Hotel Savva Boutique

Those who need a lot of entertainment nearby, but want to live in a more secluded and quiet place fit«Savva Boutique». This hotel with its service will be able to set the mood for the whole holiday. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay of guests.

Krasnaya Polyana is one of the most popular ski resorts in Russia. Here rest those lovers of alpine skiing and snowboarding, who are important not only the quality of the slope, but also the level of service, beautiful landscapes and the availability of entertainment in addition to skiing. The resort has good infrastructure and many natural and historical attractions. In addition, it is the only place for skiing in Russia with a large number of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues of different price categories. There is even a casino and a concert hall.

Hotel Location

The Russian-style hotelSavva Boutiqueenjoys a secluded location on the banks of the Beshenka River, 3 km from the Gorki Gorod ski lift in Krasnaya Polyana. The first ski slopes appeared here before the 2014 Winter Olympics. This is the most modern part of the ski complex in Sochi. The good location of the hotel is often noted by guests in their reviews.

Review: “Quiet street. Within walking distance of the bus stop to Rosa / Airport / Railway or Olympus. park, pharmacy, shops, branch of Sberbank and post office + a great burger with craft local beer and coffee shop with cooking. “

Room stock

The hotel is a three-storey log house with an attic, similar to the tower of Russian folk tales. Each room has its own décor.

All rooms are divided into three categories:

  • Standard with bed, dressing table, bedside table and private bathroom;
  • Standard improved increased area and extra bed;
  • Deluxe two-room suites with private bathroom and living room.

Each room has Russian-style décor, wooden painted headboards and carved balconies. All rooms have small coffee tables, a TV and free Wi-Fi. The interiors of the hotel take guests into the atmosphere of fairy tales about princesses, Vasilis and other heroes who lived in Russian wooden towers.

Additional facilities on the territory of the hotel «Savva Boutique»:

  • Parking near the hotel, where you can leave your own car or car taken in the car sharing;
  • Garden in the yard with hammocks and rocking chairs;
  • Laundry;
  • Mini-cinema;
  • Hall with seating area by the fireplace;
  • Spa complex with Russian and Turkish bath, ice font and hot bath vat on firewood.

The hotel has a beautiful courtyard with plants and a seating area. This was very much liked by those who have already been here, and they indicate it in the reviews along with the delights of the interior and a beautiful view of the river from an unusual carved balcony.

Review: “Loved the view, and the location, lovely veranda and very friendly staff, the rooms are clean beautiful, very cozy. I recommend it.”

Meals and restaurants

Guests of the hotel«Savva Boutique»can order three meals a day in the hotel restaurant. In addition, there is a bus stop nearby, which runs every 15 minutes and can quickly take you to the territory of the resort “Gorki Gorod”, where there is a large number of restaurants and cafes with different dishes: Russian cuisine, Georgian, cuisine of Central Asia and the Far East, Italian and seafood restaurants. On the territory of the resort there is a shopping center, there is a supermarket on the ground floor, which presents, including ready-made food.

Leisure and entertainment

Cultural events, restaurants, attractions – a pleasant addition to the rest. The main purpose of the trip here is skiing on the slopes. Guests of the hotel do not need to choose the slopes, because the bus departing from the stop that is nearby. Transport takes up to three different lifts. You can try and determine which one you like best.

The farthest of the available ski resorts is Rosa Khutor. The journey from the hotel by bus will take about 20 minutes. The complex is divided into four zones: “Rose Valley”, “Rose Plateau”, “Rose Stadium”, “Rose Peak”. Zones differ in the level of complexity.

At the level of “Rose Valley” – the lower part of the complex is 80% of the entire infrastructure of the resort. There are no slopes for skiing, but you can rent an inflatable sleigh.

The second level is located at an altitude of 1180 meters. Here you can rent equipment and order a consultation with an instructor. On the same level there are tracks for skiing beginners.

“Rose Stadium”. There are good ski slopes for the average level. In addition to skiing, here you can relax in the high-altitude bar, and in the warm season to book a horse ride or do yoga.

“Rosa Peak” is the highest point in the resort with complex adjustable trails and areas for freeriding. Those who are not keen on skiing or snowboarding can admire the scenery from a height of 2320 meters. From the vantage point there is a panorama of the ridge of Mount Aibga of the Caucasian Ridge.

Pay attention! To avoid queues for the purchase of a ticket for the lift, you can buy it in advance on the portal of the resort“Rosa Khutor”.

The skiing season lasts up to 140 days a year, 36 tracks with a length of 102 km and 7 working lifts are equipped. The tracks are divided into 4 levels of difficulty:

  • Green (light, for beginners) – 2 pcs.
  • Blue (medium) – 19 pcs.
  • Red (complex) – 6 pcs.
  • Black (only for professionals) – 9 pcs.

A 15-minute drive from«Savva Boutique»is the ski resort «Gazprom. The main plateau is located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. Here is the main infrastructure of the object. The complex unites 6 cable cars, which deliver to 15 routes:

  • Green – 3 pcs.
  • Blue (medium) – 6 pcs.
  • Red (complex) – 6 pcs.

The tracks are not as popular as the descents of Rosa Khutor, so beginners will feel more comfortable here. The complex is interesting because there is night lighting of the slopes and night skiing, as well as slopes for cross-country skiing.

The third available complex of trails is “Mountain Carousel”. It is just a 7-minute bus ride from the hotel and can be walked if desired. There is a sidewalk along the road. In summer, the cable cars also function. From here begin their way wishing to see the mountain slopes of Krasnaya Polyana in the greenery. “Mountain carousel” has a length of trails of 70 km, but in the absence of snow at the foot of the mountain, skiing is possible only on the tracks for professionals, because there is no artificial snowmaking here, unlike the Rosa Khutor complex. Track difficulty levels:

  • Green (light, for beginners) – 6 pcs.
  • Blue (medium) – 8 pcs.
  • Red (complex) – 16 pcs.
  • Black (only for professionals) – 4 pcs.

Note! The condition of the slopes and their readiness for skiing can be checked by webcams. Online broadcasts from the slopes are available at the link.

Possibilities of rest with children

To ensure that young guests are not bored on the territory of the hotel and the resort complex provides such entertainment:

  • Visit to the husky kennel. Children of middle and high school age can go hiking in the mountains on dog sleds;
  • Alpine sleigh rides toboggan;
  • Year-round indoor skating rink “Penguin”;
  • Rodelbahn sleigh rides on rails with turns in the form of rings;
  • Games room and mini-cinema in the hotel «Savva Boutique»;
  • On the territory of the complex “Rosa Khutor” there is a children’s ski club. Here classes are held with a professional teacher – instructor. The lift is adapted for children and is a convenient escalator that lifts growing skiers and snowboard lovers to the beginning of the descent. Parents at this time can use the highway “Forest”, located next door.

Excursions and attractions

Even if winter sports do not cause much interest, this is not a reason to refuse a trip to the resort of Krasnaya Polyana. If ski slopes, cross-country ski trails, restaurants and breathtaking panoramas are not enough, you can explore the sights in the area:

  • Town Hall and square in front of the lift “Rosa Khutor”.

This place is the hallmark of part of the resort near the tracks “Rosa Khutor”. Here is the complex “My Russia” of 12 zones. Each of the parts is a smaller copy of a monument or structure from different parts of the country (Kazan Kremlin, wooden frame, etc.). And in the town hall there is the eponymous and most famous restaurant in the resort;

  • Museum of Archaeology.

It is located next to the town hall. The expositions tell how the resort appeared and what was in its place many years ago. Also here is a model of the future territory of the resort after the final completion of construction;

  • Extreme – park.

A favorite place for those who lack adrenaline. Equipped for jumping on a rope;

  • Achipse Fortress.

Not far from the rose Khutor, archaeologists found a ruined city. In addition to parts of the defensive fortress with six-meter towers, traces of an ancient tomb have been preserved;

  • Flacon 1170.

Art space. It hosts master classes, lectures and creative meetings, as well as small exhibitions of contemporary art;

  • Soaring swing.

Another extreme entertainment at the resort. Seven-meter swing at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. Allow you to fly over the valley of Krasnaya Polyana for 5 minutes. Entertainment is available for adults and children from 7 years old.

Note! In addition to skiing and snowboarding – the most interesting activity here is hiking on the mountain slopes. After the completion of the Olympiad in 2014, several cable cars switched to year-round operation, and the resort became all-season. A map of hiking trails and a schedule of cable cars can be obtained from the information support of the resort or on the website.

A variety of recreation and a large number of interesting places in combination with a high level of service made Krasnaya Polyana desirable for many tourists. «Savva Boutique»is an excellent choice for those who are important not only active rest, but also the mood of comfort and tranquility.


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