Impeccable hotel «Deauville Hotel Spa» 5* Anapa, Russia — Description, guest reviews, photos

Hotel “Deauville” (Anapa)in recent years has enjoyed incredible popularity. The root cause of this was the bans on the entry of Russians to Turkey and Egypt. Over time, people have found many advantages in rest in Anapa, and now increasingly choose this complex to spend free time on the seashore. According to the majority of Russian citizens who have visited this fabulous place, it is really worth the money spent and is able to give a huge number of positive emotions and pleasant memories.

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General information

Before the advent of a hotel chain called“Alean Hotel Group”tourists did not even consider the option of a vacation on the Black Sea coast. And all because, unlike the same Turkey, in Russia it is difficult to find a hotel operating on the system “all inclusive”. But in “Deauville” every guest who paid full board, has the right to a full three meals a day in the main restaurant, as well as light snacks during the day for free!

The complex itself opened its doors to all comers four years ago and during this time managed to earn a good reputation. It got its name thanks to one of the most picturesque resort areas in France. It is located in Normandy, two hundred kilometers from the capital. In 2014, the hotel complex “Deauville” was awarded a prestigious award and took the honorable second place in the category “Best Hotel 5 *” in the competition “Resort Olympus”.

Of course, in the Krasnodar Territory there are several more institutions operating on the “all inclusive” system, for example, some of them are built in Sochi. But if you prefer to relax on the chic sandy coast, you should choose a tourist center located in Anapa.

Evgenia, Moscow: “Recently returned from vacation and hasten to share my impressions. This hotel is really worthy of attention. Sandy beach, excellent large swimming pool, a sufficient number of catering facilities, developed infrastructure, excellent living conditions. The rooms have everything you need for a long stay. I advise this institution for joint pastime with the family. “

Room stock

As for accommodation issues, hotel guests can stay in standard apartments, as well as superior rooms and “suites”. You are guaranteed to be accommodated in one of the special cottages, united in buildings of different number of storeys. The interior design is made in a luxurious Norman style, which is often mentioned in their reviews by grateful customers of the hotel. Regardless of the chosen room, you can always count on clean and soft towels, bed linen and personal hygiene products.

  • Standard suites of 14 square meters are equipped with semi-double beds and separate sliding chairs on which children can sleep. The set of furniture and appliances includes air conditioning, TV, telephone, wardrobe, safe, ottoman, clothes dryer. There are apartments for families with a capacity of 3-4 people and a footage of 28 sq.m.
  • The superior rooms have everything you need for a good rest at sea. A small working area, a spacious bathroom, an entrance hall and a dressing room – in such “mansions” you will feel at home. The balcony has outdoor furniture, so you can always have breakfast outdoors and read the latest press.
  • If you choose luxury apartments, then be prepared to pay a decent amount for them. In most cases, these rooms are just over 45 squares, but the rooms have a large dining table and a dining area with a coffee machine and kettle. The minibar is constantly updated, which is very convenient, because if you feel thirsty, you can instantly quench it without going down to the lobby bar.

Valentina, Samara: “I visited almost all the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, but I have never seen such a level of service. Many thanks to the maids who cleaned my room every day. The towels were dazzling with their whiteness, the sheets were always fresh. The room did not smell of dampness, but, on the contrary, everything around smelled of exotic plants. Food and drinks were served on demand and without delay. For such work, it is not a sin to leave a generous tip. The hotel staff are great!”

Beach area

What tourist does not want to swim in the clean and warm sea during the holidays? Hotel “Deauville” provides such an opportunity. The private part of the coast is located only 492 meters from the main building. Regularly during the day there is an electric bus that delivers guests to the golden sand. And if you want to walk on foot, walk along the path, arranged on the fenced off territory of the hotel, and after 20 minutes of leisurely walking you will find yourself on the shore.

Here you will find a huge number of unforgettable impressions and emotions! For those who like to lazily lie in the sun, sun loungers and umbrellas have been installed here. Also on the beach built showers and changing cabins, always in the immediate vicinity of the water on duty lifeguards and doctors.

But not everyone comes to Anapa to sunbathe and read books. People who prefer an active lifestyle are simply incredibly lucky, because the administration of the institution gave them the opportunity to experience adrenaline rushes. Near the coast there is a rental point for all kinds of tools and equipment for water skiing, catamarans, jet skis, canoes, etc. Everyone can master the technique of scuba diving, try yourself in fishing, windsurfing and parasailing. To develop physical abilities and a sense of competition, employees equipped basketball and volleyball courts in a private area.

Angelina, Rostov-on-Don: “Deauville” is a great place for a family holiday. You can choose one of several options for swimming – the sea and your own pool. In both cases, you will get a lot of fun. At the artificial reservoir always work cheerful animators, there is a bar with soft drinks and ice cream. Little mischievous people are very fond of the local water park. Splashing in sea water with children is an extraordinary joy, especially since you do not need to worry that the baby may drown. Rescuers are always on duty nearby, and the entrance to the water is very convenient, there are no sharp depressions. “

Food system

As mentioned earlier, the administration of the hotel “Deauville” has established the following rules: all guests have the right to a full meal on the system “all inclusive”. The main restaurant always has a rich and varied “buffet”, the menu of which has about three hundred dishes, including recipes for the youngest guests of the complex, vegetarians and lovers of healthy food. The second restaurant called “San Michel” is slightly different from its counterpart, as it serves customers by reservation. Of course, you can come here without warning, because the institution is always happy to see people who want to taste real delicacies and delicious delicacies.

But as for the bars, such a number can not even boast of a small provincial town. They are located in the most “passable” places and are distinguished by a cozy atmosphere, which has a long gathering with friends and new acquaintances. The bar, located in the lobby, is open until three o’clock in the morning, and everyone can enjoy aromatic coffee and fresh pastries at any time. There are establishments where alcoholic beverages are served, there is a fairly wide range of wines, both local and foreign production.

Ekaterina, Nizhny Novgorod: “The food here deserves all the praise. First, everything is very tasty, almost at home. You can see what is cooked with the soul. Secondly, the main restaurant always serves meat, chicken, seafood and fish in large quantities. At the height of the season, there are always vases with fruits, including those not grown in the Krasnodar Territory. There are just stunning desserts, ice cream – even the most sophisticated fashionista, who always sits on different diets, will not resist. But there is one drawback: I recovered in two weeks by three kilograms! For this you are reprimanded, and for everything else – my sincere gratitude!”

Interesting features

The hotel complex “Deauville” is a great place for both family holidays and for living with noisy friendly companies. You can even come here alone – you will definitely get acquainted and make friends with numerous neighbors. There is a chance to even meet the second half and twist a resort romance!

As mentioned earlier, guests who have had the opportunity to visit this hotel, almost always leave exclusively positive reviews. They talk about good food, a great pool, a water park, a beach, and a spa and wellness center, which, unfortunately, we did not mention in the previous sections. But mistakes need to be corrected, so let’s talk a little bit about the services that this institution provides.

So, in the spa you have the opportunity to conduct a whole range of rejuvenating procedures, and this applies not only to women. At your disposal are steam rooms, Finnish and Russian baths, saunas, an indoor swimming pool, cosmetology and massage rooms. There is also a gym on site, which can be used by all guests of the complex. Also, to keep their body in good physical shape, vacationers can play tennis and table tennis, boccia, golf, darts, mini-football, etc.

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As you can see, even if the weather outside is not conducive to sunbathing in the sun, you will always find something to do. And children will not be bored, because for them a mini-club of interests has been created here, within the framework of which educators, teachers and animators are engaged with the children. And in their free time, they can always spend time with their parents, visit excursions, frolic on one of the playgrounds or game rooms. Hurry up to please your baby and book a ticket to “Deauville”! We guarantee he will be grateful to you for such a trip.