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Rosa Khutor is the most popular and largest ski resort in Russia. People come here from all over our country to go skiing and snowboarding. The resort has a good infrastructure and a high level of service, and leisure here is not limited to winter sports. In one place there are ski slopes, a large number of restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues, museums, art studios and even a concert hall. Coming to Rosa Khutor it is very important to stay in the right place, because it is the level of service and quality of services in the hotel that sets the mood for the whole holiday. Hotel “28” has everything you need to make the rest of its guests comfortable, active and memorable.

Location of the resort and hotel

Hotel “28” is located at an altitude of 1170 meters near the ski lift “Olympia” mountain resort “Rosa Khutor” in the village of Estosadok. The first ski slopes appeared here in 2003, but the main part of the facilities was built before the 2014 Winter Olympics. The resort is built on the slope of Mount Aibga, which makes it multi-level, with very spectacular landscapes.

Good location guests very often notice in their reviews.

“This is the third time I am staying at this hotel. Overall everything is fine! Convenient location – right on the mountain. Minibuses to and from the ski lifts run every 10 minutes.”

Guests of the resort can come here in one of three ways: by plane, car, bus or rail.

  • By plane. The nearest airport is Adler. The distance from the airport to Rosa Khutor is 40 km. On the next segment of the way, you can use the services of a taxi, take bus No. 105 or use the lastochka electric train.
  • By car. To get to the resort, you must first get to the city of Sochi, and from there the landmark is Krasnaya Polyana. The journey of 70 km will take about an hour and a half. The exact time depends on the congestion on the roads. The direction is popular, so traffic jams are not excluded.
  • Rail. The nearest railway station to the resort, where long-distance trains arrive, is Adler. The further way to the resort is most convenient to do on the electric train “Lastochka” to the stop “Rosa Khutor”.

To get to the hotel from the station “Rosa Khutor”, you need to walk to the cable car “Olympia” (about three minutes) and after presenting the reservation of a room in the hotel “28” to climb to the next level. Now it remains only to walk from the ski lift to the hotel (Sulimovka Street 7). The journey will take 5 minutes of time in a leisurely step.

Note! If you have heavy luggage with you, it is more convenient not to climb the cable car from the Rosa Khutor station, but to use the services of a taxi. The distance from the ski lifts to the hotel is small, but it is difficult to move with the load through the hilly terrain.

Room types and additional amenities

The hotel consists of 180 rooms, which are divided into three categories:

  • The most economical option, which has a small area and a common bathroom;
  • Standard room with small area but with private bathroom
  • Two or three rooms with private bathroom and living room.

Any of the above categories of accommodation has a bright interior design. All rooms are equipped with a bed with mattress, wardrobe, TV with satellite channels and free WI-FI.

All guests can use additional facilities on the territory of the hotel “28”:

  • Parking near the hotel, where you can park your own car or finish the trip on car sharing;
  • Picnic area with outdoor furniture and barbecue facilities;
  • Laundry;
  • Conference hall;
  • Spacious living room with TV.

One of the most necessary amenities in hotels in the ski resort is a dryer for inventory. In “28” it is available for free. Guests often note in reviews that the presence of a dryer is an important aspect:

“Very friendly staff! Excellent shuttle to the lifts, which runs on schedule without delay. A walking ski pass to the Olympia lift is issued. After skiing, you can easily go downstairs, take a walk or go to the movies. Large ski room for drying equipment. Cleaning is done qualitatively and on time. Thank you very much for spending your vacation together.”

Meals in and out of the hotel

Guests of the hotel “28” can order three meals a day in the café or use breakfast or dinner separately. Meals are organized according to the “buffet” system. If necessary, you can order an individual me for allergy sufferers and children. Tourists speak positively about breakfasts in the hotel.

“Superior standard room is very spacious. Everywhere is clean. Quiet, well slept. Beautiful view of the mountains. Excellent breakfast (buffet), delicious lunches/dinners for adequate money. In general, we will gladly come here again.”

In addition to the café on the territory of the hotel there is a lobby bar and a coffee shop, where a professional barista prepares coffee.

All guests receive a card for unlimited free use of the Olympia lift from the site where the hotel “28” is located to the lower station. At the station “Rose Valley”, from which the route begins, there are about 30 restaurants and cafes. They present Russian, Italian, French, German and Mediterranean cuisine. Not far from the railway station is McDonald’s, where you can eat quickly in between descents.

Those who do not want to spend time on food, there is an opportunity to organize a snack right on the slope. To do this, it is enough to make an order for a packed lunch in the evening, it will be given during breakfast.

Downhill skiing and snowboarding – the main entertainment on Rosa Khutor

People come here for skiing on snow-covered slopes, everything else: cultural events, restaurants, attractions is a pleasant addition. To facilitate the process of preparing for skiing – the scheduled transfer takes everyone to the lift from the entrance to the hotel.

Resort “Rosa Khutor” is divided into four zones: “Rose Valley”, “Rose Plateau”, “Rose Stadium”, “Rose Peak”. The zones differ in the level of difficulty for skiers and snowboarders. With

At the level of “Rose Valley” – the lower part of the complex is 80% of the entire infrastructure of the resort. There are no slopes for skiing, but you can rent an inflatable sleigh.

The second level (here is the hotel “28”) is located at an altitude of 1180 meters. Here you can rent equipment and order a consultation with an instructor. At the same level, ski trails begin, mainly for beginners.

Rosa Stadium is an intermediate station. There are good ski slopes for the average level. In addition to skiing, here you can relax in the high-altitude bar, book a horse ride or practice yoga (in the warm season).

“Rose Peak” is the highest point in the resort, and there are difficult trails. Only for experienced. There are adjustable slopes, and there are places for freeride, they are located just behind the marked slopes. Even if there is no passion for skiing or snowboarding to admire the scenery. At an altitude of 2320 meters, a observation point is equipped, from which a panorama of the ridge of Mount Aibga of the Caucasian Ridge opens.

Note! To avoid queues for the purchase of a subscription to the lift, you can choose its type and purchase in advance – on the portal of the resort “Rosa Khutor” https://go.rosakhutor.com/.

Here, the skiing season lasts up to 140 days a year, 36 trails are equipped, their total length is 102 km and 7 working lifts. The tracks are divided into 4 levels of difficulty:

  • Green (light, for beginners) – 2 pcs.
  • Blue (medium) – 19 pcs.
  • Red (complex) – 6 pcs.
  • Black (very complex) – 9 pcs.

The Rosa Khutor complex has not only beautiful landscapes, high-quality trails and world-class lifts, but also all the infrastructure that may be required by winter sports fans:

  • Training center with experienced instructors;
  • Medical aid station;
  • Equipment rental;
  • Parking and luggage storage;
  • A large staff of qualified rescuers;
  • Snowmaking systems;
  • Information center for tourists.

Holidays with children

To young guests of the hotel and resort was not bored, for them on the territory of the complex there are such entertainment as:

  • Excursion to husky farm. For the most provided sightseeing tours of the husky kennel, and children of middle and high school age can be sent hiking in the mountains on dog sleds. Routes vary in duration and level of difficulty;
  • Alpine sleigh rides are toboggan. Riding of adults and children from 10 years old passes along the cable car “Reserved Forest”;
  • Visit to the penguin skating rink;
  • Rodelbahn sleigh rides. Extreme entertainment for children and adults – riding on a special sleigh on a rail track with three circular turns;
  • Visit to the game room in the hotel “28”. During the child’s stay there, qualified teachers are engaged with him;
  • Visit to the children’s ski club from the hotel “28”. In classes with an instructor, the child will master the basics of skiing or snowboarding.

Resort attractions

Even if winter sports do not cause much interest, it is still worth coming to the Rosa Khutor resort. There are not only ski slopes, children’s entertainment and restaurants. If these three points are not enough for a good rest, then you can go to explore local attractions.

  1. Rose Square and Town Hall. This place is the hallmark of the resort. Here is the complex “My Russia” of 12 zones. Each of the parts is a smaller copy of a monument or a typical structure from different parts of the country (for example, the Kazan Kremlin and a wooden frame). And in the town hall there is the eponymous and the most famous restaurant in the resort.
  2. Museum of Archaeology. Located in the middle of the square, next to the town hall. The expositions tell how the resort appeared and what was in its place many years ago, and also here is a prototype of the future territory of the resort.
  3. Extreme – park and skating rink. A favorite place for those who lack adrenaline.
  4. Bridges on the Mzymta River. The mountain river Mzymta flows on the lower level of the resort, forming many picturesque rapids, and flows into the sea. The abundance of metal lattice bridges over the river makes the spa and Adler as a whole similar to Karlovy Vary.
  5. Achipse Fortress. Not far from the rose Khutor, archaeologists found a ruined city. In addition to parts of the defensive fortress with six-meter towers, traces of an ancient tomb have been preserved.
  6. Flacon 1170. Art is a space. It hosts master classes, lectures and creative meetings, as well as small exhibitions of contemporary art.
  7. Soaring swing. One of the many extreme entertainment at the resort. Seven-meter swing at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. With their help, you can fly over the valley of Krasnaya Polyana for 5 minutes. Entertainment is available for adults and children from 7 years old.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, the most interesting activity in Rosa Khutor is hiking on the mountain slopes. In winter, you need to be careful and climb only with a guide along proven routes, and in summer there are many paths and paths for organizing an independent hike. The route map can be taken in the information support of the resort or on the website of the https://go.rosakhutor.com/.

Importantly! Rosa Khutor is considered to be a winter ski resort. But, after the end of the Olympiad in 2014, cable cars with a summer mode of operation began to be designed and built, and tourist facilities began to work all year round. This was done to be able to visit the most interesting places that are not available in winter. The resort has become all-season.

The variety of entertainment and interesting places, combined with a mild climate, good ecology and a high level of service makes the resort “Rosa Khutor” desirable for almost all tourists. Nature has already created ideal conditions for recreation, it remains only to choose a place that will complement pleasant impressions with its hospitality. “28” is a great choice to spend a weekend or vacation here. The hotel combines high quality with an affordable price. And most importantly gives flexibility and freedom to choose the category of room and type of food without losing the level of service.



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