Hotel Soldaya Grand Hotel And Resort Sudak Crimea

Russian tourists have long appreciated the advantages of rest in the picturesque Crimea. Sudak – a small port city with a population of over 16 thousand people – has established itself as one of the best seaside resorts of the peninsula. For numerous vacationers there are 85 hotels of various categories. Among them, the soldaya Grand Hotel and Resort has occupied its worthy niche as an institution for lovers of comfort, home coziness and a high level of modern service.

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Grand Hotel Soldaya: location, concept and secret of the name

The four-star Soldaya Grand Hotel opened its doors in 2014 and is built in the style of expensive Mediterranean villas and mansions that are found in such world-famous resorts as Saint-Tropez, Rimini or Alicante. Once on site, guests feel as if they are on a quiet Italian street. This impression is formed among tourists thanks to the concept underlying the original architectural project, according to which the hotel complex was built.

The name Soldaya is of Italian origin. The hotel is located in the place where representatives of European and Asian peoples lived in different eras: Byzantines, Greeks, Ottoman Turks. The Venetians, who dominated the city in the XIII century, called it Soldaya. The founders of the hotel decided to consolidate the historical connection of times. So they called the hotel Soldaya.

One of the notable advantages of the hotel is its advantageous location. Around rise picturesque mountain ranges, on the slopes of which grow coniferous trees, shrubs and grasses. Very close to the massive buildings of the medieval fortress. Guests will be interested to know the distances (in km) to important objects located in the vicinity of the Grand Hotel Soldaya:

  • to the wall of the Genoese fortress – 154 m;
  • New World – the nearest seaside resort – 6.8 km;
  • Sudak bus station – 2.8 km;
  • sea coast – 306 m;
  • airport in Simferopol – 130 km;
  • Yalta – 120 km.

More information. Tourists most often get to the Grand Hotel Soldaya in two ways: the 1st – on shuttle buses No. 115 and 98 or trolleybus No. 9 from the bus station “Kurortnaya” in Simferopol, the 2nd – by car through the Crimean bridge on the M4 highway, then – through Kerch, Feodosia and Koktebel. From Simferopol airport can be reached by pre-booked taxi.

Soldaya Hotel Features

To make a choice in favor of the Grand Hotel Soldaya, tourists should pay attention to the features that distinguish it from other hotels in Sudak. Vacationers most often call ten advantages “Soldaya”:

  • quiet urban area with developed resort infrastructure;
  • architectural style of the building, characterized by originality and design of the facade, unusual for Sudak;
  • cozy compact territory of the hotel, skillfully stylized as a street of the Italian resort town;
  • spacious bright rooms;
  • close location of the main historical monument of the city – the Genoese fortress;
  • transport accessibility; the hotel can be easily reached by road from the airport, the city bus station and other important tourist sites in the surrounding area and the peninsula.

Vasily Volodarsky, Moscow. Not for the first time rested with his wife in the Crimea. We decided to find something new in terms of the hotel. We found the hotel “Soldaya”. The first thing I want to note is the courtesy of the staff. The second important point is the advantageous location. Not far from the beach (about 5-7 minutes walk), nearby stands the Genoese fortress, a quiet quarter, a calm atmosphere. Sometimes, however, loud conversations were heard in the evenings by the pool. We had a small room “Standard”, but had everything you need: refrigerator, TV, bathroom, air conditioning (we rested in July, it’s hot outside, so we really needed it). Next time, most likely, we will also stay at the Soldaya Hotel.

Soldaya Hotel Rooms & Services

Hotel “Soldaya” provides guests with the opportunity to choose one of 73 cozy rooms. The interior of the rooms is decorated in blue, light or dark brown colors. Rooms of Grand Hotel Soldaya are represented by 10 categories.

Important! Here, for future guests of the Grand Hotel Soldaya, a table is presented with prices relevant for 2021, the cost of living is indicated during the period of low (first digit) and high seasons (second).

Rooms at the Grand Hotel Soldaya are spacious rooms with large balconies or spacious terraces. A set of household items, electrical equipment and furniture allows guests to feel comfortable during their stay at the hotel. The rooms are equipped with the most modern equipment:

  • flat-screen TV;
  • double bed;
  • compact refrigerator;
  • large bathroom;
  • bedside tables;
  • desk;
  • silent air conditioning;
  • a set of perfumes;
  • safe;
  • telephone to contact the hotel staff.

Some rooms at the Grand Hotel Soldaya are decorated with high round columns. From the rooms you can see part of the Genoese fortress or the territory near the hotel with a large outdoor pool. Rooms “duplex” and “royal suite” – duplex, “romantic suite” – three-level. They have soft sofa beds. Guests of the Soldaya can enjoy a set of free services:

  • if necessary, call the internal phone number and contact the staff of the Soldaya Hotel;
  • leave things and luggage in the luggage room;
  • go online throughout the hotel free of charge;
  • visit the solarium on the beach;
  • leave money, documents and other valuables in the safe;
  • swim in the outdoor pool.

For business guests in the Grand Hotel Soldaya is equipped with two spacious halls. The premises are equipped with sound and projection equipment necessary for conferences, negotiations and other events. Conference halls are characterized by the following parameters:


(number of people)

total area (sq. m))80170

Note! Check-in to the hotel starts at 14:00. Check-out is before 12:00. An extra bed will cost guests 2.35-2.5 thousand rubles per day, depending on the season. Children under 5 years stay free of charge in the hotel rooms. Guests of the Hotel Soldaya can book a shuttle service. For a fee, experienced drivers will quickly and comfortably deliver customers to the brothers-in-and-brothers of the Soldaya Grand Hotel. On-site parking is available for motorists.

Alevtina Volodina, Krasnodar. Once again rested family in the Crimea. Sudak is our favorite resort. In the hotel “Soldaya” stayed for the first time. I was pleased with everything: bright spacious rooms, beautiful views of the medieval fortress and the courtyard of the hotel, which is so similar to the European streets of small resort towns, excellent service. The only drawback that we have to note is not very good sound insulation and noise in the evenings, when vacationers gathered at the pool.

Catering in the hotel

Grand Hotel Solday offers guests the opportunity to get acquainted with the taste of local dishes in the restaurant, the interior of which is stylized as a medieval gastronomic institution. To feel the atmosphere of that distant era help arched vaults, rectangular columns, elegant lanterns installed in different parts of the spacious hall on the first floor, as well as a picturesque canvas depicting the tavern and its guests sitting at the festive table.

In the middle of the high ceiling hangs a massive forwn chandelier. Brown tones of thick curtains, not covering the view of the courtyard, and large tables surrounded by massive chairs – all this creates a solemn atmosphere, without depriving the restaurant of home comfort. The hall has a pronounced rounded shape, which visually expands the space of the room.

On the second floor there is a cozy bar with a high counter, behind which numerous guests always gather. Meals are prepared here in the presence of customers right in the hall on an open fire. Thanks to lancet arched windows, a real fireplace and upholstered furniture, visitors feel like guests of a medieval drinking establishment.

For young customers, the restaurant has developed a special menu that includes inexpensive delicious dishes that will certainly appeal to kids 3-4 years old and older children. Breakfast, included in the price, is served on the principle of “buffet” – “buffet”. Guests can order dinner and lunch à la carte.

On the territory of the Grand Hotel Soldaya there is a “Grotto” – a small cozy grill bar, the interior of which is made in the form of a cave room. The drinking establishment “hides” inside a real rock, so its unusual name is quite justified. Guests can taste delicious fish dishes prepared according to the recipes of Italian chefs.

It is unlikely that any gastronomic institution of Sudak can compete with the restaurant and grill bar of the Grand Hotel Soldaya in terms of the sophistication of the interior and dishes. However, there are several well-established cafes and restaurants in the city:

  • “Halt”;
  • “Teahouse”;
  • “Home dinners”;
  • “Violet”;
  • “Shinok”;
  • “Rosinka”;
  • “Fisherman’s Hut”.

More information. The Grand Hotel Soldaya restaurant is open daily from 8:00 to 22:00. Grotto Grill Bar – only in the summer months from 11:00 to 21:00.

Makeev Sergey, St. Petersburg. Rested with a family – my wife, 14-year-old son and I – in the Crimea in the past, 2020 Chose Sudak because of its proximity to the famous sights. We really wanted to get acquainted with the famous places of the Crimea. Grand Hotel Soldaya loved it. We were afraid that we would be disappointed, as it sometimes happens when, looking at photos on the Internet, in reality you see a different picture. No, in this case, everything was on top. Hotel “Soldaya” corresponds to four stars, the interior is the same as in the photo. The restaurant is excellent. Dishes are served and prepared no worse, ches in the restaurants of St. Petersburg. True, it is expensive, but tasty and diverse. The pool was also pleased. There were always a lot of people who wanted to swim, but we managed to find both a place and time to relax in the water. The next time we are in Sudak, we will stay again at the Grand Hotel Soldaya.

Rest in the hotel and at the resort

Leisure for guests of the Grand Hotel Soldaya is concentrated on the territory of the spa complex. One of the places that attract tourists is the indoor pool. In addition to it, the spa complex offers visitors other interesting and useful activities:

  • relaxed rest in a cozy sauna;
  • health absorption of thermal radiation in the hammam, decorated with expensive marble, elegant mosaic and stone;
  • four types of massage – segmental, anti-cellulite, relaxing and general – in a specially equipped room.

In addition to traditional leisure on the beaches of the resort – water skiing, “banana”, jet ski, catamaran – in Sudak there are other equally exciting activities. Among the vacationers, several places offering different forms of pastime are most in demand:

  • “Varyag” – modern diving center; there is a scuba diving school; those who wish can try their hand at exploring the depths of the sea and diving with scuba diving;
  • “Overkil” and “Sudak-Cerf” are two well-established surfing clubs with experienced instructors;
  • Clubs of the resort, in demand among young people and offering a wide variety of dance parties to modern music: “Seven Fridays”, “Surf”, “Asia”, “Gourmet”, “Mojito” and “Cowboy”.

Note! The spa welcomes visitors by appointment. The doors of the hammam and sauna are open from 14:00 to 20:00. Services are not included in the price and are paid separately.

Holidays for children at the Soldaya Hotel and in the city

Young guests of the Grand Hotel Soldaya will find something to do while their parents have fun apart from them. For children, the doors of the club, stylized as an old ship, are open. On the deck of the vessel, teenagers and young vacationers participate in competitions, compete, draw and dance. A group of professional animators regularly conducts developmental and entertaining events for young guests: outdoor games, quizzes and competitions.

Those young vacationers who are eager to expand the leisure program can find interesting places in Sudak. One of them is a large water park, where children are waiting for fun rides and entertainment on the water. On the territory of the complex there are 10 slopes. The length of the slides is from 35 to 170 m. Here you can have fun in two pools and on the river with a countercurrent. For those who want to have a snack or drink soft drinks, the doors of a café, a food court and a bar are open.

Beach and pools of the hotel

Soldaya Grand Hotel offers easy access to the seaside. The path passes through two streets – Morskaya and Ushakov. The next short section is a twelve-step wooden staircase leading directly to the beach. The coast is covered with soft dark sand, which is a mixture of slate and quartz. The length of the beach strip is 1.95 km. Width – from 6 to 25 m. The distance to be overcome by vacationers from the Grand Hotel Soldaya to the beach is 480 m.

Thanks to the mountain ranges, cold air currents do not penetrate the territory of the resort. The sea in coastal waters warms up much faster when compared with neighboring cities and towns located on the coast. There are no storms and too high waves.

Tourists who prefer comfortable swimming can stay in the hotel “Soldaya” and use the services of two swimming pools – outdoor and indoor. The first of these is only available in the summer. An outdoor pool is located on site. It has a separate swimming area for young guests of the Soldaya Grand Hotel. The indoor pool accepts swimmers from 10:00 to 20:00.

Sights of the city near the hotel

Sudak is a small town stretching from north to south for 4.5 km, from west to east – for 3.7 km. All the attractions of the seaside resort are concentrated on the territory, which can be bypassed on foot in a few hours. Not far from the Grand Hotel Soldaya there are eight objects that may be of interest to guests of the city:

  • Central Market;
  • Museum of the History of the City;
  • monastery complex of St. Paraskeva;
  • Water park Sudak;
  • churches: Pokrovskaya, 12 Apostles, Fyodor Ushakov, Lutheran.

Guests of the Soldaya Grand Hotel with great interest visit the halls of the Museum of the History of the City, where the exhibits help to plunge into the distant past of Sudak. The greatest delight in both adults and children is a visit to the Genoese fortress, located directly at the hotel. Inquisitive tourists get acquainted with the 13 well-preserved or restored towers of the citadel, as well as with sacred structures and other buildings located inside the walls.

Excursions for guests of Soldaya Hotel

Among the vacationers there are always tourists who are burning with a sincere desire to get acquainted with the most interesting places of the Crimea. The list of excursion programs and educational tours offered by travel companies is quite long. Among the most popular are 8 events that are most often chosen by guests of the Grand Hotel Soldaya:

  • palace and park complexes: Massandra, Vorontsov and Livadia;
  • Golitsyn trail, bays and capes of the New World;
  • acquaintance with Yalta and a trip along the cable car with a length of 1670 m to the slopes of Ai-Petri;
  • Simferopol with a visit to the Holy Trinity Monastery and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • walk through the central quarters of Sevastopol and places of battles with German fascists;
  • wine cellars in “Archaderes” – a famous enterprise located in the Sun Valley; tasting of several varieties of wine;
  • waterfalls – Jur-Jur and Su-Uchkhan – and caves: Emine-Bair-Khosar and Krasnaya;
  • factory of sparkling and sparkling wines in the New World; tasting of 6 samples of local champagne.

Note! Excursions can be booked with staff at reception. Duration of events – from 2 to 14 hours. The cost is from 300 to 1800 rubles for each participant. Well-established travel companies: Crimea Excursion, La Rest and “Crimea-Tour”.

Grand Hotel Soldaya – the best hotel in Sudak for families, young couples and entrepreneurs

Oleg Voronin, Dubna. Rested with two friends in Sudak for a whole week. As always, the vacation flew by unnoticed. Hotel “Soldaya” is credited. Everything is at a decent level. European service. There are few interesting places for tourists in the city. But the hotel offers many excursions. We went to Yalta on the cable car that leads to Mount Ai-Petri. Wine tasting in the cellars of “Archaderesse” left a vivid impression. A big plus – from the doors of the hotel to the beach is only 370 m. first you need to go along the Sea Street, then – a wooden staircase, and now the beach.


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Couples who are looking for opportunities for a joint holiday will certainly appreciate the benefits of living at the Grand Hotel Soldaya. The hotel will also suit connoisseurs of comfort, young spouses and business people. The picturesque natural landscapes of the surrounding area, the neighborhood with a medieval fortress, a cozy courtyard reminiscent of the streets of provincial Europe, delicious dishes of the restaurant – all this plays in favor of choosing the soldaya hotel for rest and accommodation during the summer holidays.