Magic King Evelton Beach Hotel & Resort 5* Cyprus – Best Offer in Paphos

Hotel complex King Evelthon Hotel 5 * – perhaps the best offer available to the average traveler. It offers an extensive entertainment program from excursions to the excavations and ruins of ancient cities and settlements to noisy discos on the coast. A wide range of opportunities for physical development are also presented. At the same time, the service is brought to the highest level and meets all European quality standards.

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About hotel

Hotel King Evelthon Hotel 5 * is located just thirty kilometers from the place where you first set foot on the land of the island, getting off the plane. This means that the transfer to the place of residence you will need no more than twenty minutes. And after leaving the territory of the complex and passing only three kilometers, tourists find themselves in the heart of the market trade, which allows you to get acquainted with the local population and explore its color and culture.

Next to the institution, chic rocky and pebble beaches opened their arms for everyone. The property of the hotel is allocated a separate area with a length of 350 meters. Someone will say that this is too small an area, but, I must say, there is enough space for all the residents even in the high season. At the disposal of guests are provided with everything you need for a comfortable stay (sun loungers with adjustable backrests, sun umbrellas, beach towels and even mattresses).

Evgeny, Moscow: “I have not yet got a family, and traveling to different countries, I evaluate hotels from the point of view of a representative of active youth. If we talk about this complex, it is more aimed at a vacation with children and his wife than on unrestrained fun in the company of close friends. And the rest, everything is very good, the infrastructure is developed, the service is excellent, the food is complete and diverse. “

Accommodation of children

As you have already understood, among the guests of the King Evelthon Hotel 5 * there are many tourists vacationing in a close family circle. For the youngest guests, the administration has prepared a number of services, among which there are both paid and free. For example, all children aged 4 to 12 years have the right to become a member of a mini-club, swim in a special reservoir with a shallow depth and ride on the erected aqua slides. On the territory of the courtyard there are several areas with carousels, rope mazes and swings, and in the lobby there is a room for video games on the best consoles. In restaurants, waiters always provide chairs for feeding babies (by the way, a children’s menu has been developed for such cases), and at the first request of guests, employees will install an extra bed or cradle for a baby in the apartment.

By the way, the hotel has its own water park, where both adults and children can have fun. With what enthusiasm people roll down high slides and attractions, how often laughter and enthusiastic exclamations sound here! And next to the pool there are always cheerful animators who arrange show programs and sports competitions. There is a place here for rescuers, always ready to conduct safety briefings and, if necessary, provide first aid.

Very often there are situations when parents want to go to a romantic dinner or dance at a beach party, and there is no one to leave the baby. Then a nanny will come to your aid, who at any time of the day will look after the child and do everything to make him feel as if he is under the wing of his own mother. Of course, for the services of the educator “for an hour” will put a separate bill, but, as former customers of the institution say, the payment for work is rather symbolic. If you are completely satisfied with the nanny, give her a generous reward.

Ekaterina, Samara: “It’s perfect for a holiday with young children. Especially my daughter liked the water park, mini-zoo and holidays that the animators did. And I want to note the presence of a special menu for the little ones. Fresh dairy and dairy-free cereals, fruit, meat and vegetable puree, various grated soups were served daily. For children who already know how to eat on their own, the restaurant has a separate area with low tables and small chairs. “


Residents of Cyprus appreciate cleanliness, so in the rooms of the hotel King Evelthon Hotel 5 * always reigns order and comfort. The property offers a choice of more than 250 apartments for every taste and budget. Here they will find the best option for all categories of tourists without exception. The rooms have everything you need for a full stay without worries and hassles. Before going to bed, you can watch TV, talk to relatives via video link (when registering, guests are given a key to the wireless Internet network), ventilate the room with a modern air conditioning system. In the bathroom there are always full bottles of shower gels, shampoos and liquid soap, and bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer and towels are provided completely free of charge. The mini-bar is replenished and updated daily, in the refrigerator there is always bottled mineral water, lemonades, natural juices and beer.

As for the furniture, many tourists respond positively to its condition. The upholstery of sofas and beds pleases with the absence of holes and spots left by the light hand of previous guests. The rooms have spacious dressing rooms for storing things and a safe where you can hide valuable documents, cash and jewelry from prying eyes. On the balconies and terraces there are outdoor chairs and tables, so you can have breakfast outdoors at any time and read the newspapers that are regularly delivered to the apartment.

Mikhail, Kirov: “The room we booked was very cozy. I don’t know what the neighbors thought about it, but our room was very neat and tidy. Bedspreads, pyramids of towels, decorative pillows, bed linen – all this was simply striking in its cleanliness, given the fact that hundreds of different tourists lived here before us. Cleaning was carried out regularly, the mini-bar was updated constantly. I am satisfied with everything, many thanks to the administration.”

Leisure for body and soul

No matter how much you plan to lazily lie in the sun all day and swim in the sea, in a few days you will get tired of it and you will want to experience completely different emotions. Those who like to study world history, for sure, will like excursion tours, which can be signed up directly at the reception. But there are other entertainments that do not involve leaving the hotel complex. For example, guests of the hotel often visit the modern spa center built on the territory of the courtyard with many massage rooms, jacuzzi, steam room, Turkish bath and hammam. For a separate fee you can visit a hairdresser and a manicure master. Cosmetologists will make a thorough scrubbing, wrapping, cleaning of the skin, as well as a whole range of rejuvenating and caring procedures.

For adherents of an active lifestyle, a large gym with sections for yoga and Pilates is built here. Instructors are always ready to develop individual programs for each of their clients, designed for a period of seven days to two weeks.

As for leisure activities, in the backyard of the hotel there are large tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, mini-football, golf. Group aqua aerobics and water polo classes are regularly held by the pool.

On the beach there is a whole complex of schools and rental points for sports equipment and equipment. In the sea, guests ride water skis, catamarans and bananas, enjoy scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing, fishing and other extreme entertainment.

And in the evening, when the beach closes, adult guests of the hotel go to events by the pool. In the dark, there are discos, animated shows and concerts with the participation of pop stars. Often there are contests and win-win lotteries.

Sophia, Taganrog: “I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel. My husband and I came here for a honeymoon, but decided to arrange another ceremony. The organization of the event was handled by the staff of the institution, there were many flowers, a photographer and on-site registration worked. Very beautiful and romantic. The celebration continued in the conference hall, where our friends who now live in Cyprus came. Everything is great, the memory will remain for a lifetime.”


Hotel King Evelthon Hotel 5 * works on the system “all inclusive”, which means that guests have the right to a full three meals a day on the principle of “buffet”. You can also always take light snacks, pastries, desserts, ice cream and fast food in bars located in close proximity to crowded places. One establishment operates by the pool, the second – in the lobby, the third – on the beach. Also on the territory there are several restaurants “al-kart”, in which it is offered to taste dishes of national, European and Asian cuisine. In the menu there are often Mexican and even Brazilian recipes.

Within the framework of the established concept, guests retain the right to take unlimited quantities of alcoholic products of local and imported production, as well as soft cocktails, juices, coffee, tea, fresh juices and soda. Until four o’clock in the afternoon there is a shop in which the hotel employee distributes ice cream to everyone.

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Anastasia, Nizhnevartovsk: “The food here is very varied, breakfast is served cereals, light soups, pastries and various vegetable salads. Sometimes even serve pancakes with delicious syrups. For lunch, a lot of side dishes, vegetables, greens, cold snacks. Every week there are themed dinners serving delicacies, seafood, fish and meat.”

Well, it seems that we have considered from all sides a hotel complex called King Evelthon Hotel 5 *,which means that it is time to make your verdict. So, after analyzing a lot of reviews, we concluded that in this institution you will find a stunning holiday that is guaranteed to be remembered by you for a lifetime. You will get a lot of pleasant emotions and unforgettable moments. Enjoy your holiday in Cyprus!