Magnificent Fiesta Beach Djerba 4* Tunisia, Djerba, Midoun – Rest at any time of the year at the best price

Fiesta Beach Djerba 4 * – a beautiful center with a developed infrastructure and a lot of entertainment for vacationers. A huge number of them are already included in the price of the voucher, but we recommend that you stock up on cash to fully plunge into the world of exciting adventures and pleasures. Tunisia is a progressively developing country and has been considered a new tourist destination for several years, and it is not known what can await you in the hotel complex. Perhaps the vacation here will seem to you a real oriental fairy tale, or maybe that you will return home with a heavy feeling of disappointment.

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Main provisions

This hotel was built back in 1984 on the sandy coast of the island of Djerba. On the occupied territory there are comfortably located buildings for living and bungalows, infrastructure facilities, shops, swimming pools, sports grounds. All buildings are made in a sophisticated Arabic style. In the main building there are 20 apartments, the remaining 350 rooms are concentrated in detached houses.

The public here is always “motley”, during the year comes a lot of tourists from France, Russia and the UK. It is not surprising that the staff speaks several languages, which allows them to quickly solve the problems of guests from different countries. The new customer check-in point opens at noon, so if you arrive early in the morning, you’ll have to wait a few hours. But if you went on vacation with a pet, most likely, you will be refused and asked to find another place to live a cat or dog.

Olga, Ekaterinburg: “It’s a great place to stay with the kids. At the height of the season, there is a lot of small here, they communicate, play together, go to lunch and breakfast. It was very difficult to get my son to go to the beach with us at least once. By the way, the hotel is located on the first line of the coast and has its own part of the beach, which can not always afford the institutions of the category “four stars”.

What awaits you in the rooms

As mentioned earlier, the vast majority of rooms are located in small and very cozy bungalows. Almost all of them belong to the type of “standard” and are designed to accommodate families of three or four people. The area of the premises is 16 square meters. Non-smoking apartments are available if desired. People with disabilities should take care of the reservation in advance, as the hotel provides only three rooms, in which everything is equipped for wheelchair users. The windows always overlook the garden or pool.

The atmosphere in the rooms can be safely called cozy and homely. All rooms are connected to the central air conditioning system, which allows you to adjust the temperature level in the hottest months. Guests can use the electronic safe, access to which is already included in the price. This is very convenient, because guests come on vacation with currency and jewelry that need to be well hidden from prying eyes.

In the recreation areas there are large plasma TVs, allowing you to watch various programs in your free time. On the bedside table there is always a telephone with which you can keep in touch with relatives even at a distance of thousands of kilometers from each other.

As for the mini-bar, its contents are updated daily, but the range of soft drinks is quite squarished: often only mineral water and soda are given here. The bathroom always has free toiletries, hairdryer, towels, bathrobe and slippers.

Svetlana, Perm: “When I bought the tour, I read a lot of reviews about this hotel, but I think they were paid for by those who are interested in increasing the clientele. The rooms were cleaned very rarely, and I do not want to give any comments about the quality of towels and bed linen. By the end of the week, I was even thinking about purchasing a mop and a bucket. The service is ugly, the maids deliberately pull with the cleaning to get a generous tip.”


  • On the territory of the hotel in public areas there is free access to wireless Internet. The speed is good enough to call your loved ones via video call and send them photos.
  • In small shops you can buy light snacks, alcohol, tobacco, beach accessories, souvenirs.
  • In the hall for video games, children and adults spend their free time absolutely free of charge.
  • In the beauty salon, hairdressers will always make you a beautiful styling, dye your hair, cut to the desired length.
  • If for some reason you were left without currency, this issue is easy to solve in the exchange office, which is located near the reception.
  • Dirty clothes are rented to the laundry, where they are washed and ironed in accordance with all the rules and requirements.
  • In the doctor’s office there are highly qualified doctors who are able to quickly provide first aid.
  • The amphitheater hosts entertainment events with the participation of animators.
  • For those who come here to sign important documents, spacious conference rooms are provided.
  • Private guarded area for cars. By the way, here you can take any car for a fee, and go shopping in the nearest settlement.

Evgeny, St. Petersburg: “Very happy with my trip. I spent all day relaxing by the pool, swimming in the sea, participating in sports competitions that are held in the hotel complex. The sand on the beach is white, fine, very pleasant. The entrance to the sea is very convenient, so I recommend this place for a family holiday. The only caveat: the administration does not recommend leaving the hotel on your own, it may not be safe.”

Food & Drink

Most of the positive characteristics from tourists come about the hotel Fiesta Beach Djerba 4 * based on the food system delivered to the highest level. The chosen concept is “all inclusive”. This means that in the main restaurant all the main meals are held on the principle of “buffet”. But at night for all snacks will have to pay, because the system works until midnight.

Each guest has the right to one free visit to each ala-carte restaurant. It serves Mediterranean, Asian, Italian and local cuisine. Local bars serve pizza and fast food, chilled exotic cocktails, ice cream, delicious desserts, fruits and vegetables. In the Moorish café bake fresh pastries, prepare fragrant coffee.

The beach bar is open only in good weather, as it is located in the open air. But in the disco bar, open daily until one o’clock in the morning, you can always take locally produced alcohol and soft drinks. It is located by the pool, where noisy discos are held at night. Sometimes they bring a grill and cook meat and fish on it.

Anatoly, Ufa: “Very good food, restaurants are always clean, dishes are washed constantly, so coming to brunch you won’t find dirty tables with plates left by other guests. A large number of dairy products are served for breakfast, natural soups (not powdered) for lunch. Themed dinners are held in the evenings. Meat and seafood are enough for everyone. The only remark is the complete absence of alcohol in the beach bar. I had to constantly go to the institution by the artificial pond. I ask the administration to take note of this.”

Children’s leisure

In the hotel complex Fiesta Beach Djerba 4 * everything is created so that the youngest guests can feel as comfortable as possible, and spend time in fun and entertainment. Especially for them, shallow pools were built, near which a team of professional rescuers is constantly on duty. Some adults sometimes complain that camels are often walked on the beach, from which an unpleasant smell spreads and sometimes feces appear. But the staff is constantly cleaning up after them, so the children are always sincerely happy with the appearance of these funny animals. They are happy to be photographed next to their pets, feed them, get bored when they do not come for a long time.

For children who love to communicate with their peers, there is a mini-club of interests (there is an age limit for kids under 4 years old). Experienced animators work with complete groups. On the territory of the hotel there is a specially equipped platform with swings and slides. If parents after a hectic day decided to go to a disco, a nanny can sit with small guests, of course, for a fee. The average cost is about 5 euros per hour.

Marina, Kemerovo: “I, as a young mother, advise everyone this place for an active family holiday. My son got a lot of fun and positive emotions. All meals from the children’s and diet menu are served completely free of charge, even if the child is hungry and wakes up in the middle of the night to eat. The restaurants have special areas with small tables and low chairs. The pools with slides have a shallow depth, everything is safe and clean.”

It should be noted immediately that when writing this article, we studied hundreds of reviews and information provided by tour operators, but we practically did not find negative opinions. All of them have a positive color, but we still identified some minor flaws. Here’s a rough list:

  • There are a lot of flies on the territory of the hotel. They interfere with sleep and constantly spin around the occupants of the rooms.
  • Camels often take walks on the beach, but the garbage behind them is removed instantly, so this drawback can not be considered significant, especially since it leads children to a real delight!
  • The apartment is very cozy, but some maids specially pull with cleaning, hinting at tips.
  • The beach bar does not serve alcohol.
  • The administration immediately warns all vacationers that it is unsafe outside the territory, so it is recommended to leave the complex alone.

As you know, all of the above points can be measured. In general, this is a very quiet secluded place in which every tourist will feel completely comfortable. Therefore, we recommend that you visit this place with the whole family, especially since you can go to Tunisia throughout the year.

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