Attractions in Sosua, Dominican Republic

The city of Sosúa in the Dominican Puerto Plata is located on the north coast, in the bay. Tourists from all over the world often choose Sosua for their holidays because there are not those strong winds that appear in season along the coast.

There are quite a lot of hotels and guest houses in Sosua, water activities such as diving and windsurfing are on every beach.

It is important to remember that Sosua is primarily a coastal town, not a resort, so the beaches are urban and small. In search of a comfortable coastal zone, head towards Cabarete.

Sosua remains a favorite vacation spot for many tourists: the bay is calm and there are almost no waves, and from the beach you can watch a beautiful sunset, the sun “sets directly into the ocean”.

The city for its 80 years of existence did not have time to “accumulate” famous events and attractions, so the history was formed. Several museums and galleries of paintings are located in the center of Sosua, but in just an hour by car you can go to the suburbs and spend time in the jungle on waterfalls, national parks and in places of entertainment for adults and children.

Музей Museo Judio Sosua

There are not many attractions in Sosua, but the Jewish Museum definitely attracts attention. He introduces the history of the resettlement of refugees here in the 1940s. The complex has a synagogue, and often weddings according to national traditions are held in it. The museum and the synagogue live according to an irregular schedule, and almost always someone is there and will receive tourists.

Sosua was formed at a time when Jews fled to these lands in the 1940s from the abuse of the German Nazis, and in 5 years about 800 people settled on the island. Educated and well-read people, professionals in many fields, they have completely changed their lives. Agriculture has become a major occupation for many.

The museum opened in 2003 in the presence of the Israeli ambassador, and the exhibition features personal belongings of refugees and photographs of events that took place after 1940. It is worth noting that many countries participated in the rescue of Jews from Nazi extermination, including the United States, this is evidenced by the texts of the agreements, also presented in the museum.

Castillo Mundo King

A unique museum in Sosua “Royal Castle”, which has collected under one roof a variety of world artifacts. Founder Rolf Schultz believes that our world is very close to the alien, and therefore the influence of other civilizations on us is enormous. Haitian and European exhibits are full of mysticism and wisdom of ancient peoples.

The collection consists of paintings, sculptures and models of spaceships, sarcophagi and crypts, which exactly refers to funerary art.

The founder is sure that his museum was previously and now watched by aliens, and interestingly, no one is surprised by this version. It is believed that in ancient times, temples were observatories and attracted aliens. The building itself has a very unusual architecture: neo-Gothic, Brazilian style and even late art nouveau.

When creating the museum, Rolf Schultz based his theory on the history of the Mayan people, their beliefs and traditions. The Maya are one of the most extraordinary and controversial peoples of antiquity, but this is how it is unique.



Art Gallery by Leo Díaz

The Leo Diaz Art Gallery occupies a special place in the cultural life of the Dominican Republic and Sosua: it is a great opportunity to diversify a beach holiday on the ocean. The gallery houses a collection of rather unusual bright works, and it is not necessary to understand art at the expert level to understand their idea.

Leo Diaz began to draw in his youth, studied himself, and now is known not only in the Dominican Republic as a photographer, designer and visual artist, but also as a professor of art. In his works, Leo Diaz talks about the culture and traditions of the Dominican Republic, and everyday life is presented brightly and clearly. In the Museum you will rarely find small canvases, more often it is a large format, the same as the soul of the inhabitants of the Caribbean.

The artist admits that his work was influenced by masters of various eras from the Renaissance to Picasso of the 20th century.

Leo Diaz lives and works in Sosua, here are his permanent exhibitions, and his work also occupies a place of honor in the art gallery in New York.

Monkey Jungle and Zip Line Adventures

The monkey and zipline park tourist complex is one of the most popular in Sosua, and you can easily spend a whole day here. Vacationers are delighted with communication in small saimiri monkeys, and all conditions are created in the park for their peaceful and comfortable living. In addition, they immediately ride a zipline: the attraction has been receiving fans of extreme sports for 7 years and is a descent over ravines and rainforest. On all the way there are 12 lines, 16 platform stops, and its total length is more than 2 km.

The safety of vacationers is in the first place, and the technical condition of the attraction is constantly monitored: lines and equipment are changed, and a medical aid point is always working on the route. Guests are instructed before the start of skiing and recommend comfortable clothes and shoes.

Saimiri Park has been working not so long ago, but has already fallen in love with guests. It was founded by a married couple, they are scientists and know how to care for animals and create favorable conditions for reproduction. About 30 cute animals live in the reserve, they are trained for proper communication with people. It is worth noting that the owners of the park devote all the time to its development and care of nature.



Amazing Zipline

The most famous for its extreme zipline in the Dominican Republic. The complex was built taking into account all the natural features of the area and is designed to preserve the ecology of the region. Local authorities are overseeing the project and helping to develop tourism in Sosua and Palma Herrada.

While visiting Amazing Zipline, guests not only receive a huge dose of adrenaline, but also enjoy the views of the surroundings from a height: the turquoise waters of the river, tropical forests and waterfalls.

All participants of the ride are given professional climbing equipment, individually instructed and provided with support on the entire route. Many guests say that the zipline is a wonderful way to move from one point of Palma Herrada to another. One of the most popular types of recreation in the Dominican Republic is waiting for you!

Sosua Ocean Village Water Park

Sosua Ocean Village is a modern apartment complex with apartments and hotel rooms for everyone on the beach, it is equipped with an expanded infrastructure: sports grounds, restaurants, a spa complex and a huge water amusement park. People come here to rest with the whole family, time flies by for everyone imperceptibly. The water amusement park is open daily from 10.00 to 17.00 and the entire territory is guarded.

There are not many such places in the Dominican Republic, and in Sosua Ocean Village Water Park there is entertainment for everyone, adults become children for a while.

Near all attractions, lifeguards work and ensure the safety of guests. Children are supervised, and parents at this time can relax by the pools or have a delicious lunch in the restaurant.

Recreation areas and attractions of the water park:

  • Panoramic and Olympic swimming pool (25 m);
  • slides for adults and children of varying degrees of complexity;
  • floating areas and sun terraces with sun loungers.

Very strong waves form along the coast of the Dominican Republic, so not for everyone swimming in the ocean waters is possible A water amusement park is a great choice for the whole family.



FunCity Action Park

The Fun City Action Park karting center is the largest and most popular in the entire Dominican Republic. Entrance to the park is free, and only kart riding is paid.

Guests are offered several ticket fares, but most of all the “unlimited entrance to the races” is bought: stay on the tracks as much as you want and use all the attractions and entertainment. The visitor is given an individual bracelet, and it cannot be transferred to another. More often karting is visited by adults or children with parents, and for younger visitors there are discounts on the ticket. Beginner riders can choose one or two tracks and purchase tickets only there, which is convenient.

The administration of the park helps guests to organize a transfer from the hotel and back, which significantly saves time. There is a special area for children under 8 years of age, and restaurants and cafes are open for guests in the complex.



27 waterfalls

Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic are the main natural attraction, and rest at local resorts is not complete without visiting them. The famous 27 waterfalls are located in Rio Damajagua – a paradise for adventure and travel. The location of so many water pools nearby is a real natural wonder. They have existed for a very long time, but were discovered by tourists at the end of the last century. It is not safe to go there without training and knowledge, and therefore local youth work as guides and even created a professional association of guides. All attendants know how to properly provide first aid, which is important, but their main mission is to acquaint guests of the Dominican Republic with the most beautiful waterfalls of the Caribbean!

The day tour to 27 waterfalls is full of picturesque landscapes and the brightest emotions.



Cable car and Mount Isabel de Torres in Puerto Plata

Mount Isabel de Torres with the statue of Christ the Redeemer is considered a symbol of Puerto Plata and the entire Dominican Republic. This place is also called a hill, which appeared several centuries ago as the base of a defensive fortress. It had loopholes for artillery, and the very location of the fortress on the hill was advantageous for observing the coastline. For greater secrecy, the fortress was covered with grass, and looked really like an ordinary hill, but very often due to low clouds, visibility was very reduced.

The name of the mountain was given by two Spanish monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, but it is also known from the statue of Christ the Redeemer. In the 1970s, the government of Puerto Plata decided to install a funicular to climb the hill. Now it is visited by tourists from many countries.

The mountain stands surrounded by a picturesque National Park, and from the height of the lift you can see how the greenery merges with the sea surface.



Laguna DuDu

Unique in its beauty, Laguna DuDu is located in the north of the Dominican Republic and consists of several lagoons with fresh water. They are surrounded by caves and lush greenery – this is a wonderful place to relax and swim.

You can get to this natural park from Puerto Plata, and spend the whole day in various activities: swimming, kayaking, exploring caves or descending on a small zipline. The territory is well equipped for tourist recreation, there are cafes and a boat rental.

The DuDu Lagoon is a small karst lake 20 m deep, but the water is so clear that you can see the bottom. The color of the water varies from bright blue to emerald, and this is a feature of rocky karst reservoirs. The lagoon is located 10 m below ground level and has a regular rounded shape.



Blue Lagoon

The name of this natural miracle speaks for itself: the water in a small cave lake is really blue and very clean, the lagoon is located on the territory of the National Park, the entrance to this zone is paid. There are no fish in the lake, but the locals like to relax in the vicinity, having picnics. Unlike many rock lakes, the Blue Lagoon is warm, and even children are not “afraid” to enter the water. Usually the journey to the Blue Lagoon takes place in small groups, although you can come there individually, the main thing is to know the way. There is a parking lot for transport, a place for changing clothes before swimming and bathrooms.

There are steps for the descent to the lagoon, and from a small height tourists jump into the water. The lake is of stunning beauty, the water is clean, and it is very pleasant to swim in the lagoon with a small number of people around.



Las Cuevas de Cabarete Cave

The cave of Las Cuevas in Cabarete is a wonderful place for an easy rest and an informative excursion about the flora and fauna of the region. Travel agencies Puerto Plata and Cabarete advise visiting caves with underground lakes accompanied by a guide to ensure safety. During the walk, guests visit 3 caves, the route is available to everyone by physical effort.

The cave is located in the National Park. All local guides speak English and the tour group gathers at the “guide’s hut” for a short briefing. The most memorable event of the walk is swimming in the lakes inside the caves and jumping into the water from a small height. The territory of the park is very clean and well-groomed, and it is clear that the preservation of vegetation is monitored, trees and shrubs are planted.

The cave of Las Cuevas is a mysterious and very beautiful place, and this type of rest is always interesting, because it is not just beach entertainment, but acquaintance with protected places in the Dominican Republic.



Taino Valley Tropical Park

The Tropical Park “Valley of the Secret” is an hour’s drive from Sosua and Puerto Plata, along the equipped road. Along the way, guests can explore the surrounding area and rural life.

The area of the park is huge – more than 250 thousand square meters, and for a full inspection it will take a whole day. For the convenience of guests, thematic routes are offered:

  • a walk through the tropical plantation (seasonal fruits) of the Taino Valley;
  • visit to the observation deck “Mirador”;
  • walk along the lake;
  • tasting of local cuisine in the café on the observation deck.

Depending on the season, guests are treated to tropical fruits and fresh coffee, told about the traditions of the Dominican Republic and introduced to the way of life.

Every day from 10.00 to 15.00 excursion groups are formed for a walk with a guide: only a local resident knows everything about his country and will be happy to tell guests about it.



La Rejoya Waterfall

La Rejoya waterfall in the vicinity of Sosua is located quite high from the main road, and for the accuracy of the route, we advise you to focus on GPS coordinates. The closest can be reached by car, but then climb on foot along the path through the forest. Tropical thickets alternate with open agricultural plantations and cocoa plantations, several times you will have to cross a small river, in many places shallow as a stream.

La Rejoya waterfall is small, about 10 m, but in almost any season it is full-flowing. Locals are often invited to become guides: this is a chance for them to earn a little, and the tourist receives useful information and communication. By the way, often guests hear from the locals that it is not necessary to climb to the top of the waterfall, especially since there are no reservoirs for swimming.

The waterfall is small, but very beautiful and quiet. Along the way, you can watch birds and small tropical animals that are not at all afraid of guests.



Balneario El Saltadero Waterfall

The small waterfall Balneario El Saltadero attracts the attention of tourists and locals. In season, there are a lot of cars in the equipped parking lot: it is convenient to get on a good road, and if you plan a picnic, then everything you need to buy on the way from Puerto Plata, Sosua or Cabarete.

This is a natural miracle, which you can not only admire, but also swim in its pool. Comfortable wooden paths and miniature bridges lead there. This is a place for family holidays and beautiful photos.

Interestingly, even in the dry season, there is water in the waterfall, it is not high, and the flow of water falls calmly. The pond is quite cool, but vacationers come here for healing mud, so health procedures come to the fore.



Waterfall Salto Las Golondrinas

A natural attraction with an interesting name “Golondrin’s Jump” is known for its inaccessibility. According to tourists, this is a heavenly beauty place, a waterfall with crystal clear water and silence around. This is a kind of spa resort, only away from civilization and the usual comfort. The pleasure is worth it to get there, although the path to the waterfall is not easy.

A valuable tip from experienced travelers: part of the route will have to be driven by jeep, provided there is a good road, and if it has recently rained, then just such a car is needed. A motorcycle as a transport may not be suitable, and in any case, this road is for physically well-prepared people. Guides advise to stock up on food, water and a good mood. Waterfall Salto Las Golondrinas is very beautiful, and all the efforts made will not be superfluous.

Cascadas De Las Golondrinas Waterfall

Cascading waterfalls that are hidden in the rocks and greenery of the forest. The water drains calmly, shimmering in the rays of the sun. Tourists come here for swimming in the blue shallow pools and a relaxing family holiday. On the shore you can go on a picnic, take a walk and breathe fresh air. It is impossible to say that it is easy to get to the cascade. Like many waterfalls in Sosúa and Puerto Plata, you need to get to, but this is a kind of adventure. The air temperature is very comfortable for tourists of all ages, and you can jump into the heights of the most powerful waterfall, but it is worth considering that the pools are shallow, and it is better to refrain from this.



Waterfall Cascada la Golondrina

One of the waterfalls of medium height in the resort area of Sosua and Puerto Plata.

Tourists always have a choice of which waterfall to visit, and beautiful photos become a good incentive to climb to Cascada la Golondrina, swim in its waters and visit a unique natural place. Surround yourself with beautiful moments, have fun on the journey.



Cascada de Las Golondrinas Waterfall

The waterfall is about 20 m high and has a powerful stream of water. It does not dry out even in the dry season, and many locals often come to it for rest and swimming. Please note that entering the water on large stones, and children need the help of adults, as well as comfortable shoes for everyone.

The path to the Cascada de Las Golondrinas waterfall is already an interesting adventure, and it is not for nothing that tourist experts consider the region ideal for ecotourism in the Dominican Republic. The waterfall is fed by the waters of a beautiful river, but it is possible to climb to it only along a winding path.



Waterfall Río Partido Sendero Ecológico

The Río Partido Sendero Ecológico waterfall area is specially protected by the city authorities, and the locals help tourists get to it and tell how expensive the waterfall is for them. The water in the pools is perfectly blue, there are also thermal springs, and the road to the waterfall is one of the most picturesque routes. The waterfall originates in one river, and at the end of its path it pours into another. Those tourists who dared to trace the entire long waterway, did not regret for a minute, so beautiful it was.



Natural attractions are the property of Sosua and the entire Dominican Republic, and very often tourists come to an exotic country to observe the nature that they do not have at home. Travel and discover the world with the Dominican Republic!

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