Hotel Villa Blue Bay Simeiz Crimea

Hotel “Villa Blue Bay” is a place where everyone can feel like an aristocrat and touch the history. People of royal blood often rested here, who admired nature, silence and incredibly clean air.

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Hotel description

The family hotel “Manor Blue Bay” in Simeiz, formerly called “Villa” – is recognized as one of the best hotels on the Crimean peninsula. The world-famous tourist site Tripadvisor presented the hotel with the “Travelers’ Choice: Best of the Best of 2020” award.

The urban-type settlement of Simeiz is one of the most picturesque places located on the Black Sea coast.

The hotel complex is located in almost the most unusual and atmospheric place. Here you can admire the breathtaking views of the mountains, trees and the sea. Here you can take a break from the city and enjoy nature, the sea and mountain scenery. At the same time, there is access to all the advantages of civilization.

Thanks to the untouched nature, in the evenings you can observe a bright scattering of stars. And also at any time to breathe the cleanest air. It is really unique – it was in this place that people came in the XIX century to treat their health.

The hotel is built on a protected area, which is under protection. The main attraction is the juniper forest growing on the western slope of Mount Koshka in the Lymen Valley, 400 m from the sea. Over the past century, many guests with breathing problems note that they feel much better within 2-3 days after arrival.

“Manor Blue Bay” is improved and updated every year. For demanding customers, new premium rooms are constantly being built. Now on the territory of the hotel there are 7 compact modern buildings and a unique, carefully restored villa “Limena”, built in the XIX century.

Room stock

The hotel “Villa Blue Bay” has several types of accommodation from classic standard rooms to premium apartments.

  1. Standard with one bed. Spacious room with an area of more than 17 m2, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. These rooms in the hotel are located both in modern buildings and in a villa of the XIX century. The price includes a full range of services and breakfast from local products of the Crimea.
  2. Standard with two beds. Room for one or two guests with an area of more than 19 square meters. For hotel guests there is absolutely everything to comfortably spend your holiday. All these rooms are located in the modern building of the hotel “Villa Blue Bay” and in a unique villa built in the XIX century. Almost all rooms have a loggia. There are rooms with a private entrance from the street. The hotel guarantees delicious food, a wide range of services and first-class service.
  3. Comfort with two beds. This category is considered the most hospitable and comfortable in the hotel “Manor Blue Bay”. There is also a balcony with views of the sea or trees. You can enjoy the combination of mountain and sea air without leaving the room. Breakfast is included in the price.
  4. Two-room suite with two beds. The largest rooms in the modern Blue Bay estate. Each room is divided into two rooms: a living room with a soft sofa and a full cozy bedroom with an orthopedic king-size bed. The large bathroom comes with a bath or shower. There is also a loggia everywhere.
  5. Three-room suite with three beds. Large room with a balcony is located in the villa of the XIX century “Limen”. The size of the room is 50 square meters. It can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people. Two bedrooms. In the first – a large orthopedic king-size bed and dressing table with stools, in the second – two single beds. Living room with comfortable sofa, seating area, wardrobe. There is a recumbent bath. These rooms are located on the 3rd floor of a south-facing building. Windows and balconies overlook the hotel’s park and swimming pool.

The Villa Filliber building is another comfortable building on the territory of the Blue Bay Manor Hotel. Villa Philliber is a 3-storey hotel building, built in the same style with an old villa of the XIX century. There are 5 large rooms with exclusive design in pleasant and classic colors. Entering the building, you can see a miniature hall with a fireplace. This is a great place to relax and meet other hotel guests. Almost all rooms have a loggia. From the panoramic windows of the Villa Filliber you can admire the seascape.

  1. Comfortable premium room. Large room located in this villa. It offers views of the seaside and the park area. These rooms are located on the 2nd and 4th floors. There is a large double bed with orthopedic massage and other furniture for living. There is also a work area.
  2. Premium Suite. The room consists of two spacious rooms. There is a balcony and from there you can see the beach and trees. The room is divided into a living room with a large sofa, a work area and a bedroom with a wardrobe and a large double bed. Each room has a plasma TV with more than 50 channels. Large bathroom with shower, bidet.

Unusual rooms in the historic manor built in the XIX century “Lumena” and in a more modern building “Panea”. First-class tranquility and silence are provided in these villas. Here no one will distract and you can safely enjoy the rest, distracted from the fussy working days.

  1. Premium Business Suite. These rooms are located on the upper floors of the historic Villa Limen and Panea. The advantages of the rooms include: a huge panoramic terrace overlooking the sea. The rooms have double beds and large sofas. Bathrooms are fitted with a shower, a bathtub and a bidet.

My husband and I were vacationing at the Blue Bay Manor Hotel that summer. Had a great vacation, had a good night’s sleep in the fresh air and in such silence. I liked the room very much, it is modern, cozy, in such a restrained style, in light colors. It can be seen that the furniture is expensive, and the furniture is non-Chinese. Everything works fine. Bathroom with good shower, hairdryer, bathrobes and slippers The restaurant in the hotel offers an individual menu, and it is insanely delicious! Of course, the prices are quite high, but it is really worth going there at least once for dinner, feel the atmosphere, enjoy delicious food and drinks, pleasant music and views. The territory of the hotel is of decent size, the park is well-groomed, but on the outskirts there are still “wild” places, but walking is still very easy and pleasant. There are benches everywhere, and in the evening almost everywhere the lights are on.

Food in and around the hotel

Hotel “Manor Blue Bay” offers its guests breakfast buffet, as well as for an additional fee lunch and dinner.

The first meal takes place from 8:00 to 10:30. And at this time you can choose cold or hot dishes, snacks, fruits and vegetables. Desserts and pastries are served daily.

Lunch runs from 13:00 to 14:30. But it, like dinner, can be transferred to any other time and order your favorite dishes in the restaurant at the hotel.

Restaurant “Philibert” is located on the territory of the hotel “Villa Blue Bay” in the old residence “Lumena”. It is a panoramic building located next to the Black Sea. Also from the windows you can admire the park area with a centuries-old juniper grove.

The interior of the restaurant is stylized as a historical place, and all dishes in the menu are prepared exclusively according to ancient recipes. The freshest seafood and exclusive locally produced drinks are served.

You can book a table for two for a romantic dinner, and you can hold a celebration in a large company (up to 40 people).

More information! The place is also famous for the fact that Empress Maria Feodorovna stayed here. She loved to dine on duck leg with herbs and truffle and wash everything down with local muscat wine.

Entertainment and recreation

The hotel “Manor Blue Bay” has the necessary for sports. For example, in the morning you can exercise on a modern and convenient training ground right in the juniper forest. And in the evening visit the gym, equipped with modern professional equipment. An open multifunctional sports ground where you can play various ball games is open at any time of the day.

But in addition to sports entertainment in the hotel “Villa Blue Bay” there is an I. SPA center. Guests who want to relax from the city noise and improve their health are offered a Finnish sauna with dry air. This version of the “bath” has a positive effect on the whole body, including the respiratory system. In the pool with spring water there is enough space to swim and strengthen the muscle frame, you can also visit a massage room with cosmetic procedures.

Attention! All these entertainments are already included in the price of accommodation in the hotel “Manor Blue Bay”.

In the spa area everything is done for the convenience of guests. The wellness center begins with a changing room, where you can slowly and without fuss change clothes and immediately leave things in special lockers equipped with an electronic lock. Relaxation can be combined with tea drinking. Each drink is for a specific occasion. For example, black tea will help to cheer up, and green tea will replenish the water balance after a sauna or pool. Also, bartenders can serve other healthy drinks.

Pools and sea

In summer, the hotel “Villa Blue Bay” offers its guests its own beach. As well as a free transfer, which runs several times a day. The beach is about 10 minutes’ drive away. On the coast itself there are lockers, shady canopies, a toilet and sun loungers. The hotel provides its guests with branded beach towels free of charge.

With the help of a transfer you can visit several equipped with the coast. Admission is free everywhere.

  1. Beach under the rock of Diva. This is perhaps the most popular and crowded beach. This is due to the fact that there is a beautiful clean shore and clear water. The beach can be divided into two parts: small gravel and large stones. Small pebbles are suitable for family vacationers with children. On the waterfront there are bars, paid sun loungers and various attractions on the water. Guests who love a wild holiday prefer to swim a little further. There you can dive from the cliffs and admire the marine life.
  2. City beach Simeiz. This place is located in the center of the village and is separated from the previous beach by a station with boats. Its advantage is in size. There may be a lot of people here and there will still be enough free space. The shore is covered with small pebbles. The beach infrastructure is also quite developed. There are many different cafes, chebureki, kiosks with sweets and stalls with souvenirs. As entertainment: water slides, “banana”, jet skis, catamarans, diving courses and massage “room”.
  3. Blue Bay Beach – Blue Bay. This is a cozy place next to the water park. The beach is considered wild and covered with large stones. But the sea itself is unusually clean here. There aren’t many people. As well as entertainment.

In summer, Villa Blue Bay offers a 10-metre outdoor pool. Waiters at the poolside restaurant are available. You can order soft drinks, cocktails, snacks and ice cream and sit comfortably on a sun lounger, sunbathe, admire the beautiful park and the view of the Black Sea. The seating area around the pool is equipped with shaded umbrellas, shower, toilet, sun loungers and background music. The pool is decorated with blue mosaics and has decorative lighting that turns on in the evening.

Note! The most modern automatic devices are responsible for the quality of water in the pool. The water contained in it passes through the filters every half hour.

Entertainment opportunities for children

The staff of the hotel “Villa Blue Bay” is constantly expanding and improving the service and does everything possible to relax with children was pleasant, healthy and, above all, safe. Today, the hotel has a lot of things for optimal rest and well-being of children:

  • animation programs;
  • indoor children’s room and outdoor playground;
  • children’s meals in the restaurant;
  • basketball and mini-football fields;
  • and other entertainment opportunities.

In the playroom, you can immerse yourself in the world of adventure or organize a joint game with other children. For a comfortable stay in the hotel “Manor Blue Bay” can be installed cots. Walking through the park, it is easy to meet a squirrel, a hedgehog and even hares and foxes.

More information! Laundry services are available for guests with children.

Nearby Attractions

The urban-type settlement of Simeiz is located 20 kilometers from the city of Yalta. This place is known for clean beaches with different size pebbles, mild climate and forests with unique trees. Here are a few places that you should definitely visit when staying in the hotel “Villa Blue Bay”.

  1. Mount “Cat”. This hill, visible from all places of the southern Crimea, a distinctive feature is the outline of the mountain – a cat in profile. This place is also unique from the point of view of archeology and geology: it is believed that the mountain is part of the ancient ridge that separated the Crimean peninsula.
  2. Diva Rock. This is another popular place near the hotel “Manor Blue Bay”. It seems that instead of a rock, a girl is sitting, throwing her head back and dissolving her curls. From this place, extreme tourists like to jump into the water. Also, this wonderful place could be seen in some films, for example, “Ten Negroes”.
  3. Aquapark “Blue Bay”. This water park was built the very first in this place. And it still enjoys the most popularity. Here you can ride on water attractions and slides, swim in the pool and visit the SPA area. Also for the little ones there are children’s entertainment. The water park was awarded the environmental award “Golden Key”. This award confirms that the place is safe and can be visited with children.
  4. Park and Cypress Alley. The park next to the hotel “Manor Blue Bay” is the most beautiful place in the area. Every day Simeiz Park is visited by a large number of tourists. After a walk, you can relax on the benches, which are located in the shade of tall and dense trees. Here you can protect yourself from the sun and enjoy the fresh and clean air. On the cypress alley there are statues of ancient Greek heroes.

Note! Staff can arrange sightseeing tours.

Aristocrats loved these places because of the unusual shape of the mountain “Cat”, alleys of cypresses and the Black Sea. Today, the architects and designers of the hotel “Villa Blue Bay” were able to preserve the history and traditions, as well as bring modern solutions and trends.


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