Resort Hotel House by the Sea on the shores of the Gulf of Finland

Outdoor recreation is in demand among a variety of tourists. The coast of the Gulf of Finland is one of the most popular places in Russia for lovers of fishing, hiking along forest paths, boating and boating. The doors of more than 670 hotels and recreation centers are open for guests here. “House by the Sea” is a modern resort hotel that meets the desires of the most demanding tourists. An important advantage of the hotel complex is its location surrounded by natural landscapes: the Gulf of Finland, forests, numerous lakes and rivers.

Location of the hotel

“House by the Sea” began to receive guests in September 2016 Four-star resort hotel is located in the south-east of Vysokynskaya – a compact seaside urban settlement in the Leningrad region. The hotel complex spread out its “possessions” on the shore of Dubkovaya Bay – the so-called part of the Gulf of Finland, adjacent to the recreation center. Not far from the “House by the Sea” stretches a chain of lakes:

  • Gladyshevskoe;
  • Podgornoye;
  • Alexandrovskoye;
  • Pionerskoe;
  • Mirror;
  • Krasnogvardeyskoe;
  • Vysokinskoe.

The place where the resort hotel is located belongs to the most environmentally friendly and safe corners of the Leningrad region. Around stretch dense pine and spruce forests, where many representatives of the world of birds and animals of the Russian North live. Distances (in km) from the hotel “House by the Sea” to the most important tourist sites:

  • to Pulkovo airport – 85;
  • the historical center of St. Petersburg – 98;
  • ring road of the Northern capital – 88;
  • Sestroretsk – 71;
  • Vyborg – 67;
  • Komarovo – 62;
  • Zelenogorsk – 47.

Importantly! The distance from the recreation center “House by the Sea” to Ozerki – the nearest village, where about 50 people live- – 2.6 km. Most tourists get to the hotel complex from St. Petersburg by taxi, transfer or car along the Primorsky Highway or by bus No. 809, which departs from the metro station “Parnassus”.

Vladimir Zolotarev, St. Petersburg. Rested in the hotel “House by the sea” friendly company. We rented a wooden cottage with 4 spacious bedrooms. We felt like we were living in the woods. But in very comfortable conditions. For us as office workers, this escape to nature has become a real adventure with fishing, barbecue, sapsurfing, excursion to Vyborg (I recommend, you will not regret it).

Hotel “House by the Sea”: rooms of the cottage complex

The recreation center, occupying an area of 5 hectares, is a resort hotel with 22 comfortable and spacious rooms, 9 luxury villas (five of them on the shore of the bay) and 18 cozy cottages. Most of the buildings are “hidden” among pine trees. Resort hotel “House by the Sea” offers guests accommodation and recreation in rooms of 11 categories:

Number of peopleTotal


(sq. m.)

Bedroomsviewbalcony or terracecost


Deluxe2231forest11 900
Deluxe2231forestbalcony12 900
panoramic2231pine forestterrace13 900
cottage2581forestterrace20 900
cottage with attic3601forestterrace22 400
cottage with sauna and attic4701forestterrace25 900
villa81154forest46 900
villa10935forest49 900
Deluxe Villa10935bayterrace62 400
Deluxe Villa81494bayterrace61 900
Deluxe Villa101495bayterrace63 400

Pay attention! Here is the current room rate for 2021 on weekdays with accommodation of two guests during the day. On holidays and weekends, the price increases by 5-10%. The price includes buffet breakfast, which is served in the hotel’s restaurant “House by the Sea” from 8:30 to 11:00.

If necessary, guests can request an extra bed. It is charged a separate fee in rubles. For adults from 12 years – 3900 (5900 – in villas on the shore of the bay), for children from 4 to 11 years – 2400 p. Kids who are under 3 years old, live in the hotel “House by the Sea” for free.

In the villas with a total area of 115 and 149 square meters. m can be installed two additional beds. Each room of the hotel for guests is equipped with special rooms, as well as the necessary pieces of furniture and household appliances:

  • refrigerator;
  • flat-screen TV;
  • one large or two double beds;
  • a safe;
  • panoramic windows;
  • spacious shower room;
  • electric kettle and set of dishes;
  • bathroom;
  • hairdryer.

Julia Derzhavina, Tver. “House by the Sea” is a magnificent hotel. I vacationed there for the New Year holidays with my husband and two children. The guys were very satisfied: they rode cotton candy, Finnish sledges, skates. The festive program with Santa Claus and gifts was very interesting. It was felt that the animators tried and came up with a lot of unexpected contests and competitions. We lived in a panoramic hotel room. Clean, cozy, quiet. Around a truly fabulous pine forest.

In the rooms of certain categories, cottages and villas are equipped with separate rooms, additional furniture and electrical appliances are provided:

  • coffee machine – in a panoramic room;
  • equipped kitchen with electric stove and microwave, wardrobe, refrigerator with freezer, terrace with comfortable armchairs – in cottages and villas;
  • washing machine – in cottages of 60 and 70 sq. m and in villas;
  • sauna, 2 or 3 bathrooms, two-chamber refrigerator, 2 or 3 shower rooms, recreation area and dining room – in the villas;
  • dishwasher – in cottages and villas.

Note! Check-in to the hotel “House by the Sea” is made from 12:00 to 18:00. Check-out is from 15:00 to 18:00. Other times are consistent with the hotel administration.


The hotel offers its guests high-quality service that meets modern standards adopted at popular Russian and European resorts. The list of the most popular of them is quite long:

  • drivers working at the hotel “House by the Sea” will gladly meet guests at the Pulkovo airport and deliver them to the recreation center and back; the service is ordered in advance by phone on the official website of the institution;
  • throughout the resort “House by the Sea” and in villas, cottages and rooms, guests can use high-speed Internet free of charge;
  • travel lovers book exciting excursions at the recreation center, accompanied by professional guides;
  • “Romance by the sea” – a special package that is offered for young couples; guests receive a compliment from the hotel: a plate of fresh fruit and a bottle of sparkling wine; breakfast for two is organized for them in the restaurant; young guests are given the opportunity to choose a superior room at a reduced price and relax in the bath for two hours;
  • guests of the hotel “House by the Sea”, traveling by car, can leave the car in one of two guarded parking lots: at the entrance to the territory of the recreation center and at the restaurant;
  • specially trained employees of the hotel complex organize solemn events, anniversaries, birthdays for a child with cake and outdoor games, wedding ceremonies (in a bar, banquet hall, villa, forest edge or beach), country conferences or team building classes;
  • if desired, vacationers choose a special offer – the service “all inclusive”, which involves meals on the system of full board (three times a day), free use of the sauna, and in the winter months – equipment for skiing, skiing and skating.

Vasily Shvetsov, Moscow. Three of my friends and I chose the House by the Sea Hotel because of the Gulf of Finland. The terrain is amazing. We lived in a villa. Everything is comfortable and convenient. Special thanks to the chef of the restaurant – the dishes are simply magnificent, not inferior in quality to the best metropolitan institutions. We are motorists, so for us an important factor was that the hotel has two parking lots. The only drawback is that the roads are not very good. But this claim does not apply to the hotel.

For young guests of the hotel “House by the Sea” a free service is provided – a set of necessary accessories for a baby up to 3 years. Guests are kindly requested to inform the property of using this service. The accessory set includes the following items:

  • high chair;
  • children’s stool;
  • bathing tub;
  • pot;
  • crib;
  • stroller.

More information. The doors of the conference hall are open for business people. Its total area is 135 sq. m. Capacity – up to 120 people. If necessary, the hall can be divided into separate 2-4 rooms for business meetings and negotiations. The cost of renting the entire premises is 25 thousand rubles per day. The price is valid for 2021 In the hall there is the necessary modern equipment: microphones, screen, sound amplifing system, mobile stage, magnetic marker board, sockets in the floor and a projector.


Picky gourmets, lovers of home cuisine and fans of delicious dishes will be satisfied with the food in “MoreShal” – the restaurant of the recreation center. The highly professional team is headed by Mikhail Martynenko – a talented brand chef of the gastronomic institution. Spacious halls of the restaurant occupy three floors:

  • “Premier” is a classic banquet hall that can accommodate up to 150 guests;
  • the main hall of the restaurant with panoramic windows and a beautiful view of the picturesque pine forest; the room is designed for 150 visitors;
  • bar, which is a large terrace with a glass roof; capacity – up to 70 guests.

The restaurant offers dishes of four cuisines: Italian, Russian, Mediterranean and North American. The menu and wine list include more than 200 names (here are the prices (in rubles), relevant for 2021):

  • appetizers and salads – 590 – 980;
  • soups – 520–830;
  • hot dishes – 790–1790;
  • side dishes – 200–490;
  • children’s menu – 250–490;
  • grill – 590–2400;
  • pasta – 590–740;
  • lenten menu – 420–580;
  • hookah – 2000–2500;
  • desserts – 350–550;
  • wines (750 ml) of Italy, Australia, France, Argentina, South Africa, USA, Spain, Austria, Germany, Portugal, and New Zealand – 750–23 000.

More information. The restaurant of the resort hotel “House by the Sea” receives visitors from 12:00 to 23:00. Lunches and dinners are served a la carte – à la carte. Time to visit the guests of the hotel “House by the Sea” choose themselves. Dress code – neat clothes.

Rest in the hotel

Travelers who have chosen the hotel complex “House by the Sea” are waiting for a wide range of opportunities for a variety of leisure. The recreation center offers guests several interesting activities in the summer and winter months:

  • long ski walks along the snow-covered trails of the coniferous forest;
  • Nordic walking, available at any time of the year;
  • fishing in the Gulf of Finland with the provision of all necessary equipment;
  • horseback riding along the picturesque shore of the bay;
  • fitness classes with a personal trainer or in a group;
  • sapsurfing – an activity in demand among fans of entertainment on the water – swimming on a board controlled by a paddle, on the waves of the Gulf of Finland;
  • playing tennis on a well-equipped court.

Leisure in the hotel “House by the Sea” is not limited to the list of these exciting activities. On the territory of the recreation center there is a large bath complex. Visitors receive free sheets, towels, brooms, kielts, mineral water and a tea set. The complex includes two baths – “Pier” (for 10 people) and “Harbor” (for 4 persons) – and a Japanese font.

The hotel “House by the Sea” also has a modern spa room, where visitors are offered several types of peeling, wraps and massage. The doors of the bath complex are open around the clock. The spa room welcomes visitors from 9:00 to 21:00.

Pay attention! The cost of renting a bath is from 4500 to 11 500 rubles (in the daytime) and from 4500 to 13 thousand rubles (at night – from 23:00 to 9:00) for two hours. Prices for spa services – from 700 to 9900 p. The indicated cost is valid for 2021.

What should the children do at the hotel?

Young guests will not be bored in the rooms waiting for parents who have fun at the recreation center. Resort hotel “House by the Sea” offers children and teenagers a lot of interesting activities:

  • outdoor games and animation programs;
  • master classes on cooking delicious dishes in the restaurant “MoreShal”;
  • skiing and tubing (“vatrushkah”) in winter;
  • watching children’s movies in a specially equipped hall with a large screen;
  • feeding rabbits and chinchillas in the animal enclosure;
  • fun games on a well-equipped playground for children;
  • ice skating in winter on the frozen Gulf of Finland;
  • sculpting and drawing for kids under the guidance of a nanny.

Anna Verbitskaya, Orel. For a long time I wanted to visit the Gulf of Finland with my husband. The hotel “House by the Sea” was chosen because of its location – away from the noisy cities in the forest area. Two other families from Orel – our friends – rested with us. We lived in a villa. Beautiful views. Just like in a fairy tale! We ate in the hotel restaurant. Everything is very tasty, although it is expensive for us. But this did not spoil the pleasant impressions.

Excursions that can be booked at the hotel

Tourists choose the recreation center “House by the Sea” for the sake of spending time in nature. Therefore, acquaintance with the sights of the surrounding area is like a bonus for hotel guests. Neighboring towns and cities are not rich in objects that are interesting for curious tourists.

This disadvantage is compensated by excursion tours to Vyborg. Orders are made at the hotel by the hotel staff at the reception desk. Vacationers can choose one of three excursion tours:

  • visiting the Vyborg Castle, olof Tower and other medieval buildings;
  • a trip to Mon Repos – a landscape park – with a tour of the temple of Neptune, the estate, the main gate, sculptures and other objects;
  • bus excursion, during which a visit to the Vyborg Castle is combined with a walk through the Mon Repos Park.

More information. The duration of excursion tours with transfer is from 3 hours. The cost is 13 200-15 400 rubles for a group of 2 to 8 people.

Accommodation in the resort hotel “House by the Sea” guarantees guests a pleasant and useful stay and comfortable conditions that meet the requirements of the modern hotel business. The main advantage of the recreation center is its location among coniferous forests on the shore of one of the most picturesque reservoirs of the Leningrad region. Hotel “House by the Sea” is an excellent choice for active tourists, lovers of pastime in nature, families with young children and for friendly companies.




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