База отдыха Лапландия Абзаково

Ski resort Abzakovo is located in the south-east of the Urals in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Ski trails are laid on the slopes of the Shaitan mountain range in the middle of coniferous forests. The skiing season begins in November, ends in April. This is the only resort in the south of the Urals that accepts skiers for 5 months. The infrastructure of Abzakovo is developing, the level of services is approaching the level of European standards. Among the expensive hotels you can find rooms at a very affordable cost. The best options are offered to tourists by the hotel “Lapland”.

Location and history

The recreation center is located in the forest area just behind the village of Abzakovo. It consists of separate houses with conditions of different levels of comfort. The nearest airport is in Magnitogorsk. The distance is 50.36 km, the journey time is about an hour. The administrator can order a taxi for guests after confirming the time of arrival at the airport or railway station. For those who come by their own car there is parking.

In Soviet times, this territory belonged to the Rest House “Metiznik”. The new owners decided to make a villa with separate comfortable chalets located at a distance from each other. Near each house there is a veranda and a place for cooking kebabs. The atmosphere of solitude in the forest, accommodation in comfortable conditions and the health-improving air of the mountain forest attract a large number of tourists to the hotel. Especially those who seek tranquility, silence and complete unity with nature.

Most of the entertainment facilities of the resort are located 5-8 km from the recreation center. The nearest ski lift is 4.8 km away, the infrastructure of the Abzakovo GLC is 9 km away.

More information! Due to the remoteness of the hotel from the main objects of the ski resort, it is advisable to come by personal or rented car, otherwise you will have to get to the lifts by public transport or taxi.

“We came on New Year’s Eve with a company of 8 friends. We had a good rest: we rode during the day, went to the bath in the evening, roasted kebabs. This place is good for relaxing with friends. One will probably be bored. The staff is friendly, helpful. At check-in, they gave champagne and tangerines, congratulated on the coming New Year” Ksenia, Russia

Room stock

Each house is a separate hotel room. Each of them has an equipped kitchen, a bathroom with shower, a veranda, a barbecue area near the house. The fund has 8 wooden chalets of three categories:

  1. A regular chalet (70 sq. m.) can accommodate 2-4 people. The room is divided into a bedroom and a living room. There is a double bed and a sofa book.
  2. Improved chalet (80 sq. m) is designed for 6-8 people. One double bed is in the bedroom, another is installed in the living room. Two sofa books are placed in the living room. The kitchen and dining area are located on the veranda.
  3. Chalet with two bedrooms (80 sq. m.) can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. The bedroom has a double bed, in the living room and on the veranda one sofa-book. The kitchen area is combined with the living room. All rooms are separate, have a separate entrance, locked with a key.

Check-in and check-out are made from 09.00 to 21.00. Animals can be brought by prior arrangement. Their accommodation may be paid. The administrator will tell about all the nuances.

Important! It is necessary to warn the administrator in advance about the time of arrival at the recreation center. This mandatory requirement of the owners of the hotel helps them to adjust the accommodation of visiting guests.

The payment includes Wi-Fi, parking, use of the barbecue area, kitchenware and appliances, TV, children’s playground. Access to the pool and sauna is paid. They work year-round.

“The cabin is very clean and warm. The perfect place to live and ski. Away from noisy parties, here the neighbors do not interfere with each other at all. Inside you can see that the repair was made recently. Everything is new, the bed linen is clean. A cross-country ski trail is laid around the forest. You can run without leaving the base» Olga, Russia

Meals and restaurants

There are no food points on the territory of the complex yet. The owners decided to set up kitchens in each of the chalets so that guests could take care of breakfast, lunch and dinner on their own. The nearest mini-market is located 2.6 km from the recreation center (Lesnaya Street, 43A). Tourists who know about this usually stock up on food and water in advance.

For those who do not like to cook, in Abzakovo there are restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets. Almost everyone today works with the delivery of food to order. The highest rating among the guests of the resort was achieved by the following institutions:

  • “Mulled wine” – a restaurant with karaoke is located in the active hotel “Gorki”. Guests are offered a menu with traditional European cuisine, a large selection of pizza, evening shows;
  • “Tau Tash” is a restaurant of European cuisine, stylized as a medieval castle. A special feature is the open hearth, where a dish is prepared in front of the guests. This approach is popular in the world and causes confidence in the cuisine of the restaurant;
  • “Mountain Gorge” is a restaurant located at an altitude of 942 m. Prices are the same inflated (the average check will exceed 2 thousand rubles per person). On the other hand, it is a convenient place on the slope where you can take coffee with you, drink a mug of beer and eat during lunch;
  • «Aldego» – restaurant in the eponymous spa hotel. Stylish and cozy room has a leisurely meal. Chips are dishes cooked on the grill, and freshly baked bread with a crispy crust.

If the catering abzakovo seems expensive, you can go to dinner in the district Beloretsk. The best interior restaurant here is located in the cinema “Metallurg”. After watching the film, guests are offered a menu of Japanese, European and Russian cuisine. On weekends, musicians perform in the hall.

More information! Refrigerators in the chalet “Lapland” of normal size. They can fit provisions for the company, designed for 3-4 days. For cooking, an electric two-plate cooker is installed, in a separate niche there is a microwave oven. There is an electric kettle and all the necessary utensils. There is a wrought iron barbecue outside.

Hotel “Lapland” was originally conceived on the principle of apartments. Coming here, you should think over the system of organization of breakfast and dinner. Skiers can dine in one of the cafes located on the slopes:

  • “Vesta” (at the very top of the mountain);
  • snack bar “Arge’Ski” (30 meters from a large lift);
  • “Mars-2” (opposite the administrative and household building of the GLC, 2nd floor);
  • “Mars-3” (restaurant of Georgian cuisine in the same building on the 3rd floor).

Leisure and entertainment

A calendar of entertainment is developed for each season. In winter, skiing, snowboarding, tuning are popular here. Laid and equipped 13 trails with a total length of 15 992 m. Height difference is 320 m On the slopes work snow groomers, which prepare the tracks, level the snow. An artificial snowmaking system was installed. The lighting allows you to ride until late in the evening.

The resort has 6 rope tows and 2 chairlifts. The nearest chair lift station is 4.8 km from Lapland Hotel. The rope tow is 5.7 km away. On the territory of the holiday home “Abzakovo” operates a Biathlon Center. It hosts training camps, competitions in the most popular winter sport. For athletes and biathlon fans, a 5-kilometer track with a spare lap has been laid.

The ski complex provides ski and snowboard instructors. On the territory of the resort there is a sports equipment store, workshops for the repair of sports equipment, a rental office and a luggage room. Not far from the slope there is an open skating rink. Thanks to persistent frosts, it is riding from December to March.

More information! Thanks to artificial snowmaking, the skiing season is sometimes extended until the end of May.

In the spring, when the snow begins to melt, lovers of rafting come to Abzakovo. Extreme rafting is carried out on the Kizilka River. It has enough river rifts, whirlpools and areas with a fast current. In summer, the resort’s tourist offices offer hiking, cycling, mountain biking, horseback riding on forest trails and river crossings. Velvet autumn season is suitable for holidays of pensioners, families with children, the service is aimed at health procedures.

The main place for evening leisure is the entertainment complex “Non-Stop”. This is a place where you can play billiards or bowling, visit the attraction “Rodeo” and the hall of slot machines, go to the cinema. From late evening to morning there is a nightclub in which DJs spin a night disco. For younger guests of the resort there is a children’s playroom.

Recreational opportunities for children

Hotel Lapland accepts children of all ages. But parents should remember that cots are not provided here. On the territory there is a children’s playground with swings and carousels installed in the Soviet period. Entertain the child will have outside the recreation center. Fortunately, the resort has created a whole territory of entertainment called “Island”.

The recreation area is mostly open in summer. There is a pier with boats and catamarans, attractions “Rodeo”, “Fisherman”, darts and pneumatic shooting range. On the modernly equipped playground there is a sandbox and a swing. You can test yourself for agility in a rope town, and fry kebabs with your parents – in special picnic glades.

Throughout the year, young guests of the resort will be happy to see in the Husky Town. This cattery is located on the territory of the “Island”. Northern sled dogs live here. With them you can play, walk, feed them and ride a dog sled.

Lapland Hotel is 4.8 km from Aquarium Water Park. It is open in all weathers. For guests there are always 2 large pools with lighting and geysers, a children’s pool with a depth of 0.9 m. For the youngest there is a “paddling pool” with a depth of 25 cm For thrill-seekers there are water slides, for relaxation there is a jacuzzi and a spa area.

The zoo in Abzakovo is located in a forest area. Animals are kept in enclosures. This is the smallest natural zoo in terms of area. It covers an area of 3 hectares. But here you can introduce the child to 30 species of animals and birds. Waterfowl live in the pond, which is replenished by mountain waters. The zoo is home to a bear named Barin, a family of raccoon dogs, Fox fox, spotted deer Lisa, Amur tigers and Far Eastern cheetahs. Camel Rook and Lama Kus feel great in the Urals.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Lapland Hotel does not have its own tour desk. The administrator will tell you where to go to go on a tour of the sights. The trip can be organized independently and visit the following historical and natural sites:

  • Bashkiria National Park;
  • Salavat Yulaev Cave;
  • Lake Bannoye (Yakty-kul);
  • Bulat Mosque was built more than 100 years ago in the village of Tubyak (now Abzakovo);
  • Church of the Trinity of life.

Travelers on their own car will be interesting to visit the sights of Magnitogorsk (an hour drive):

  • Church of the Ascension of the Lord;
  • Cathedral Mosque;
  • Opera and Ballet Theatre;
  • Magnitogorsk Drama Theatre;
  • obelisk “Europe-Asia”.

Staying at the recreation center “Lapland”, travelers remain completely left to themselves. They are not tied to the food system, the daily routine. You can check in and out at any time during the day, notifying the administrator in advance. Complete freedom of action and movement allows you to plan the days of rest as convenient for the guest of the hotel.



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