It offers Russian, Turkish, Roman steam baths, dry Finnish sauna, newfangled infrared cabin. Multifunctional baths are collected in a single department. A salt cave is equipped. There are massage rooms, cosmetology, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy oxygen, dry carbon dioxide baths. Specialists have developed more than 20 complexes of rejuvenating procedures.

The medical building is located next to the “Main” and is connected to it by a covered passage. The diagnostic unit is equipped with a modern ultrasound unit, a clinical and chemical laboratory, a functional research room. Treatment is carried out by traditional sanatorium and non-traditional methods. These include hirudotherapy, acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy. All specialists have experience with innovative equipment, the staff is attentive to patients.

In the evenings, movies are shown in the old cinema. On the dance floor there are themed parties with the participation of animators. In the park you can safely play with your friends in checkers or chess. The hotel provides excursion services.

Pay attention! There is no parking on the territory of the sanatorium. Parking is a kilometer from the complex. The service is paid.

Beaches & Pools

The main entertainment area is the beach. It is located 100 meters from the residential buildings. 70 not very steep steps lead to it. Coating – small pebbles. The beach is equipped with canopies, changing cabins, showers, toilets. There are canopies, umbrellas, sun loungers, table tennis tables. There is a beach volleyball court. Water-motor sports are available for a fee.

On the territory of the sanatorium is equipped with a large outdoor pool with a total area of 650 square meters. m. Maximum depth – 1.8 m, in the children’s area – 60 cm Separately installed Jacuzzi bowls. The water in them is heated. There is a lounge area with a bar counter around the perimeter. Two more indoor pools are located in the SPA center. One of them is intended for adults, the second for children (depth 40 cm). The use of the SPA aqua zone is paid additionally.

Recreational opportunities for children

Age restrictions have been introduced in the sanatorium. Do not place children under 2 years inclusive and people over 85 years old. All young guests under the age of 16 receive discounts on accommodation and meals. Treatment programs are designed for patients from 6 years and older. The hotel is ideal for families. In addition to the fact that you do not have to look for doctors if something happens to the child, there is a wonderful children’s infrastructure. It includes:

  • games room for guests from 4 to 7 years (open only in high season);
  • children’s playground in the park with bright swings, slide, sandbox and other play objects;
  • complex of sports simulators in the fresh air;
  • entertainment room with table air hockey and virtual games.

Throughout the day there is a team of animators. They organize children’s leisure activities, hold sports with them, develop classes, play programs in the fresh air and in the pool. Near the seashore there is another small playground, a large inflatable trampoline is installed on the beach.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The sanatorium has a tour desk. Staff offer several types of tourist entertainment. In the first place are trips to the historical places of the Crimea and acquaintance with the sights. This is not just a boring excursion into the history of the development of the peninsula and its transformation into an elite resort. Specialists have developed several unique routes, including:

  1. “Journey to the ancient cities of the Crimea”.
  2. “The Underworld of Caves of Mountain Ranges”.
  3. Ethnic centers of the peninsula.

Accompanied by a guide, you can go on a walk, at the same time visit a tasting in one of the wine cellars or go on an individual tour of the unexplored and wild corners of the Crimea.

The second direction of the travel agency was the organization of sea walks, the search for ideal places for extreme recreation. Operators will help to make a helicopter tour, paragliding, parachute jumping or arrange races on hydroscuters. Yachting and windsurfing, horseback riding in the mountains are also available.


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The sanatorium has thought out all the resort services that make the rest memorable and comfortable. Of the obvious advantages, it is worth noting full board, rooms with all amenities, a large park area, proximity to the sea.