Hotel Villa Argo, Malorechenskoye

If you have chosen Alushta for your family’s rest, then pay attention to the hotel “Villa Argo”

– modern and convenient for everyone. If you compare it with hotels of this class, then it has a set of services that not all institutions of the coast provide. What is included in the accommodation and how cozy you can stay here, now we will tell.

Alushta is considered the most affordable and popular resort of the South Coast, half an hour drive from Yalta. It has its undeniable advantages, and they significantly distinguish the village on the entire coast. The number of fans is growing every year, and attract them here excellent beaches and southern hospitality. If you do not like the swelching heat, then you are in Alushta – it is cooler here than in neighboring cities, and there is something to brighten up leisure – there are a huge number of attractions.

Hotel Location

Hotel 4 stars “Villa Argo” is built in the village of Malorechenskoye, 25 km from Alushta and Yalta. You can get here by public transport from the territory of the railway station of Simferopol by intercity bus to the village of Malorechenskoye. With things it is not easy to do, so we advise you to order a transfer from the airport or station Simferopol.

The territory of the resort is fenced and guarded around the clock – ideal conditions for families with children. Guests are offered cozy rooms for living and developed infrastructure for a good rest.

Room stock

The number of rooms is represented by 80 rooms of different categories, but equally high-quality and modern, they are all located in one three-story building without an elevator.

Standard rooms is on each floor and differ in the presence of a balcony and views from the windows – on the courtyard or pool. It can accommodate 2 or 3 people, and interestingly – on the top floor there are also bunk rooms mainly for family living.

Those guests who prefer to stay in a suitereceivea two-room suite with a living area and a bedroom.

Regardless of the category, everywhere there is modern furniture, a refrigerator and a safe. There is satellite TV, air conditioning and climate control, bathroom – with a cabin or a full bath, the necessary cosmetics, if you do not take your own, a hairdryer and beach towels.

The suites have a comfortable tea area with a set of utensils, as well as bathrobes and slippers.

Meals at the hotel

In the summer season, when the hotel accommodates more than 15 people, the price includes not only breakfast buffets, but also lunches with dinners. It is important to know that guests can choose the type of meals themselves when booking a tour. Breakfast will always be, but the presence of only dinner or lunch plus dinner you can “regulate” yourself, while noting that they are selected from the menu.

The main restaurant of the hotel “Villa Argo” is located in a separate building, it serves European and Russian cuisine. On the territory of the spa – center there is also a phyto – bar, but we all understand that there is no full meal in it – light snacks and healthy drinks.

For children, the restaurant can prepare special dishes, but it is worth noting that even without a special request, the food in the restaurant is healthy and proven.

Coming to the resort, guests rarely spend all the time on the territory of the hotel, and walking around the neighborhood, can visit local cafes and restaurants, there are a lot of them on the coast.

Peter, Moscow “We really liked this hotel, absolutely everything is for a carefree holiday, the rooms are cool, clean and well-groomed, in a large standard you can live three, the child was placed in an additional place. The food is tasty and varied, we took only breakfasts, and otherwise ate in the village – for the sake of variety. If we still come to Alushta, then “Villa Argo” will be our choice. Thank you to all the staff”

Leisure and additional services

What tourists need on vacation, so that it brings pleasure and, of course, remembered – comfort, a variety of services for recovery and self-care, and just interesting evenings.

Hotel “Villa Argo” offers its guests:

  • outdoor heated swimming pool, it has a compartment for children, you can visit it from May to October;
  • pebble beach 500 m from the hotel, fully equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins;
  • entertainment center “Courage” on the beach with a bar, a nightclub and a billiard room;
  • modern gym for yoga, Pilates, aerobics. There is a zone with table tennis;
  • spa center with massage room and thermal area, Charcot shower, hairdresser and cosmetology.

The spa complex of the hotel “Villa Argo” deserves special attention, and many guests come here for high-quality services, while affordable. There is not only a jacuzzi, Finnish and Russian baths, hammam, but also a vibrosauna (alpha capsule) and hydromassage. Girls really like peeling and wraps, but no one will refuse massage sessions – neither children nor adults.

Rest in the hotel with children

Small guests of the hotel are also not without attention, and, by the way, a child under 6 years old is placed in the hotel free of charge without providing separate meals and a bed. For the little ones they give a crib and furniture for feeding in the restaurant.

What to do with children during their holidays in “Villa Argo”? Of course, first of all we visit the sea and the beach, but the rest of the time you can frolic in the heated pool, on the sports ground or the game room. There is animation, professional and fun, it is also possible to rent bicycles and other equipment. When parents really want to devote time to themselves, at least a little, then the child can be left with a nanny, but this service is paid.

Olga, Nizhny Novgorod “The hotel is small, but the good thing is that coming here with children, you can be calm that everything is in sight and under supervision. In the spa went together, and generally without problems left the child in the game for a while – interesting to him, and parents rest. The holiday is light when there are no worries, here in this hotel the staff tries very hard to make all the guests feel good, and it’s cool”

On the basis of the hotel “Villa Argo” there is an excellent opportunity for business meetings and conferences: the hall for 60 people will receive your guests, the necessary light and sound equipment will be provided, as well as technical support for the event.

Crimea is a unique and beautiful place, some regions also have an ancient history. You can learn about the mysterious and unforgettable – beautiful places of the South Coast on excursions, both organized and independent.

Sights of Alushta and the southern coast of Crimea

Alushta is a very ancient settlement, and its history goes back to a very distant past. The proof is Citadel Aluston, from which only the ruins of towers and walls have survived, but this is logical. This is a silent witness to what was in the region many years ago, and now it is nice to come here and admire the landscapes.

  • Tsarist Russia is reflected in the architecture of the Old Town – these are the mansions of the aristocracy, castles and parks, and in general this part of the city is the most original and colorful.
  • Demerdzhi Mountain Range – a nature reserve, and just a miracle of the landscape. Tourists make walking tours, along routes of varying degrees of complexity, so that rest on the southern shore is not only the sea and beaches.
  • Mystical Valley of Ghosts – this is a place that even by its name motivates you to visit. This is another natural park consisting of stone mountain remains formed over centuries. All of them are different in form, water and wind “worked” on this, and the imagination of tourists here will turn on to the full. Even those who have never been there have already seen the valley in our favorite Soviet film “The Prisoner of the Caucasus.”

Going to the Valley of Ghosts stock up on a good mood, water and comfortable shoes – you will have to walk a lot.

  • Waterfall Jur – Jur – the most turbulent and full-flowing in the Crimea. So it appears before us in the spring, but in the summer you can also visit it. With a water flow width of 5 m, its height reaches 15 m.
  • Temple – lighthouse St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is located in the village of Malorechenskoye, not far from the hotel “Villa Argo”. This is the highest temple of the peninsula (63 meters). It is dedicated to all those who died in the water elements and was opened recently – in 2007. It looks quite unusual: it is an elongated tower in the neo-Byzantine style, and you can enter it from all sides, and the lighthouse is located at the base of the cross.
  • Gagarina Palace – the highlight of Cape Plaka, decorates it since the beginning of the last century. In architecture, it is a complete eclecticism, only slightly reminiscent of the Romanesque style. You look at the palace and remember the alpine castles. Materials for construction were brought from France, Germany and Italy, and today the sanatorium “Utes” was placed in the building.
  • Park “Crimea in miniature” is located in the city center, do not get lost. Under the open sky built more than 50 miniatures – copies of the most famous monuments and places of the Crimea, on a scale of 1:25. If before that you did not know what to visit first of all during the holidays in order to still have time to sunbathe, then seeing the miniatures, rather decide on the choice. The walk can take about 2 hours and will be of interest to all family members.
  • Kosmo-Damianovsky Monastery – is a mountain building in Babugan – Yayla, on the territory of the reserve. It was built near the healing spring in the middle of the 19th century, and since then it has been under the prayer patronage of the miracle workers Cosma and Damian. During the war, unfortunately, the monastery was completely lost, but in our time it has been restored.
  • Dolphinarium “Watercolor”» you will find in the center of Alushta near the embankment. Even not all adults have seen very intelligent creatures – dolphins and killer whales, and even more so children dream of coming here. Trained animals perform complex stunts and amuse the audience. Local Aquarium,which began 20 years ago with a small collection of marine life, now you will see more than 250 species of fish, both peaceful and predatory.

We are all very much waiting for the summer holiday season, but it can fly quite unnoticed. The Crimean peninsula has been the center of attraction for a million tourists for many years, and for good reason. Gentle sea and well-groomed beaches for every taste – only a small part of your vacation. Local attractions, both historical and natural, will help to get acquainted with the region closer and fall in love with it forever.





Book accommodation in Alushta, in a cozy family hotel “Villa Argo” and explore the world, relaxing!