Отель Гостиница Северная Кировск

Hotel “Severnaya”,which is located in the city of Kirovsk – is the best solution for a relaxing and relaxing holiday. Visitors are offered a wide range of services for a comfortable pastime. The great advantage of the hotel is that both those who love active sports and those who come specifically for a relaxing holiday will be able to find entertainment for leisure.

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Location and history

The city of Kirovsk is located in the Murmansk region, and is located near the mountain range. Since the city is located north of the Arctic Circle, most of the year is cold weather. It is this fact that contributes to the development of skiing. Every year thousands of tourists come to these places to go skiing, or just admire the unique mountain landscapes.

Severnaya Hotel is located in Kirovsk. Find a hotel is not difficult, because it is located in the central part of the city, on Lenin Avenue. Guests can admire the mountain landscapes of wild nature all year round, as the hotel is surrounded by the Khibiny Mountains. Hotel “Northern” is difficult not to notice, because the facade is made in a bright green color scheme.

From the airport to the hotel and in the opposite direction, you can book a transfer that will help you come to the hotel without any problems. In addition, buses run through the city if tourists decide to choose alternative options.

Room stock

The hotel rooms include classic rooms for the required number of guests. In total, the hotel is designed for a simultaneous stay of 87 visitors. In addition, visitors can book family rooms, which can accommodate extra beds for children. Among the main number of rooms of the institution can be identified:

  • Presidential Suite, which includes the highest quality service. The room has a huge double bed.
  • Junior Suite – a room with additional amenities at a reasonable price. The room has a large double bed.
  • Double room can contain one double bed, or two single beds, depending on the preferences of vacationers.
  • Double or single rooms of the category “Comfort” in the standard version.
  • Double or single rooms with improved equipment.

Rooms in the hotel are made in a classic style direction, which adds to the atmosphere of comfort, and home cotle. Choosing a light color solution helps to relax, and relieve tension during the holidays. Rooms are decorated with dark wood furniture. Thanks to the use of natural material in the environment helps to create the desired effect for a good rest.

The rooms have all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable pastime. In the room you can just lie down, relax, and watch the TV, which is installed in each room. In addition, each room is equipped with a refrigerator or mini-bar so that it is possible to eat at any convenient time.

Each room has a private bathroom with a shower or toilet. In addition, personal hygiene items are regularly updated in the bathroom, and users can use a hairdryer.

Room service takes place daily, but if you need urgent cleaning, tourists can order room service.

Each room offers a gorgeous view of the mountain slopes.

“We rested in the hotel “Northern” six months ago. We came specifically to go skiing. We have tried many places, and I can say for sure that the infrastructure of the place is well developed, both for beginners in sports and for professional skiers. The hotel itself is nice. Everything is bright and warm, which helps to relax, and warm up after a whole day in the mountains. The hotel is clean and cleaning is carried out regularly. Breakfast was at the restaurant and the food was nice. You can also find delicious healthy food.”


On the territory of the hotel there is a reception, which works around the clock. If necessary, residents can contact on any question, or call from their room. At the reception, the staff speaks Russian and English.

On-site parking is available where you can park your private car. For vacationers, parking services are completely free. Parking is under round-the-clock security, so the vehicle remains safe throughout the time in the hotel.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property. Tourists can use the Internet access from their room, or in the hotel lobby.

In addition, if visitors arrived not for recreation, but for solving business issues, the hotel can use the conference room. The hall is equipped with the necessary equipment for business meetings.

If vacationers want to arrange a banquet for several people, then the hotel services include the ability to book a banquet hall. When ordering, you can discuss the menu, or ask to add the necessary services.

Meals and restaurants

On the territory of the hotel, visitors can find a restaurant that specialises in European cuisine. For lunch and dinner, users can order any dish from the menu, but during breakfast use the services of self-service through the “buffet”. By the way, breakfast can be included in the payment when ordering a room. The restaurant is made in a classic noble style, which helps to feel the luxury of staying. Brand chef offers to try unique dishes from the author’s menu. Vacationers can order a banquet in the restaurant. The establishment is open daily until 23.00.

If customers just want to sit and try delicious original drinks, you should visit the bar. The bar offers alcoholic beverages according to the classic or original recipe. Guests can enjoy hot or cold drinks or snacks at the bar.

In addition, tourists can visit the restaurants, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, just 50 meters away. The restaurants offer local cuisine, or dishes of the world.

Leisure and entertainment

Visitors should first of all pay attention to ski sports, since the hotel is surrounded by mountains. Vacationers can take their own equipment, and store in a designated area, or can rent directly at the hotel. To do this, please contact the reception. There at the counter you can buy a ski pass, which allows you to use the full range of services on ski slides.

For those who do not want to lose shape during their holidays, you should visit the fitness center, which is located on site. In the center you can find a wide variety of modern equipment that can be used. In addition, visitors can seek help from experienced trainers who work in the fitness center.

For complete relaxation, and relaxation, users can visit the modern spa and wellness center. Visitors can choose a procedure, and a set of procedures. The spa center has a professional masseur who will help to carry out a full range of procedures for recovery or relaxation. In addition, tourists can visit the Turkish bath, where optimal conditions are maintained. Or vacationers can go to the jacuzzi to keep warm, and relax after an active pastime at the ski resort.

On the territory of the institution there is an indoor swimming pool, which can be visited at any time of the year. The pool is designed taking into account all safety measures, so young children can use it.

“We had a rest in the hotel with two children. When booking a room, we were advised to take a family room. But the arrival found that two single beds were installed in the room, very convenient, since we expected to sleep together on the same bed. Service at the highest level, any issue employees are ready to solve immediately. The food in the restaurant is delicious, we did not have to look for other places. The ski resort is a delight, the beauty is extraordinary. We rented equipment and the service is not expensive.”

Excursions and attractions nearby

During the warmer years, visitors can hike through the mountainous terrain. At the same time, you should first consult with the hotel staff to choose safe routes. In winter, hiking is not welcome due to low temperatures and dangers on the road.

In addition, not far from the hotel there are “Museum and Exhibition Center” and “Khibiny Literary Museum of Venedikt Erofeev”, which can be visited at any convenient time. Vacationers can book excursions to be accompanied by an experienced guide. The guide can not only show the most interesting places, but also provide unique information about the monuments of cultural heritage. Tickets can be purchased locally, or pre-booked at the time of booking at the time of booking.


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