Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic: Attractions

The Dominican city of Jarabacoa is located in the valley of the mountain river Jimenoa. Its turbulent streams, which rush with unbridled pressure, form waterfalls of amazing beauty on their way. It is from here that you can climb the highest mountain in the Dominican Republic – Duarte Peak. Jarabacoa will turn the idea of tourists about the Dominican Republic, who came to the country for a beach holiday. The average air temperature in the city is +22 degrees. There are incredibly beautiful landscapes, and a huge selection of active entertainment is available for vacationers. In the city and its surroundings, you can go rafting – go down the mountain river in kayaks. No less interesting will be the conquest of the canyon with special alpine equipment. At one of the waterfalls of Jarabacoa, scenes from the film “Jurassic Park” were filmed. And in this area, natural coffee is grown, which every traveler is simply obliged to try.

Geographically, Jarabacoa is located in the outback of the country, but this did not prevent it from becoming a lively and quite comfortable settlement. Those who think that they will come to a remote village are greatly mistaken. The city amazes with its fabulous atmosphere, virgin nature, beautiful landscapes, clean air. Tourists here are waiting for a lot of adventures, after which there will definitely be a desire to return here again and more than once.

Pico Duarte

Fans of outdoor activities will appreciate the conquest of the highest point of the Dominican Republic – Duarte Peak. The height of the mountain is 3087 meters above sea level. It is located on the island of Haiti, in the area of Jarabacoa. To conquer the top, you will need good physical training, but the result will exceed all expectations. The area around the peak is not populated, as there are no sources of drinking water. It is the only mountain system in the Dominican Republic formed by sedimentary rocks. All other mountains are of volcanic origin.

The first ascent to the peak took place in 1944 and was timed to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of independence. Among tourists, the mountain gained popularity in the 80s of the past century. Now the ascent to the peak, as a rule, takes place in organized groups accompanied by guides. To conquer the mountain will take 2-3 days, overnight accommodation is provided in tents. It is cold at the top, so warm clothes should be taken with you.

Before getting to the top, tourists pass through the park, which is inhabited by the rarest species of birds. It is here that the symbol of the Dominican Republic lives – a palm check. The park presents at least 60 species of rare representatives of birds, many of them are under state protection.

The slopes of the mountain are covered with tropical exotic plants, among them there are wild animals. The route passes through mountain rivers, in some places they will have to be forded and over suspension bridges. Nature amazes with its beauty.

At the moment, 5 routes have been laid on Duarte. You can conquer the peak yourself, but be sure to take a guide with you.



Armando Bermudez National Park (Parque Nacional Jose Armando Bermudez)

One of the oldest national parks on the island of Haiti, Armando Bermudez was created to preserve the unique nature of the Dominican Republic. The park was established in 1956. Local residents decided to preserve a section of the ecosystem on which uncontrolled deforestation was carried out.

Territorially, the park zone is located in the central part of the country, on the slopes of the Cordillera Central mountain range. It covers an area of 779 square kilometers. Pristine untouched forests grow here, unique plants and animals are found. The most interesting thing is that in the park there are such representatives of flora and fauna who live exclusively in this area and are not found anywhere else on the globe. On the territory of the park originate 12 rivers of the Dominican Republic, there are many streams and springs.

Within the Armando Bermudez National Park are concentrated the highest mountain peaks of the country. There is also a mountain peak Duarte, which attracts tourists from all over the world. During a visit to the park, you can visit several climatic zones, each of which is distinguished by a variety of flora and fauna. At the foot of the mountains you can see the jungle with vines and incredibly beautiful flowers. A little higher grow wild mountain olives, juniper, cedars. At an altitude of more than 2 thousand meters is a real kingdom of evergreen ship pines.

Hiking trails to the park start from the town of Jarabacoa. In addition, in the most picturesque places you can make a horseback ride or a bike ride. In the city, tourists will find all the necessary equipment for hiking, guides, as well as mules, if you need to transport equipment.



Waterfall Jimenoa Uno (Salto de Jimenoa Uno)

Jimenoa Uno Waterfall is located on the Jimenoa (Jimenoa) River. This is one of the largest waterfalls in Jarabacoa, its height is 60 meters. A powerful stream of cold water beats from the rock hole and falls into a huge pool. Swimming is forbidden here.

Near this waterfall, the filming of the famous film “Jurassic Park” took place. The road to the waterfall leads through the rainforest. Many rare flowers grow around, hummingbirds are found. The way to the waterfall does not take much time. The water here is really very cold, but there are always tourists who try their luck and try to plunge into the waters of the local reservoir.



Waterfall El Gran Salto de Jimenoa

The enchanting waterfall El Gran Salto de Jimenoa is also located on the Jimenoa River. Eternal spring reigns here, and the pristine nature will amaze even the most experienced travelers. The height of the waterfall is 40 meters, it hits the water surface with cold jets. Due to the low temperature and strong water flow, swimming in this area is strictly prohibited. The water in the waterfall really does not have time to warm up, because the temperature indicators of the city of Jarabacoa all year round stay at around + 16 … + 22 degrees. And the mountains are even cooler.

The route to the waterfall is breathtaking. Tourists will have to move through the crevices. On the way to meet a suspension bridge. You can get here both independently and with a professional guide. In any case, when traveling, do not forget about safety measures. Be careful on the rocks, wild bees live here, which can cause certain troubles.



Aguas Blancas Waterfall (Salto de Aguas Blancas)

Aguas Blancas is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Dominican Republic. It is located 10 kilometers south of the city of Constanta. To get here, part of the route will have to be overcome by SUVs, part on foot. The road is not the easiest, but its beauty is simply fascinating. The total length of the route is about 10 kilometers.

The waterfall itself is located at an altitude of 1703 meters above sea level. Water falls from a height of more than 80 meters. The water temperature does not exceed +12 degrees. Swimming here is not recommended. You can admire the beauty of this natural attraction from the observation platforms. On all sides, the waterfall is surrounded by jacaranda trees and pine forest.

Admission is free. Nearby there is parking for cars.



Estancia Naturaat Spirit Mountain Coffee Farm

This is a family farm where natural coffee beans are grown. The farm is quite popular among the local population and tourists from different countries. During the walk you can see real coffee plantations. Friendly hosts with cordiality will tell you about the technology of production of a coffee drink. Also guests will have a unique opportunity to ride off-road bicycles in the mountainous terrain.

The owners of the farm opened a small shop on its territory. Here, everyone can buy natural coffee beans. Also in the shop there are many souvenirs on coffee themes.

The farm is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, there is clean air all year round. This place is just perfect for ecotourism.

Address: 2 ave Confluencia, Jarabacoa

Official website: www.spiritmountaincoffee.com

Rancho Baiguate

Those who are an ardent fan of active pastime should definitely visit Rancho Baiguate. Tourists here are waiting for real adventures surrounded by wildlife. Mountaineering is popular in Jarabacoa. For those who want to try themselves in this sport, a special simulator was equipped on the ranch.

Horseback riding tours through picturesque landscapes are organized here. Both adults and children can ride. Another form of entertainment available at Rancho Baiguate is rafting. There is probably no such person who would not dream of rafting on a mountain river. All equipment for rafting is provided on the spot, tourists can only succumb to emotions and go for a portion of adrenaline. Experienced instructors accompany you throughout the route.

Despite such a large selection of entertainment, do not forget that the ranch first of all specializes in horses, that is, it is to some extent a horse farm. Every year, competitions in equestrian sports are held on its territory. As a rule, they take place in the spring before Easter and in the summer during the Flower Festival. Visitors are sure to get a lot of pleasure from such entertainment.

The ranch is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Official website: www.ranchobiaguate.com



Rancho Jarabacoa

Another amazing place for adventure tourism is Rancho Jarabacoa. There will be no time to be bored here and even the most experienced travelers will definitely find something to do. Here is a number of entertainments designed for the whole day.

For lovers of outdoor activities, conditions have been created for rafting – rafting on the mountain river Yake-dol-Norte. You do not need to carry any equipment with you, everything you need is provided on the spot. In addition, for maximum safety of tourists, the group on the route is accompanied by experienced instructors. The second type of active entertainment is canyoning. It is a descent into a mountain gorge with the help of climbing equipment.

Everyone can ride horses. This entertainment is available for any age. The route follows forest trails, which will give you the opportunity to see the beauty of local landscapes and breathe fresh air. Rancho Jarabacoa staff will be happy to help arrange excursions to El Gran Saltode Jimenoa. It is also possible to go hiking or horseback riding to the peak of Duarte. The ranch receives its guests from 8 am to 18:00.

official website of www.ranchojarabacoa.com



Butterfly House in Jarabacoa, or Mariposario

This is the first and only butterfly garden in the Dominican Republic. It is located near the ranch of Baiguate. Omar Rodriguez (a well-known personality in the field of ecotourism) and Kelvin Guerreo (entomologist) worked on the creation of this place. The Butterfly House in Jarabacoa is a heavenly place that will appeal to both adults and children. It is from here that you can take away a lot of bright and colorful photos.

On the territory of the garden there are 6 species of butterflies. All of them belong to two species – Nymphalidae and Papilionidae. These are the largest representatives that live in the Caribbean region. The garden is a room, its ceiling and walls are made of mesh cloth. Various tropical plants and flowers make their way through it. Here you can find not only butterflies, but also other winged insects. To maintain the optimal temperature and humidity in the pavilion, fountains, fans and special equipment are installed. The garden is so popular among tourists that its territory never remains empty. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of getting acquainted with the most beautiful winged representatives of the Caribbean flora.

Waterfall Salto de Baiguate

Salto de Bayagate is one of the most beautiful waterfalls not only in the city of Jarabacoa, but throughout the Dominican Republic. It is small, but the water flow from all sides is immersed in tropical vegetation. The waterfall is located in a relief gorge. At the point of contact of falling water and earth, an impressive reservoir was formed.

If you look from the side, the waterfall resembles a staircase. Its height is only 25 meters. In the place where the water flow begins to fall off the rock, pine forests grow. And in this place you can find an amazing grass with an interesting name – white curls. It is this grass that protects the area from erosion. In the basin of the mountain river grows a unique tree – Nogal. Nowadays, it is quite rare and only in tropical latitudes. Despite the fact that the water in the reservoir is cool, many tourists try to take water baths.



La Cortina Falls

La Cortina Falls is located near the main mountain road in Manabao, literally a 15-minute drive from Jarabacoa. This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country. The name “cortina” from Spanish translates as “curtain” and not by chance. The water stream is a smooth curtain of water stretching in breadth for several meters.

This natural attraction is one of the most accessible in Jarabacoa. Here you can safely go with the whole family for a few hours. Within walking distance from the waterfall there is a wonderful restaurant with national and international cuisine. And next to it there is a swimming pool. Many tourists and locals come here for the whole day – to walk, swim and, of course, have dinner.

José del Carmen Ramírez National Park

The territory of the José Del Carmen Ramírez Park is adjacent to the Armando Bermúdez National Park. These are some of the very first protected areas in the Dominican Republic. The park covers an area of 764 km. and is simultaneously within three provinces. The park area received its name in honor of the Dominican general. Flora and fauna are striking in their diversity.

During the walk, visitors can see deciduous and pine forests, cedars. There are wild boars, small rodents, snakes. It is here that you can watch tropical birds, listen to their singing. There are birds listed in the Red Book – the Haitian arating, the golden swallow, the black-eared Amazon, the blue-backed forest warbler.

From the territory of the national park, two- or three-day climbing routes to Duarte Peak originate.



Many of Jarabacoa’s attractions are of natural origin. They are sure to appeal to fans of ecotourism. You can come here on a full vacation and, believe me, you will have something to do every day. Acquaintance with some objects requires a certain physical training, but most of them are available to absolutely all vacationers.

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