Radisson Sonya Hotel Saint Petersburg

The four-star hotel “Radisson Sonya”,located in the historic center of the city, offers not only accommodation in comfortable and stylish rooms,but also beautiful views of the famous architectural masterpieces that guests of the Northern capital can get acquainted with during walks and excursions.

The northern capital is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia. Every year more than 10 million foreign and domestic travelers arrive here. The doors of more than 1100 hotels of various categories are open for them.

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Location and a few facts from the history of the hotel

Foundry yard – the historical district of St. Petersburg – appeared shortly after the founding of the city, in 1711, on the initiative of Peter I. Until the middle of the XIX century, large factories that produced artillery weapons were located here. After the closure of the enterprises, the importance of the Foundry District as an industrial quarter was lost.

Gradually, the Foundry yard began to be built up with three- and four-story buildings in the classical style. The area has become one of the most prestigious in the city. In May 2010, after a long reconstruction in one of the historic buildings, the doors of the Radisson Sonya Hotel, which was distinguished by its original design, were opened.

In the interior design of the hotel, motifs and themes taken from “Crime and Punishment” – the famous novel by F. Dostoevsky – were used. In the foyer there are shelves with books by the world-famous writer. The works of the presented collection in Russian and foreign languages were published in different years in Russia and abroad. On the walls and signs of the doors of the rooms you can see quotes from “Crime and Punishment”, as well as portraits of the writer himself.

The hotel is named after Sonia Marmeladova – the main female image of the work. In the rooms you can see paintings depicting a lady associated with the heroine of the novel. Hotel “Radisson Sonya” has an advantageous location. Not far from it there are several famous historical sights of the city. Distances to the nearest known landmarks of St. Petersburg (in meters):

  • Neva embankment – 418;
  • Summer garden – 950;
  • Fontanka River Embankment – 610;
  • Hermitage – 2400;
  • metro station “Chernyshevskaya” – 818.

Hotel “Radisson Sonya” is located at the intersection of two streets – Tchaikovsky and Liteiny Avenue – near the Friendship Square and the Transfiguration Cathedral. In the vicinity of the hotel there are more than 10 cafes and restaurants offering dishes of a variety of cuisine.

More information. The distance (in km) to Pulkovo Airport, if you go by road, is 20.7, to the Finland station – 1.6, to Moskovsky – 2.5.

Valery Fedorov, Moscow. In St. Petersburg I often go on business and just to relax with friends. In “Radisson Sonya” stayed for the first time. I didn’t regret it at all. The first thing I want to note is the excellent location. The historical center, to Nevsky only 10 minutes walk. The staff is young. Polite, helpful and smiling guys and girls. It was nice to talk. The interior is very interesting., Immediately attracts attention: on the walls in the corridors of quotes from the novel by Dostoevsky. In general, the hotel “Radisson Sonya” is a great place. The next time I come to St. Petersburg, I will most likely stay here again.

Radisson Sonya Hotel Rooms

Hotel “Radisson Sonya” positions itself as an original four-star boutique hotel. Guests of Radisson Sonya can stay in one of 173 comfortable and stylish rooms, represented by five categories:


categoryNumber of gueststotal area

(sq. m.)


(in rubles)

Cozy (cozy)1131 doublefrom 6942
Standard2 + 1 child202 single beds or 1 doublefrom 7565
Superior (Superior)3241 doublefrom 9078
Premium3311 doublefrom 9879
Luxe (luxury)3 + 1 child541 doublefrom 16 643


Pay attention! Here are the prices that are relevant for April 2021 In the table – the cost of a room for two guests. Children under 3 years of age stay free of charge. A pet is required for a pet in the room at an additional cost. Size – 20 euros per day.

The suites, premium and superior rooms have a soft sofa bed for the third guest. The rooms of the radisson Sonya hotel are decorated in warm light and dark brown tones with the presence of white and blue shades. In their comfortable rooms, guests can use:

  • individual air conditioning system;
  • free bottled drinking water;
  • desk;
  • flat-screen TV;
  • amenities in the bathroom;
  • rain shower;
  • mirror with magnifying effect;
  • hair dryer;
  • tea and coffee utensils.

Importantly! Hotel “Radisson Sonya” offers its guests, vacationing family or with a group of friends, accommodation in combined standard rooms. Check-in to the hotel begins from 14:00, check-out – until 12:00. The reception is open around the clock. Pets weighing no more than 8 kg are allowed in the hotel, in agreement with the hotel administration.

Galina Frolova, Volgograd. Rested with her husband in the White Nights. The hotel “Radisson Sonya” was chosen consciously, as it attracted the location – the historical center of St. Petersburg. In addition, not very expensive. We had a standard room. Comfortable double bed, spacious bath. Everything is clean. Beautiful view from the large windows. We looked at the historical buildings of St. Petersburg for a long time. Especially beautiful at sunset.

Services of the radisson Sonya Hotel

Competition in the market of modern hotel business forces hotels in St. Petersburg to constantly improve the service system. The administration of the hotel “Radisson Sonya” does not remain aloof from this process.

The services available to guests will surprise with their diversity. Some of them are included in the price. Prices for the service that is available only for a fee can be found on the hotel’s website or at the reception desk. Guests of the hotel “Radisson Sonya” can enjoy a wide range of services and opportunities:

  • if necessary, order rail, theater or air tickets;
  • free use of the Internet both in the rooms and in other areas of the hotel;
  • leave the car in a small street parking lot;
  • book a transfer from the airport or train station to the door of the hotel;
  • leave luggage in a specially equipped room;
  • hand over clothes to the dry cleaner, get a press for trousers, order a concierge service;
  • if necessary, ask for the services of an interpreter for business negotiations or a city tour;
  • order a walking tour, a bus tour to explore the sights of the Northern capital;
  • ask employees to wake up at a certain time.

The Radisson Sonya Hotel also provides services for business people. Representatives of domestic and foreign business are given the opportunity to hold seminars, banquets, cocktail receptions, conferences, negotiations and other events in the hotel. For these purposes, the hotel “Radisson Sonya” is equipped with 5 halls and a courtyard in the style of an atrium:



(number of people)

area (sq. m)
1) “Prologue”811,6
2) “Chapter 1”10–1520,9
3) “Chapter 2”15–2025,8
4) “Epilogue” 6083,8
5) “Courtyard” (courtyard)150147,5


The second and third halls can be combined into a single space. The transformation will increase the area of the room to 46.8 square meters. m, capacity – up to 60 people. Participants of the events are provided with the necessary equipment: microphones, flipchart, projector. Details about the cost of services can be found from the administration of the hotel “Radisson Sonya” or on its official website by filling out a special form.

Vitaly Kharitonov, Nizhny Novgorod. Was in St. Petersburg on business. I decided to live in comfort and closer to the center, so I chose the radisson Sonya Hotel. The staff was very nice. Polite, energetic, cheerful. I needed to negotiate with partners from St. Petersburg. I really liked how we organized a meeting in a small hall. Everything you need for negotiations was at hand. I ordered a night tour of St. Petersburg. The city appeared from a completely unfamiliar side. In general, the trip and the hotel was very satisfied.

How is the meals organized in the hotel?

For guests of the hotel “Radisson Sonya” open the doors of “Metamorphose” – a luxurious restaurant. The menu includes Russian and European dishes. Positions are accompanied by interesting facts from the biography of F. Dostoevsky. A separate menu has been developed for vegetarians. Breakfast is served via a buffet (“Swedish steel”) or à la carte, when guests choose dishes from the proposed items.

Thanks to the colorful interior of the spacious hall of the restaurant, it creates a feeling of comfort, disposing to communication. Curtains hanging from the ceilings and decorated with Pavloposad patterns divide the hall into zones where you can retire together or with a group of friends. The shelves at the long wall are filled with figures of nesting dolls and samovars. Fabric drapery, uniform alternation of stone and wooden panels on the floor – all this creates a cozy and at the same time solemn atmosphere of a real Russian restaurant.

“Metamorphosis” can accommodate up to 75 guests. The restaurant has open doors of a spacious banquet hall, designed for 150 visitors. In the “Metamorphosis” there is also a stylish bar where you can not only communicate, trying delicious cocktails, but also use the free Internet, which is especially important for business people.

Note! Breakfasts, which are included in the price for accommodation, are served for guests of the hotel “Radisson Sonya” from 7:00 to 10:00 from Monday to Friday inclusive and until 11:00 on weekends. The restaurant welcomes guests, including those who do not stay at the hotel, from 12:00 to 23:00. From Friday to Sunday from 18:00 to 22:00, guests can order the “Russian Table”, offering delicious dishes of national cuisine.

Anna Vishnevskaya, Ryazan. We came to St. Petersburg as a family – me, my husband and our five-year-old son. Hotel “Radisson Sonya” was chosen on the advice of friends who have already stayed here. We didn’t regret it. Breakfasts are varied. The restaurant is very nicely decorated: bright colorful curtains, nesting dolls, pleasant lighting. The whole family went on two excursions, which were ordered directly at the hotel – in Peterhof and along the central streets of St. Petersburg. Hotel “Radisson Sonya” is quite consistent with its four stars.

Rest in the hotel “Radisson Sonya” and in the city

Tourists come to the Northern capital primarily to get acquainted with the historical and cultural monuments of the city. Therefore, most often they spend time outside the walls of the hotel. Despite this, the radisson Sonya Hotel offers several leisure options inside the building:

  • classes in the fitness center, equipped with modern simulators;
  • relaxed rest in the hammam and sauna;
  • evening dinner and dance programs in the restaurant.

More information. The fitness center welcomes visitors from 7:00 to 22:00. Access to the hammam and sauna for guests of the hotel “Radisson Sonya” is free. This also applies to the fitness center.

Things to do in the city

The northern capital is rich not only in attractions, but also in places of leisure. Tourists are happy to go to a variety of entertainment venues and active recreation centers:

  • “Maximus” – paintball court;
  • bowling centers: “On the Senna”, Bowling Slow, “Neptune”;
  • shooting clubs: “Northerner”, “Sherwoord”, Big Games;
  • Karting centers: Pit Shop, Black Star;
  • private cinemas: “Pandora”, “Kinohaus”, Big City Life;
  • tennis courts: “Height”, Drive;
  • El Capitan – climbing wall;
  • rope parks: “Energy of Heights”, Greenland, Norway Park.

Children’s leisure

Directly in the hotel there are few opportunities for leisure of young guests. Toddlers spend time with their caring parents. Older children and teens can watch television programs designed for their age or find interesting entertainment online. However, in St. Petersburg there are many places, including in the vicinity of the hotel “Radisson Sonya”, where young tourists can have fun and spend time with benefit:

  • St. Petersburg Planetarium;
  • oceanarium;
  • water parks: “Peterland”; Voda, Rodeo Drive;
  • Museum “Grand Model Russia”;
  • Leningrad Zoo;
  • St. Petersburg Circus;
  • parks with attractions and games: Joki Joya and “Divo Island”.

Attractions near the hotel

St. Petersburg, like no city in Russia, is unusually rich in historical monuments, courtyard complexes, parks, bridges and temples. Not far from the hotel “Radisson Sonya” there are several objects that will certainly interest inquisitive tourists:

  • Summer garden;
  • Mikhailovsky Castle;
  • palaces: Tauride and Sheremetyevo;
  • museums: Russian, coffee, A. Suvorov, I. Brodsky, A. Akhmatova, A. Pushkin, health;
  • theatres: Mikhailovsky, musical comedy, on Liteiny;
  • Transfiguration Cathedral;
  • gardens: Mikhailovsky and Tavrichesky.

Excursions that can be booked at the hotel

For guests of the hotel “Radisson Sonya”, who would like to expand the program of acquaintance with the Northern capital and see the most famous sights of the city and the surrounding area, a wide selection of excursion programs is offered. The cost of each event is from 440 to 9800 rubles and more expensive. Duration – from 3 to 12 hours. Among the most popular excursions there are several activities:

  • st. Petersburg at night;
  • sightseeing tour by bus around the city;
  • trip to Peterhof, Gatchina, Strelnya, Kronstadt, Pushkin, Vyborg or Pavlovsk;
  • top 3 squares: St. Isaac’s, Senate and Palace;
  • boat trips along the city canals and rivers;
  • acquaintance with the cathedrals: St. Isaac’s, “Savior on Spilled Blood”, Kazan;
  • visiting museums: Russian, Kunstkamera, Hermitage;
  • visit to the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

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The northern capital is a city world famous for its architectural masterpieces, parks and bridges. Accommodation in comfortable rooms of the hotel “Radisson Sonya” gives an excellent opportunity for guests to get acquainted with the famous sights of the city on the Neva. Business people will also be satisfied with the choice of this hotel, offering the opportunity to arrange any events in multifunctional conference rooms.