Hotels in Nizhny Novgorod for the New Year with a show program

Nizhny Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in Russia, once the heart of the Volga region, where crafts developed and merchants flourished. Nowadays, Nizhny Novgorod is an administrative, cultural, industrial center, a million-plus city, which celebrated the 800th anniversary of its foundation. Gazelles and MIGs are made here, they are engaged in information technology and radio communications, they are proud of birch bark certificates and silver hryvnias.

Nizhny Novgorod residents love their city, and this is not surprising – it is beautiful, even despite attempts to correspond to modern trends on the meaninglessness of architectural planning. Every year tens and hundreds of thousands of people come to Nizhny Novgorod from all over Russia and not only – on business or just like that, to walk along the ancient streets, look at the Kremlin, the Volga, the Oka. And, of course, many of them remain to celebrate the New Year. As an option, you can listen to the chimes in hotels – there are a lot of them in Nizhny, and they will give a head start even to the capital’s arrogance.

Courtyard by Marriott Nizhny Novgorod City Center

Business hotel Courtyard (Courtyard) from the famous marriott chain is located in the heart of Nizhny Novgorod, just half an hour walk from the most popular tourist attractions, next to the pedestrian Bolshaya Pokrovskaya. By the way, this hotel is the first hotel-chain in Nizhny. This is a reason for pride, so the staff of Courtyard by Marriott tries to confirm their primacy with both words and actions.

The highlight of the Courtyard by Marriott is the spacious rooms,decorated in an unobtrusive minimalist style. In the two buildings of the hotel there are 138 rooms and 5 suites (they are separate, in the restored mansion of the merchant Sirotkin). The most expensive room – the Presidential Suite – has a separate entrance.

In each room, regardless of category:

  • expensive high-quality bed linen;
  • daily cleaning;
  • mini-fridge, hair dryer, electric kettle.

The rooms of higher categories have a safe. Free and, according to reviews, excellent Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. The Courtyard by Marriott lobby has a bar serving breakfast.

For the New Year, the hotel has been preparing a special program for several years in a row. It all starts on December 28 – the day when you can hold a New Year’s cross-corporate party in a small, from five people, company. The administration promises an individual approach.

The celebration of the New Year at the hotel begins on 31.12 and includes:

  • banquet (menu from the invited chef);
  • wine casino;
  • live music and presenter;
  • intellectual games;
  • adults – discotheque, children – animator.

Also for the New Year holidays you can buy a package with accommodation for two or three days. Going to a party in the Courtyard by Marriott, you need to remember: the hotel does not have its own parking, you will have to use the public nearby. And that’s a real problem.




Hampton by Hilton Nizhny Novgorod

Of course, the hotel from the Hilton “family” could not appear somewhere in the green zone on the outskirts of Nizhny Novgorod, the fee will not allow this. Therefore, Hampton is located in the historic center, close to the Kremlin, shops and pedestrian streets. The building, however, he shares with the largest in the Lower Fitness Center. According to reviews, this has a catastrophic effect on parking: Hampton’s own parking works only for guests, this benefit does not apply to guests of New Year’s parties. Naturally, on New Year’s Eve, everyone uses the public parking lot. It is not rubber, so motorists are very sad.

There are a lot of guests in Hampton, this is a popular hotel in the Volga region (people believe in international brands).


  • family room with living room;
  • two- and single standards;
  • room with two beds;
  • This room features a double bed and a sofa.

In each room – TV, coffee maker, mini-fridge, ironing board, safe. Breakfast is served at the lobby bar.

For the celebration of the New Year in Hampton by Hilton are prepared very advance, most often from the end of October – the beginning of November. The emphasis in the hotel is not so much on the show program (it is so, a pleasant accompaniment for appetite), as on an exquisite dinner. The menu includes delicacies, experiments and just delicious things – truffles, semifredo, scallops, carrot curry, cream pate and many other interesting dishes.

Especially for fitness fans for more than five years, the “Sports New Year” package has been offered, which, in addition to the banquet and show program, includes a visit to the gym on the morning of January 1. Apparently, to ruthlessly burn the excess immediately, without delaying.




Sheraton Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

The indication of “Novgorod Kremlin” in the name of the hotel is not accidental: while competitors speculate on the proximity to historical monuments, Sheraton proves deeds and boasts of views from the windows of the Novgorod Kremlin. Near the main pedestrian street of the city, expensive restaurants, shops, entertainment centers. This is certainly a virtue in the eyes of numerous tourists: Sheraton is preferred by foreigners and guests with incomes above average.

The hotel has several roomoptions. In each:

  • exceptional orthopedic mattresses;
  • expensive bed linen, cosmetics, bathrobe;
  • coffee machine with capsules, electric kettle, instant coffee;
  • excellent noise insulation;
  • TV, safe, internet.

The pride of the hotel is its own restaurant, which employs highly qualified staff. On holidays or on special occasions, culinary stars are invited – chefs known far beyond nizhny.

New Year at Sheraton is perceived as a challenge. Naturally, you need to collect, feed and surprise several dozen capricious guests! And year after year, the Sheraton team succeeds.

Everything goes into action:

  • cover band and illusionists;
  • lottery and predictions;
  • unlimited champagne;
  • buffet, banquet and disco with a sober (this is important!) DJ.


The menu of the New Year’s banquet is aimed primarily at feeding guests, and includes a traditional “fur coat”, but with king crab, “olivier”, but with crayfish necks, tongue, caviar and crabs, filling, roast beef, pancakes with caviar, ganache and much, much more.

As experts advise, places on this belly festival need to be bought in advance.





City Hotel Sova

Cozy 4-star hotel Sova invites you to visit Nizhny Novgorod and celebrate the New Year in an atmosphere of civilized peace. Relatively fresh (opened in 2013) city hotel Sova is located in the business center, near the transport interchange, for which it is appreciated by businessmen, business travelers, and just visitors. Offers free underground parking.

City Hotel Sova positions itself as a family hotel and differs from competitors in that it gladly welcomes even the smallest guests.

For children the hotel has all the necessary things:

  • special toiletries;
  • bathrobe and slippers of small size;
  • furniture – chairs, shelves, bed with soft toys;
  • children’s menu in the restaurant with gifts – coloring and Lego.

Angela, Moscow: We came to Nizhny Novgorod for the New Year holidays – to see, take a walk, go to the suburbs to visit relatives. We stayed in “Owl” and are very satisfied: quiet hotel, very calm, warm. They did not have the noisiest party to the beat of the chimes, but the next day all the staff and guests did not lie with a hangover. Upon arrival at the reception, the youngest (3 years old) was presented with a lollipop and a coloring book. Very nice, and the child liked it. A tiny cute Christmas tree was waiting for us in the room.

The hotel has two saunas (an hour is included in the stay), a tea room, a bar and a restaurant. They serve pan-European and author’s cuisine.

Traditionally, the hotel does not prepare a show program to the beat of the chimes, but for guests who are going to celebrate the New Year in the “Owl”, the administration still has a pleasant surprise: in the restaurant, although it works on December 31 until 23.00, a special festive dinner with snacks, hot dishes and favorite salads is served. Sparkling from the hotel as a gift.





Marins Park Hotel Nizhny Novgorod

The titled Russian chain Marins Park Hotel (plus Yalta Intourist Green Park) manages the hotelof the same name in Nizhny Novgorod, which is located on the banks of the Oka River. The upper floors offer breathtaking views of the city and river, and the popular exhibition centre and train station are within walking distance.


  • standards (differ in beds – single, double and seats);
  • suites (studio, classic, apartments).

However, judging by the reviews, the hotel’s room stock was pumped up: the furniture is cheap, old, worn, the handles fall off, the plumbing leaves much to be desired. Synthetic curtains with puffs resemble draperies in a popular brothel, which, however, is not surprising: on the ground floor of the hotel there is a popular Sexafon strip club in the Lower.

Many guests note poor cleaning and categorically sluggish room service. The restaurant is located on the territory of the hotel, but it does not belong – these are tenants, so the administration disowns any contact with them.

Nevertheless, it is in the Marins Park Hotel that the brightest New Year’s parties in the city take place:

  • super-menu with reinterpreted traditional dishes;
  • Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden;
  • show-ballet, laser show;
  • drumming performances;
  • interactive games with guests;
  • freak show and disco.

For children there is a separate program with animators and gifts.




Alexander Garden

Impressively monumental hotel complex “Alexandrovsky Garden” is located on the banks of the Volga, from all windows there is a view of either the river or the Alexander Garden. The hotel is designed for a solid and relaxing holiday, its guests are people who are no strangers to nostalgia for the old days, those who prefer monumentality to reasonable functionality.

New Year’s Eve in such a rather outdated place is a television “New Year’s Light” on minimals:

  • entertainment program (usually a local group is invited);
  • banquet (7 serves from the chef plus cold appetizers);
  • lots of champagne;
  • the president’s speech and salute.

In the hotel for the celebration of the New Year prefer to stay those who were abandoned by fate to Nizhny Novgorod and they did not have time to look after a more interesting place.

In total, the hotel has 49 rooms of different categories. They are decorated in a heavy post-Soviet style and, judging by the reviews, need at least cosmetic repairs.

Nikita, Likino-Dulevo: We came to Nizhny Novgorod for the 800th anniversary, lived in the hotel for 5 days. And every day it was necessary to repair something: then the hair dryer smoked, then the toilet did not wash off, then the lamps were covered. In general, that is still happiness. The cleaner came quiet and fast, like a guerrilla, she was moping right under her feet, she didn’t even say hello. I never wiped the bedside table from the dust.

Among the main disadvantages of the hotel, many note the road to the center: it goes uphill, it is difficult to overcome it on foot. There is no public transport, and the free transfer to the Kremlin announced in the hotel is a single car … Which is always gone, because it has already taken someone somewhere.




Grand Hotel Oka Premium

Sometimes three stars is much more than you would expect: grand hotel Oka Premium is a great clean hotel with friendly staff for reasonable money. A huge selection of modern rooms, bowling, spa, sauna and several restaurants – in Nizhny Novgorod, not every 4-5 star hotel provides such a complex of services. Near the hotel is the main ice arena of the city, about half an hour walk – the Kremlin, historical monuments, walking locations.

For those who want to celebrate the New Year with the hotel, the administration has several offers:

  • delivery of festive dishes from the Kremlin chef to the address or to the room;
  • show program in the restaurant E11even in the style of Russian walking;
  • drawing of prizes among guests;
  • festive banquet in the restaurant “Oka”;
  • special program in Capital Club.

The Oka Premium Hotel has two blocks – for 3 and 4 stars. The difference in the size and design of the rooms, but the service will always be impeccably polite and correct.





Volna Hotel

Some hotels do not age: the hotel “Wave” has been operating since 1936 and during this time I have seen a lot. Perhaps the last years have been difficult for him, but he will definitely cope. By the way, on the territory of the “Wave” there is one of the few chargers for electric cars in the city.

The hotel is located quite far from the popular places of Nizhny, but promises to compensate for the difficulties with distances with comfort on its territory. Not everything works out, and not everything is dominated by the administration of the “Wave” – for example, no one can influence the construction site nearby, and loud sounds spoil the life of guests very much.

“Wave” is:

  • 167 rooms of different categories and traditions of service;
  • breakfast and parking;
  • equipped parking for campers;
  • Internet and transfer;
  • a free lounge for those who want to be in shape.

The hotel has several restaurants (European cuisine). Each of them prepares its own small celebration for the New Year: a banquet, live music, games for adults and children, special offers. According to the experience of past years, the best cuisine is “Seagull”. By the way, they will deliver a gala dinner to the room.




New Year and Nizhny Novgorod are compatible! If you have to listen to the chimes in a hotel, you need to choose it not only by means, but also by taste. For those who have a heart for peace and autonomy, the family-run City Hotel Sova or the budget but pleasant Grand Hotel Oka Premium are suitable. Those who want to break away can go to the strip bar Marins Park Hotel, and lovers of exquisite gastro-impressions and unhurried rest – in Hampton.

Selection of hotels Nizhny Novgorod on map