Mirny Hotel, Alushta, Crimea

Hotel “Mirny” opens its doors to guests from all over the country, creating the best conditions for a summer family holiday, come and see for yourself!

Alushta is a small “pearl” of the southern Crimean coast and one of the popular resorts. It is surrounded by several peaks of mountains with interesting names Kastel, Babugan, Demerdzhi and Chatyrdag, and the Black Sea right there. Thanks to the mountains, the air here is clean, and it is for him that vacationers come here, there are a lot of sunny and warm days. Every year more and more tourists visit Alushta not only for a beach holiday, but also for learning about new places of our country.

It is surprising that a small Alushta in its popularity confidently follows Yalta, and in this region there are many hotels and sanatoriums of various orientations.


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Hotel Location

The hotel “Mirny” in Alushta is only 8 years old, it is located near the sea, on the highest point of the village. From its territory you can enjoy the majestic mountains and seascapes. The hotel is located near the city center in the Mirny microdistrict, from here you can easily get to an active noisy life, while at the same time leaving yourself, if desired, time for peace of mind in the hotel.

From the airport can be reached in an hour, while the order of transfer from the hotel is available. Not far – Yalta and Gurzuf, just half an hour away.

Room stock

The number of rooms consists of 14 rooms, each decorated in its own color scheme and style and furnished with European furniture. The hotel is ready to receive its guests throughout the year, and the combination of excellent service and southern hospitality attracts both business travelers and a group of friends or family with children.

It offers the following types of rooms:

  • standard or improved comfort;
  • Junior Suite;
  • luxury;
  • apartment.

Each of them is very spacious, has a wardrobe, table, beds, chest of drawers, TV and refrigerator. There is a modern climatic equipment, the bathroom with a shower cabin is equipped with everything necessary. In order to have a snack in the room, there is a tea corner with utensils. Rooms are cleaned and towels are changed daily.

Anastasia and Sergey, Tver “Resting in Alushta is not the first time and made sure that the hotel “Mirny” – the most worthy accommodation option. Agree, not one of the cheapest, but for such a quality of service on vacation you can pay. The rooms are perfectly furnished, everything is modern and nice to use all the appliances. If you do not take a suite, then the simpler rooms are also gorgeous, and what a view from the balcony! The staff helped with all matters related to the placement of children, and we did not interfere with anyone in the end. The feeling of staying is very pleasant, and when it is, you want to return for sure”

Meals at the hotel

Breakfast is not included in the room rate and you can always discuss the type of meal when booking your stay. Breakfast can be served in the room, but there is an additional charge.

Many guests note that even morning meals are served beautifully and elegantly, which is already talking about romantic dinners and parties in the main restaurant of the hotel. The hall is decorated in calm light colors, it is very pleasant to be and relax here.

For children and guests with special meals, it is possible to order a diet menu, the chef always goes to meet.

From the à la carte bar and restaurant of the hotel you can choose dishes of European, Italian and Japanese cuisines, many guests celebrate celebrations and memorable dates here.

Coming to the coastal city, be sure to visit the local cafes and canteens, it will diversify your leisure, and get acquainted with the local traditions closer.

Pavel, Moscow “We are so used to it now that food, breakfast for sure, is included in the price, but in the case of the mirny hotel, this is not a problem at all. There is no need to run anywhere in the morning and look for cafes or canteens outside the territory. In the local restaurant, the food is tasty and very affordable, and if you spend all day and evening on the territory, you will not be hungry. For dinner they offer a large selection of high-quality Crimean wines, which is very worthy!”

Additional services at the hotel

What is included in the price of the room in the hotel “Mirny”:

  • Use of the beach and shuttle service to it. The hotel is located on 3 coastlines, and walking to the beach is problematic, especially with children, so there is a regular shuttle.
  • The heated outdoor pool is the main pride of the hotel. Equipped with countercurrent and light illumination. The pool is large, it fits both a jacuzzi and a children’s area. Many vacationers have always dreamed of swimming in such a pool, when the surface of its water “passes” into the horizon of the Crimean sky. Near the pool there is a special area where you can have breakfast and dinner, enjoying the sunset, and sunbathe during the day.
  • A modern children’s playground, which is so popular with children that they can spend a lot of time on it while parents rest nearby.
  • The summer rooftop veranda is another highlight of the hotel. It is quite large, and you can sunbathe during the day and spend time in the lounge area with friends for a delicious dinner or a glass of Crimean wine.
  • Use of wireless Internet throughout the hotel.

In the hotel “Mirny” there are also paid services,and the administration asks guests to pay attention to this.

Play billiards you can the whole company, for this you need to learn about the free hours of the room at the reception. The hall is equipped very professionally, and both beginners and experts in their field will be able to enjoy the game. The interior equipment uses materials from Italy and Belgium. In the hall there is a cozy area for relaxation, including.

Sauna lovers will be able to relax comfortably in the thermal complex of the hotel, after the procedures to sit in the recreation room with a company of up to 6 people. Hydromassage cabins are available.

On the territory of the hotel there is a special barbecue, where you can cook meat on the grill yourself and spend time in the fresh air. On the site there is a barbecue with skewers, all the necessary furniture and utensils.

The southern coast of Crimea is famous for its natural and historical sights, and while in Alushta, be sure to get acquainted with them.

Sights of Alushta

Yukhari-Jami Mosque

The current mosque, which began its history in the 19th century, and it is the only one preserved for such a long time, and its fate is really difficult.

It was built in the center of the city, on top of the so-called Fortress Hill. The architecture is standard for a religious building, but it still looks very beautiful and elegant. The walls are covered with paintings and wood carvings, and stained glass windows are also present in the decoration.

Like many religious institutions, during the October coup it was closed, and the mosque changed hands several times, its condition only worsened. From the former beauty there is no trace. Only in 1986 it was officially recognized as an architectural monument and received proper care from the state. A few years later, it was solemnly returned to the Muslim community, a minaret was built, and the first prayer in a long time was held. The restoration took place on voluntary donations.

Chatyr-Dag Caves

These natural karst wonders are very popular to visit among tourists. It is necessary to get from the Angarsk pass to the lower plateau, here are just the most famous caves among the equipped: Marble, Three-eyed and Emine – Bair – Khosar.

Special attention and interest is always chained to the marble cave , it is actually a beautiful and unusual underground formation in the whole Crimea. It is included in the list of the most beautiful in the world, and the peninsula is proud of it. Discovered it not so long ago, only about 40 years ago, and in a short time equipped it for tourists to visit. The name was given by the rock of limestone, which folded it – marble-

The cave has a length of 2 km, and throughout this length there are several halls, the most famous are the Tiger Move, the Gallery of Fairy Tales (from it you can move to the lower level and 5 more halls there). Whichever route you choose, you will pass it surrounded by stalagmites of bizarre shape.

Park “Aivazovskoe”

The park’s middle name is “Paradise”, and it deserves such a “paradise” name. This is a huge landscape zone in the bay near Partenit, just 15 km from Alushta. On an area of 15 hectares grow cypresses, cedars and pines. Streams flow through the park, which thus divide it into zones where various plants are planted: waterfalls in the Danish zone, the Rock Garden, the Mexican Garden and the Mountain Creek Garden. During a walk through the park you can see many interesting monuments and architectural structures.

Dolphinarium “Watercolor”

It is located in the center of Alushta, almost on the beach. Almost every day shows – programs with dolphins delight hundreds of visitors and give unforgettable emotions. Experienced trainers, as well as good friends for all marine animals put together with them fun numbers and quite complex tricks. At the end of the performance, everyone can take a picture with dolphins and swim with these amazing animals. By the way, dolphin therapy is a method of helping children with health problems proven by doctors.

Aquapark “Almond Grove”

It is easy to find it, it is located in a large hotel complex, not far from the embankment of the professor’s corner. This is a lot of entertainment in the open air, so they work only in the holiday season. You can have fun on water slides, wave pool for adults and shallow for children with waterfalls and grottoes.

Adults can fully relax in the spa area with sauna and bath, there is also a swimming pool with sun loungers, a bar and a restaurant.

Scientific and entertainment center “Guardian of the Empire”

Modern interactive museum, a project of a new level. It surprisingly combines a hotel, an educational center and a platform for excursions and quests. Here, visitors can make a trip to the Galaxy by ship, become participants in the battle in space in a virtual format and, of course, see real spacesuits and meteorites. Only in “Guardian of the Empire” you can try samples of space weapons from popular movies and talk to the modern robot V – 4. Such a center will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults.

Museum of Disasters on the Waters

The museum is thematic, but where if not in a seaside resort, to be such an institution. It carefully preserves the memory of the sailors who died not only in the Black Sea, but also in all world waters. Near the museum you will find another famous monument of Alushta – temple – lighthouse of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The halls of the museum are the holds and cabins of a real ship that once sank. Here you can see torn anchors, parts of fishermen’s nets and blackened from time wooden boats.

When leaving the exposition, guests get to the observation deck in the form of a sailboat with a steering wheel. From here you can enjoy amazing views of the surface of the Black Sea.

Museum of World Languages

How many languages do you think there are on our planet? About this and not only you will learn in this wonderful museum. In general, in Alushta in recent years opened many unusual museums, analogues of which will not find.

In the Museum of World Languages, guests are shown how they used to write on wood, birch bark, clay and even on palm leaves. It’s great that almost everything here can be twisted, pressed and touched. Special auditory tubes are issued from the walls, through which you can hear all the languages of the world.

This educational museum is located 30 km from Alushta, in Zelenogorye.


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Alushta is an amazing Crimean corner, it is very easy to get acquainted and fall in love with it again and again, located in the very center, cozy and modern hotel “Mirny”!