Magic Lonisera World Hotel 4*, Turkey, Alanya — Full description of the hotel, reviews, prices

Lanicera World Hotel 4* is a relatively quiet place where families from Russia, Germany and England like to spend their free time. All of them speak positively about both the hotel’s employees and its infrastructure. The cost of living here is quite low, so it can afford representatives of the middle class. Let’s analyze in detail its description from all sides, after which you can make a decision, buy a ticket to this paradise or pay attention to other options.

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About hotel

This hotel complex is located in the Incekumdistrict. The small peninsula of Fugla, which is located 22 kilometers from the city of Alanya, is distinguished by picturesque landscapes. The hotel is built on the first coastline, so you can fully enjoy the splendor of the Mediterranean Sea. In the “configuration” two four-storey building, one 5-storey and another three-storey.

The tourist complex was built in 1990, at the same time its grand opening took place. Over the years, the institution has acquired a huge customer base, in the lists of which there are also guests who continue to choose it as a place of residence on vacation. In 2011, the hotel experienced a second birth.

The territory of the complex has undergone major repairs and reconstruction, and the updated rooms have become another source of pride for the local administration. Surrounded by the azure sea and sandy beach, your accommodation will delight with coziness and comfort, and its cleanliness will be taken care of by the staff.

Room stock

The entire Lonicera World Hotel covers an area of more than 90,000 square meters. At the disposal of guests are 552 different rooms for every taste and budget, as well as designed for different numbers of guests. So, let’s get acquainted with the different varieties:

  • 475 standard rooms. The square footage is 28 square meters. A maximum of three people can live in them. At the request of customers, the staff can make an extra bed for a child.
  • 36 triple rooms. There is also a total area of 28 sq.m.
  • 16 family rooms (42 sq.m.) – excellent premises, adapted for a comfortable stay of a large family. Five people can live here at once.
  • 25 suites – apartments for young people and large companies. Two bedrooms are separated by an interior door, which allows you to retire and relax in a cozy atmosphere at any time.
  • 5 rooms for the disabled. These are rooms that are specially adapted for people with disabilities. The doorways are widened so that a wheelchair can pass through them calmly. In the bathroom, the sink is installed low, and special devices for support and sitting are mounted near the bath and toilet.

As for the complete set of apartments, they are all equipped with everything necessary for the modern user to be able to meet all his needs. Powerful air conditioners work everywhere, so you will not suffer from heat and dry air.

There is always a minibar with free refreshing drinks. But safes, of course, although there are in every room, but they are provided for a fee. It should also be said about the presence of a telephone with international access, a separate bathroom with shower and hairdryer. All rooms are complemented by a balcony or terrace.

Evgenia, Tula: “Arrived early in the morning, checked us in right after breakfast. The view from the window did not immediately like, we had to admire the neighboring hotel. The reception refused to change the room even for money. As for cleaning, it was carried out regularly, which in no way affects the grayness of sheets and towels. But these are little things that you can ignore.”

Food system

Lanicera World Hotel operates under the “all inclusive” program. The kitchen is open until half past three in the morning. The concept implies the presence of free breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The restaurants house buffets, where guests can take everything that is presented in the range. The system also includes night and day snacks, ice cream and freshly squeezed juices (this service can be used every day until 17:00). Visitors are offered locally produced alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in any quantity. You will have to pay for imported alcohol of well-known brands.

As for places of public catering, on the territory of the tourist complex there are three main restaurants, designed for 1350 people.

The Ala Carte Restaurant is open every evening from 19:00 to 21:00. Seafood dishes and an extensive fish menu predominate here. Once a week there is an opportunity to enjoy free culinary delights. The hotel has many bars – three by the pool, three lobby bars and one disco bar. As mentioned earlier, alcohol of Turkish production is provided here completely free of charge.

Svetlana, Krasnoyarsk: “Idid not like the food at all. The assortment of the buffet does not shine with diversity. In addition, breakfasts are always monotonous. At lunch there are few soups, and at this time you really want something yidenkogo. Sweets are monotonous, but a lot of fruit. The children’s menu wasn’t happy either.”

Sports & Leisure

Of course, the hotel complex has its own beach, on which there is a bar. Here you can always take soft drinks. Towels, sun loungers, sunbeds, canopies and umbrellas are provided free of charge, but for mattresses you will need to pay. On the sandy shore, guests sunbathe, read books on sunbeds, play beach volleyball, mini-football and golf.

On the territory of the hotel there are four outdoor swimming pools, near which professional animators work throughout the day. By the way, they are all fluent in different languages, so you will not encounter translation difficulties. For children, a separate pool with water slides has been built, where everyone can fully experience the whole palette of thrills.

Football fans will appreciate the special fields designed for sports and games. There are three of them: the largest has a size of 65 * 110, the smallest – 25 * 50 meters. Various tournaments are held daily, winners are determined, prizes are awarded.

Now for the tennis courts. Two venues are available for guests until the night. Night lighting fully satisfies the needs of athletes, although it will have to pay, in fact, as well as for tennis balls and rackets. The center employs instructors who will explain to you all the subtleties of the game in an accessible language.

In full access of tourists fitness rooms and gyms, equipped with the latest technology. The administration also offers everyone to engage in aerobics, water aerobics and yoga. If in the process you get a dislocation or sprain, highly qualified doctors will always provide assistance and do all the necessary procedures.

In the evening, guests can visit the dance floor. Every day on the territory of the hotel there is live music, animators work, show programs are held. At the sites there are bars, the waiters of which offer everyone soft drinks, alcohol and light snacks.In the price list of paid entertainment you will find various water pleasures, for example, boating, scuba diving, catamarans and other non-motorized equipment.

Anastasia, Kemerovo: “We rested for two weeks, and during this time we had a good rest. Regularly visited discos, played billiards and tennis. My elderly parents, who, by the way, were also satisfied, visited the local library and read by the pool under umbrellas. “

Beauty and health, entertainment for children

In addition to all the above services and entertainment (volleyball, mini-football, tennis courts), the administration offers its guests to transform their appearance and improve their health. Turkish baths and saunas, hammam – all this triggers accelerated metabolic processes and increases the body’s immune forces. Free treatments include hot tubs and jacuzzis.

On the territory of Lanicera World Hotel there is a small beauty salon where you can transform your appearance and even radically change your image. This is a great opportunity to make a trendy manicure or try a new technique of highlighting or coloring.

As mentioned earlier, the vast majority of guests are couples with children. For them, everything is arranged with maximum convenience and comfort. Five swimming pools have been built on the territory, one of which is indoor. Kids can, accompanied by their parents and without them, ride on slides and swim in warm water. The kids are watched by experienced lifeguards and swimming instructors.

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The hotel has a mini-club for children aged four to twelve years. There are various holidays with animators and show programs. In restaurants there are child seats, on the street – playgrounds with swings and other devices for playing.

Oksana, Krasnoznamensk: “Of course, this place is not for active youth, rather, it is designed for married couples with children. My five-year-old devil was pleased. He could rarely be found in the room, almost all his free time he spent in the local mini-club. I also noticed that all conditions are created for teenagers here, so families with schoolchildren do not experience inconvenience and boredom. “

Lanicera World Hotel 4* – perhaps the best place for those who love privacy and tranquility. Married couples will plunge into the world of romance and again survive the candy-bouquet period, older people will leave the daily hustle and bustle, elderly guests will enjoy a comfortable stay and the “all inclusive” system. We recommend this hotel and athletes who love sports such as football, golf and tennis. Lovers of shopping will be pleased with the abundance of shops and showrooms.