Pension Creative Wave Koktebel Crimea

Hotel “Creative Wave” is located in Koktebel on Lenin Street. It provides its guests with quality service, as well as a range of services aimed at improving the rest.

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Description and history

Guest house “Creative Wave” is located in the center of the tourist village of Koktebel, 20 km south-west of the city of Feodosia, on the Black Sea coast of Crimea. Koktebel is known as the residence of the poet and artist Maximilian Voloshin, in the hospitable dacha of which lived the most famous artists of the early twentieth century. Therefore, the House of Creativity of Writers of Ukraine was founded here, next to which, surrounded by a shady and cozy park, there are modern buildings – the New Wave Hotel.

The hotel “New Wave” has a guarded area, convenient parking, heated swimming pool, sauna, billiard room and massage room. There is a playground for children, and adults can take a steam bath in the bath. The rooms are presented in different categories, equipped with everything necessary so that guests do not experience discomfort. Wi-Fi is available in the double rooms.

Meals are not included in the price, but are organized for a fee in the bar on site. Breakfast is also served every morning. Nearby there are parks, museums, attractions, souvenir and grocery stores, entertainment and shopping centers, as well as other places that can be visited by the whole family.

The rest of Koktebel Bay is notable not only for its extensive pebble beach, which is only 150 meters from the hotel, clean sea water and warm sun, but also for its picturesque natural one.

How to get to the hotel “Creative Wave” in Koktebel:

  1. By plane to the airport of Simferopol, then from the airport or station “Kurortnaya” by shuttle to the city station “Koktebel”, then on foot 200m.
  2. By train to the station of Simferopol, then from the station “Kurortnaya” by taxi or regular bus to Koktebel.
  3. By intercity bus to the station “Feodosia”, then by bus “Feodosia-Sudak” or “Feodosia – Biostation” to Koktebel.
  4. By private car on the Crimean bridge, then in the direction of Feodosia.

In the hotel “Creative Wave” is always clean territory, there is enough space by the pools for everyone, the territory is protected. Koktebel himself is great, of course there is not much entertainment for young people, but for those who want to relax their soul – ideal. We will definitely come back more than once! Thank you.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel “Creative Wave” consists of 4 and 5-storey buildings, which can accommodate up to 200 people. The hotel rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture and appliances: air conditioning, TV, refrigerator. Each has its own toilet and shower.

Hotel “Creative Wave” with a harmonious design guarantees vacationers a pleasant and comfortable stay in rooms of any category:

  1. Standard cottage. Spacious room in a wooden house with a total area of 12-16 square meters. In front of the house there is a seating area with furniture.
  2. Standard room. Modern room of 17 square meters, with a private balcony and a beautiful view.
  3. Superior room. Large and comfortable room with an area of 20 square meters. There is also a balcony with scenic views.
  4. Superior cottage. Luxury house with a total area of 140 square meters. It has three bedrooms, a large living room with fireplace, dining room and spacious kitchen.

Importantly! In the hotel “Creative Wave” you can stay with animals weighing up to 5 kg by prior arrangement. Living conditions with pets:

  • availability of a veterinary passport with vaccinations, valid at the time of vacation;
  • the presence of toilet trays or cages to keep the animal in the room.

The cost of living with a pet for June 2021 is 200 rubles per day.

Meals at the hotel

Fast food is a food that takes several minutes to prepare. It is on this technology that the dining room in the hotel “Creative Wave” works. This place has established itself as a leader in the speed of appetizing, and most importantly, healthy food and customer service. All products used in the kitchen are of the highest quality. In addition, a reasonable price is nice.

Guests of the hotel can order one of the proposed food options:

  1. Option I – bed and breakfast.
  2. Option II – accommodation and full board (3 meals a day).

The chef and his team offer an excellent selection of Russian, Caucasian and European cuisine at reasonable prices. The menu offers a variety of dishes made with fresh produce and homemade cakes. Culinary skills of cooks, hospitality and efficiency of the staff, as well as an honest pricing policy made the café a popular place in Koktebel.

Pay attention! If such food is not suitable for a tourist, then there are places of public catering with various cuisines near the hotel.

Things to do at the hotel

Hotel “Creative Wave” every year expands the list of services for its tourists. Now a wide range of services is available even for the most sophisticated customers. For example, there is an island on site where you can order and drink coffee, a spa center with massage rooms and a sauna, a children’s playground and bicycle rental.

The pride of the hotel is the conference hall, thanks to which tourists can not only relax on the beach, but also work fruitfully. The hall is equipped with all the necessary technical: modern air conditioning, various furniture, the ability to isolate from light and equipment for demonstrating video material.

More information! For group meetings, you can also order the organization of a coffee break, a table with snacks or a full meal.


Koktebel Bay, in which the hotel “Creative Wave” is located, is spacious and beautiful. A few meters from the shore, the pebbles end and the sand begins, suitable for entering the sea. Almost on all beaches of Koktebel you can rent sunbeds, umbrellas and other beach accessories. Most beaches have water attractions. The sea in the bay warms up in early summer and retains its heat for a long time.

More information. The peculiarity of this place is that on all beaches, along with the usual pebbles, there are real semi-precious stones.

Hotel “Creative Wave” is a great place for those tourists who want to enjoy the unsurpassed beauty and see everything in the area. In addition to the beautiful sea, vacationers will appreciate the opportunity to make a trip to the Karadag Reserve, which is only 20 kilometers from the hotel and is home to hundreds of rare species of animals, insects and plants. Or have fun at the water park, which is just a 10-minute walk away. Not far from the hotel there is also a reserve “Cimmeria M.A. Voloshina” and the house-museum of the poet. By the way, from this place offers a breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings.

And tourists can travel in time, without leaving the village, visiting Dinotherium. On its territory there is a park arranged as a living labyrinth, several exhibitions dedicated to the Paleolithic and a large number of unusual birds and animals that live in a spherical dome without cages.

Well, one of the main places that you definitely need to visit is Cape Chameleon, which closes Koktebel Bay from the east. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it changes its color depending on the lighting and time of day. Behind this unusual place is the Quiet Bay with a wide sandy beach, attracting vacationers with its untouched picturesqueness. If you go from here to the east in the direction of Feodosia, you can get to the secret zone of the village of Ordzhonikidze.

Recreational opportunities for children

For those who are looking for a place to relax with children in Feodosia, this hotel “Creative Wave” is suitable. Staff take care of those who come on holiday with children and provide a free crib for the little ones. And for the residence of older children, a flexible system of discounts has been developed.

The hotel “Creative Wave” has two heated swimming pools, so both adults and children can swim here, even when the sea is cold or stormy. There is a playground for toddlers, and older children can find entertainment in the games room. And in summer, the entire territory of the ancient park, thanks to the large amount of greenery and the ability to rent sports equipment, turns into one large playground.

There is a lot of entertainment for children on the beach: inflatable slides, water attractions, banana boats. Also within walking distance from the hotel is one of the best water parks in the Crimea and the dolphinarium, where both children and adults spend time with pleasure. If we also take into account that the local café has dishes for the children’s menu, then “Creative Wave” is the best guest house for a family holiday in Koktebel!

The first time I booked myself a room at this hotel was in the spring of 2020, for working meetings. And in the summer of the same year he rested here with his family. We opted for a double room “superior”, it costs 3900 rubles per day without meals. The room corresponds to its price. Fresh renovation, good furniture. On the territory of the hotel there are two swimming pools, a park and a fenced area. Meals are offered in two versions: complex and menu. We chose the menu and did not regret it, everything was delicious. And there really is a lot to choose from. Only pilaf was 6 species. And each time the food options change.

Nearby Attractions

House-Museum of M.A. Voloshina

At different times in the house of the poet worked and rested famous figures of culture and science, who are the pride and glory of the Motherland, including M. Tsvetaeva, N. Gumilev, A. Tolstoy, O. Mandelstam, I. Ehrenburg, K. Chukovsky, M. Bulgakov, V. Khodasevich and many others. Various walking routes of the museum will help to feel the extraordinary aura of the culture of the Silver Age, to understand the style of the house of the poet who became its symbol, and to immerse themselves in an authentic atmosphere, In the memorial halls, visitors can see many unusual exhibits depicting the owner of the house. The tower offers a breathtaking view of the cultural and historical landscapes sung by Voloshin and many generations of brush and word artists. And from the terrace of the house-museum and the grave of M.A. Voloshin travelers will see portraits of Maximilian Voloshin and Alexander Pushkin created by nature itself on the rocks of Karadag.

Aquapark Koktebel

Since 2007, Koktebel water park has been pleasing visitors not only with active recreation, but also with beautiful mountain landscapes with the cleanest air. The water park is surrounded by the dormant volcano Karadag, the famous Camel Mountain and Cape Chameleon. The water park is divided into several sectors, in one of which the main objects for a fun holiday for children and adults are located. And for those who just want to relax in the water park Koktebel, there is a jacuzzi.

For the convenience of visitors on the territory of the water park there is a guarded parking lot, showers, toilets, rooms for storing personal belongings and an exchange office. For the safety of vacationers, a medical center with qualified personnel and instructors is constantly working, who are always ready to help and inform about the available slides and other entertainment.

Petting Zoo Guys about animals

In this zoo, tourists will be able not only to communicate with animals, but also to learn a lot about them new and interesting. And you can not only see many different animals, learn their habits, but also stroke them, hold them in your arms, play, treat them with various delicacies and even take a picture for memory. Vacationers are waiting for rabbits, raccoons, foxes, parrots, hedgehogs, meerkats, lamb, monkey, hamsters and many other pets. Together with adults, kids will be able to feed piglets from real baby bottles.

Note! Hotel “Creative Wave” offers its vacationers several excursions to choose from for a fee.


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The special atmosphere of the village of Koktebel, full of love for art, the reflection of the bright sun in the warm sea and the luxurious combination of mountains and salt breeze, determines the contingent of vacationers in the hotel “Creative Wave”, who love these places and return here every summer. This place is also known for the fact that one of the largest international music and jazz festivals “Jazz Koktebel” takes place here. Each guest of the resort is guaranteed an extraordinary charge of positive energy.