Kars Divnomorskoye Hotel

Cozy modern hotel “Kars” in Divnomorsky offers excellent conditions for summer holidays. During the stay, guests will find comfort and a high level of service. A polite staff will please with their hospitality and professionalism. The hotel is perfect for both young people and couples with children. The hotel is well-developed infrastructure, numerous shops and entertainment.

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Location and description

Hotel “Kars” is located in the central part of the village of Divnomorskoye. The distance with the sea is almost 600 meters, the road will take about 10 minutes. Nearby there are shops, cafes, canteens, pharmacy, market. There is a large selection of entertainment for every taste and budget. A 5-minute walk from the promenade, public transport and nightclub.

Hotel “Kars” is quite large. It consists of three beautiful four-storey buildings. Thanks to the original design, it is simply impossible not to notice them. Great mighty pines grow nearby, filling the air with their indescribable aroma. The hotel has a large well-kept area with a swimming pool and a children’s playground. The creators tried to pay attention to even the smallest details in the design to ensure a really comfortable stay. For greater comfort, the territory is decorated with various statues, a small fountain, beautiful vegetation. In the evening, multi-colored lighting is turned on. There are separate secluded recreation areas where you can sit in the soulful company of friends, while preparing your favorite dish on the barbecue. For those who are accustomed to monitor their health even during the holidays, the gym opens its doors. You can visit it for free.

For guests travelling by private transport, paid and free parking are available. Free parking is available only and is available in front of the hotel.

Note! Kars Hotel allows children over one year of age.

Room stock

The hotel “Kars” has all the conditions for a high level of accommodation. There are 148 rooms of different categories. Each of them has an original design and is equipped with high-quality modern furniture. Thanks to the diverse design, the room will be able to choose even the most demanding guest.

Attention! Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. Pets are allowed only by prior agreement.

Depending on the room category, accommodation is provided from 2 to 5 people. The area of the rooms varies from 20 to 40m2. The largest room is a suite. It consists of 2 rooms, maximum occupancy is 4 people. Absolutely every hotel room has a TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, balcony.

Julia, 26 years old, Armavir: We had a rest in the hotel together with my husband. Booked a standard double room. It is small, but quite comfortable. Inside there are all the necessary little things. Provided personal hygiene products. Always timely cleaning. Bedding, towels in perfect cleanliness. Very comfortable bed, slept like at home. I liked the location, all the infrastructure is within walking distance. There are several inexpensive cafes nearby, the market is not far away. The road to the sea in a calm step takes 7-10 minutes. If you do not want to go, you can always swim in the pool. Sunbeds are installed around it, in principle, there was always enough space for everyone. Here, many rest with children, on some days animation was held for them. We are completely satisfied with the time spent. In my opinion, there is really a decent ratio of price and quality.

Meals and restaurants

For guests in the hotel “Kars” there is a dining room. Professional chefs prepare delicious homemade dishes and all this at a very attractive price. You can come here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes soups, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, salads. In the morning, pancakes and cheesecakes are prepared.

There is a café by the pool itself, which offers a wide selection of light snacks and drinks. Thanks to this approach, guests can enjoy their favorite cocktail without leaving the pool.

In addition, the hotel has a large barbecue area, where everyone can independently cook delicious baked meat, fish or vegetables. Barbecue facilities are available upon prior request.

Leisure and entertainment

One of the most popular entertainment venues of Divnomorsk is the complex “Rus”. It consists of a closed café and billiards. On the summer playground in the evenings there are various show programs with ordinary or foam discos. Sometimes there is even a striptease. In the evening, musicians or bands perform. The complex is located in the center of the resort.

For young tourists in Divnomorsky equipped children’s recreation area “Goldfish”. There are several thematic trampolines, there is a train and a circular carousel. There is a summer café.

Beaches & Pools

The nearest beach to the hotel “Kars” is Central. On average, the road to the sea takes about 10 minutes. The length of the coastline is 700 meters. The beach is quite spacious, there are no breakwaters, it reaches a width of 40 meters. The entrance to the sea is gentle, which makes it a great place to relax with children. The bottom is pebble mixed with sand. Access to the beach is free. There is a well-developed infrastructure. For vacationers there are sun loungers and umbrellas. They are available for rent at an additional cost. There are changing rooms and showers.

In summer, the beach has a wide range of activities. For vacationers there is a small water park with a swimming pool. There are attractions for children, organize riding on a banana, bun, boat. Near the river you can rent a catamaran. There are always a lot of vacationers on the Central Beach.

Attention! A more secluded place for swimming is behind the boat station. In fact, this is the outskirts of the Central Beach, but there are an order of magnitude fewer tourists here. However, the bottom in this part is more rocky, so you need to be especially careful with children.

Another comfortable beach is located on the outskirts of Divnomorsky, in the direction of Gelendzhik. It belongs to the sanatorium “Fakel”. The shore is covered with small pebbles. The sea here is cleaner and azure, the depth is growing very quickly. The beach has a well-developed infrastructure, sun loungers are installed, there are water activities. There are cafes and shops. There is paid parking.

In Divnomorsky there are also beaches belonging to sanatoriums, boarding houses and hotels. The entrance to many of them is available only to those who rest in them. These are the beaches of the military sanatorium “Divnomorskoye”, the boarding house “Energetik”, the sanatorium “Blue Dal”, the hotel “Sea Club”.

Behind the beach of the sanatorium “Fakel” vacationers can find a real nudstke beach. There is clean water and a good place to swim. Some of the tourists come here to fry barbecue, someone rests in swimsuits, but there will always be fans of naturalism.

On the territory of the hotel “Kars” there is one large swimming pool. It has two zones – one is designed for children, the second – for adults. In the cooler season, the water in the pool is heated. Around, for greater comfort, there are sun loungers with umbrellas.

Kirill, 32 years old, Lyubertsy: Rested in the hotel with a family in August 2020. Arrived ahead of time, thanks to the staff who went to meet us and almost immediately checked us in. All employees are polite, always see off and greet with a smile. Several times I had to make various requests, everything was solved quickly, from which only positive emotions developed. The room is cozy, made a classic renovation. Order was maintained at a height. Breakfast and almost always dined in the dining room on site, the prices are pleasantly surprised, and the choice of dishes is decent. Even the children were not difficult to feed. On the territory of a large swimming pool, there were enough sunbeds. There is a bar nearby with a decent selection of drinks. There is also a barbecue area with a large barbecue grill. The car was left in a paid underground parking. Next year we will definitely come again.

Recreational opportunities for children

For young tourists on the territory of the hotel “Kars” is equipped with a modern playground. There are swings, slides, sports equipment. Several times a week, animators work with children. Active games, various competitions, show program will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults.

Note! Guests who come to rest with small children can use the rental of cots or strollers.

Excursions and attractions nearby

In Divnomorsky and its surroundings there are several interesting places that deserve the attention of vacationers.

  1. Pine grove – located on the outskirts of the village, in the direction of Dzhankhota. There is a sign along the road. This untouched area is a great option for camping. The infrastructure is represented by a summer shower, toilet, garbage cans. Everything else should be taken with you. Fires can be kinded only in barbecues.
  2. Parks are a good place for evening walks. There are several of them in the village. Two are located on the territory of the sanatoriums “Energetik” and “Fakel”. In the park “Balu” a rope town is equipped, benches are installed, catering points work.
  3. Pshad waterfalls – most of them are located at the mouth of the Pshada River. This is one of the most popular tourist routes. During the visit you can get acquainted with the local flora and fauna.
  4. Parus Rock is located in the village of Praskoveevka. Its height is 25 meters, width is 20 m, and the thickness is only 1 m. It seems that the rock grows directly from the sea. In 1970, it was recognized as a natural monument.
  5. The dolmens are located in the valley of the Janet River. They are considered ancient historical monuments of architecture.
  6. The pottery workshop of Sergey Dudin is located on the territory of the garden association “Sea Harbor”. Here you can not only see the works of masters, but also try your hand at the pottery industry.

In Divnomorsky a large selection of excursions. They sell them at almost every intersection. One of the most popular is jeeping. For tourists, several routes along mountain rivers and mountains have been developed. The most popular are:

  • The Lost World;
  • Paradise;
  • Evening Gelendzhik;
  • World of extreme;
  • The navel of the earth.

Recently, sea fishing has been increasingly organized. It can be both on the coast and in the open sea. Vacationers can choose the time of the tour. Tourists are always accompanied by an instructor who suggests in which place to catch best.

One of the longest and most active excursions is a trip to the Plesetsky waterfalls. Part of the route is overcome by jeeps, part on foot. Sometimes you have to walk 9-10 km. During the tour, tourists can see 16 waterfalls, there are more than a hundred of them on the river. Most of them are hard to access.

Excursion to the Taman Peninsula includes a trip along the artificial river Cossack Yerek and a visit to the Akhtanizon estuary, in the waters of which more than 20 varieties of lotuses grow. Their active flowering occurs in the period from July to September. No less interesting will be an excursion to Abrau-Durso with a visit to the factory for the production of champagne wines.

Accommodation in the hotel “Kars” will give a lot of positive emotions even to the most experienced travelers. For a reasonable cost, vacationers receive not only comfortable accommodation conditions, but also walking distance to the most visited places of the resort.


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