Pension Gelendzhik Bay

This guest house is located in the heart of Gelendzhik, one of the most popular resorts on the Black Sea coast of Russia. Pension Gelendzhik Bay received the first guests in the distant in 1987.

The unusual triangular shape of the building allows most guests to enjoy a charming view of the Caucasus Mountains and the Gulf of Gelendzhik from the windows and balconies of the rooms. On the territory of the hotel there is a Japanese garden, a complex of swimming pools, a children’s playground, a dance floor, fun animation software and much more. The guest house’s tour desk organises numerous excursions to historical and natural attractions, conducts rafting on the river, provides transport services for tourists.

For participants of corporate events, the hotel organizes seminars, conferences or just a pleasant and festive pastime.


Gelendzhik is known for the longest embankment in Russia, stretching along the bay in the shape of a horseshoe for 12 kilometers. Gelendzhik embankment is one of the symbols and main attractions of the city.

The pension is surrounded by a picturesque park, where centuries-old pines and Lankaran acacias grow. The promenade is just a 10-minute leisurely walk away. Gelendzhik is a hospitable resort town with warm sea, gentle sun and stunning landscapes.


The pension is equipped with a guarded parking, where the guest can leave a private car. Also on the territory are:

  • library;
  • restaurants;
  • kebab;
  • gym;
  • rental of equipment for outdoor games or swimming;
  • playground;
  • tennis tables;
  • porter service with safe deposit boxes.


The pension has an equipped city beach. The whole infrastructure is designed for small things: changing cabins, toilets, cafes and beach bars with cheerful music, incendiary evening shows, diving, surfing and much more. Umbrellas, sunbeds and towels can be rented in the boarding house. The beach is 800 metres away.

Room stock

Pension “Gelendzhik Bay” is located in a 5-storey dormitory building. The building is surrounded by a green park, where Pitsunda pines and fragrant acacias grow.

Standard for two

In a one-room suite with a wide double bed, air conditioning, mini-bar, TV and shower comfortably accommodate two people. On a small balcony you can spend warm summer evenings, admiring the sunset.


The room for two or three guests includes beds, a TV and a small refrigerator. From the balcony and windows of the room offers a beautiful view of the bay, mountains and endless sea expanses.

Standard “superior”

The room is designed for families with two children or couples. The furnishings of the room are the same as in the rooms “Standard”, but there is air conditioning or a split system. These rooms are located on each of the five floors of the building.

Standard of two rooms

The room consists of two rooms, beds, balcony, split system, TV and mini-bar. In addition to the mandatory furnishings, the room has a telephone, a bathroom with shower, hairdryer, slippers, bathrobes and shower accessories.


Meals in the boarding house are organized in the form of a fixed menu. The menu consists of delicious dishes prepared with local vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood.


The pension conducts daily animation programs for guests and their children. Interactives take place in the game room, on the beach, by the pool or on the green territory of the boarding house. To services of having a rest experienced animators who will not let anyone get bored, rent of sports equipment for games, water aerobics, morning warm-up, evening show programs and much more.

Reviews of vacationers

Valery, Saratov

Wonderful boarding house. Quiet, green park for walking, lovely dining room on the second floor. There is a simulator, I did not have to change the mode of the day. Very convenient, I not only rested, but also did not lose shape. The equipment of the hall is quite acceptable, the use is free. And the fact that the sea is not so close, so it is even good, it is necessary to walk on foot.


Svetlana, Chelyabinsk

Rested with children for two weeks. The room is simple, without frills, but everything you need is there. The children did not like breakfasts very much, they ate reluctantly, and I really liked the kitchen, as in the good old pioneer camp, with notes of nostalgia. Children bought fruit at the market. We spent a lot of time on the beach, so we took a snack with us. Rest very satisfied, we will come again.


Attractions nearby

The city of Gelendzhik is very beautiful, sometimes it is compared with the pearl of the Krasnodar Territory. Residents and authorities care about the cleanliness of the streets, the safety of natural objects and tourist infrastructure. Everyone who has been to Gelendzhik wants to come back here.

Old Park

Not far from the city is the resort village of Kabardinka. A beautiful landscape park has been created here, in which individual zones acquaint visitors with different historical eras. In one section of the park, guests will touch the ancient art, temples of the Middle Ages and sculpture, in the second they will be able to get acquainted with the fountains, rotundas and gazebos built in the XIX century, in the third zone guests will plunge into the nostalgic Soviet era. and in the fourth will be able to replenish their knowledge of exotic plants.

Aqua parks

To build a water park next to the sea is a great idea, which was implemented in Gelendzhik as many as four times. The largest complex of slides in Russia is called “Golden Bay”, where the wildest dreams and desires of architects and vacationers are realized. Bizarre designs, slides and trampolines of varying complexity, colorful children’s towns and “calm rivers” – in the “Golden Bay” there is everything that the soul of a tourist will want.

“Dolphin” is a smaller water park, which also deserves attention. And if you avoid fuss and queues, a more modest “Behemoth” will suit you. The fourth water park is located in the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka, it is called “Coconut Paradise”.


Dolphinarium is a mandatory point of visit for everyone who comes to Gelendzhik with children. Experienced instructors and trainers invite visitors to water shows. where bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, beluga whales, walruses and even dolphins, which are very fond of children, will show their skills. If desired, for a fee, you can get a video recording of the performance, a disc with photos, make individual personal photos with pinniped artists and even swim with dolphins.


A huge territory where the inhabitants of the seas and oceans are represented in three thematic expositions: freshwater inhabitants, the ocean and the coral reef, marine predators is located near the boarding house “Gelendzhik Bay”. The territory of the aquarium occupies almost half a kilometer, so plan to inspect at least two hours. Here you can see predatory sharks and bloodthirsty piranhas, mystical starfish and flexible octopuses, large lobsters and smiling rays.


Art Gallery

This is not the usual exhibition of paintings and art objects, the art gallery presents to the visitor objects of contemporary art from garbage. An unusual museum appeared in 2014, when an environmental festival was held in Gelendzhik. All paintings, sculptures and compositions were created with their own hands by children of Russia and Ukraine of different ages. Looking at the collection, you begin to understand how fragile our nature is, how subtly children feel it. Everyone will be taught to create works of art and useful trifles from garbage. It is enough to sign up for a master class of the selected category and create under the supervision of an experienced employee.

Museum of Local Lore

Local history in Gelendzhik is represented by three museums at once, united by one name. Each branch has existed for more than a century. The main department acquaints guests with the history of the indigenous people who lived in the Western Caucasus in ancient times, the history of conquests and the events of the Great Patriotic War. The street exposition includes the oldest ruins of architectural values, natural science discoveries and much more. The third branch of the museum complex is located on the Dzhankhot farm and dates back to the beginning of the last century, this is the estate of the family of the writer and publicist V.G. Korolenko. After the death of the literary figure in 1964, a house-museum in memory of the writer was opened at his Black Sea dacha.

Holy Ascension Cathedral

The Cathedral of Gelendzhik was not always stone. In 1840, the church was built of wood, but it did not work long, perched in a fire. Twenty years later, the cathedral was restored in wood, and at the beginning of the twentieth century it was rebuilt in stone. With the advent of Soviet power, the cathedral was closed, used as a warehouse. In 1990, the faithful managed to return the temple under their jurisdiction. The building was restored and since then divine services have been conducted there.

Monument “White Bride”

The monument is brand new and will celebrate its tenth anniversary in [y]. The monument in the form of a bride personifies a city, the name of which is translated from the Turkic language as a white bride. That is why the elegant monument adorns the embankment of Gelendzhik and is one of the most recognizable attractions of the resort.

Fountain “Loving Hearts”

The sculpture personifies the romance of loving hearts, the spring of life and the brightest feelings that people are capable of. The fountain is depicted in the form of a young man and a girl, merged in a hot embrace next to a small artificial pond. Tourists throw coins into the water, hoping to successfully marry. The fountain is especially popular among the fair sex of any age.

Spring “Natasha”

Natasha is the name of a girl who is embodied in stone in the vicinity of Gelendzhik on the Mikhailovsky Pass. The beauty holds a jug from which a stream of water pours out, falling into a stone bowl. The composition is completed by an arch, giving the monument a finished look and inner harmony. The spring received a mystical description among the people, but many beautiful legends were invented by people and even tourists who visited this place.


The lighthouse with a height of 13 meters miraculously survived during the hostilities in this area. It was built at the end of the XIX century and today has the status of one of the oldest on the Black Sea coast. Throughout history, since its construction, nothing has been changed in the lighthouse except a kerosene lamp. And although nowadays the building is an architectural monument, the lighthouse continues to perform its direct functions – to illuminate the way for sailors.



Waterfalls on the river Jane near the village of Revival are rightfully recognized as one of the picturesque tourist routes. Cascades of rocks, on which transparent streams of water roll down, stretch for 3.5 kilometers and include small backwaters, next to which you can have a picnic, swim in clean water and enjoy nature.