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Going on a trip to Egypt with a company, I wanted not only to visit the holy places, climb Mount Moses, visit the monastery of St. Catherine, which is located in the valley of the mountains of Catherine, Moses and Safsaf, but also to fully relax from everyday work. The Catherine Plaza Hotel is perfect for this.

Location and infrastructure

While choosing a holiday hotel near a tourist route in the small village of St Catherine in Egypt, I found one called the Plaza.

“Plaza” really turned out to be the most modern and cozy hotel in the area. The monastery is just a short walk away, and offers amazing mountain views. The hotel itself is built of stone, which emphasizes the traditions and lifestyle of the indigenous inhabitants of this region.

Room stock

The interior of the cozy bright rooms is also made taking into account national traditions: here you will not find plastic and other modern materials. All furniture is exclusively wooden. The fact that this is a modern hotel, you remember, only turning on the air conditioning and entering the bathroom, where everything is made in accordance with the needs of a modern person: a shower, a hairdryer and much of what is necessary for hygiene and comfort.


In the restaurant we were offered to taste both masterpieces of national cuisine and international dishes familiar to our stomach. I can say that the choice was so impressive that I did not read the menu to the end, the food was delicious, and the service was unobtrusive and cool.

Entertainment and services

After a little rest, my friends and I decided to swim in the pool located on the territory of the hotel. The hotel clerk suggested that we also use the solarium. Since we planned to relax after visiting an excursion in Hurghada, we decided to get a natural tan on the shores of the Red Sea.

What hotel do you think we decided to stay in Hurghada? That’s right, in a hotel called “Grand Plaza”. Again, I got everything I had hoped for and more. On the very shore of the sea, with a Turkish bath, a beauty salon, diving and water aerobics, this hotel turned me from a tired woman into a full of strength and energy, slim and beautiful. No, the word “Plaza” will not be added to a bad hotel.



Alina Abramova

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