Magical Limak Limak Limam Wanted Resort 5′ Turkey, Kemer – Description, photos, reviews of tourists

Limra Limak Hotel Resort 5 is a unique complex built in one of the most popular resort areas in Turkey. The city of Kemer is famous for its hospitality and hospitality, as well as the world-famous sights. Different categories of travelers come here, but whatever the purpose of their visit, whether it is active sports, swimming in the sea or excursion tours, all people are guaranteed to get everything for which they overcome a distance of thousands of kilometers.

About hotel

Impressive in its size, the hotel complex Limra Limak Hotel Resort 5 is located in the resort town of Kemer, or rather, in a picturesque village called Kirishi. The hotel is built at the foot of the mountains, so, being on its territory, you can see both the courageous cliffs and the warm coast of the gentle sea. The international airport, which receives thousands of visitors from different countries every day, is 75 kilometers away, and even closer is the center of Antalya.

Some tourists may be frightened by such impressive figures, but there is really nothing to be afraid of, because on arrival in the air harbor you will be sure to expect a comfortable transfer, paid for by the administration of the institution. But you should be prepared for the fact that the journey will be long, so we recommend to stock up on water.

Interesting features

If you want to visit Kemer with all its attractions and shopping malls, it will take you no more than 15 minutes to get from the hotel building to the city centre. This time will be enough to travel on public transport. Naturally, the taxi will be much faster, but the cost of travel in this case will increase many times.

The total area of the complex is 140,000 square meters. The jewel of the project is the main residential building, consisting of seven floors and featuring very interesting architecture. It is complemented by a series of three-storey buildings, the walls of which are decorated with lush greenery. The courtyard is home to a beautiful garden with palm trees and orange trees, bushes and exotic flowers. There is also a place for sports fields and terraces for rest. Just think, the pool, built for the convenience of guests, has a meter about 4500 sq m.

The hotelfirst opened its doors to holidaymakers in 1998, so in 2018 it will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its fruitful activity. Six years ago, almost all the buildings underwent a major renovation, as a result of which the hotel began to meet all international standards.

Max: “It’s a great place to holiday for people on a tight budget. I will tell all the pros: first, food is included in the cost of living, secondly, the currency can be changed in Kemer at a more favorable rate than in the hotel, thirdly, tourists get to the markets and shops by public transport, fourthly, there is an opportunity to buy souvenirs, clothes, shoes and other goods at a low price.”


The rooms of the Limra Limak Hotel Resort 5 is considered to be quite extensive, as the total number is 638 living rooms. The vast majority of premises are represented in the “standard” category and have an area of 26-32 square meters. When you book a room, you can express to the reception staff member all your wishes, as well as the requirements for the place of “residence.” If you are planning a trip to the family circle, it is better to book an apartment with a capacity of up to 4-5 people. These family suites are usually equipped with a living room and several bedrooms and have sliding soft furniture to accommodate children.

The design of the rooms is very soft, home-like cozy. Of course, they may not have enough decorative elements, but spacious and clean. Almost every room is complemented by a balcony, which is street furniture, which allows you to spend time outdoors, enjoying fragrant coffee and reading fresh press. The view from the window is simply gorgeous: it is either the sea, or the flowering garden, or the majestic mountains.

The standard setting usually includes a mini-bar, closet, double bed, bedside bedside, air conditioning, TV and phone. There is always a hairdryer in the bathroom, as well as bath accessories and hygiene products for hair and body care.

Eugenia: “We are very happy that we chose this Turkish hotel. The apartment is very clean, neat, the bathroom floor is not slippery, damp does not smell. For the children, the staff brought and installed a bunk bed. By the way, all visitors to the reception are given the key access to the wireless Internet. The only negative: do not cope with air conditioning. The day is very hot, and if by night the temperature in the room does not change, you have to open the balcony door, and then the light flies a lot of insects, which literally irritate with their buzz. Stock up on mosquito sprays, they will be very useful for you!”

Food system

As you have already understood, the Limra Limak Hotel Resort is all-inclusive. This means that all guests have the right to eat for free in the main restaurant on the principle of buffet. There are also light snacks, pastries, ice cream, and soft drinks and alcohol in bars and cafes.

There are several restaurants on site, offering a variety of turkish, European, American, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. There is also a menu based only on Indian and Chinese traditions. Places in these establishments are booked in advance. Hotel guests should be aware that once a week they can dine at any restaurant they like for free.

Angella: “In principle, we were satisfied with the main restaurant. The room has a very large capacity, with approximately 1,400 people. There are enough tables for everyone, in fact, as well as food. The food is very varied, in the daily diet there is always a place for meat, chicken, fish, seafood, soups, as well as all sorts of goodies such as fruits and cakes. There is a fairly rich diet menu as well as dishes for the youngest children. Purees and porridges are made exclusively from fresh produce, and never use ingredients that can cause allergies. Very convenient.”

Entertainment and leisure

Hardly any of the tourists will get bored and feel lonely in the walls of the hotel complex Limra LimakHotel Resort 5. Here you will find entertainment for all tastes. So, for example, you can go to the beach every day. The coast’s own private area is equipped with the highest level.

There are sunbeds and sun umbrellas, changing rooms, towers for watching holidaymakers, a medical center for first aid, facilities for volleyball and basketball, there is a bar where everyone orders soft drinks and snacks.

Almost all the time there is a rental and rental point for water equipment, as well as jet skis, catamarans and other equipment. All guests can take clean towels in the department of issuing accessories.

A huge pool with clean fresh water has been built in the courtyard of the hotel. Especially for children were built slides and attractions, so it is safe to say that the hotel has at its disposal its own water park. Rescuers and swimming instructors, cheerful animators, who do not let guests get bored, involving them in sports team competitions, lessons in aqua aerobics and competitions are regularly on duty at the reservoir.

Tennis courts as well as a gym and spa are among the facilities for outdoor activities. For fans of playing tennis here are created all conditions: the playground is illuminated even at night, of course, if you prudently pay for this service. Balls and rackets are given out at the rental point, although they can be bought in one of the shops located in the complex.

There are days when the weather frowns and upsets us with strong wind and rain. In such cases, you do not have to sit in the room and watch TV. The main building has a specially equipped room with pool tables, a makeshift cinema, darts, video games, etc. You can also buy guided tours at any time, as well as go to a equestrian club or play paintball.

Catherine: “My city is considered the cultural capital of Russia, and I attribute myself to the number of people who are interested in the history and cultural heritage of many countries of the world. Therefore, almost all my free time I spent on trips to the sights. The cost of tours is small, the price practically does not differ from that offered by numerous offices of Kemer. But still, despite the busy schedule, I managed to get out to the beach several times. I must say, everything there is very clean and tidy, the chaise lounges are serviceable, there is enough space for everyone. If you come later than everyone else, there will certainly be sunbeds, but they are away from the sea.”

The Limra Limak Hotel Resort is a great option for family or friendly company. All conditions are created here so that guests can completely relax and plunge headlong into the world of entertainment. And if you have no doubts, and you are ready to pay for the tour here, we recommend you still choose the period that falls at the height of the season. It is at this time that most of the bars operating on the street and dance floors are open. Have a nice holiday!