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Powder is an apart-hotel in the ski resort of Khibiny. It is located in Kirovsk (Murmansk region), 17 km from Apatity Airport. A small northern town was built in the foothills of the Kukisvumchorr massif (the highest point is 1143 m). The massif is the largest in the Khibiny Mountains. Steep slopes covered with forest-tundra vegetation, magnificent lakes of the Kola Peninsula, fresh air attracted the attention of investors. Infrastructure for skiing was built here.

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Location and history

The owners decided to create comfortable conditions for skiers without unnecessary frills – sleeping places, kitchenettes, a bathroom, a warm room for storing equipment. For sports, this is more than enough. So that guests do not waste time on a trip to the slopes, it was decided to build the building next to the lift. The journey from the airport takes 30 minutes by taxi or 40 minutes by public transport. The hotel provides car owners with free parking spaces.

Upon prior request, the administrator can arrange a transfer at reasonable prices. The driver will meet at the station / airport Apatity, bring, help with luggage.

The apartment has been welcoming guests since 2017. The owners studied the experience of foreign ski resorts and offered guests a completely new format of accommodation for lovers of an active lifestyle. The compactness of the rooms and the presence of a common area for viewing the video footage shot on the descents was liked by tourists. Here everything is provided for individual and group rest. The developed infrastructure in the vicinity of the hotel creates additional comfort for the organization of leisure.

Room stock

The hotel is small, it has only 17 rooms. Up to 50 people can live here at the same time. The rooms are duplex. On the first level there are kitchen, dining and guest areas. On the second – a bedroom. Each room has its own bathroom, kitchenette with the necessary set of household appliances and utensils, TV. Wi-Fi is available throughout the property and in all rooms. The design is modern, bright, we can say that festive.

Apartments have different levels of comfort. The following categories are presented:

  1. Standard with three separate single seats (16 sq. m . – first level, 8 sq. m. – poudium with a bedroom). Upstairs there are 2 mattresses, at the bottom – a sofa. Supplement is charged for the 3rd guest.
  2. Standard with one double and one single seat. Total area – 24 sq. m (16 – lower part, 8 – pouill with double mattress). For the 3rd guest there is a surcharge.
  3. Comfort with 2 single beds on the pedium and a double sofa below. The total area is 26 sq. m (20 below, 6 above). Thoughtful interior divides the room into 2 sleeping areas, kitchen and living room with TV. For 3 and 4 guests there is a surcharge.
  4. Comfort with two double seats (26 sq. m.) – one on the pouill, the second – a folding sofa. For 3 and 4 guests there is a surcharge.
  5. Two-room Suite for 6 guests. The total area is 35 sq. m. On the pedium there are a double and a single bed, a sofa at the bottom. Same location in another room. Kitchen and guest areas are shared. For 4, 5 and 6 guests there is a surcharge.

The hotel accepts pets. Pets are placed together with the owners, no additional fee is charged. Children under 7 years old are accepted free of charge, for each 3, 4, 5 and 6 guests in the room a surcharge is taken (the cost must be checked with the administrator).

“Great rooms! The designers’ idea of how to use the space is fascinating. The rooms have everything you need – bedding and soap accessories, TV, kitchen with refrigerator. The room for drying ski boots is very warm» Nastya, Russia

Meals and restaurants

The hotel is ready to offer guests hot meals. The service is discussed when booking a room. Guests can order set breakfasts, lunches and dinners at a fixed price. The service is not included in the price and is paid separately. Meals can be delivered to your room or served at the loft bar. For tourist groups or at the request of guests, breakfast can be organized in the form of a buffet. This approach will help save time and effort on cooking.

Loft-bar“Paudera”is a modern cozy place, which was chosen by skiers vacationing at the resort. In his hall they get acquainted, meet old friends, celebrate birthdays or achievements on the ski slopes. The design is made in the style of “Loft”. For free access, the bar opens at 19.00 (until that time the hotel guests have breakfast, lunch and dinner) and is open until midnight.

The loft bar is conveniently connected to the hotel’s cinema. Companies like to book both rooms at once to celebrate a holiday, watch a sports match or a movie. From drinks in the evening beer is served, there is a coffee / tea card, juices, mineral waters. From food – light snacks.

For lovers of dishes on an open fire, the Grill House is available for rent. It is a small wooden structure with a modern interior, an excellent grill and a dining area that can accommodate up to 15 people. Accessories can be taken from the administrator. Rent a house is negotiated in advance. The order is put on schedule, as the service is provided not only to Pouder guests,but also to everyone.

Café In Your Plate is a 7-minute walk away. This cozy and atmospheric place is located in the heart of Kirovsk. Open from 15.00 to 23.00. It offers dishes of European, Russian cuisine and local delicacies of lenison, salmon, whitefish, desserts from lingonberries.

Also in Kirovsk there are gastronomic attractions that are worth visiting:

  • restaurant of Georgian cuisine “Gamarjoba” (number 1 in the resort);
  • café “Ophelia” – Russian cuisine + pleasant desserts;
  • Bar Barevich offers steaks, seafood dishes, grill (the restaurant is included in the gastronomic map of Russia).

Administrators of the apart-hotel will be happy to suggest the addresses of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs located on the territory of the resort.

Leisure and entertainment

Kirovsk is a well-equipped center of winter sports of federal importance. In its vicinity there are two equipped complexes with full infrastructure:

  1. “Big Vudyavr” occupies the northern and southern slopes of Mount Aikuayvenchorr. It has 2 green tracks with a length of 100 meters with a belt lift. 11 blue, 6 red and 6 black slopes are designed for more experienced skiers. One of the K6 Ski Lifts is located 700 metres from the Pawder Hotel.
  2. “Kukisvumchorr” is located on the southern slope of the mountain of the same name, 25 km from Kirovsk. Its history began back in 1936, when the base of the sports society “Labor Reserves” was formed here. Since 2004, a complete reconstruction has been carried out, the tracks have been marked in a new way. This complex is used for competitions of different levels. There are 6 tracks, including green, blue, red, black and freeriding. There is a special track for teaching children with a lift “Baby Lift”.

The resort is located beyond the Arctic Circle, so almost all the tracks have lighting. The ski season lasts from late November to mid-May. It can be extended if there were heavy snowfalls in winter, which provided snow cover of the slopes.

Due to the short polar day, the high season falls on the period from March 15 to May 9. At this time, there are training camps, competitions, championships in freeride. Recently, the direction of paragliding has been developing, thanks to which lovers of flying from the mountains come to the Khibiny in the summer.

Both complexes have schools for beginners and snowboarders, ski equipment rental, rescue services. Here you can also ride on tubs (vatrushkas), organize snowmobile tours, work out in health groups.

All skiers are recommended to follow the reports of avalanches, which are not uncommon here. Fans of extreme sports it is better not to go to the “wild” slopes, but to ride on the marked freeride tracks.

After the mountains, it is quite possible to organize leisure time in the entertainment facilities of the city. There is a bowling alley, swimming pools (you need to have a medical card and slippers), baths, horseback riding, snowmobiles. The hotel receptionist will definitely advise something worth attention.

Recreational opportunities for children

For children at the resort there is a cycle of entertainment after classes on the development of alpine skiing. The children’s room works in an office building on the South Slope of the Big Woodyavr. While parents go to conquer the next routes, their child will be engaged in educators. The service is still provided absolutely free of charge (information is current for November 2020) From entertainment for children prepared:

  • soft slides;
  • dry pools;
  • cubes, balls, educational games;
  • watching cartoons;
  • coloring pages, easels, accessories for drawing and application;
  • Toys.

A bright children’s corner in the snow-white resort will not leave children indifferent.

With the family, there is also where to go or go. The main attraction of the resort is the Snow Village, which is built annually. The subject is determined in advance. Snow and ice objects are built on an area of 2 sq. km. More than 20 tons of snow are used. Ice is brought from the nearest reservoirs.

Construction begins as soon as the first snow falls. Artists, sculptors and just amateur sculptors from all over the world come here. Objects are created on a given theme, and the grand opening is scheduled for New Year’s Eve. At the end of January, the festival “Snow Ice” is held. The event lasts a week. Its culmination is the show “Mad Saw”. Sculptors unite in teams of 2 people and in front of the audience for an hour and a half create another ice masterpiece. The park of snow sculptures pleases tourists until the end of winter.

Another interesting place is the park “Mysterious Forest”. His story is connected with aliens. According to legend, UFOs were found in local forests. Now visitors are waiting for an incredible journey into the mysterious world of the art park. Bizarre creatures live in it, with the help of illumination an atmosphere of mystery is created. Northern nature here is presented in a completely different perspective than people are used to seeing it.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The Khibiny are called “Polar Hollywood”. Since the 30s of the last century, films have been shot here. The very first was the film “Seven Brave” (directed by S. Gerasimov, 1936). In 2012, director Rennie Harlin filmed The Secret of Dyatlov Pass here. One of the last was the mystical series of Roman Prygunov “Dead Lake” (2017/2019). In total, more than 20 films were shot here. Many of the tourists recognize familiar cinematic places in the picturesque landscapes.

In Kirovsk there is the only botanical garden beyond the Arctic Circle, in which tropical plants grow. It was opened in 1931. The collection includes more than 400 species of native and about 1000 tropical plants. The garden is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the tour you need a preliminary appointment, just so do not get here. The hotel administrator will provide the necessary assistance.

The city is home to the country’s northernmost female Orthodox monastery. It was founded in 2005. The building is an object of architectural heritage of Russia, so it will be interesting not only to get acquainted with the activities of the sisters, but also to get in touch with the history of northern architecture.

The ethnic village of the peoples of the Far North is located in Apatity. Here you can book a tour or join a guided tour group. The trip will be interesting for children, as they will get acquainted with reindeer. Communication, feeding and sledding will end in the plague. There guests will find tea and fun games in the fresh air.

The Far North is still not an open area for many skiers. To get acquainted with it will help the hotel Pawder,which is located in Kirovsk (Murmansk region, Kola Peninsula).

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