Отель Венеция Сукко

The seaside village of Sukko is part of the municipal formation of the proud resort of Anapa. It is comfortably located among the low cliffs in a picturesque valley. This is where the Caucasus Mountains begin. The surroundings are covered with oak and pine groves, there are areas of relict juniper. Local air is considered healthy, especially for people suffering from respiratory diseases. The village has a well-developed infrastructure for servicing and entertaining vacationers. One of the most sought-after places of residence is a small hotel “Venice”.

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The inn is located in a residential area of Sukko near the roadway. The territory is surrounded by a brick fence, round-the-clock video surveillance is conducted. Anapa Airport is 31 km away. Free parking spaces are provided for car owners. The nearest beach is 720 meters from the central gate of the hotel. To the center of the village to go about 1 kilometer. Within walking distance is the entrance to the Utrish Nature Reserve. Sukko Amusement Park is 5 km away.

Important! Check-in is from 12.00 to 14.00. Check-out time from 11.00 to 12.00.

Room stock

The hotel has 15 comfortable rooms. Services are provided for 24 hours a day. Each room has a safe for valuables and documents, private bathroom and bathroom, wireless Internet access, TV, refrigerator and kettle. The rooms have good sound insulation. Air conditioning is provided.

To accommodate guests, the following categories are offered:

  1. Double Standard – small rooms are located on the first floor of the hotel building. Maximum occupancy is 2 people. There is a balcony. The windows overlook the residential sector of the village.
  2. Family standard without balcony. The upper floors can only be reached by stairs. The room has a soft pull-out sofa bed and an armchair. The room is designed for 2 people.
  3. Superior Double Standard with balcony. In addition to the double bed there is a comfortable armchair, on the balcony there are garden table and chairs.
  4. Deluxe queen size bed. There is a working area with a desk, two armchairs with a coffee table for tea or evening conversations. The windows are large, almost to the floor. They are equipped with mosquito nets. The bathroom has a bidet.

The room with two single beds belongs to a separate category, although the area and equipment resembles a double standard. Beds can be separated and installed separately if desired.

The hotel provides laundry services and an ironing unit. You can’t come with animals.

“We were greeted affectionately and affably. Despite the fact that we stopped at night, the administrator quickly solved the issue with parking. Checked into a clean and bright room (booked deluxe). It’s bad that there is no elevator in the building, I had to climb on my own two. In the morning we looked around. Loved the location. There are many cafes around where you can have a snack and have a full dinner. The hotel offers catering services, but we refused. We decided to determine on our own what and where to eat” Olga, Ukraine

Food and restaurants nearby

Guests of the hotel are usually sent for lunch in the café “Teremok”. It is 100 meters from “Venice”. It offers Russian, Caucasian and Uzbek cuisine with low prices and a large assortment of dishes. The place is not highly rated by vacationers, although many visit this institution because of its good location. For breakfast or lunch, this is quite a suitable dining room, but for dinner it is worth choosing something more poromantic.

For example, the restaurant “Mountain”, which is located 200 meters from the “Venice”. The chef specializes in Russian cuisine, but is happy to prepare and treat guests to khachapuri, Mediterranean salads and seafood dishes. It perfectly combines reasonable prices and excellent service. The waiters are trained and patient. Tables are located in the dining room and on the terrace.

In the next house from the restaurant “Mountain” there is a café-bar “Old Farm”. Here they bake meat on coals, make an excellent kebab. For a romantic date, this place is unlikely to fit. In the evenings, discos with a “live” sound are arranged, and in the room you can not push through because of the number of visitors. Service is not always at a high level.

The hotel itself has a bar. Through its staff, you can order breakfast or dinner, as well as a cup of coffee or a soft drink. For greater comfort of vacationers in the yard there is a terrace with tables under shadow canopies.

Leisure and entertainment

In addition to the terrace for relaxation, the hotel offers other forms of leisure activities. In particular, a picnic area is equipped, barbecue facilities will be issued by the administrator. In one of the rooms of the hotel there is billiards.

Pay attention! Smoking is only possible on site in designated areas.

In their free time, all the entertainment of Sukko is available to the resort. These include:

  • African Village – the most exotic place is located in the Sukko Valley. There is a daily show with the participation of a professional group of actors from the Congo “Rhythms of Africa”;
  • Knight tournament in the castle “Lion’s Head” – a daily show in the genre of jousting tournament, held in a medieval castle. Spectators expect horse and foot battles using swords and spears;
  • recreation park with attractions, Ferris wheel, carousels and swings.

In the house of culture “Sun Valley” regularly held mass events for guests of the village. Hiking, jeeping and diving are also available.

Beaches of the village

The main holiday in Sukko is held on the beaches. Unlike Anapa, the local coastline is covered with small and medium pebbles. Sand is practically not found. This has its advantages – the water is transparent, not clouded by mud deposits, the sea is crystal clear. The beach area is located between the mountains. Its length is 700 m. It is divided into three main zones – in the center there is a public beach and private areas, on the sides – wild beaches.

The entrance to the Central Beach is located on the main street of the village of Big Utrish. On its territory there are canopies, there is a rental of sun loungers and sunbeds. The needs of vacationers in sports grounds, water types of entertainment are taken into account. There is the largest inflatable slide, which brings joy to both adults and children. There is a café on site. Access is free.

More information! The entrance to the sea is sharp, which is not quite suitable for bathing young children.

On the left is the beach of the children’s health center “Smena”. Admission is free. On the territory there is a rescue service, there is a fenced area for children’s bathing with water slides.

Recreational opportunities for children

Family rooms are available. Extra beds are not available, but children under 18 years old can stay free of charge in the existing areas. The child’s living conditions must be discussed with the administrator. On the territory of the hotel there is a games room, there are children’s TV channels.

In the village there are places of rest for children. Among them:

  • mini-water park, consisting of a swimming pool and three water slides;
  • children’s playground in the form of a fortress wall (located near the central beach). All swings, carousels, labyrinths are under the shade of trees;
  • dolphinarium “Big Utrish” with daily shows with the participation of marine animals;
  • amusement park “Braveheart” with a rope town and a shooting range for archery.

Both children and adults will be attracted by sailing on a yacht. You can learn horseback riding in the club “Horse Way”. Applicants of any age are accepted.

In the pottery workshop of the castle “Lion’s Head” master classes on the manufacture of clay products are held. Here you can independently unscrew the jug under the guidance of an experienced potter, as well as learn a lot of useful information about this ancient craft.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Sukko is included in many tourist tours around Anapa. Mainly thanks to the African Village and the Lion’s Head Castle. The excursion bureaus of the village offer other interesting trips to the sights. The most popular of them are:

  1. The Center for the Study of the Black Sea in Bolshoy Utrish is a huge marine aquarium in which representatives of the world ocean live, including from its exotic places.
  2. Park of ancient culture “Dumo” – a place of excavation and habitat of the ancient Hellenes. The expositions present pottery, household items, historical relics.
  3. Sauk Dere winery with the best wine storage located at a depth of 23 and a half meters.
  4. A trip to the mud volcano (Sea of Azov) – eco-excursion with a visit to the mini-zoo, taking mud baths at a natural source, rest on a sandy beach.
  5. Excursion to the hero city of Novorossiysk.
  6. Visit to the ethno-center “Cherkessky aul” (Fadeevo village, 40 km from Sukko) – acquaintance with the customs of the people, national cuisine and entertainment.

The surroundings of Anapa are famous for Orthodox shrines. Every year thousands of pilgrims come here to visit the Orthodox complex “Holy Handle” and the deserts of St. Theodosius of the Caucasus.

Hotel “Venice” provides comfortable living conditions for tourists who want to make their vacation more diverse due to the capabilities of the entire resort infrastructure.


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