Migratory Birds Hotel, Alupka, Crimea

Picturesque Crimea is unusually rich in landscaped places for beach holidays and entertainment on the water. One of them is Alupka. This compact town, where a little more than 8 thousand people live, annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists. Hotel“Migratory Birds”– one of more than 40 local hotels of different categories – is suitable for guests of the resort who prefer comfortable living conditions surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

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Location of the Migratory Birds Hotel

Alupka is a quiet green city, similar to a large well-groomed park, the area of which is 4 sq. km. – 4.5 times less than Yalta. To the west of the central streets of the resort among the numerous trees – oaks, cedars, cypresses, spruces, palm trees and pines – the hotel “Migratory Birds” “hides”. It is easy for tourists to overcome the distance (in kilometers) to the most important objects located nearby and in the vicinity:

  • to the outskirts of Yalta – 14,2;
  • Gaspry – the nearest resort – 5.73;
  • Bus station yalta – 21;
  • sea coast with a landscaped beach – 0.25;
  • Alupka bus station – 1,14;
  • Simferopol airport – 130 (through Bakhchisaray and Foros) or 120 (through Gaspra) by road.

How to get to the hotel?

Most often, tourists go to the hotel from the airport of Simferopol. The first stage is a trip to the Simferopol bus station. Next, travelers have a choice of several ways to get to the hotel “Migratory Birds”:

  • by bus to Alupka bus station – departure at 9:55 and 13:05;
  • by means of transfer, ordering a taxi in advance on the website of the kiwitaxi service;
  • by shuttle bus to the bus station of Yalta, from where there are suburban buses (No. 142, 132, 128, 115, 107 and 102) to Alupka or through the city to other resorts.

More information. Motorists usually get from the airport of Simferopol in two ways: along Lesnaya Street, Yalta and Yuzhnoberezhnoye Highway or along evpatoria Highway, A-291 highway, Presidential Road and Yuzhnoberezhnoye Highway.

Advantages of the hotel

Hotel “Migratory Birds” began to receive guests in June 2016 Vacationers were able to quickly appreciate the advantages of this institution. Choosing a hotel with a boarding house – so position themselves “Migratory birds” – for their summer vacation, tourists get several significant advantages:

  • proximity to the mountain ranges, reliably protecting the resort from the penetration of cold air currents;
  • location in a green area rich in subtropical vegetation, which makes the air healthy and saturated with pleasant floral aromas;
  • favorable weather conditions for a beach holiday; in the summer months, sea water warms up to comfortable temperatures for swimming + 21.8 … + 25.1, air – up to + 22.3 … + 25.9;
  • proximity to the central streets of Alupka and to many famous sights of Big Yalta;
  • mild subtropical-Mediterranean climate contributes to the fact that in August and July vacationers do not suffer from too hot weather;
  • developed infrastructure of gastronomic and entertainment establishments located near the hotel.

Room stock

Hotel “Migratory Birds” is a hotel complex of three wings (in parentheses the number of floors is indicated): Upper (2), Eastern (2) and Main. (3). Guests can choose from 10 comfortable and spacious rooms. All three buildings are decorated in the style of Mediterranean mansions, often found on the French Riviera or in the Italian resorts of the Adriatic Sea. The owners of the hotel decided to show originality in the names of the rooms,abandoning the traditional categories:

numberwingfloornumber of guestscost

(in thousand rubles,

2021 season)

«Amber» main3rd212,5–15,0
«Hyacinth» main1st26,5–7,0
«Mother-of-pearl» main2nd24,5–5,0
«Ruby» main2nd312,5–15,0
«Lapis lazuli» oriental1st25,5–6,0
«Jade» orientalall 2nd412,5–13,0
«Crystal» orientalall 3rd28,0–10,0
«Amethyst» upper1st37,5–8,0
«Pearl» upper2nd and 3rd413,0–15,5
«Junior» upper1st23,5–4,0

Note! According to the traditional classification, the rooms of the hotel “Migratory Birds” belong to the category of “standard” with accommodation for different number of guests. “Hyacinth” and “Pearl” – “deluxe”. The first amount of the cost indicated for accommodation in the room during the day – refers to the low season, the second – to the high. By calling the hotel and booking a room, future guests receive a 5% discount.

The rooms are equipped with everything that guests need for a comfortable stay and a carefree stay. From the second and third floors you can see the sea, located in the distance. Regardless of the category, in each room guests can use a standard set of furniture, household appliances, as well as premises:

  • comfortable bath or shower;
  • a spacious balcony or a cozy terrace;
  • modern upholstered furniture;
  • a set of toiletries;
  • air conditioning;
  • utensils for making drinks and food;
  • flat-screen TV;
  • roomy refrigerator.

Rooms have a large double bed. In “Ruby”, “Amethyst” and “Jade” – there is also a sofa bed, in “Pearl” – three bedrooms, two single beds and one double bed. Amethyst and Pearl rooms are equipped with a kitchen area.

Review. Kira Voropaeva, Rostov-on-Don. Hotel “Migratory birds” chose with her husband quite by accident. Attracted by the fact that this is not a standard hotel building, but separate wings with spacious terraces. The rooms are cozy, clean. The staff is very helpful. There are no complaints about the service. We had a second floor. Just an amazing view from the terrace. In the distance is the sea, which in sunny weather bleaks with bright lights. Very nice area. Quiet, calm and sparsely populated. Coniferous trees grow on the territory of the hotel, which creates the feeling that this is a cozy square. We were very pleased with everything: staff, service, and rest in general.

Importantly! Check-in to the hotel “Migratory Birds” is issued upon arrival of guests. Please let the property know your arrival time in advance. Check-out ends at 12:00. Later time is negotiated with the hotel administration. Children under 5 years old stay free of charge at the Migratory Birds Hotel. If desired, parents can ask for a crib for them. The cost of daily accommodation in the hotel for young vacationers from 6 to 11 years old is 1500 rubles.

Services for hotel guests

Vacationers will certainly be satisfied with the level of service in the “Migratory Birds”. The hotel administration takes care of a comfortable stay for tourists, providing a whole range of services that meet the requirements of modern standards adopted in the hotel industry in Europe and Russia. Vacationers can take advantage of the following opportunities available at the hotel “Migratory Birds” (paid services are marked with an asterisk*):

  • have breakfast in the hotel restaurant on the “buffet” system, which Russian tourists traditionally call “buffet”;
  • use the transfer*, booking a car in advance to get from the airport or bus station to the door of the hotel;
  • leave your own or rented car in a small street parking lot*;
  • swim or swim in the outdoor pool;
  • play table tennis;
  • leave clothes for drying in a room specially equipped for this function;
  • at the reception to order your favorite excursions*, as well as railway or air tickets*;
  • ask the hotel staff to wake up at a specific time or bring breakfast to the room;
  • use the Internet, watch federal and satellite channels;
  • get the supplies you will need for barbecue;
  • if necessary, address requests to employees by internal telephone.

Pay attention! For guests of the hotel“Migratory birds”is equipped with a small street parking. The service is paid. The cost is 500 rubles per day. To use the parking, you must make a reservation in advance.

Meals and restaurants

On the territory of the hotel “Migratory Birds” the doors of a cozy restaurant are open, which works only for those who live in the hotel. The menu includes a variety of Crimean, European and Slavic dishes. A wide selection of desserts and pastries will delight lovers of cakes, buns, pies and sweets.

The cost of breakfast is included in the price for daily accommodation and services in the hotel. If desired, vacationers can order dinner and lunch. This service is charged separately. Breakfast usually includes several dishes:

  • hot coffee or tea to choose from – green, herbal, fruity, black;
  • homemade cereals;
  • fruits grown on the peninsula;
  • freshly prepared natural juices without flavoring and flavoring additives;
  • pancakes with different fillings;
  • scrambled eggs or omelets;
  • dessert to choose from.

Hotel guests often prefer to dine and dine in the city. Not far from the “Migratory Birds” there are several gastronomic establishments worthy of a visit:

  • “Pirate Bay” – a café for lovers of chebureks and shawarma;
  • “Oneiro” is a cozy tavern with a large selection of seafood and meat dishes; the restaurant has a separate menu for young visitors;
  • “Laguna” is a small café with a terrace, from where you can admire the Black Sea landscapes;
  • “Karamba” is an inexpensive restaurant, the interior of which is decorated in a marine style; the guests seem to be on the deck of a large ship; the menu of the gastronomic institution includes several varieties of burgers, pizza and sushi;
  • Roomi is a stylish café offering dishes of the Crimean Tatars.

Rest in the hotel and the city

Tourists choose the hotel “Migratory Birds” for a pleasant and relaxing pastime. In the hotel for vacationers there are several types of leisure:

  • table tennis games in the courtyard of the hotel;
  • swimming in the outdoor pool;
  • possibility to organize a picnic on the barbecue area;
  • watching popular tv programs broadcast by satellite and federal channels.

In Alupka, guests of the hotel “Migratory Birds” will find dozens of different opportunities for a relaxed and active pastime. The most popular are several classes:

  • quad biking;
  • walks along the picturesque embankment in the evening, when you can admire the colorful Crimean sunsets;
  • scuba diving and swimming, organized by instructors of Frogz – a modern diving center;
  • fascinating horseback riding and cycling on the slopes of the picturesque Ai-Petri – a well-known mountain peak for tourists;
  • visit to Gorgippia – the Archaeological Museum dedicated to the ancient city of the same name;
  • inspection of the Anapa lighthouse, near which tourists like to take selfies;
  • visit to “Bora Bora” – an entertainment complex with 6 swimming pools, a concert venue and a restaurant.

Recreational opportunities for children

Young guests have a small choice of leisure time inside the institution. Hotel“Migratory birds”is designed primarily for adult vacationers. And yet young vacationers will find something to occupy themselves:

  • watching children’s programs and animated films on television;
  • games on a small playground equipped in the courtyard;
  • swimming in the pool under the supervision of caring parents.

Outside the Migratory Birds Hotel, young guests will find much more exciting activities. Among the most interesting are some of the most popular entertainment:

  • travel along the long cable car to Ai-Petri;
  • attractions of small water parks: “Tiki-Tak”, “Golden Beach” and “Octopussy” (in the boarding house “Hope”);
  • entertainment on the beach and swimming in the warm azure sea;
  • visit to the RIF – oceanarium, where unusual fish live in aquariums of different sizes – cows, butterflies, angels, triggerfish – as well as moray eels, octopuses and many others.

Swimming pools, sea and beach

The Migratory Birds Hotel is only a 5-7 minute (680 m) leisurely walk from the seaside. The way to it passes through three city streets – Lenin, Ulyanov and The First of May – and two stairs past the Mass Grave. On the sea coast there is a small well-equipped beach. The length of the strip is 72 m, the width is 15 m.

Towels for those wishing to sunbathe are provided at the hotel reception. The beach is covered with gray pebbles of different sizes. Sometimes there are small stones, so you should be careful. The city’s long beach, popular with tourists, is located 2.15 km east of the migratory birds hotel.

Fans of swimming in artificial reservoirs will not be disappointed with the rest in the hotel “Migratory Birds”. The compact courtyard features a small outdoor pool. Its length is 12 m, which is quite satisfied with both young lovers of water procedures and older fans of swimming.

More information. Access to the pool is open from 9:00 to 23:00. The hotel does not organize a shuttle service to the city beach. If desired, guests of the hotel “Migratory Birds” get to it on their own.

Review. Vladimir Aquarius, Moscow. The Migratory Birds Hotel was chosen by my wife. In principle, successfully. We, a young active couple, spent almost the whole day somewhere outside the hotel: on the beach or in the city. Twice went to Yalta. It’s simple here. Everything is almost there. Moreover, Alupka is part of Greater Yalta. What I liked most about the hotel was the courtyard pool and table tennis. My wife lacked a spa. But it’s not critical. There were no procedures. But a lot of sunbathing on the beach. To the sea, by the way, not far. You need to go between houses on the road. Travel time – no more than 5 minutes. Everything you need to relax on the beach can be obtained at the reception. Breakfast was served at the Migratory Birds Hotel. Everything is fresh and delicious. Lunch and dinner in different places in Alupka and Yalta. Five days of vacation flew by, as usual on vacation, very quickly. Impressions are only positive.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Alupka is a compact green resort, not rich in places of interest. Not far from the hotel “Migratory Birds” there are several objects that may be of interest to inquisitive tourists:

  • parks: Godlevskogo, Alupkinsky, Pionersky;
  • Church of Michael the Archangel;
  • Olive Grove;
  • Vorontsov Palace;
  • churches: Panteleimonoskaya and Alexander Nevsky.

More information. The distance (in km) from the hotel “Migratory Birds” to more distant attractions, well known to tourists: to the Swallow’s Nest – 7.6, the Uchan-Su waterfall – 10.2, the lower station of the cable car leading to the slopes of Ai-Petri – 3.2, the Yusupov Palace – 4.9.

Active travelers are not limited to exploring the historical and cultural monuments located next to the hotel “Migratory Birds”. In the hotel you can book a variety of excursion programs and long tours to the Crimean places. Tourists most often choose several of the most interesting excursions:

  • acquaintance with the sacred buildings of Anapa, involving a visit to two churches – St. Onuphry and Holy Ascension – as well as the Church of St. George the Victorious and the Church of Saints Liborius and Jadwiga;
  • trip to Abrau-Durso – underground wineries;
  • boat trip on a comfortable boat to the Swallow’s Nest;
  • acquaintance with the Big Yalta with a visit to two famous palaces – Vorontsov and Livadia;
  • a trip to Taigan – the famous safari park, where you can see tigers living in natural conditions;
  • acquaintance with the history of Yalta sacred structures; the excursion includes a visit to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Church of archangel Michael.

More information. The duration of excursions and tours is from 3 hours to 2 days. The cost is from 500 to 3500 rubles.

Hotel “Migratory Birds”: comfortable conditions for living and recreation in a quiet picturesque place

For tourists in love with the Crimea, there are hundreds of worthy places for a pleasant pastime and acquaintance with interesting historical and cultural monuments of the peninsula. TheMigratory BirdsHotel is a great option for travelers looking for a quiet location in a green area.

The hotel offers modern comfortable conditions for rest and accommodation. An important advantage of the hotel is the proximity of historical and cultural sites of Greater Yalta. This will certainly suit lovers of educational excursions and hiking in protected areas.

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