Hotel Vysota 609 Sheregesh

Hotel Vysota 609 is located in the village of Sheregesh, at the foot of Mount Green. The sheregesh ski resort is known in Russia and abroad thanks to the mountains: a large amount of snow falls on their slopes in winter, in some places its level reaches more than 7 meters.

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Sheregesh ski resort is located in Siberia, in the south of the Kemerovo region in the Tashtagol district. The village got its name thanks to the existing iron mine. But the locals, and recently tourists, call the resort affectionately “Gesh”. The nearest city is 23 kilometers away and is called Tashtagol. Also nearby there is a car and railway station, and the nearest airport is in the city of Novokuznetsk – 165 kilometers from the ski resort.

Hotel “Height 609” was built recently, in 2016. In such a short period of time, it has already managed to receive a large number of visitors.

The hotel consists of one 4-storey building, but despite this, thanks to the light design in brown tones, it can be seen from afar.

People come here to rest for the following reasons:

  1. Long ski season. Due to the location of the mountains and the peculiarities of the climate, snow lies from early November to May.
  2. Moderate weather. In Sheregesh there are no large and unexpected temperature changes.
  3. Lots of snow. The thickness of the cover is on average about 4 meters, but sometimes reaches 7 and above.
  4. This is the center of Russia. It is convenient to get to those who live in Siberia, the Far East, the Urals, Kamchatka and Primorye.
  5. Lots of off-piste zones.

In the yard live cute friendly dogs. Nice guest house: the room has a good fresh renovation, new furniture and finishes, especially the tiles in the bathroom are very beautiful. No dampness and mold. I also liked the fact that the hotel offered an equipped dryer for inventory, everything dried perfectly during the night. Minus I think that the room has never been cleaned, although it is not stated in the services, so everything is honest. There was also no kettle and glasses, but the administration promptly brought everything. There is definitely room to grow, but even now everything is not bad.

Hotel rooms

In total, the hotel has 10 rooms, of which 4 are standard class, and 6 others are economy.

  1. Quadruple room. This is the largest living space that the hotel offers. There are two beds that can be combined into one large and folding sofa. The dining area has all the necessary items, and the bathroom has underfloor heating.
  2. Family standard. There are 4 beds: double bed and sofa bed. In this version, there is no separate line of the zone, but there is a kettle and the necessary utensils.
  3. Standard. Accommodates 2 people. This is a small cozy room with a double bed, a bathroom and the necessary household items and appliances.
  4. Tourclass +. The peculiarity of this room is that it is located under the roof, so the ceiling and walls are non-standard. It has everything that two tourists may need: beds, a mini-refrigerator, dining equipment, dishes and a hairdryer. The shower is not in the room itself and is designed for 2 rooms.
  5. Quadruple economy. In the native room there are two single beds or one double bed and a sofa bed. There is also a TV and a kettle. Shower and toilet on the floor.
  6. Steward. Two single beds, necessary appliances and utensils. The bathroom is located on the floor.

More information. Each room has access to free Wi-Fi.


The hotel can order breakfast, lunch and dinner, or visit the café-bar at any time of the day. In addition to hot food, you can buy any drinks: tea, coffee, juices and alcoholic cocktails.

Also in the hotel “Height 609” there is a mangal zone. Anyone can book barbecue facilities at the reception and cook their own meat, fish or vegetables on the fire. For convenience, the hotel has a common kitchen, where you can also cook food, brew tea and have a snack.

Attention! Breakfast is included in the price of standard rooms.

Outside the hotel, in Sheregesh there is a large selection of institutions, each of which offers different cuisine:

  • German;
  • French;
  • eastern;
  • American;
  • Czech;
  • Russian;
  • Vegetarian.

In some places, tourists go not only for delicious food, but also to admire unusual design solutions. For example, in Sheregesh there is an institution in the form of yurts and a restaurant inside which the real Lapland is located.

We lived as a family in a standard room. Breakfasts were included, and dinners were taken every day. Everything is hearty, tasty, but still monotonous, I would like to see something else at breakfast in addition to cereals and eggs. Beds and rooms in general are in good condition. Gave for 3 nights about 16 thousand rubles, in principle were satisfied. Nice place, nice room, hot breakfast.


Hotel “Vysota 609” offers its guests bicycle and walking tours, equipment for sports games, as well as horse riding and fishing. On-site facilities include a swimming pool available only in summer, a sauna and a ski school.

The main way to spend leisure time is skiing from the snowy slopes. Sheregesh ski resort covers 5 mountains of different heights and complexity. The total height difference is an average of 490 meters, the maximum angle of inclination is 45 degrees.

  1. Mount Green. The altitude above sea level is 1.27 kilometers. It is next to it is the hotel “Height 609”, as well as most of the cafes and rental offices. In total, 6 official routes are laid on the mountain, the length of which is from 2.2 to 3 kilometers. The height difference is 600-630 meters.
  2. Bear Mountain. This is the lowest mountain on the territory of the complex, its height above sea level is only 1 kilometer. There are 3 tracks on which beginners ride most often, their length is 1.3-2.3 kilometers.
  3. Mount Mustag. This peak is considered the highest in the territory of Sheregesh – 1.57 kilometers above sea level. Officially laid only one track – “Dollar”. This name it received because of its steepness, which attracts experienced skiers.
  4. Mount Utuya. The elevation is 1,143 kilometers. Here, too, there is only one track, but it is very difficult to get to it. There is no lift on the mountain yet, so delivery to the top is carried out using a snowmobile.
  5. Mount Kurgan. The second highest peak in the resort – 1,555 kilometers. It attracts tourists by the inability to ride it, and a huge worship cross located on top of the mountain.

The undoubted advantage of these mountains is their location. Sloping and long tend to almost completely eliminate the danger of avalanches. But maximum safety can only be guaranteed by officially authorized trails. When descending on unrolled snow or a snowmobile walk, you can fall under the thickness of the snow and get into the creek bed or into the void near trees and bushes.

The advantage of this place is its climate, it is sharply continental. Hot summers do not last very long, and winter is distinguished by its length, a lot of snow and frost. The first snow falls in October and until April it remains suitable for skiing. The average temperature at this time is 15-20 degrees below zero, but often it drops to -40 °. But due to the fact that the cold wind remains outside the mountains, at the top the temperature is felt much higher. Even when the thermometer shows above 0 in April, there is enough snow left for skiing. The bright sun and warmth make you change warm suits for swimsuits and continue skiing. This period is called the Sheregesh phenomenon.

Hotel “Vysota 609” organizes for interested tourists excursions on snowmobiles and escort in the mountains. There is also a ski school on site.

Note! In Sheregesh, near one of the slopes, there is a market for local products. Here you can buy souvenirs, berries, jam, cedar cones, knitted products and even animal skins.

Leisure for children

The most important activity in the ski resort, of course, is skiing. The hotel offers to teach such winter fun to a child. And for the youngest, from 3 years, on the territory of Sheregesh there are professional schools “Snegovichok” and “Nerableashka”.

Another winter entertainment is snowtubinka, or, more simply, a descent from the mountain on a vatrushka. In Sheregesh there are several specialized trails for such leisure.

To relax from active sports, you can visit the amusement park “Geti Park”. This is a real club of interests, here you can learn all the legends of this area, see the cave in which Bigfoot lives and, perhaps, even see the Yeti himself. The park hosts master classes, chemical experiments, as well as scientific shows.

And in the evening, in the hotel, the child can be entertained with board games, puzzles or watch children’s TV channels together.

Attention! Hotel “Vysota 609” allows children of any age, while the rooms do not provide for the installation of cots.

Attractions near the hotel

Tourists, in addition to skiing, love to consider the surrounding nature. Sheregesh is a unique combination of untouched flora and fauna. Not far from the ski resort, the Shor National Park was created, in which, in addition to the usual trees, there are centuries-old cedars and spruces, as well as pines listed in the Red Book. Also in the reserve live squirrels, mice, badgers, mermars, minks, deer, moose, lynx and even wolverines and brown bears.

In addition to the cross on Mount Kurgan, there is another attraction located on this peak – camels. This is the name of the rocks-remains, which resemble the humps of these animals with their relief. And at the foot of another mountain you can see another entertainment – an upside-down house. It is not only inverted from the outside (the roof is located at the bottom, and the foundation at the top), but also inside. Sofa, refrigerator, bathroom – everything is on the ceiling.

More information! Hotel “Vysota 609” organizes group and individual excursions.


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