Ideal Fresh Wind SPA Hotel (Fresh Wind) Russia, Kurovo — All the delights of active recreation in the suburbs

Hotel “Fresh Wind” offers everyone to spend their holidays in the world of adventure and entertainment. Neither children nor adults will be bored here! Below we will describe in more detail the infrastructure of the hotel, but for now we will talk a little about the food system and living conditions.


General information

You have no idea how picturesque the surroundings of the complex “Fresh Wind”are, how much it is buried in the greenery of trees, which, in turn, generously thank it for its good-natured neighborhood with fresh air. The small town of Dmitrov near Moscow is located just ten kilometers from the hotel, which allows you to go to this village at any time on excursions or for shopping for essential goods.

Developed infrastructure, a slight distance from Moscow (only 45 kilometers!), fascinating landscape design of the territory, a large number of buildings built in a modern style – all this makes the institution attractive for tourists from Russia and neighboring countries. In the courtyard there is a beautiful garden, benches are placed, landscaped gazebos are built. Lawns in the summer are always trimmed just perfectly! At the first acquaintance with this place you will surely fall in love with it, marveling at the incredible cleanliness and thoughtful exterior.

Svetlana, Moscow: “I recommend this hotel and believe that it is one of the best in the area. Due to the proximity to the capital, I always had the opportunity to go to work to hold a meeting or presentation. In general, here the situation has for a good rest and makes you forget about stress and nervous tension, which accumulates over the months. “

Room stock

The hotel complex “Fresh Wind” is always glad to guests, who, in turn, like to spend holidays and weekends here. Especially for their customers, employees built modern residential buildings, as well as 21 separate houses.

  • Rooms in the building “high-tech” are equipped with the latest technology. There are flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, telephones, minibars and dressing rooms. Bathrooms offer all toiletries, as well as a hairdryer, towels and a bathrobe. At the disposal of vacationers there are both rooms of the standard category, and luxury apartments and suites.
  • In the case of “country” there are exclusively budget options with a standard set of furniture and household appliances. Here you can find housing and families with several children, and friendly companies, and even single travelers.
  • For individual cottages will have to pay much more, but they have the opportunity to retire or be alone with relatives and loved ones. In the presented line there are houses of class “standard”, luxury apartments and presidential mansions. In most of them you will definitely find a fireplace, and nearby, in the backyard – private areas for cooking kebabs and barbecues. Naturally, there was a place for a dining area, as well as a small kitchen where you can cook your own food.

Dmitry, Serpukhov: “There are also enough hotels near my city, but I fell in love with Fresh Wind and am not going to change my tastes. But this hotel is not without flaws. So, for example, I did not like that the cleaning in the rooms is not carried out on schedule, but as the maids want. They can come and start vacuuming at any time, and they are not at all embarrassed by the fact that my son sleeps after dinner. At first I made remarks, then I swore, then I completely kicked them out, telling them to come later. But the next day they still came when the baby was either getting ready for bed, or was already in the kingdom of Morpheus. For the tactless behavior of employees, I put a fat minus to the institution. “


What tourist would not want at least once for a vacation to swim in warm water? Of course, such people are very difficult to find. Knowing this, the administration built several swimming pools. The first is open, the water in it is heated to the desired temperature level and changes regularly. Some manage to splash, even when the street begins to freeze. The other two ponds are located inside the spa building. One of them is intended for children, the second – for adults. Around the sun loungers are placed so that guests can relax after heavy physical training, steam room or cosmetic procedures.

By the way, if we started talking about the spa, it’s time to talk about what services it provides. Everyone can visit saunas, Finnish baths and hammam, as well as elite steam rooms and hot tubs with “live” water. In addition, there are massage rooms where specialists are ready at any time to thaw your muscles and save you from the hated signs of cellulite and premature aging.

Olesya, Zvenigorod: “I must say, the hairdresser here is cool. In my city, you only have to dream about this. A true professional in his field, cuts and makes styling, relying not only on the individual preferences of clients, but also on the features of their appearance. And what kind of hot tubs are there? Just a fairy tale! After a week at the hotel, I returned home rejuvenated and beautiful! Thank you very much to those who did my procedures and changed my image.”

Food system

On the territory of the hotel complex “Fresh Wind” built many restaurants and bars. Almost all of them work on the system of “al-cards”. The menu of catering facilities consists of sections, among which special attention can be paid to a variety of baby food, as well as dishes prepared for vegetarians and fans of healthy food.

The hotel offers everyone to spend significant holidays and celebrations here. Especially for such cases, banquet halls with a capacity of up to 120 people were built. There are also spacious summer tents, in which weddings and corporate parties are often held. There are also small, but very cozy cafes, which can accommodate a maximum of 35 people.

Evgenia, Naberezhnye Chelny: “I came here as part of a business trip, and was pleasantly surprised how cozy it is in local restaurants. For two weeks I repeatedly visited each of them. Now I decided for sure, I will celebrate my wedding here. Waiters are very friendly and hospitable people, they quickly respond to customer requests, promptly remove from the tables and cover tablecloths. Pleasant music, beautiful design, hospitality – what else is needed for a person to want to taste a dish from the chef and leave a generous tip?”

Leisure for children

As you know, the hotel complex “Fresh Wind” has long established itself as a great place for a joint holiday with children. Especially for the youngest guests there is a games room, a heated swimming pool with slides is built, outdoor areas with carousels and swings are equipped. But the pride of the staff consider another project – a mini-club “Breeze”. Within the framework of the program, educators and teachers are engaged with children, cheerful animators play. Every week there are master classes in cooking, clay modeling, design and other creative activities. The schedule of the day is designed for up to a minute, and only a few hours are allocated for communication between children and their parents. And in the evenings, the hotel hosts discos for children, competitions, as well as entertainment events.

Often there are situations when parents want to take a break from the upbringing of their child and go to a bowling center or billiard room, listen to music and sing karaoke or dance in a nightclub. In such cases, qualified nannies come to the rescue, ready at any time of the day to look after the child. Unfortunately, this service is not included in the list of free, which means that you will have to pay for it in cash.

Maxim, Odintsovo: “My son really liked the playroom, which is located in one of the buildings of the hotel. To be honest, when I brought him there, I myself wanted to swim in a dry pool with balls, jump on a trampoline or get lost in a maze, but adults are not allowed there, unfortunately. Now the kid persuades us to go to the “Fresh Wind” again. Well, you’ll have to fulfill his wish.”

The hotel we are discussing has a huge number of positive reviews and has already managed to earn a good reputation. And all because here all the attention of the administration is focused on the fact that guests can feel at home. In summer it is very fun, in fact, as well as in winter. So, at the height of the warm season, there is always a rental point for sports equipment (badminton, roller skates, ATVs, bicycles, fishing equipment, bicycles, Segways and much more). When snow falls, skating rinks are actively poured on the territory, slides for tubing are built. Guests can also go helicopter, snowmobile, ski and snowboard. The hotel provides a shuttle service to the ski resort, which is located half a kilometer from the complex.

But it is especially fun in the hotel when the whole country celebrates the New Year. During the Christmas holidays, people are entertained by animators, show programs and themed parties. Of course, the cost of living during the holidays increases at times, so we recommend that you take care of paying for the booked rooms in advance, because in such cases the staff often make good discounts.