Hotels in Bukhara, Uzbekistan: top 10 comfortable options for recreation in one of the oldest cities in Central Asia

Hotels in Bukhara, Uzbekistan are interesting for their rich history and annually gather many tourists in their apartments. The city of Bukhara is a shopping center, a city-museum. It is famous for its antiquity and many architectural monuments that carry history and were built 2500 years ago. To get to know it better, you are waiting for the best hotels in Bukhara.

Malika Bukhara

Hotel Malika Bukhara is conveniently located in the heart of the city – its center. From it “close to” to all the attractions, he himself is equipped with everything that a tourist may need during the holiday. In addition, it has a pleasant pricing policy.

This hotel offers cozy and comfortable rooms, made in a classic style, equipped with air conditioning, with which you can create the most pleasant microclimate in the room. Also in the room you will find a modern TV, where you will have the opportunity to watch your favorite movies and programs and use the mini-bar.

In the morning you will find a buffet where you can taste delicious local dishes. It features a fitness centre, a sauna and a spa.

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“The hotel has four stars and fully complies with them. Everything was very nice, nothing to say. This is not the first time in Bukhara, but this is the best hotel we have stayed in. Thank you, I liked it, everything was wonderful.”

Chor Minor Hotel

If you like the rich history of the beautiful city of Bukhara, which carries the mysteries of antiquity, interesting facts and so on, then you are in the hotel Chor Minor Hotel,located in the old part of the city, where you can personally plunge into the history and feel everything that was happening earlier on yourself.

Near the hotel there are many attractions of the city. Throughout its territory there is free access to the World Wide Web. There is also free parking for those who like to travel by private or rented transport.

Each of the 9 rooms is decorated in a local style and comes with a TV, air conditioning and a bathroom with a shower or a bathtub.

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“We stayed here a year ago, when we came to Bukhara on business. This city and the hotel were so liked that they stayed for another week, however, already to rest. With pros: the room is clean and cozy, the staff is smiling and welcoming. Cons: None.”

Hotel Khurjin

Do you want to realize your dream and go to Bukhara? But at the same time, they did not want to face “pitfalls” that may arise during the holiday? Then you are at Hotel Khurjin – a cute hotel that welcomes its guests with open arms, and offers them a high level of service, comfortable rooms, free parking and free Internet access, so you will have the opportunity to share new selfies with friends on social networks.

You will have the opportunity to stay in one of the 5 rooms, in each of which you can not only sleep wonderfully on a comfortable bed after a day of walking, but also watch your favorite TV programs on a flat-screen TV. Another interesting feature of this hotel is the possibility of settling with pets. You can dine on new dishes in the on-site restaurant. Another advantage is the round-the-clock work of the reception.

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“It is worth noting that this hotel can accommodate pets. For a long time we were looking for such a hotel, because there was no one to leave our dog at home. Also pleased that the staff is very hospitable and the restaurant has very tasty dishes.”

Hotel Fatima

Deciding to stay in this hotel, you will make the right choice. After all, in this way, you will be able not only to relax without worries, but also to get acquainted with the whole city and its attractions, which are located near the Hotel Fatima.

You will be pleased with the fact that their language is spoken here, which means that there will certainly be no difficulties with choosing an excursion or renting bicycles. The hotel has only 14 rooms, that is, you will expect tranquility and no crowd, which early in the morning noisily runs from their rooms towards the new day. You will be comfortable in the room, which, among other things, is also equipped with a refrigerator, as well as a seating area.

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“Super hotel, loved it. In Bukhara we are for the third time and for the first time in such a wonderful hotel. On its territory there is everything you need, the rooms are maximally equipped, clean, smells nice. The staff is always ready to help and give good advice. For that money, it’s the best hotel.”

Komil Boutique Hotel

Everyone who wants to relax comfortably, with open arms meets Komil Boutique Hotel. Here you can forget all the worries, problems and just enjoy a luxurious life. On its territory there is a luxurious restaurant in which you will feel like a king and queen. In it you will have the opportunity to please yourself with dishes of European cuisine. Note that there is a separate menu for vegetarians.

To your attention comfortable rooms in which you not only sleep sweetly after a tiring day in exploring a new city, but also be able to take bath procedures in the bathroom, where there is a bathrobe and a hairdryer, with which you can make a beautiful hair styling. You can entertain yourself in the room by watching your favorite shows on a flat SCREEN TV. And thanks to the Internet, which is completely free of charge available throughout the hotel, you will have the opportunity to communicate with friends without spending a penny.

Check Rates “As in this song “well, what to say, well, what to say…”, everything was great! The hotel is very good. In Bukhara were the first time how pleasantly impressed this city, so pleasantly surprised and the hotel. The staff here is very good-natured and nice, always smiling. The room is super. In general, I liked everything very much, we are completely satisfied. ”

Amulet Hotel

For all connoisseurs of a comfortable stay, we present this hotel, where you can relax, learn local traditions, taste local dishes, relax and just enjoy life. The Amulet Hotel has a private restaurant that is decorated in a homely style. There, for breakfast, you will find a buffet with local cuisine. Here you can also have dinner and lunch (only by reservation). Relax in this hotel you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of massages.

A distinctive feature of this hotel lies in the fact that each of the 8 rooms is decorated in an individual style. But there is something that unites them – this is the presence in each room of wooden beams on the ceiling or handmade carpets on the floor. Despite the fact that the design of the rooms is traditional, this does not mean that they lack all the benefits of civilization. Quite the contrary, you can watch interesting movies on a modern TV, enjoy bath procedures in the bathroom or take a cold drink out of the refrigerator (which is in every room).

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“The presence of the Internet is also pleased, and then mobile communication here is so expensive. The rooms here are interesting and impressive. We lived here for a week: one half in one room, the other in the other. No, not because I didn’t like it, but because of the interest in what that other room would be.”

Salom Inn

This hotel is particularly hospitable and ready to help you at any time of the day, as the reception is open around the clock. By the way, each guest after arrival will be waiting for a cup of coffee. After all, the staff knows how tired you are from the road, and a cup of coffee will certainly cheer you up for new achievements.

Each of the 15 rooms is very bright and warm. In the design (local style) handmade elements are used, which makes the room especially colorful. Here you will be very good and comfortable, because everything you need is in the room, starting with a comfortable bed and ending with a mini-bar.

Without leaving the hotel,you will have the opportunity to book an interesting excursion in order to get to know this city even more. There is also a cozy restaurant where you can enjoy Uzbek dishes and thus increase your list of “interesting dishes of the world”.

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“Nice place. Loved the coziness in the rooms and cleanliness. Clean up, as I understood, they really like to do it. We left the room, where they left the mess, and returned to perfect cleanliness. “

Minzifa Inn

Does Bukhara attract you with its architecture, rich history or are you a traveler exploring various countries of the world and their traditions? In any case, the impression of the city will be the best when you go to explore it after a good rest, sleep and delicious breakfast. And this can be provided to you by a cute hotel that hospitably welcomes its guests – Minzifa Inn.

Although it consists of only 4 rooms, everything is equipped for your comfortable stay. And at the round-the-clock reception you can choose an excursion for yourself. You will have the opportunity to eat and enjoy Uzbek dishes in the restaurant, which is located on the territory of the hotel.

A wonderful sleep will provide you with a comfortable bed. You can put yourself in order in the bathroom, and have fun watching interesting movies on a flat-screen TV or free communication with friends on social networks, thanks to free access to the World Wide Web.

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“Nice hotel, small, cozy, no noisy neighbors. This hotel is designed for those who appreciate tranquility and silence. Very nice place, we’ll come back here again for sure.”

Hotel Shams

Bukhara is a city of Uzbekistan, which attracts tourists from all over the world with its grandeur and rich history. In order for your acquaintance with this city to succeed as much as possible, you should choose the right hotel that will meet all your wishes and provide a wonderful sleep, as well as rest. One of these Hotel Shams – which is conveniently located in Bukhara and gladly welcomes its guests.

On its territory there is a tennis court where you can have fun, relaxing from walks around the city, a fitness center that has a sauna, as well as a shop where you will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs for your loved ones. In addition, right here you can rent a car or a bicycle. In the rooms you will find a large bed that provides a wonderful sleep, TV, bathroom, as well as free wi-Fi access, so you can share new photos with friends on social networks.

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“The hotel is like a hotel. I didn’t see anything unusual in it. Sleep was good, clean. I have nothing more to add.”

Rustam & Zukhra

This hotel is the best choice for those who wish to stay and live in the historic part of the city, where the famous mosques are “within reach”. In addition to its convenient location, Rustam & Zukhra boasts other advantages, such as: the highest level of service, the availability of spacious rooms, hospitality and so on.

The hotel has only 12 rooms, which have everything you might need during your holiday. You will have the opportunity to have breakfast with homemade cuisine in the hotel or in the fresh air. And thanks to the round-the-clock reception, you can rent a bicycle and go explore the city. Also here you can choose a tour.

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“Pretty cute place. I was very pleased that it is located in the heart of the city, that is, you do not need to go anywhere, because everything is here. Clean, staff smiling and welcoming.”

Bukhara will be waiting for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Everyone is welcome here and always. Come and enjoy the flavor of this city, its traditions and explore the interesting and rich history of the city and local civilizations.