Mind-breathtaking Estival Park Salou Hotel 4* Spain, Costa Dorada, La Pineda — Spanish hospitality and European service

Estival Park Salou Hotel 4* – an excellent hotel category “four stars”, located on the first coastline. All conditions are created here, many infrastructure facilities, swimming pools and beautiful terraces for sunbathing have been built on the territory. In such an atmosphere, guests can fully enjoy a vacation abroad, without worrying about food, laundry and cleaning.

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Features & Benefits

The Costa Dorado (translated as “gold coast”) is a resort area and the pride of Spain. The complex we are discussing is located right in its center. Just imagine: wide sandy beaches of light yellow color, gentle surf, unusual color of the water. Thanks to the presence of mica, the scales of which are interestingly shimmering in the sun, it seems that you are bathed in gold. Actually hence the name of this area. In fact, this place is considered one of the most popular with tourists, as the climate is very mild, the sun shines almost 11 months a year.

Specifically, the hotel complex is built on La Pineda, part of the world-famous resort called Salou. Nearby there are many recreation centers that deserve the attention of travelers. Almost a few steps away is PortAventura, which every day has a park of attractions and giant slides, delivering a lot of fun and positive emotions. But on the other hand, located near Salou, the hotel fenced off its guests from the eternal hustle and bustle. The tranquility and tranquility that reigns here attract thousands of guests from abroad of old age, as well as family tourists who prefer to relax in the company of their children and elderly parents.

Maxim, Taganrog: “I really liked this place. All conditions are created here for children, they certainly do not have to be bored. But I was not impressed by the fact that the hotel does not have a private area of the coast. The whole beach is public, and for sun loungers and umbrellas you need to pay separately. I am a swimmer with a lot of experience, and I did not like the entrance to the sea, because it took a very long time to swim to the depths. But the wife and child were delighted with the smooth entrance, as it makes it possible to take their son with them and splash around the shore. “

Sports & Wellness

On the territory of the hotel complex Estival Park Salou Hotel 4 * there is a huge spa by local standards. There is an indoor swimming pool, which is always clean and warm fresh water. Jacuzzi hot tubs, Turkish and Finnish saunas, steam room, barrel baths, massage rooms, hairdresser – all this is available for guests throughout the day.

And now let’s talk about a nice bonus that the administration offers. If you have paid for a room for more than 10 days, the staff will give you three coupons for free access to the wellness center. We recommend that you take advantage of the offer – this is a good opportunity to put your body in order, eliminate some defects, restore strength after difficult working days and change your image.

Alexandra, Stavropol: “In fact, the procedures in the local spa are quite expensive, so some guests are looking for establishments that offer similar services in the city. And so, if you come to soak up the water and sunbathe, you can go to the pool. All sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as towels and mattresses are provided free of charge, there are always free places. Rested in Turkey, and still with nervous irritation I remember how I had to get up early in the morning to take a seat. There is no such thing here, you can come at any time of the day and choose a suitable sunbed. “

Food system

I must say that the hotel meals are paid separately. If you do not want to give money for half board, the concept of the hotel includes the right of guests to free breakfasts. I must say, hunger will not torment you, because according to Catalan traditions, the morning meal is considered the most important and consists of a large number of dishes, pastries, fruits and vegetables.

Guests also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes that are prepared in local restaurants. Seafood, cava, jamon, creamcaplan and tapas are all prepared by experienced chefs and cooks with many years of experience.

All bars are open almost late at night. In them, the staff of the complex offer refreshing drinks and snacks with fresh pastries, fast food, pizza, ice cream and vegetable fresh. Some establishments cook meat and fish for steaming and grilling right in the open air.

Vladislava, Moscow: “Half board is a food system that ensures the right to daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I didn’t regret paying for everything. The main restaurant serves delicious dishes of local and European cuisine, there are always many desserts, exotic fruits and seafood. Especially pleased with the rich children’s menu and an extensive list of dishes for vegetarians and supporters of a healthy lifestyle. “


Many tourists with special enthusiasm describe the rooms in which they were lucky enough to stay during the holidays. Entering the apartment, you will definitely find installed air conditioning with an individual control panel. Next to the large double bed there are pedestals on which there is a clock and a telephone. Nearby in the sleeping area there is a TV with many satellite channels. For a fee, you can use a safe in which you will store valuables, cash and documents.

In the bathrooms are cleaned regularly, in fact, as in rooms designed for sleep and rest. All hygienic utensils, hairdryer, bathrobes and slippers are provided by the hotel staff. Maids change towels daily, bed linen – three times a week.

As for the wireless connection to the world wide web, access to it can be obtained only after depositing a small amount of money. If you pay for this service, your gadget will catch the Internet even on the beach. And those who for some reason refused it, can enjoy the benefits of technological progress in the main hall near the reception. There is an on-site establishment and internet café.

Svetlana, Tver: “For me, it is better to rest in Turkey, where the all-inclusive program operates in almost all hotels. Spain is not famous for such hospitality, so you have to pay for everything. But if you discard these shortcomings and do not pay attention to them, in general, I liked the accommodation here. The room is always clean and cozy, the air conditioner copes with cooling one hundred percent. And the view is simply delightful. On the one hand you can see the most beautiful sea, and on the other – gardens with exotic plants and virgin protected forests. “


On the territory of the Estival Park Salou Hotel 4 * there is a huge number of facilities designed for practicing various sports. What is only a gym, which regularly hosts individual and group classes in squash, paddle and fitness. Instructors working in it are ready to offer and develop for each guest a set of exercises, based on the individual characteristics of the body. And after intensive training, you can visit a massage room, in which specialists will dissent tired muscles and make you healthier and more beautiful.

To organize sports competitions, the administration built a whole stadium. Friendly matches in football, basketball and volleyball are regularly held here. There is a playground for playing mini-golf, tennis and table tennis, billiards, dart, boccia, shooting range for archery, hippodrome, scuba diving school, bicycle rental.

For those who come here by private car, there is a free place in the covered guarded parking lot. The hotel also offers everyone to rent “iron horses” for a day, a week or ten days.

Nikolay, Krasnoyarsk: “The hotel has many opportunities to spend your leisure time as you want. Also on the public beach there are many paid services, such as water skiing, diving, windsurfing, parasailing, fishing and much more. I advise you to spend more time on the beach or by the pool. By the way, near the pond in the courtyard is always very interesting, animators work with the charms, dynamic music always plays, noisy parties are held. The children have their own place to swim, where rescuers are watching them.”

What do you need to know?

Hotel Estival Park Salou Hotel 4* offers guests special conditions. All holidaymakers can use the free services included in the all-inclusive program only if the stay in the complex is more than 4 days. Within the framework of the concept, you can count on:

  • Specialty wine, soft drinks, sangria, coffee, tea and juices;
  • For persons over 18 years of age – alcoholic products of local production (gin, whiskey, wine, beer, brandy, rum).
  • Ice cream, fruit ice, fresh exotic fruits.
  • Room service from 10 a.m. to eleven p.m.
  • Light snacks from the snack bar.
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Many travelers note that the evening events here are distinguished by unrestrained fun and a large number of animated shows with the participation of guest pop stars. The leisure picture is complemented by a wine cellar, a bar with a tapper and a tapas bar. And for those who want to have fun until the morning, there is a convenient transfer to the nearest nightclub. It is a few meters from the hotel, so you can go there on foot.

So, the reviews of travelers about the hotel Estival Park Salou Hotel 4 * have, basically, a positive color, which means that you can plan a trip here without fears and doubts and book a room. You can not wait for summer and go on a trip even in December, because in Spain the sun shines all year round. With advance reservation, you will find a nice bonus in the form of a discount. May this vacation be remembered for you to come! And don’t forget toss a coin into the sea to come back here again.