Hotel Sosnovaya Roscha (Gaspra) Yalta Crimea

Hotel “Pine Grove” is built in the tourist village of Gaspra,near Yalta, on the first line in the ancient park “Cathedral”. There is a special climate, which is intertwined with the sea and mountain air, the smell of needles and flowers envelops and conveys a sense of harmony and peace. The territory is guarded 24 hours a day, the entrance is only by guest cards.

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Brief information about the hotel

Hotel “Pine Grove” combines a health complex with the convenience of a modern hotel. It is located on the Black Sea coast, 12 kilometers from Yalta. Tropical and subtropical trees have been growing here for more than a century, as well as gardeners plant numerous rose bushes every year. The benefits of natural conditions are complemented by opportunities to improve their health in the hotel “Pine Grove”. Surrounded by hundred-year-old pine trees growing on the seashore, the founder of the park, Prince N. N. Yusupov, built his hunting lodge in the late XIX century and the beginning of the last century. And now it is one of the most comfortable buildings of the sanatorium “Pine Grove”. After a thorough reconstruction in the historic 4-storey building 300 meters from the sea, apartments and suites appeared.

The hotel offers 160 rooms of different categories in three separate buildings:

  1. The first building a few meters from the sea. This historic building is the house of Prince Yusupov, which was completely rebuilt and turned into a comfortable building.
  2. Building No. 2 is a 9-storey modern building with elevators. This is the main building where guests are met and accommodated around the clock. On the third floor – the administration, from the fourth to the ninth and on the first and second floors – living rooms. At the bottom of the building there is an elevator for the descent to the beach.
  3. The third building is a modern five-storey residential building near the coast.

Also on the territory of the complex there are duplex villas by the sea, a covered area, furniture for recreation, an outdoor barbecue area. The price includes the use of three swimming pools, including a children’s pool, with water attractions and a heated indoor pool in the wellness center – with a waterfall and a jacuzzi.

To services of visitors — animators for children and adults. The hotel includes a medical center with qualified personnel of various profiles, a beauty salon, a hairdresser, a gym, a parking lot and a conference room, as well as golf courses and sports grounds.

In the “Pine Grove” in Yalta there is a beach equipped with a rescue station and a first-aid post. On the shore there are changing rooms and showers. The beach staff installs sunbeds and umbrellas in one of the five zones for each vacationer.

Stayed in a two-room suite with a beautiful view for almost 2 weeks. Luxurious, well-groomed area, not very large, but cozy. Quality cuisine – everything is very tasty, the choice is huge, everyone will eat. The room was cleaned every day. Nice staff – helpful, attentive, polite. Wonderful staff of the medical center. Wonderful swimming pool with sea water, wonderful saunas for every taste. The only drawback I would like to mention is the lack of staff: people can stand in line to check in for more than an hour. Overall the stay was excellent.

Room stock

In the hotel “Pine Grove” you can choose a room of different categories.

Standard options:

  1. Deluxe one-room with Italian furniture.
  2. Spacious studio suite is located on the ground floor.
  3. Standard superior with double bed. Spacious one-bedroom room.
  4. Standard with one or two beds. Double room, two beds 90×200 cm (convertible into a double), With a balcony.
  5. Single room. Cozy room with a single bed. Ideal for one person or a person with a child of 1-4 years.
  6. Standard with double bed. With balcony.
  7. Spacious standard with two single beds
  8. Economy standard. Room for two people. Each room has a double bed 160×200 cm and a work space.

Suites and Junior Suites:

  1. Deluxe Single Room. Spacious studio suite for two people.
  2. One bedroom apartment deluxe. Option with Italian furniture for four people.
  3. One-room studio for two people.
  4. Improved studio for two people.
  5. Small apartment. The room includes a hall, kitchenette, bedrooms.
  6. One-bedroom apartments in vintage style for four people.
  7. The apartments are large. The room consists of a hall with a kitchenette and a bedroom.


  1. Albatross Suite. Located on the central shore of the hotel by the sea. The room is comfortable for 2 people.
  2. Superior suite with two rooms: connecting room and bedroom.
  3. Senior Suite. Furnished with modern and custom-made furniture. Beautiful view of the Chain park, mountains and the sea. There is a two-storey balcony.
  4. Superior suite with two rooms.
  5. Three-room suite. The room has two bedrooms and a living room with a large sofa bed for 2 people.

IP rooms and villas:

  1. VIP suite. Elegant three-room suite with a living room, a large bedroom and a guest room.
  2. Suite 3-bedroom apartment. The room has two bedrooms and a living room.
  3. Presidential Suite. Furnished with modern furniture to order.
  4. Three-room suite “Albatross”. Located on the third floor of the villa “Albatross” on the central shore of the hotel by the sea. The room is comfortable for 4 people.
  5. Two-room suite “Albatross”. Located on the third floor of the villa “Albatross” on the central shore of the hotel by the sea. The room is comfortable for 4 people.
  6. A shelter for four people. The room has two bedrooms and a hall with a pull-out sofa.
  7. VIP apartment. It has a living room, kitchenette and two bedrooms.
  8. Villa “Diana”. Built in 2 floors and consists of two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and dining area. A group of six people will comfortably accommodate here, if necessary, the hotel can provide 2 additional beds.
  9. Villa Pallada. Built in two floors and consists of four luxurious bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, living room with breathtaking views, five bathrooms. The villa can comfortably accommodate eight people, and if necessary, you can request 4 comfortable extra beds.
  10. Villa Aurora. Built in two floors and consists of an outdoor furnished terrace, gazebo, dining area and dining room, four bedrooms, living room, five bathrooms. The villa can accommodate eight people, and if necessary, the hotel can provide 4 beds.

Note. All buildings on the territory of the complex are located at different distances from the sea.

Meals at the hotel

In the “Pine Grove” built 4 restaurants at once:

  • “Buffet” format;
  • with exquisite European cuisine;
  • with grill dishes;
  • with Mediterranean cuisine.

In the institution “Chef” are breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the system “Buffet”. Here you can eat not only dishes prepared by professional chefs, but also fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as pastries and desserts. The restaurant is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.

Restaurant “Wave” work on the menu, the guest will have to wait until the order is ready. Here you can order delicious fish, meat and vegetable dishes made with local organic products. Basically, cooks use locally produced products produced in the Crimea. Open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Grill-bar “Romanoff” is located in the eye of the recreation area with a swimming pool. Basically, vacationers order meat and fish cooked on coals, but also coffee, soft drinks, ice cream and fruit are served here.

“Scarlet Sails” is the fourth restaurant and it is located by the sea. The menu has delicious dishes that are not served in every institution, for example, oysters or risotto with squid. And then there are the usual pizzas and pastas.

The hotel “Pine Grove” offers meals on the “All inclusive” system. You can try different dishes every day or opt only at the buffet. Some restaurants are not included in the full board price. In this case, you can pay for a visit to them additionally.

More information! You can contact a nutritionist who works at the hotel, and he will make a menu and tell you which dishes are better to take.


The hotel “Pine Grove” has more than 160 medical and wellness procedures. The priority direction is the use of natural therapeutic factors based on climatotherapy in combination with healing air, sea water, therapeutic mud with physiotherapy, medicines and other methods. This significantly expands the range of medical indications for staying at the resort.

Comprehensive health restoration programs can effectively stimulate the body’s reserve capabilities, contribute to the maintenance and restoration of working capacity. It is possible to contact specialists (therapist, pulmonologist, pediatrician, ENT, ENT, osteopath, ultrasound). In agreement with the doctor, an individual, leisure and diagnostic treatment program is drawn up.

Pay attention. All medical procedures are paid separately.

Beaches & Pools

For its guests, the hotel “Pine Grove” has its own pebble beach, which is a 10-minute walk away. Near the two buildings there are elevators that will take you to the Black Sea. The coast is divided into 5 zones, one of which is children’s. In addition to the main equipment, there are paid entertainment and attractions.

Those who do not want to go down to the sea staff offer to visit one of the pools. There is an indoor version, the area of which is about 250 meters, as well as an open one with an additional children’s area. The area around the second pool is surrounded by sun loungers, and there is also a large jacuzzi with hot water and a waterfall.

Pay attention! All pools are filled with sea water.

Nearby Attractions

The Pine Grove Hotel is close to many attractions, but the most famous are swallow’s Nest, Charax Fortress, St. Nina’s Church and Little Farm.

Swallow’s Nest is a historical and architectural monument in the style of a medieval castle. It stands on a 40-meter cliff on Cape Ai-Todor near Yalta. The swallow’s nest has long been considered a symbol of the peninsula, although in general it does not have such a rich history: the final appearance of this structure was in the 1930s of the last century.

The fortress of Charax is the largest Roman fortress on this peninsula. It is located in the village of Gaspra on the territory of the sanatorium “Dnepr”. In May 2021, the entrance to the territory costs 150 rubles Here are: excavations of an ancient Roman fortress – Charax, a palace of the early twentieth century, built by architect Krasnov, parks and a small operating lighthouse. The walk takes an average of several hours.

The Church of St. Nina is a house church built according to the project of N. P. Krasnov. It was part of the architectural ensemble of residential buildings of the Crimean estate of Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich Romanov on the western side of Cape Ai-Todor. At the suggestion of N. P. Krasnov and with the consent of the customer, it was decided to build a church in the spirit of the cult Transcaucasian architecture on the model of ancient Georgian and Armenian temples.

The concept of the “Little Farm” is to improve the space (employees clean and repair the territory of the former landfill) and create a special atmosphere for the rest of the whole family. Much attention is paid to a healthy lifestyle: animators play with children in nature, only healthy dishes are presented in the cafe, organic vegetables and fragrant herbs are grown. And the staff appreciate any creative impulse, so they organized a pottery workshop. Creative workshops are held in the “Little Farm”. Here you can relax in the barn, shoot a bow, chat with pets, celebrate a birthday or any other event. More information. Staff can offer several excursions to choose from.

I have something to compare with: we have been resting in the Crimea since 2014. In the “Pine Grove” a good level of service, clean and uncrowded beach, varied and high-quality food, a very beautiful area, three elevators to the beach. The peculiarity of the sanatorium is accommodation, comfort, territory and sea. The medical center is certainly not perfect, although the staff are well trained. The location is convenient, to Yalta less than an hour drive. I’ll be back with great pleasure.


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This hotel is suitable for almost all tourists: there is a large selection of rooms of different categories, restaurants for every taste and there is a wellness center. The advantage is its location, located near the big city with entertainment.