Rest in Evpatoria. Hotel “Privat”

Evpatoria, like any other city, has its own face, its own interesting history. Once on the territory of today’s Evpatoria there was a settlement of ancient local tribes. This is confirmed by numerous finds of archaeologists. For example, only recently in the area of Evpatoria discovered more than 30 burials, the oldest of which is more than four and a half thousand years. At that time, the Greeks founded a colony here, called Kerktnitida.

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Location and infrastructure

Today, this small resort town is well known in different parts of our country. Evpatoria is a favorite place for tourists just to relax by the sea or improve their health in the best sanatoriums. Many are attracted by specific therapeutic mud, as well as Moinak Lake. Numerous hotels on the coast of the city are happy to receive tourists and vacationers and provide them with a first-class holiday.

Hotel “Privat” in Evpatoria – an excellent example of quality of service. You can relax here both independently and with your family. The hotel is a 3-storey building with fifteen rooms.

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Each room has at your disposal: Italian furniture, modern refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, shower room or bathroom with toilet, there is even a balcony. The building also includes a luxury restaurant and a sauna located in a controlled area. It offers free parking, a clean, comfortable swimming pool, a playground for children.

Services and entertainment

Hotel Privat in Evpatoria is the best guest house in the city for recreation. It is a 5-minute walk from the sea. Sunbathers have the opportunity to take sunny treatments on site by the pool, for this purpose guests are provided with sun loungers and umbrellas. A great rest will help to complement the sauna. The restaurant is equipped with a summer terrace. The hotel is equipped with all the latest security systems.

It is great not only for family holidays, but also for corporate clients. Attentive and responsible hotel staff will delight you with a pleasant, individual approach.

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