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Hotel Primorye in the resort town of Gelendzhik is a premium resort. This is a hotel with a huge territory and a unique area for walking. The complex has a huge amount of entertainment: a swimming pool complex with sea water, a chain of restaurants, a clinic, a business center and a huge number of opportunities that will be able to fully appreciate both large families and guests who came to rest alone. This is a unique place for visitors who appreciate coziness and comfort. The wide space of the hotel will help you forget about work and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. The complex is located within walking distance from the sea in the heart of the city.

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We have more than 200 rooms of different categories. The hotel building is located on the first line from the shore. We offer an individual approach to each guest. The rooms are distinguished by a particularly attractive interior, equipped with modern equipment that will make you feel at home. From the windows you can enjoy the picturesque landscape of the sea and mountains. There are special seating areas for guests, where everyone can relax in the fresh air.


The location of the complex is the most advantageous. It is located in the heart of the resort town of Gelendzhik. Since the hotel is located on the first coastline, there is a private private beach. The distance from the building to the beach is insignificant, which provides absolutely every guest with the opportunity to stay on the shore for more time. The hotel has only a few buildings. They quite succinctly fit into the territory of the park. In addition, the hotel has its own business center and offers its services in the organization of business events. Also, the hotel staff can organize seminars, trainings, negotiations and other solemn events.

The business center is quite large in area and can accommodate more than 600 people. If necessary, you can divide the zone in such a way that you get a total of 6 halls. They can hold events of absolutely any level. Each hall has its own name. They differ in scale. The hotel’s business centre offers a variety of meetings. The meeting rooms have all the necessary equipment for successful negotiations. There are projectors. Our employees will be able to adjust the necessary lighting and sound. Since the size of the rooms is different, each room will have its own type of activity. For example, in the smallest meeting rooms, you can hold meetings or business meetings that do not involve a huge number of employees.


Everyone who wants to spend the long-awaited vacation on the territory of Gelendzhik should decide on a place to relax as much as possible in advance. Hotel Primorye is the most profitable option, since it has absolutely everything for a successful holiday. Many people dream of relaxing in a complex with its own beach and swimming pool. The beauty of a private beach is that it does not have a huge number of visitors. For those who prefer the pool – there is an opportunity to swim without leaving the hotel. Water is always relaxing. It is able to strengthen the muscles and get rid of chronic fatigue. Swimming is very good for the body. It has a positive effect on the body systems as a whole and helps to accelerate the metabolic process. Each pool of the hotel has special water purification and heating systems. Only sea water is used. This will help to improve your health throughout the year, regardless of the season.

There are several swimming pools. One indoor and one uncovered. One pool is designed for sports exercises. There are training in water aerobics. It is quite deep and has its own terrace. There is also an outdoor pool. It has a children’s department, as well as various flash mobs and entertainment programs for children. There is a pool bar. Ice cream or cold drinks are available at any time. In summer, professional animators work near the outdoor pool and on the beach. If the vacation is not far off, you can now book a place in the hotel Primorye. This can be done in just a few minutes. The cost is indicated on the official website and is current at the time of viewing.

The pool complex in Primorye is one of the best. It operates all year round, regardless of the weather. In the pool there is sea water, which is heated. To get to the pool complex, you can go from the inside of the hotel or go from the street.

The water will not be able to cause any allergic reactions, since it is crystal clear and is regularly checked by specialists. It goes through several stages of treatment and inspections, and the availability of additional equipment will be able to heat the water to the desired temperature to ensure the most comfortable conditions for each guest to relax. On the territory of the hotel there is a special glazed area, on which there is a small swimming pool. It’s pretty deep. The water temperature in it all the time corresponds to a comfortable level for a person’s stay.

A unique refreshing cocktail can be enjoyed right by the pool. It is not necessary to leave the chaise longue. There is a bar in the pool. The work of the bar staff is fully aimed at providing the guest with comfort. Each visitor can also visit the sauna or hammam.

Possibilities of rest with children

Hotel Primorye has prepared unique entertainment programs for your children. Experienced educators work for them every day. They offer the child to join the developmental activities. Periodically hold thematic days and children’s dance programs. On the territory there is a creative workshop, children are shown cartoons. Every day the animators play board games with the children. Near the pool there is a children’s area. The water in it is constantly heated. There is also a separate children’s area with swings, slides and a sandbox. All of the above services are offered only free of charge. For a fee, you can use the children’s area in the bowling club and organize a birthday party. You can also order food from a separate children’s menu, which is as close as possible to children’s preferences.

Hotel Primorye for a family holiday is ideal. Employees will gladly accept absolutely everyone and will give due attention. On the territory there are all possible entertainment that will not make anyone bored. Over the past few years, the resort has become the most visited. We, in turn, try to match this and provide the best service. Near the resort there are several waterfalls. Excursions are especially enjoyed by children. It’s very beautiful. Impressions will be remembered for a long time. The hotel’s professional staff are able to work with children. The city of Gelendzhik is popular due to the wide variety of beaches. They are clean and spacious. Our hotel has a private beach. Each guest will be able to swim at any time. There is also an outdoor swimming pool on site. Entertainment events are often held here. Kids really like any dance classes, including flash mobs. In summer, animators work on the beach all the time. From the beach you can immediately go for a walk with children along the long promenade. It is equipped with everything you need. There are benches and children’s swings.

Leisure and entertainment

Tennis court

It is designed to play tennis or volleyball. Periodically, championships are held here. Since the coating has a high return of energy, it is perfectly combined with strikes and provides good visibility of the ball and good play. The coating was designed with acrylic. It does not have any harmful substances and impurities. We can assume that the coating is an environmentally friendly product. Playing tennis helps to develop good qualities: speed, leadership, perseverance. Thanks to constant movement, you can get in good shape and get rid of health problems. The court is rented. The rental price includes: inventory, towel, locker, cell. You need to book a court in advance

The tennis court can always be booked in advance. Do not forget that Primorye is a hotel in Gelendzhik with a swimming pool near the sea, so you can always refresh yourself with swimming after a hard workout.


The gym has modern power and cardio equipment of TechnoGym Element+, which are focused on all muscle groups.
Personal trainer services are available.
A distinctive feature of the gym and fitness rooms of our Wellness center is the latest equipment and experienced instructors.

The gym is divided into 3 main zones:

  • cardio-zone is your opportunity to strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve lung function, increase endurance and lose weight without any excessive effort;
  • the free weight zone includes a wide variation of barbells and dumbbells and is aimed at people with different physical fitness;
  • the heavy weight zone is designed to improve the body and develop physical strength, helping to correct the figure, the formation of ideal body proportions, strengthen the back, posture, increase muscle tone.

Fitness room

On the third floor there is a fitness room.

Fitness instructors conduct the following group classes:

  • yoga – exercises create harmony and balance in all functional systems of the body through appropriate practices and strengthen every part of the body;
  • Pilates is aimed at developing body flexibility, stretching and joint mobility;
  • stretching slows down the processes associated with aging in our body, improves blood circulation, gives the body energy, makes the figure more slender, leads the muscles to tone;
  • mixdance – a combination of modern dance styles in a single energy impulse that will help relieve tension after a hard day’s work;
  • water aerobics increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, strengthens the muscle belt due to overcoming the density of water.


We can do absolutely anything. If your place to make the registration exit or arrange a themed party with a buffet? We are ready to help you make your dream come true. Wedding in Gelendzhik will be the most unique and memorable. It will be pleasant to remember both guests and young people. We understand the importance of this event. That is why all the details are discussed in as much detail as possible and necessarily in advance. Wedding chores are always very tiring. Of course, there are many positive aspects. However, in order for everything to pass at the highest level, we are ready to offer our help and make preparations ourselves. Before starting our duties, we create the most detailed plan of further actions and after that we begin to prepare.

The hotel is ready to provide any restaurant for a holiday, luxurious rooms, an area with an outdoor pool, its own private beach and park area. Since the staff already have quite a lot of experience in holding the event, we are ready to do everything necessary to organize the wedding.

For the organization of the wedding, we for our part offer the following:

  • Invite artists.
  • To decorate the hall.
  • Accommodate all guests in the hotel rooms.
  • Make an exit ceremony.
  • Hold a photo shoot.
  • Remove Love Stories.
    Arrange a transfer for guests and newlyweds.
    Make a themed wedding.
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