Park-hotel Vozdvizhenskoe Serpukhov

Park Hotel Vozdvizhenskoye is located 70 km from Moscow near the town of Serpukhov. This is a place with a history: an old count’s park with ponds, the estate of the landowners Plotnikov and the Holy Cross Church of the 17th century. The park hotel is focused on family holidays with children or a wellness raid with friends. Inexpensive rooms, buffet meals, a large selection of entertainment, animations and to top it off a spa with swimming pool. So briefly we can characterize “Vozdvizhenskoye”. For guests there is a guarded parking, but the main convenience is the ability to get here by train to the Avangard platform. You can take a bicycle or electric scooter, a backpack with a change, a bottle of wine and a favorite gadget. After relaxing by bike, you can get to Serpukhov and visit the sights, and then, again by train, return to Moscow. Such a holiday is much cheaper than flights to other countries and five-star hotels with an excessive level of comfort. Nature: ponds with ducks that swim up to be fed. Pine trees sway, birds sing, pony rides children along the path.

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Rooms in the style of “minimalism”

The standard is the basis of the number of rooms of this place, since most guests come to rest for a few days. They do not need space and premium comfort. The necessary minimum is enough. Large bed, LCD TV opposite to watch something light before going to bed. A small balcony where you can go out to breathe fresh air and drink a glass of wine. Mini-refrigerator, wardrobe, bathroom with shower and hygienic kit. All this fits on 16 m2. There is still a mini-bar, but few people use it, because there are traditionally all sorts of “harms” at inflated prices.

The all-inclusive rate includes four meals a day, a swimming pool with sauna and cardiovascular equipment, animation and a children’s room from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Additionally includes in summer: football, volleyball, ping pong, equipment and bicycle rental. In winter: skating rink, skates, skis and cotton candy. This is the most popular tariff in Vozdvizhensky.

“Deluxe” is an improved “Standard” with an area of 24 m2. A folding sofa is added, on which you can put the child to bed. In total, the hotel has 59 deluxe rooms and 103 standards of 269 rooms of 10 comfort options.

“Family Suite” is interesting because with an area of 45 m2 consists of three rooms: two bedrooms and a living room. In fact, a three-room apartment without a kitchen is perfect for a large family or four adults. It is spacious, beautiful design and comfortable furniture. On the balcony there is a table with chairs, in the living room there is a sofa with large plasma. From gadgets: climate control, mirror with lighting, rain shower. View of the cascading ponds, birds sing in the morning, the sun bakes.

“Family Junior” – a smaller copy of the suite of 35 m2. The room consists of a bedroom and a living room, designed for 4 people. The equipment is the same, and the cost is lower.

“Studio” with an area of 35 m2 can accommodate up to 4 people. The large room is divided by a partition into two parts: a bedroom and a living room with a sofa. Design – everything is painted white.

“Suite” is designed for three people and has an area of 56 m2. This is the largest room in the entire hotel, made in light colors, with wall murals, soft armchairs and a sofa in the living room. Instead of a kettle , a tea station. There is a mineral water, bathrobes and slippers.

“Junior Suite” differs from the suite interior and a slightly smaller area – 47 m2.

Sergey writes a review: “Good place! Repair and general execution of course not “luxury”, but quite decent. But low prices – do not overpay for warm outdoor pools and extras. services that you don’t use. The choice of food is not huge, but delicious. In the evening a cozy restaurant with excellent food and reasonable prices. Clean rooms with high ceilings. I liked the ponds with ducks, a small beach with sand. Good animation: well “started” people, there were contests and drawings. Large “game” in a separate building. Lots of activities for children: slides, playground, games room.”

Buffets & Restaurants

“All inclusive” in “Vozdvizhensky” involves the concept of four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. It turns out much cheaper than eating in a restaurant. The Swedish line here pulls on 3 stars, but has a good variety. Especially pleased with the large number of vegetables and fruits. Salads 3-4 types, strouted vegetables, olives, pickles. A few cereals on milk and without. A variety of side dishes: boiled, baked and steamed. Pancakes with sour cream, cottage cheese. Of course, there is fried meat with chicken and fish for those who lead a not particularly healthy lifestyle. Desserts: croissants, muffins, muffins, jam, jam, etc. Snacks, nuts, cookies. Instant coffee, tea, juice, mineral water. In a word, no one will be left hungry.

The price also includes some cheap wine (Château-Taman) and beer. Pork, fish, beef and cheap alcohol in three-star hotels guests try at their own risk. Who has a weak and pampered stomach or who is accustomed to homemade food from natural products, it is not recommended to do this.

“Delo” writes a review: “the choice of dishes is huge. From lean vegetarian to meat delights. A large selection of soups – all delicious and rich. Of the meat dishes, I liked it – a pork roll with egg and meat meatballs steamed with fried potato slices, generously sprinkled with rosemary. If you come to the hotel “clean to eat” – you will not be disappointed. “

Restaurant-bar “Ficus” is an institution that has a modern urban design and is named after the huge ficus “Melanie”, which grows in the center of the hall. The menu consists of a mix of popular dishes from different cuisines of the world. The marble beef burger (750p) is adjacent to the salad “Nisoise” (720p), and “Caesar” with chicken “(470p) gets along with shrimp in tempura (550p). In short, selected good variations of snacks for alcohol. Teapot of good tea – 350r/400g. Alcohol is 2-3 times more expensive than store prices, but they are poured into glasses. A glass of Italian or French wine in the region of 300-350r. There is a good Krasnodar – a bottle of 1650r. Draught beer “Zhiguli” is light and dark.

“Cape Town Bar” is a nightclub with a disco and an abundance of alcohol. A large selection of cocktails, shots, loud music and acquaintances – this is the style and concept of the institution. Closer to night, depraved girls dance “erotic show” with striptease. Open five days a week except Tuesday and Sunday. From 20:00 to 02:00 or until 04:00.

Spa & Water Treatments

The pool in the Soviet style is long and wide – 25m / 12.5m. Maximum depth 1.7m. That’s enough to swim. There is a comfortable sauna, which is also included in the price. The visiting session lasts 1 hour by appointment in order to avoid queues when the hotel is very busy. There is no children’s pool.

The spa center provides a large number of paid services: cedar barrel, body and face care, wraps, peeling, scrub, etc. There is even a “peeling fish for the feet.” Prices are average, and for Moscow and cheap. For example, the same fish will massage the feet for 20 minutes for 350p.

Massage costs 2700r for 1 hour. There is a restorative and anti-cellulite. But back massage for some reason costs three times more expensive – 20 min / 2500r. It is not recommended to take it, since the restorative massage also massages the back.

Hair care is done in a beauty salon, where they can do a manicure, pedicure and hair cutting.

Children’s center, playgrounds and animation

The indoor children’s center was built in Vozdvizhensky on an area of 1000 m2. Entertainment is divided into paid and those that are included in the price. Free: trampolines, billiards, dry water park, animation, ping pong, air guns and inflatable bowling. Paid: laser tag, archtag, automatons, electric cars, laser shooting gallery and virtual reality.

The outdoor playground will delight young children and their parents with artificial turf instead of bare ground, as in other places. Slides, swings and a whole town of buildings are a favorite place for children. In the park nearby there is a squirrel, where you can feed the squirrel and watch it.

Animation is handled by a whole team of professional animators. They conduct costume performances, street dances, games and master classes. In addition, children get to know each other and often play without adults, but always under their supervision. So at this time, parents can at least have a little rest.

Anastasia M. writes a review: “Children (4 and 7 years old) liked the local food. Good animation, although little was involved. Large children’s playground, well-groomed and clean area, friendly staff. We used the rental of greats, jumped on a trampoline, played badminton. We swam in the pool: one track (which is wider) is allocated for swimming with children, the water is 29 degrees. Tightly rode on a boat and a double bike, once a week there is a paid pony. Pandapark for children and adults pleased. We went to Serpukhov, Polenovo, Prioksko-terrasny reserve – everything is quite close and worth the time spent. It’s been a busy and exciting week. Both the kids and we’re absolutely thrilled.”


Equipment rental: balls, bicycles, boats, catamarans, roller skates, scooters. There are electric cars, skate boats, a tennis court. Football field, barbecue and barbecue areas, jogging tracks, beach with sun loungers. Swimming is officially prohibited, but many take risks in the summer.

Liana Park is a few rope trails on trees for people from 140 cm tall There are routes for adults – more complicated, and for children – simpler. Fans of outdoor activities and sports this type of entertainment should like. Equipment has a large margin of safety. There is a route for young children at a height of 1-1.5 meters. Large families are given a discount – the third ticket is free of charge.

ATVs are available for riding on an overgrown field. It is worth such a pleasure 2000r for half an hour drive or 3000r per hour. Cars are double, so skating takes place with an instructor – for safety reasons. There are two tracks – a small and a large circle.

Paintball is available by prior request for a group of at least 8 people. The price of pleasure is 2400r per person for 2 hours of play. The price includes full equipment with a mask and gloves, as well as 400 rounds for weapons (balls with paint).

Laser tag or quasar is a team game in the style of paintball, but without paint balls. Shooting occurs with the help of laser weapons, and the hit is recorded by sensors on the equipment. It costs several times cheaper than paintball. Hour of play for adults – 600-700r. Half an hour for children – 500r. Especially love such a high-tech “war” teenagers.

Serpukhov and surroundings

Two ancient monasteries are available for visiting in the city: the female “Vladychny” and the male “Vysotsky”. In both you can admire the ancient architecture, paintings, listen to singing, order demands, buy souvenirs and monastic products. In the monastery there is a miraculous icon of the Mother of God “The Inextinguishable Chalice”, the prayer before which helps people with alcohol dependence.

The Serpukhov Museum has one of the best collections of paintings, including paintings by Shishkin, Levitan, Vasnetsov, Aivazovsky, etc. There are works of European masters: Italians, Dutch, French. In addition, there are many sculptures, crosses and church antiquities. It is located in a chic mansion of the 19th century with columns and decorations. Restored inside and out. The price of visiting is symbolic.

Ostrich eco-farm in the village “Old Kuzmenki” is located a few kilometers from Serpukhov. Here you can get acquainted with ostriches, emus, pheasants, chickens, sheep, rabbits, etc. To see, take pictures and feed animals, drink tea. The tour is inexpensive – 350r per person. There is a café for a snack. You need to sign up first.

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