Pension Kuban

Pension Kuban is located in the resort area of Gelendzhik,on the second line. And that means close to the sea and away from the noise. The modern, comfortable hotel first opened its doors to tourists in 2005. From that moment on, he managed to work out the skills of impeccable service and find the range of services that will provide a comfortable stay for most guests. Adults and children in the boarding house “Kuban” will find something to their liking and will be satisfied with the rest.

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The pension attracts tourists with its location. It is surrounded by a large green area, which allows you to relax from the hustle and bustle, despite the developed infrastructure of the area. And immediately behind it is a picturesque mountain range, the view from the windows is simply magical.

Only 2 km away from the water park “Golden Bay”, within walking distance is the amusement park “Admiral Vrungel”.

The Utrish Dolphinarium is about a 20-minute walk away. This makes the Pension “Kuban” a universal holiday destination for people of all ages. For those who want to live in silence and breathe fresh air, as well as for fidgets, who need to have time to see everything interesting around. Literally outside the territory there is a small hospital, several pharmacies and a shop.


For the convenience of dear guests on the basis of the boarding house there is a tour desk, whose staff make up the most interesting routes for hiking, bus or sea walks. Thanks to this, every day becomes a rich experience.

Beaches & Pools

On the territory of the boarding house “Kuban” there is a magnificent heated swimming pool, the water temperature in which is comfortable in any weather.This is especially important for vacationers with children who can splash for hours. Just 500 meters from the pension is a pebble beach of the sanatorium “Sunny Beach”.

In walking distance from the boarding house “Kuban” stretches the central beach. The beach strip is equipped with changing rooms and showers, sports grounds, there are rental points of inventory, water attractions, cafes and shopping arcades are open.

From the pier located right there, you can go on a boat trip by boat or boat. In 10-20 minutes walk from the boarding house there is a beach of sanatorium “Krasnaya Talka”, a beach of sanatorium “Blue Wave” and a number of less known and almost deserted bays covered with pebbles.

Importantly! To the sea carries a minibus, which is convenient for the elderly and young parents with kids, especially in the hot afternoon. The modern beach is equipped with free sunbeds, so you do not have to sunbathe on towels.


Room stock

To accommodate guests there are 2 buildings – 4-storey and 8-storey. The second serves as an additional, but in high season from also filled, so without prior booking you risk being left without an apartment. What is remarkable, even 100% occupancy does not affect the quality of service, does not create queues in the dining room.

All business processes are well debugged and focused on the needs of guests.

Hotel “Kuban” (Gelendzhik) offers rooms categories: Suite, Deluxe, Junior Suite, Studio, Standard and Standard +. This makes it possible to choose the ideal option based on your needs and financial capabilities.


Double room will allow you to sit comfortably for the time of rest. It is decorated in a traditional style and is well suited for those who travel together and strive for a comfortable stay at reasonable expense. The rooms have everything you need for a long stay and check-in during working visits. Room size from 18 to 24 sq.m. Equipped with two single beds, there is air conditioning, work desk, working bathroom.


Standard double room for a comfortable stay with the possibility of placing another guest on an extra bed. The large, bright room includes a double bed and a sofa, which is easy to turn into both a seating area and a sleeping place. Cleanliness and comfort, fresh towels – this is what makes the holiday even more pleasant.


Double one-room superior room will accommodate two guests in the main seats and one – on the additional. Ideal for a family with one child. Soft carpeting, modern furniture, the predominance of light or pastel shades in the interior, all this creates an atmosphere that is best combined with a vacation.


Cozy, modern room, a single space of which provides an abundance of light and free space. The room is divided into zones, and only the bathroom with a bath hides behind a wall with mirrors. The sleeping area is represented by a double bed, and the seating area is a corner sofa.


Double two-room suite with the possibility of accommodating two guests on extra beds will allow you to comfortably spend time on vacation even for a family of four. At the same time, for two vacationers, the free room will become a cozy living room where you can spend time watching TV.


Quadruple two-room suite of increased area and increased comfort will allow a family of four to sit comfortably, and an additional sofa will easily turn into another bed. The spacious bathroom is regularly supplied with the necessary hygiene products. Spacious rooms decorated in beige and light gray tones look both concise and solemn. Attentive staff will take care of cleaning issues, on the first request will provide a hairdryer, iron or kettle.


Gelendzhik is a modern resort city. Cafes, restaurants and eateries are here on almost every corner. But the most convenient way is food on the basis of the boarding house. Conditions vary depending on the season and the occupancy of the hotel.

Reviews allow us to judge that hungry in the dining room to stay will not work. The menu always has pastries and fresh fruit, a variety of dishes will satisfy the needs of even a discerning gourmet.

If you want to treat yourself to something special, then welcome to one of the local restaurants. Unrealistically delicious meat dishes offers to taste the restaurant “Hata Cossack”. Italian cuisine is waiting for its admirers in the restaurant “Magnolia”. And in “Chocolatier” will like sweets, there is a real chocolate paradise.


If more than 50 people live in the boarding house, then a complex menu with elements of the buffet is formed. In autumn and winter, when the number of visitors decreases, there is a system of individual menu to order.


Own excursion bureau, working on the basis of the boarding house, will allow you to forget about the issue of leisure and entrust it to professionals. There is a place to go to Gelendzhik, just choose what will be interesting for you. Among the most popular destinations are the following:

  1. Hiking and mountain trips. For example, Pshad waterfalls can be safely called the pearl of these places. This is not one waterfall, but a series of cascades and rapids. Excursions to these places necessarily include a visit to the picturesque spring, chapel, dolmen village, and a number of related entertainment. A separate excursion is a visit to the health park, take mud baths and immerse yourself in a barrel of wine, lie in the pool with fish.
  2. Travel on all-wheel drive ATVs. To date, on the basis of the boarding house, several routes of varying length and degree of complexity have been developed.
  3. Horseback riding along the mountain range along the Black Sea.
  4. A unique excursion to the APC, this is a new offer, which was highly appreciated by tourists. A machine with a high level of cross-country ability will allow you to visit even hard-to-reach corners.
  5. Sea entertainment. This is diving and walking on the sea on yachts, boats and boats.
  6. Skydiving.
  7. Amusement parks. They will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. You can call a theme architectural park, a petting zoo, an amusement park and a safari park. Each of them can be a full-day adventure.
  8. Inspection of architectural monuments, you will see ancient estates and museum complexes, each of which is interesting in its own way.


Many vacationers spend the first days of their vacation on excursions. But there comes a time when tired of the hustle and bustle, tourists want to spend their days more measuredly. On the basis of the boarding house there is a bicycle rental point, where you will build your own route. The organizers of leisure are always happy to help the guests of the boarding house with the choice of route, coordination of the time and place of the excursion or event, provide dry rations and drinking water.


Almost all the entertainment of the resort – restaurants, bars, discos, karaoke, etc. – located on the famous Gelendzhik embankment. Less than two kilometers separates from it boarding house “Kuban”. So, vacationers will not interfere with round-the-clock noise, but at the same time all entertainment remains within walking distance.

Quality of service

The first thing that arriving guests note is a warm welcome. The staff here works as a friendly team, trying to make everyone’s rest a little more pleasant. Cleanliness on the territory and inside the boarding house is a separate topic. The rooms literally shine, which is not common. The staff is friendly, everyone in his place is ready to listen, help, prompt. Thanks to this, a pleasant impression of the boarding house as a whole is formed.

The work of the dining room is well organized, tasty and hot food is available to everyone, there are no pandemoniums, the dining room is cozy and clean. Separately, it is necessary to say about leisure. The tour desk helps everyone build an individual schedule of activities for each day to take a lot of photos and videos and remember them for many years. Visitors evaluate the quality of service by an average of 9 points.

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Marina, Novosibirsk

Last year, my family and I went to Gelendzhik and stayed in the boarding house “Kuban”. The place to stay was chosen from photos on the Internet, because on the Black Sea coast were for the first time. The pension will be liked because of the huge blue pool and reasonable prices. When we arrived, we realized that we had not lost with the choice. The room has everything for a comfortable stay: good furniture, air conditioning, dishes and a kettle. The bathroom did not cause complaints, and from the balcony there was a wonderful view. All 10 days we spent here, there was not a single case that our request was ignored. Cleaned regularly, fed deliciously, recommended.

Anastasia, Volgograd

In the boarding house “Kuban” I spent the velvet season last year. I will say right away, I really liked it here. It is located near the sea and the promenade, but at the same time, the territory is quiet. Every 30 minutes the transfer takes you to the sea, for me it was important, because my grandmother went with me. The territory of the boarding house and the beach is well-groomed, clean. In the room we had a perfect cleaning, the condition was maintained throughout the stay. Modern furniture, household appliances and plumbing in working condition. Three meals a day for me was more than sufficient, complete and tasty.

Kirill, Omsk

In the summer he drove his girlfriend to Gelendzhik, chose the boarding house “Kuban” on the recommendation of friends. We still remember the rest. The room we came across is great, on the balcony we drank coffee in the evening and looked at the mountains. Fantastic landscapes. Fed without frills, but very good, additionally something delicious bought on a walk. Bed linen was changed on time, cleaning is also without complaints. Immediately ordered a lot of excursions, and then it remained only in time to leave the room and enjoy, all organizational issues were taken over by the staff of the tour desk. We will come and advise others.

Alina Abramova

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