Nadezhda SPA & Sea Paradise Resort Complex

The Black Sea coast, the sun, rest – the dream of a tired urban man in the street. But how to choose the best of all the places offered?

Deservedly attracts the attention of the resort complex “Hope SPA & Sea Paradise”,located on the slope of a picturesque hill on the first coastline in Gelendzhik. Forests, mountains, a huge green area, a beautiful panoramic view create all the conditions for a first-class vacation. The resort’s private beach took first place in the competition of the Krasnodar Territory among the best beaches for recreation and recreation.

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The complex is located a little away from the noise, dust and bustle of the track, which has a beneficial effect on lovers of quiet pastime.
Due to the moderately humid climate, the summer heat is easily tolerated, and in winter it is not cold, so staying in the sanatorium will be comfortable all year round.
The advantage of this resort is its multidirectionality.

Possibilities of rest with children

The main orientation of the resort is a family holiday. All conditions are created not only for adults, but also for children of different ages. Sports and entertainment activities are held. Pools with water slides, a special children’s club with teachers, game rooms, discos, a team of animators will not let children get bored and will allow parents to find time for themselves. Spas, fitness center, barbecue, sports games, cinema, yacht trips, water attractions, diving, various excursions and many other entertainment are available on the territory of the resort.

Beaches & Pools

Gelendzhik is a unique point of travelers. Kabardinka is known among the analogues of the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. Most often they come here from July to October, but many go outside the groups, on their own, just to visit the seashore, to look at the surrounding beauty. Tourists are waiting for 300 m. comfortable beach.

Unique complexes of the beach and swimming pools. SPA center includes a range of services for recreation and rehabilitation of any family member. SPA centers “Aphrodite” (main building) and “Medusa” (beach) are offered to those who understand the importance of individual programs to eliminate the signs of aging and strengthen the body. To help – cosmetics, natural herbs of the Krasnodar Territory.

The complex is represented by several directions. There is a fully landscaped beach, with sunbeds and umbrellas, toilets, closed changing rooms, fully functioning showers. There are points of medical equipment, rescue service.


The sanatorium has developed various programs for the rehabilitation and treatment of the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and endocrine systems, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, prevention and treatment of radiation sickness, general health programs for pregnant women and those who want to lose weight, programs for male and female health, as well as therapeutic and recreational children’s activities.

The sanatorium offers first-class dental care, plasmolifting, xenon therapy, ozone therapy and much more. Diagnostic examinations, consultations of doctors, passing tests, undergoing treatment plus the latest medical equipment, high professionalism of doctors, individual approach will help to become a healthy and happy person.

Balneotherapy is represented by salt, herbal, medicinal, dry carbon dioxide baths. You can take a circular, waterfall, rising shower or Charcot shower, and then enjoy a rest over a cup of medicinal herbal tea.
It is no secret what effect on the body have mud baths, known since the times of Ancient Egypt. Highly inerated sulfite mud will relieve pain in diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Quality treatment is provided by the latest equipment. For example, in addition to traditional physiotherapy, procedures are carried out here with the help of the HI-TOP apparatus, which has an effect on the inside and intercellular level and is able to treat 2-3 diseases at the same time. “Androgyne” is an apparatus that provides comprehensive treatment of sexual disorders, diseases of the genitourinary sphere. “Multimag” – a complex for general and local magnetotherapy – the thest development of scientists.

Room stock

The hotel has two modern seven-storey buildings of amazing architectural form, arranged in such a way that magnificent views open from each room. In each building there are three, two and one rooms, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and unforgettable stay. Free Wi-Fi access is available.

  • Family Standart. This is a nice and cozy room that is perfect for a holiday family of four. The room with a total area of 35-45 square meters consists of two comfortable rooms equipped in a modern style and a balcony with comfortable armchairs. In one room of the room there is one double bed, and in the second – two separate. If there are five people in the family, it is possible to organize an additional place on a euro cot.
  • Family Suite. Luxurious room will appeal to a large family. Room with a total area of 75 sq.m. includes three comfortable rooms with modern interiors and an impressive terrace with wicker rattan furniture of 45 sq.m. In the first room of the room there is a double bed, in the next – two separate beds, and in the third room – a sofa bed, which can easily turn into two extra beds. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, electric fireplace and refrigerator.
  • Junior Suite. Comfortable room with a cozy furnished balcony will appeal to families with children. The room has a comfortable sofa bed for two. There is also a single sofa and a folding armchair.
  • Standart. Cozy room will quickly appeal to couples in love, young families or families with a child. The room, designed for two people, is equipped with comfortable furniture, air conditioning, TV. If necessary, you can easily turn the chair into an extra bed.
  • Suite Terrasa.Suites consisting of two spacious rooms and a terrace with rattan furniture. The apartments can accommodate up to four vacationers. The room has two main and two extra beds. TVs and a fireplace in such an excellent atmosphere will create a unique comfort that has a pleasant and unforgettable stay. In addition, the room has air conditioning, shower, as well as a safe. And what could be more pleasant to spend some time in the sauna to restore strength and energy. The room provides such an opportunity. Vacationers can directly from the terrace to get to the infrared sauna.
  • Superior. This is a small but very cozy studio can accommodate up to four vacationers. The studio has two main beds and a double sofa. The room also has a balcony with rattan furniture, TV, bathroom and air conditioning.

Leisure and entertainment

In addition to improving the physical condition of the body on the territory of the resort complex, you can find a lot of options for pastime. The beauty studio is provided by specialists in the field of hairdressing, nail service and cosmetology. Fans of massage procedures may feel dizzy from the wide variety of services offered. In general, the types of massage presented here can be conditionally divided into relaxing and improving metabolism – than to describe everything, it is better to feel each of them. Will please and a variety of spa-programs: detox, nutrition and hydration, restoration of skin elasticity, stress relief, anti-cellulite direction.

If you plan a family vacation, there is no doubt that all family members will be satisfied. Swimming pool, sports grounds, animation will allow you to unite and have fun in the company of each other. And for those who want to occupy the child’s time with something useful, there is a children’s club. The club is a children’s room where you can not only play, watch cartoons and read, but also take part in master classes and educational games.

For businessmen it is possible to organize business meetings, corporate events, holding various conferences, exhibitions, seminars, business forums. The team of specialists provides comprehensive support and shares many years of experience in organizing events of any level.

And for those who prefer active recreation, there are various opportunities to plan leisure outside the complex. Vacationers are waiting for excursions to wineries and beautiful places, which in Gelendzhik are immeasurable.

All customers are satisfied with the quality and variety of services, regardless of the purpose of visiting the resort complex “Nadezhda SPA & Sea Paradise”.


In the sanatorium there are several types of price lists. For different levels of recreation there are their own opportunities. The factor of hot temperature and humid climate, in which water is required, is also provided. Breakfast is provided as standard year-round. Bottled water is updated in each room.

In the restaurant “Hope” visitors can simply dine for a fee, there is also organized meals for guests on full board. Visitors with children can count on a discount of up to 50%.

Meals in the resort complex are prepared by professional chefs under the guidance of an experienced chef. The menu is balanced, dominated by the freshest products of local producers.

Meals are standard for the resort. All kinds of dishes are provided. The food is complete. Depending on the situation, the menu may vary. Very popular festive dishes that are served at weddings, anniversaries and banquets. Also in the resort center in Kabardinka there are bars and restaurants. In addition to “Hope”, there are restaurants “Eden”, “Coral” and others. Each restaurant is equipped in its own elegant style, different capacity, menu and program. Guests are offered dishes of different themes from different categories of products.

You can get to the sanatorium in various ways: from the airport or bus station of Gelendzhik, the length of the path will be 15-19 km, from the railway and bus station of Novorossiysk – 24-25 km. If desired, it is possible to order a transfer.

Guest Reviews

Kristina, Vladimir: Kabardinka I really liked a relaxing holiday. I came for 10 days, decided to take advantage of the moment and recover in the SPA. Local treatments are a miracle. The room was also good, the furniture is fresh, the renovation is normal. On the sanatorium from the USSR does not look like a beautiful complex.

Stanislav and Oksana, Belorechensk: Children’s room, great view, cozy balcony, kitchen is also excellent. We had a great rest. We did not expect that this is even possible on vacation with young children. All the staff of the complex are polite and always ready to help. The restaurant is good. We didn’t take full board, we didn’t want to be tied to the menu and time. We went to lunch in different cafes. There’s something special about everyone. Kabardinka is generally a great place. We will recommend to friends.

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