Karasan Partenit Hotel Crimea

Three pillars of success of the Karsan Hotel in Partenit: an ancient relic park, the concept of “all inclusive” and its beach 300 meters from the buildings. With low prices for a ticket, nothing better can be found either in the Crimea or in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. To all this we add the proximity of the infrastructure and attractions of Alushta and Partenit. And these are dolphinariums, nightclubs, branded shops with wine products and all sorts of entertainment. Especially convenient for those who came to rest in the Crimea on their car.

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Location and history

In 2018, the Network “Atelika” acquired a medical sanatorium “Karasan” in the village of Partenit,after which a new stage of development of this resort place began. Old Soviet interiors were replaced by more modern, but without luxury and expensive materials. There are no more doctors and treatment rooms here, only paid massage remains – this should be taken into account by those who are looking for a medical sanatorium. But there is still a phytoncidal park, walks through which strengthen health, coupled with the ionized air of the Black Sea. The concept of the hotel involves low prices for rest and in this niche of the tourist business “Karasan” is one of the best options for recreation in the Crimea.

Catherine E writes a review: “Rested with the child in the summer before the pandemic. In general, I liked everything, my own beach, modest food and a wonderful park. The room was cleaned, towels were changed every three days. I went for a massage – inexpensive, thanks to the masseur. The air here is really wonderful, breathing easily. A hundred steps up for breakfast, then down to the beach. And so all day is a great workout. I can also note the good animation – the child liked it. “

Room stock

Standard is a tiny room with an area of 11 or 14 square meters. meters and accommodates two people. These two types of standard differ in bed: double or two single. Built-in French balcony does not allow you to go out into the air, because it does not have a platform. There is air conditioning, plasma with smart TV and refrigerator. The room is decorated in light colours. In the bathroom on the walls laid tiles, fenced shower, bidet is missing. Generally poor, but clean.

3-bed standard area of 18-24 square meters. meters more spacious and accommodates a family of three. The equipment in all rooms is the same, the finish may vary slightly. Some options can accommodate an extra bed and accommodate four.

2-room suite with an area of 38-40 square meters. meters consists of a bedroom and a living room. In the bedroom there is a double bed, in the living room there is a sofa and two armchairs. It is possible to install one or two extra beds. Accordingly, this room can accommodate 3-5 people.

3-room apartment here is called “Borozdin”. In addition to the bedroom and living room, a walk-through guest room and kitchen are added. With an area of 73 square meters. meters apartments are designed to accommodate 4-7 people. The kitchenette includes a coffee maker, kettle, sink and microwave. The living room has a leather corner sofa and a coffee table. Some of the furniture is made of rattan. It is ideal to rent an apartment with a company with a personal car, then you can use the kitchen to prepare food bought in Alushta or in village shops.

4-room apartment “Pushkin” with an area of 93 square meters. meters accommodate 8 guests. They consist of two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. In fact, this is a large four-room apartment with good furniture and a full kitchen with a hob. The bathrooms have a jacuzzi and bidet.

Sanatorium meals

In the café “Raevsky” daily offer three meals a day on the Swedish line. The food is prepared according to the canons of the usual dining room without frills and delicacies. Of the meat, chicken is mainly served on the table, several types of hot to choose from, salads and dairy products. Hungry none of the vacationers remains, but the king shrimp with jamon here have never seen. The Croissant Bar offers a choice of snacks, desserts and alcohol on tap, which are also included in the price. Wine and beer are of course the cheapest, but if desired, you can “aggravate” them. For children, soft ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy are provided. That’s the all-inclusive system. The bar has decent-looking alcohol, desserts, snacks, but you will have to fork out for them. Experienced tourists bring wine and cognac with them, buying bottles in the branded stores of Crimean wineries. So doing, you can order to save and enjoy a quality product.

Valentina G writes a review: “the sanatorium is located in the reserve. This is the former estate of raevsky with a park in which bicentennial trees grow. Villa “Karasan” with a swimming pool, which is depicted in the photo, has nothing to do with the sanatorium. Access roads are not illuminated, to get here at night is a real extreme. There is no swimming pool or gym, but there is a beach with sun loungers and quite tolerable food. “

Phytoncidal Park

Bicentennial pines and neat cypresses grow in the protected area, as well as more than 200 species of rare and exotic plants. The pride of local gardeners is a bamboo alley and Italian pinias, whose age has already exceeded one hundred years. Employees of the hotel are engaged in landscaping and gradually put in order the most remote park areas, which were overgrown during the period of mismanagement. Saturated with vegetation 28 hectares of the hotel have a beneficial effect on the body of vacationers due to the air, which contains an increased amount of phytoncides and oxygen. Terrenkur medical sanatorium was arranged in such a way that vacationers walked along the paths and regularly made a descent-ascent along the numerous stone steps. The beach, residential buildings and dining room are at different levels – this must be taken into account for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Artem writes a review: “the hotel is 2 stars, so it is pointless to compare it with Turkey. The staff is completely wild, with a lot of pofigism. Only the animators are great, they give 100%. The park area is really fabulous, the beach is decent, the water is clean. Food as in the dining room, normal. In general, there are many disadvantages, but there are no less pros. The main advantage is the price.”

Karasan Beach

Descending to the sea, the vacationer discovers a completely different panorama than the usual sandy or pebble shores. The beach here consists of stone slabs, and the entry into the water occurs with the help of metal stairs, as is done in the pools. Sunbathing on stone slabs is inconvenient, because the stone is absorbed into the body. But there are comfortable sunbeds on which you can safely sunbathe. There are not enough people on the beach, because. the territory of the hotel is fenced and there is no city or large settlements nearby. Local villagers swim on the beach “under the oy”, which is located near Cape Plaka. Around beautiful views: the sea, park vegetation, Cape Plaka and Mount Ayu-Dag. There is no entertainment on Karasan beach – this is a place for a quiet family holiday.

Children’s entertainment

The entertainment team works with children on site almost all day. Arrange games, contests, quests. At the same time, children are happy to play with each other, make friends and run around the territory of Karasan Park. Mostly families with children come here, so there is no shortage of communication. Animators have developed a motivation system in which participants in games and contests can earn gifts and prizes.

Surroundings & Attractions

In Partemit, you can visit the city beaches with entertainment, ride a banana, sit in a cafe, buy Crimean wines and products in stores. In addition, in the village and the surrounding area there are interesting places:

  • “Paradise” is a park of garden art, including centuries-old trees, shrubs, fountains and sculptural compositions. It is very beautiful and atmospheric. Neatly mowed lawns are replaced by a Japanese garden, gazebos, sculptures of goddesses from the mythology of ancient Greece. This is the largest park of garden art in the Crimea and a great place for walks with a camera;
  • The stone museum is located on the territory of the sanatorium “Crimea” and has a large collection of masterpieces of nature. Basically, these are beautiful stones, fossilized remains of ancient animals, multi-colored minerals, etc. Inspection of a large and unusual collection is accompanied by entertaining stories about artifacts and the history of their appearance. We recommend visiting the museum of stone also for the reason that the park of the sanatorium “Crimea” in itself attracts tourists with ancient alleys of the 19th century. Cedars and oleanders, cypresses and bamboo, walnut trees and acacias were planted here. All this blooms and bears fruit. Alleys with fragrant roses and other flowers look and fragrance especially impressive;
  • The palace of Princess Gagarina is located in the village of Utyos near the hotel “Karasan”. The palace is similar to a medieval castle, painted in joyful and colorful colors in memory of the untimely departed husband of the princess. Nearby there is an observation deck with a beautiful view of Cape Plaka. Here you can walk along the embankment and use the infrastructure of the village.

In Alushta, located at a distance of 15 kilometers, guests of the hotel “Karasan” easily make up for the lack of entertainment. Young people visit nightclubs, of which there will be at least a dozen. There is billiards, and foam parties, and discos. Discs are spinning, cocktails are flowing like a river. Older people go on excursions, visit excavations, museums, health procedures. Families with children should visit two water complexes:

  • Water park “Almond Grove” is located on the outskirts of the city and is famous for its high prices for admission. Adult ticket costs 1600-1800r. Children – 1000-1200р. Despite the price tag, the water park is worth a visit, it is beautiful: designer landscape, well-groomed garden, modern interiors. Long slides and slopes, from which both old and young like to ride so much. A variety of swimming pools and Jacuzzis complete the rest. Prices in the café are very high, so it is better to eat densely beforehand. There are no extreme slides here, so teenagers can be bored. But children under 14 will definitely like it. There is a children’s pool and a café “Vitamin” with a special menu;
  • there are two dolphinariums in the city, each with its own program. In “Watercolor” to watch a show with dolphins costs 1000r for adults, 500r for children. The performance is worth the money spent, as the dolphins and their trainers work hard to show something really interesting and spectacular. These are tricks on the platform, and singing, and various jokes and much more. Together with dolphins are fur seals. In the dolphinarium “Nemo” is no less interesting, but a completely different program, which lasts 45 minutes. Some tourists visit both establishments, others read reviews, go to the official pages and make a choice in which to go.

Turquoise Lake is located between Alushta and Yalta. The name of its reservoir was due to the bright turquoise color. It is beautiful and there is a spring with mountain water, which has healing properties. There are fish in the lake, people come here to fish, for a picnic and for water. You also get beautiful photos and selfies. When visiting, keep in mind that poisonous snakes and scorpions are found in the forest.


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In conclusion, it must be said that the hotel “Karasan” is recommended to visit primarily family people or companies with a limited budget, not looking for a high level of service and entertainment industry. Here you will find a quiet family holiday of the sanatorium type with simple meals and a luxurious park. Come to “Karasan”!