Hotel Tau Tash Abzakovo

The nature of Bashkortostan is very diverse, there are mixed forests and herbs, rocky mountains and reservoirs, as well as the area is famous for its continental climate with moderately cold winters. In this amazing landscape very harmoniously fit the hotel “Tau-Tash”. It offers comfortable rooms with a cosy atmosphere and easy to combine with outdoor activities.

Hotel Location

“Tau-Tash” from Bashkir is translated as the stone of the mountain. And this name really corresponds to the appearance of the hotel: the buildings are decorated with stone tiles, and along the entire territory there is a stone fence with wrought iron decorations. Such a hotel is visible from afar.

“Tau-Tash” is one of the first hotel complexes built on the territory of the ski resort Abzakovo,which is located near the Chelyabinsk region, 30 kilometers from the city of Beloretsk and 60 from Magnitogorsk. It is one of the hotels that are located closest to the sports center “Abzakovo”.

In addition to motor transport, you can get there by train: get to the station Novoabzakovo, and from there on foot (1 km).

On the territory of the hotel there are 3 buildings:

  1. Main building. In the building there are rooms of different categories.
  2. Sport Hotel. Includes two buildings at once. There are rooms only of category “Economy”.
  3. In a two-storey building, connected by a warm passage with the main building, there is a restaurant.

Rooms of the hotel

In total, the hotel complex has 40 rooms of different categories:

Double economy. Small warm room with private shower.

  1. Double economy of the first category. This option differs from the previous one in that there are rooms in the style of “mini-chalet”.
  2. Triple economy. Nothing superfluous: 3 beds, bathroom and some furniture.
  3. Standard. This room is for 1-2 people. In addition to the basic elements, there is a spacious wardrobe and a mini-bar.
  4. Lux. There are two main beds in one room and a small sofa bed in the other. In addition to the living room and bedroom, there is a comfortable hallway, a spacious bathroom with bathtub and a balcony. There is no work area.
  5. VIP “Egypt”. Decorated in the style of Ancient Egypt: statues of lions, animal prints, frescoes and other decor. The room has 2 bedrooms, designed for 4 main beds, a large living room, hallway, bathroom with corner bath, as well as two balconies.
  6. VIP “Temptation”. The room is made in an individual design with predominant caramel, blue and red shades and elements of luxury in the interior. The rooms themselves are very large, but they visually increase even more due to the solar and lunar glare reflected in numerous mirrors. The room has 3 rooms (4 beds), two balconies and a bathroom.
  7. VIP “Old Castle”. For authenticity, the room has a stone floor, Renaissance paintings and swords hanging on the walls, as well as knightly armor and other décor. In one bedroom there is one double bed, and in the other two single beds. This room has a cozy hallway, living room and bathroom.
  8. VIP “Ode to Bashkiria”. Hand-painted walls, ceiling and doors, as well as furniture with oriental luxurious motifs make you completely plunge into the atmosphere of the Bashkir expanses, become the owner of several herds of horses and smell mountain rivers mixed with fresh honey. This room can accommodate 4 people.

More information! In total, the hotel has 20 economy class rooms, 4 standard, 12 spacious and one VIP room of each type.

The price of each option includes breakfast, parking and children’s entertainment. In addition, you can pay for +1 bed, lunch, dinner, entertainment and procedures on site.

We come to Abzakovo not for the first time, but it was in this hotel that we checked in for the first time. The rooms are budget, without much frills, but after an active day in the mountains you need only a warm shower and bed. Separately, I want to say about the service: a very comfortable barbecue area, excellent breakfasts and, in principle, the restaurant itself, and most importantly, very friendly staff. But most of all, of course, I liked the sauna with a swimming pool and a karaoke bar. The whole family was very satisfied, I recommend!

Meals at the hotel

The price includes hot buffet breakfasts. And at lunch you can visit the restaurant located on the territory of the hotel and entertainment complex, stylized as a medieval castle. You can choose from dishes of European, Russian and Pan-Asian cuisine, and you can also order meat and fish cooked on an open fire, drink uzvar, sbiten or something stronger. In the restaurant you can celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary and other events: the program includes live music and theatrical performances.

In the evening, guests can dine in the hookah bar. In addition to the variety of tastes, the interior and the view from the panoramic window to the mountains will please. All meals and drinks are brought from the restaurant. After an atmosphere of tranquility and oriental wisdom, you can go to the karaoke bar, which is also located on site.

Note! Hot breakfasts are held from 9:00 to 11:00.


The main leisure, of course, is skiing: the season in Abzakovo begins in October and lasts 8 months, until early May. The nearest slopes and trails to the hotel “Tau-Tash” are located at the foot of the South Ural ridge Krykty-Tau. Their main feature is the location – all tourist places are reliably protected from the wind.

In the ski center “Abzakovo” laid 13 official trails of varying degrees of complexity. Their total length is slightly less than 16 kilometers, the longest 12 track has a length of 2,780 meters. The total height difference is 320 m, the leader is 1 slope – 311.6 m.

Difficulties of the tracks:

  • five lungs: 1, 7, 9, 10, 12;
  • five medium difficulty: 5, 6, 8, 11, 13;
  • three complex: 2, 3, 4.

Note! Night skiing is available on specially lit trails.

For skiing without long queues, on the territory of “Abzakovo” there are 8 lifts: two chairlifts, the rest are rope tows. The maximum lifting time is 16 minutes, the minimum is 120 seconds.

To ensure safety, experienced rescuers and a medical center work on the territory of the complex. Those who are on skis uncertainly, can use the services of professional instructors.

For guests of the hotel “Tau-Tash”, from 9 am to 17:00, there is a free shuttle service to the ski resort.

After a productive day of skiing, guests can visit the on-site Finnish sauna. It has a large swimming pool, designed for 6-10 people, and a comfortable dry steam room. Directly in the bath you can order from the restaurant soft or strong drinks and food.

Also in the hotel “Tau-Tash” you can rent sports equipment and games:

  • bicycle for summer walks;
  • Table tennis
  • American billiards;
  • badminton;
  • chess;
  • backgammon;
  • checkers.

Organization of children’s leisure

There is an outdoor children’s playground and an indoor games room on site. Staying on them is possible only under the supervision of parents.

In the playroom, most of the toys are aimed at development: puzzles, a constructor, puzzles, children’s books, drawing kits, balls, ropes and much more. There are also comfortable tables and chairs, lockers to maintain order and chairs for parents.

More information! The children’s room is open from 10:00 to 21:00.

  • To ensure a comfortable stay for children, the following services are provided on site:
  • children’s menu;
  • high chair in the restaurant;
  • extra cot-playpen for a fee.

If the child is older, you can go for entertainment in the ski resort “Abzakovo”:

  1. The instructor can teach you to ski from easy slopes.
  2. There is a trail for tubing.
  3. In the kennel with sled huskies you can not only observe the habits of dogs, but also ride with them on sleds.
  4. On the territory of entertainment “Island” you can ride on rides, play machines, jump on trampolines and much more.

The standard room has no air conditioning or fan, but oddly enough, it wasn’t hot, even though it was July outside. Rooms were cleaned every day, linen was changed every 3 days. Of the minuses – the lack of a kettle. I had to call the reception and ask to bring. Upon check-in, we got into some kind of action and we were given 1 hour of sauna and billiards. We liked it so much that we renewed it twice.

Nearby attractions

The location of the hotel “Tau-Tash” attracts with its mountain beauty, so first of all, tourists are interested in natural objects. In summer, you can go hiking along the paved trails, through popular attractions. And in winter, you can book an auto tour at the hotel administration. The following objects are worth visiting:

  1. National Park “Bashkiria”. Particular attention should be paid to the Abyss Sumgan, Bear Glade, Kutuk Tract and Kuperl Karst Bridge.
  2. Salavat Yulaev Cave. In addition to the picturesque rock, here you can see rare species of plants and settled pine forests.
  3. Lake Bannoye. Hydrological monument of tectonic origin.

In addition to natural attractions, there are other entertainment. For example, a popular place is a water park located on the territory of Abzakovo. All year round the air and water temperature does not fall below 30 °. For entertainment available:

  • large swimming pool with lighting throughout the territory;
  • two children’s pools with a depth of 90 and 25 centimeters;
  • two underwater geysers;
  • massage taps under water;
  • two jacuzzis;
  • water slides for different ages.
  • No less popular is the zoo, which occupies only 3 hectares and is the smallest in Russia. Despite this, there are about 30 species of different animals in it: the bear;
  • deer;
  • tigers;
  • leopards;
  • camel;
  • peacocks;
  • wolves;
  • fox;
  • other animals.

Nearby is a horse yard.

Importantly! On the territory of the zoo you can buy food for animals and feed hares, camels and other herbivores and birds.

In the hotel “Tau-Tash” go mainly in order to go skiing or admire the natural attractions, while having the nearby and other entertainment. You can safely take children with you – they will not be bored here.



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