Oplot Krasnaya Polyana Hotel

Hotel Oplot is located directly in the urban-type settlement of Krasnaya Polyana.

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Location and history

Krasnaya Polyana is a unique resort that attracts tourists not only in winter, but also all year round. At the same time, most of the vacationers come because of the ski resort. Slides are designed for skating professionals and beginners. In addition, weather conditions contribute to a comfortable pastime. It remains only to find a place to stop that would meet all standards for a comfortable and complete vacation.

Check-in is possible at any time of the year, and in each season you can find entertainment for the whole family. The hotel overlooks the mountain slopes, so guests can admire the unique views of nature all year round. The hotel stands at an altitude of 550 meters.

Among the main attractions can be identified Khostin fortress, which stands only 32 kilometers away. The distance to the ski resort is only 1.9 kilometers, so the road will be pleasant to walk, especially in good weather conditions.

Sochi Airport, which produces daily flights and operates with international destinations, is located 35 kilometers from the hotel.

On the territory of the hotel there is a parking lot, which is free for guests. Parking is under round-the-clock security, so you can not be afraid for the safety of the vehicle. From the airport and back, you can order a transfer that will take you directly to the hotel, and do not have to overpay for a taxi, or look for an alternative option.

Room stock

Hotel Oplot is two-storey. On the ground floor there is a recreation area where all vacationers can spend time. The place is suitable for meeting guests, or for watching TV. On the second floor there are rooms. On the adjacent territory you can find hons for barbecue, gazebos for a comfortable stay. In addition, in the complex you can find a Russian bath, where firewood and brooms are provided.

The oplot is provided in 15 versions, which are divided into categories depending on the level of comfort and additional equipment. Each room is decorated in a modern style. Among the options are standard single rooms, standard double rooms, rooms that consist of two rooms, or family options for rooms. In addition, customers may request extra beds for children. If the child is not 16 years old, then an extra bed will cost 500 rubles per night, when reaching the age of 16, the cost increases to a thousand rubles.

In Oplot, the rooms are divided into four main categories so that users can choose the best option for a comfortable vacation. For those who come to the resort with children, spacious family rooms are offered. In addition, users can choose suites that are equipped with additional amenities. For those who came to enjoy the unique views of the mountain slopes, they can choose rooms that overlook the mountains.

Each room is equipped with air conditioning, which regularly maintains comfortable living conditions.

Rooms are cleaned daily, but visitors can ask for cleaning at any convenient time so as not to disturb the rest.

Rooms offer free Wi-Fi, satellite or cable TV.

The rooms are complemented by a private bathroom with a shower and a bathroom. Towels and personal hygiene items are regularly changed, and replenished.

In addition, users can use a hairdryer and iron, which are included in the standard set in each room.

The great advantage of the hotel is that in each room there is a mini kitchen with a refrigerator. In the kitchen you can find all the necessary equipment that visitors can use.

The hotel staff works around the clock, so visitors can ask for help at any convenient time if necessary.

All customers can take things to the laundry, where they conduct high-quality and gentle washing in a short time. There clothes can be ironed, and then sent directly to the room.

“Rested at the Oplot Hotel in December 2020. First of all, I want to note that we ordered a transfer from the airport. When we arrived, the transport was ready and so we didn’t have to wait. We arrived quickly and comfortably. At the hotel we were met by friendly staff who quickly resolved the issue of check-in. By the way, we had two children with us, and there were already extra beds in the room. The service is at the highest level, all the number, and competently arranged. The ski resort, for which we came, is located close, even with a child walked. The second baby was left with a nanny, a very kind and experienced woman. The food is decent, everything is delicious. Accommodation is not expensive. Next time we’ll come here.”

Meals and restaurants

Each room has a kitchen, so customers can prepare their own meals. If necessary, vacationers can order grocery delivery directly to the room. All products are delivered of high quality, and fresh. Users only need to call the administrator, or go to the front desk, and indicate which products, and by what time should be delivered. In the kitchen, you can use all available equipment for cooking.

In addition, visitors can use the equipment for the barbecue, which is located in a specially designated area. Picnics can be arranged almost around the clock. There are also gazebos installed on the territory so that there is an opportunity to spend time in nature.

For those who prefer complete comfort during the holidays, you can eat in the restaurant. The restaurant has a custom menu option where you can order all the meals. The menu consists of local dishes, and cuisines of other countries of the world. In addition, the restaurant offers a wide variety of hot, cold and alcoholic beverages.

On the territory of the hotel there is a bar where you can find not only drinks, but also snacks.

Leisure and entertainment

First of all, I come to the hotel for the sake of the ski resort, which is famous not only in our country, but throughout the world. In the hotel you can take all the necessary equipment for hire. The equipment is selected individually depending on the preferences, conditions and skills of the user. For those who want to learn how to ski, a ski school is open on site. The school is taught by professional teachers who can help to get the necessary skill even for those who have zero experience of skating. The hotel can use a specially designated place for storing skis and ski equipment.

On the territory of the hotel you can find swimming pools that can be used by hotel guests. The pool is suitable for a relaxing holiday, or active pastime. One pool is located in the open air. The swimming pool is heated.

In addition, in the hotel you can find a sauna, which is suitable for those who want to relax as much as possible, and relax alone or in the company. The spa complex offers a massage chair to help you relax. There you can also visit the steam room, where the most comfortable and safe conditions are maintained.

Not far from the hotel there is a water park, to which transport regularly goes. The water park will appeal to both adults and children.

Guests can set off picnics on a special barbecue area. The zone not only has a convenient location, but also includes the necessary equipment.

If customers want to spend time with other vacationers, then on the territory of the hotel there is a common area for recreation, which is designed specifically for this purpose. In addition, there is a TV that is available for general viewing.

Users can rent bicycles in the warmer hours to explore the surroundings, or just for a relaxing ride option.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel is suitable for the most comfortable holiday with children. If parents want to ski, or just relax, they can order the services of a professional nanny who will sit with the children. In addition, the hotel provides strollers so that you do not have to take extra things on vacation.

Children can spend time on the playground, which fully complies with all safety standards. On the playground you can find the necessary equipment and toys so that children are quickly involved in the process.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Customers are offered a unique opportunity to hike in the surrounding area. Tourists can enjoy the views of the mountain slopes, passing through safe routes that are specially created for visitors.

Visitors can book excursions to the most interesting and significant places of the resort. As a rule, excursions are held to Olympic venues. Professional guides help not only to get acquainted with the cultural heritage, but also to get acquainted with interesting information.

In addition, excursions are held to the Khostin fortress, which is famous throughout the country. You can get to the fortress from the hotel in about half an hour.


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