Lalandia family entertainment complex in Billund

The Danish city of Billund is a fairy tale presented to children. Three major entertainment centers and a zoo are concentrated within walking distance of each other.


Tourists coming on holiday to Billund with children should stay here for a few days. Travel agencies offer package tours with accommodation and an entertainment program for children, which includes a visit to Lalandia, LegoLand and the zoo.

You can get to Lalandia by plane. It would either be a complicated flight Moscow – Riga – Billoon, or buy a flight to Copenhagen. From there, there is a direct bus route to Billund.

Lalandia Park

It is 10 thousand square meters of entertainment for children and adults and several thematic areas:

  • Immediately from the entrance, visitors are immersed in the atmosphere of a southern town. There are palm trees and colorful lanterns everywhere. The road to the pools is littered with shops selling toys, bath supplies and bathing accessories. There are children’s attractions, cafes and pavilions with ice cream. Children can jump on the trampolines, play miniature golf or bowling.
  • Aquadome is the heart of Lalandia. It’s geared towards younger visitors. No extreme slides here. But there is a “lazy river” with waterfalls and rapids, three children’s pools with obstacle course in the form of floating leaves of a giant water lily, pool – basketball stadium. Some pools are located both under the roof and outdoors at the same time. On multilevel multi-coloured slides you can go down alone as well as with the whole family on a two- or four-seater inflatable “tubing”. The aqua area has a tropical island feel with palm trees, sun loungers, creeks flowing between rocks and caves. There’s even a fisherman’s hut. The park rides are family-friendly and suitable even for the youngest visitors. The temperature in the pools is comfortable for swimming and staying in the water for a long time. Children will also love the area where they can turn the fountains and sprinklers on and off independently.
  • The water entertainment area is equipped with a warm-water Jacuzzi and a multi-person sauna with capacity for 100 visitors at a time. From 1 to 3 p.m. there is a steam ceremony, at the end of which visitors are treated to fruit ice. Unlike most water parks, you can bring your own food and drinks to have a picnic in a designated area afterwards. Or grab a bite to eat at one of the five restaurants.
  • For children under the roof of Lalandia is organized play complex Monky Tonky, designed for ages 0 to 12 years. There are themed activities with animators, games, shows.
  • Apart from the tropics, Lalandia offers a winter fairy-tale atmosphere with real snow and ice slides. This is a separate area of the park – WinterLend. There is a rock climbing wall, skating rink, skiing and go-karting.
  • In the morning, the water park welcomes guests checking into the lalandia Billund Resort, located at the water park. The number of admission tickets for sale at the Lalandia ticket office for self-organized visitors depends on the occupancy of the hotel rooms. The ticket price for an adult is DKK 210 and for a child DKK 160. Admission is free for children from 0 to 3.

Lalandia Billund Resort Hotel

The hotel is located 100 meters from the water park, 700 meters from the LegoLand and a half kilometers from the LegoHouse

The hotel is represented by villas, cottages and design houses. Meals are not included. Guests of the hotel cook themselves, for this purpose in cottages equipped with kitchens. Or eat at a cafe. The cost of living in the cottage – 40 – 60 thousand rubles per night.

The hotel provides guests with free parking, free wired internet in every room. Each room has a kettle, fridge, TV, microwave and coffee maker.

The hotel welcomes guests with disabilities and also has pet-friendly rooms.



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